Writing Center Now Open to All IMSA Students

"Uncle Kotlarczyk wants YOU to go to the Writing Center"

By: Steph Wang, IMSA News section editor

“To write with a broken pencil is pointless. We can help you sharpen up!” – IMSA Writing Center 2012-2013

On Monday, September 4, upperclassmen donning red shirts filled the IMSA campus to promote the Opening Day of the Writing Center (WC).

The WC, boasting 25 junior and senior tutors, is now in business around the clock. Tutors can be found in both the WC (A110) throughout the day and in the residential halls and IRC during the evening. Have a favorite tutor? Find out about their scheduled shifts poster on the WC billboard, and see what tutors live in your hall.

All students of any grade level, not just sophomores, are encouraged to visit and welcomed at the WC for suggestions, revisions, and discussions. The head of WC, Mrs. Micklo, describes it as a rewarding experience that is beneficial for all “from the strongest writer to the weakest writer.” She mentions that even WC’s own tutors seek out other tutors for writing advice.

Students and tutors working in the Writing Center after school

Beyond helping advance students’ writing, the WC is also host of many annual events throughout the school year, including Seuss Fest and Poetry Slam. Seuss Fest, held during first semester, never fails to draw in students interested in hot chocolate and their favorite teachers reading the best of Dr. Seuss. The equally popular spring Poetry Slam invites an oral poet to present his/her work.

Need help with college essays, seniors? Writing workshops will also be open in the future to students interested in learning tips and tricks of the trade. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming WC-sponsored activities.

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Stephanie Wang
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