[Student Narrative] welcome, autumn


Goodbye, summer. I would say ‘see you soon,’ but to be honest, 92 days of you is enough for someone like me. I long for the tingle in my fingers reminding me that the cold is snappy and bitter, I live for the familiar crackle in the firepit, where flames bloom and turn marshmallows a golden brown color. And for the campfire challenged, golden brown turns to black faster than I can say ‘s’more.’ But I love it.

I love it as much as I adore waltzing around in the crisp, cool air, dancing with the falling leaves. They make quite the partner–the leaves that wear every warm color on the palette. From romantic reds to vibrant oranges to fleeting greens. And though the trees align seamlessly, nature is far from uniform. Each tree sings a different song, and if you close your eyes, and take deep breaths, perhaps you too can hear their melodies. The maple is a rich symphonic vibe, but the white oaks let go of their sweet amber leaves humming the blues. In no time at all, the fluttering foliage becomes the thick crunch underfoot, a gift in itself.

When my fingers and toes no longer feel like a part of me, I know it’s time to head inside. It feels like my favorite four-letter-word. And no, not that one. C-O-Z-Y–it has a special place in my heart as I recall first dates and coffee runs. If I’m in the right place, there are thousand scents that embrace me: from nutmeg and spice, a precious, calming aroma; to fresh apple cider, a hot drink derived from three different types of apple. But one fragrance puts it all together–pumpkin, and one beverage manages to mix all that autumn has to offer in one sip. A hint of apple-picking, a dash of pumpkin-carving… the aftertaste of cuddling beneath a fuzzy blanket watching bad sitcoms. It’s all familiar business, the sun setting before seven, the flicker of a candle burning ‘cranberry woods.’

And before we know it, we push bright and fluorescent colors out of our closets for taupe, olive, beige and an array of warm neutrals. One by one, the tank tops and short shorts fall out of style… Chunky sweaters and light jackets and jeans-tucked-in-boots happily take their place. This is how we welcome you, autumn. How we put a crown on your head and ask… stay a while, won’t you?

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Eveline Liu is a junior who’s excited to be an entertainment section editor with Shreya. Aside from her involvement with the Acronym, she is a 1506 CD, Writing Center tutor, and a member of Science Bowl and FBLA. She probably spends too much time on tumblr, writing fiction (oncetold.wordpress.com), and painting. Feel free to contact her by email (eliu@imsa.edu), Facebook, or drop by for a visit in 1506AUQ.

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