Dorm Room Decor Ideas

A dorm room much fancier than any of ours. Source: Daytripper University

With the end of first quarter coming up, we’ve all finally settled back into life on campus. We’ve figured out our daily routine to suit our schedules and grown used to Sodexo. Something that many of us may have neglected, however, is some room decor. The barren off-white walls and empty cork board may be nice for a while, but if you think it’s finally time to spruce up your place a bit, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Hang up old notes that you’ve written or received. Whether it be old reminder notes or the I-Care-About-You cards from MHI week, posting these are a great reminder and an especially colorful way to decorate your room. It’s likely that there will be more appreciation note-writing events in the future, so your collection can grow!
  2. Make a collage. It can be of anything, whether it be pictures of your friends and family from home or your favorite album covers. As long as it’s something that makes you happy, it’ll be a great decoration for your room.
  3. Get some string lights. Though this one may be slightly more obvious, lights can never fail to make a room a bit more exciting. The best time to buy them is in the winter when string lights fill up the back of every Target and Walmart. If you go a bit after the holiday season, you could probably get some on sale, too! Two strings cost around 10 dollars and are enough to circle around your entire room.
  4. Posters and flags are a relatively cheap option. Along with these, old t-shirts that don’t fit but hold some sentimental value can fill up a wall easily.
  5. More pillows! Not only are they nice to look at, but they’re comfy too! Pillows are probably the most expensive option on this list, but if you can, go for it! There are plenty of places to get patterned throw pillows online, and adding some to your room (especially ones that match your bedding), is dual functional!
  6. Coordinate with your roommate. Make sure that your roommate has a say in the decoration, too! After all, it is also their room. Whether it be dividing up the wall space for each other’s decorations or just finding decorations that are agreeable for you and your roommate, make sure that your room is a place that both of you can enjoy.

Happy decorating!

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