Dimension Guide

Active Projects

Fall Chartering

Charter student organizations that are not otherwise adopted by the Academy and equip them with the resources to provide programs and events that enrich campus for IMSA students.

Early Chartering

Chartered clubs in the spring to give them summer planning time aid Student Council’s own planning process with the eventual goal of chartering all groups in the spring.

Club Fair

Presented all the chartered clubs and other interested student organizations to the student body in one fair to allow sophomores to identify the groups that they have interest in.

Advisor Appreciation Week

To show gratitude towards the wonderful club advisors, Student Council created Advisor Appreciation Week. Advisors are typically overlooked although they are tasked with buying all the supplies a club needs to go through with an event. Advisor Appreciation week consists of Student Council distributing a gift(framed club pictures, mugs, and cards) to advisors of each Student Council – sponsored club as well as to co-curriculars. This week is meant to give gratitude to advisors from Student Council on behalf of clubs on campus.

Probation Process

The probation process acts as a two-strike system where a club would be placed on probation first if it was deemed inactive and if it didn’t meet expectations while on probation, it would be dechartered until the next academic school year. The 2018-2019 Student Council’s cabinet kept the minimum expectation of a club to be at least 1 event per quarter. Clubs are also expected to complete Transition of Power for the following year.

Resources for Club Leaders

Fund Request Form

Fundraiser Request Form

Activities Calendar

Club President Handbook

Club Leaders Collective Facebook Page

The purpose of the page was to disperse club guidelines and expectations to IMSA’s Club Leaders in an organized and centralized fashion. It is also a medium for club leaders to communicate with one another as well as for Student Council to advertise events such as Club Fair and Advisor Appreciation Week. Important documents such as the Club President’s Guide, Universal Pipeline System (UPS) forms and other useful documents. If you are a club leader and not on this page, contact a Student Council member to be added.