Active Projects

Quality of Life Survey

Members are currently working to revise the Quality of Life Survey which will be sent out to the student body to assess their current living conditions both mental and physical. This information is used to gauge which problems StudCo should address within the community.

 Acronym Monthly Progress Reports

At the end of each month, a cabinet member volunteers to write about any notable progress which had occurred. The article is then sent to the Acronym, IMSA’s student-run newspaper, where it is published on their website and advertised on the IMSA Virtual Campus! Facebook group. The progress reports provide an opportunity for the IMSA community to stay informed. Contributing and reading these articles gives members a much more holistic perspective on StudCo progress, which they can share with their peers.



Past Projects

General Assembly

Facilitating more active connections with the student body by hosting a two-part session every week that includes critical updates that all students should be aware of and task force work that allows interested students outside of Student Council Cabinet to assist with the execution of Council projects.

Universal Submission Box

Streamlined the process of sending comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions to Student Council while providing an outlet for anonymous submissions as well.

Last Lecture

Imitating Randy Pausch’s famous talk by inviting members of the community to speak as if it was their last lecture to the Academy.

IMSA Virtual Campus

Streamlining advertisements and updates at IMSA in an easy-to-access Facebook group.

StudCo Facebook Group

The rationale behind the decision was that StudCo needed a centralized location where their monthly progress reports and announcements would be archived and readily accessible, and StudCo needed to invest in communication methods that required minimal audience initiative. Hence, students would not have to go out of their way to learn more about StudCo. In addition, the Facebook group would allow StudCo to facilitate discussions and hold voting polls. The 2018-19 Executive Cabinet believed that, since IMSA Virtual Campus! is extensively used, a StudCo Facebook group would have the same potential.

Student Council Website

Connecting information about projects, campus events, important resources, and useful tools in a common web platform that all students can easily access.

Parents Association Committee Liaison

Extended a Student Council Cabinet member to connect with the Parents Association Committee for mutual interests and collaborative project work.

Social Media Policy

Established the practices that Student Council should follow while advertising to or communicating with external parties through social media to prevent the spread of rumors, unnecessary uproar, or communication gaps.

IRC Archive Documents

Shared documents saved by the IRC from IMSA’s past with the student body to give a stronger perspective on our history and generate ideas for the future.


Tried producing weekly videos to highlight updates, news, and other feature segments for the student body.