Student Council: Sophomore-Senior-Lock-In and Sodexo Updates!

By: Anthony Marquez, Assistant Editor-In-Chief and Sports Section Editor

Want to know what StudCo has been up to? Well ,then today is your lucky day! Communications Committee is happy to present some key information regarding the upcoming Sophomore-Senior Lock-In and Sodexo.

The Soph-Senior Lock-In will take place this coming Tuesday, October 16th. While juniors frantically prepare for the PSAT, sophomores and seniors have the opportunity to come together in the main building and participate in a variety of enjoyable activities. From 9:30 P.M. to midnight, sophomores and seniors are invited to come watch the movie The Chronicle, play a variety of sports (dodgeball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.) or simply hang out in the Student Union. Regardless of your interests, the Lock-In is going to be a fantastic outlet to let off some steam, relax, and enjoy yourself during this daunting week of school .

Student Council maintains regular contact with Sodexo in order to communicate the concerns of the students and Sodexo’s staff. At the most recent meeting, Sodexo emphasized the following points:

1) Students need to clean up after themselves! Please make sure to leave the tables clean, to have six chairs to a table, and to scrape plates before putting them on the conveyor belt.

2) Make sure to bring your ID! Sodexo can no longer be lenient if students forget consistently and those individuals that do will be sent to Student Life.

3) Pay attention in line when ordering so that serving is more efficient, especially during Midday.

4) Please do not enter Sodexo through doors other than the front entrance.

Have concerns of your own? Feel free to voice your comments to Student Council cabinet members!

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