Common IMSA Slang Terms

When 600+ high school students are thrown into the same environment and expected to interact with each other, it’s inevitable that unique slang words and phrases will develop. For your convenience and/or enlightenment, Acronym has compiled a short list of the most commonly heard IMSA slang words around campus, so that those outside the IMSA bubble can attempt to decipher conversations that they may hear.


gg [jee-jee]
1. good game; it’s over
    Person 1: “Have you finished your Nokk paper?”
    Person 2: “When’s that due again?”
    Person 1: “…in like an hour…”
    Person 2: “gg”

v. intr. gged
    Person 1: “How was the AP Chem test?”
    Person 2: “I got gged so hard!”

caspa [kăs-pəh] (or more formally, casper)
1. sleep: I was going to finish this problem set last night, but casper was calling me
1. sleep:  I’m going to caspa; wake me up before class starts!

yolo [yō-lō]
1. you only live once; I don’t care
    Person 1: Should we still go and watch the sunrise this year? A bunch of people got busted last year…
    Person 2: YOLO! Let’s do it!
v. yolo, -ed, -ing, -s
    Person 1: She’s yoloing so hard this semester, her GPA dropped 0.6 percent

baylife [bā-līf]
1. relaxing life: On my college visit, I realized that California is the baylife
2. to relax: Now that finals are over, let’s baylife!

troll [trōl]
1. A person who jokes around: Bartholomew is such a troll; the other day, he told his RC that he only used his rice cooker as a speaker system, thus nullifying the fire hazard
v. tr. troll, -ed, -ing, -s
1. To purposely annoy someone or make someone angry: Stop trolling me!
1. joke: Did you see the troll picture they submitted for senior quotes?

pls [pliss]
1. please; pls stop making that sound, it’s really obnoxious

you THINK [yū thingk]
1. yeah right
    Person 1: Did you ace that AdChem test?
    Person 2: you THINK

jank [jangk]
1. of questionable quality: Wow, this math model is so jank…

doobs [dōōbs]
1. dubious: What’s making that sloshing noise in your suitcase? That’s so doobs…
2. sketchy

nub [nuhb]
1. A newbie: You nub, I was being sarcastic!
2. A person who is naïve, inexperienced, or foolish

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