A Splash of Color, Leaves and Fun

The fall season is finally upon us! That means colorful leaf fights, scenic nature walks, gallons of hot cocoa and, of course, Halloween. As the weather is getting chilly, it is less likely to find IMSA students outside. The time that is spent inside shouldn’t be wasted on lying around in our beds, staring blankly at laptop screens. There are loads of fun things to do like autumn themed room decorations. Specifically, a beautiful collage that you can involve your friends in. If you really want, you can even use Instagram to make your collage absolutely artistic.Acronym1

Here’s how to get started:


  • A camera or cellphone with camera capabilities and/or apps that have fun photo effects like Instagram, Snapseed, Pic Stitch etc.
  •  Colorful cardboard paper
  • Tape/glue
  • Scissors
  • Glitter/paint(optional)
  • Leaves(optional)
  • A bunch of friends dressed in preferably fashionable clothes (not required but highly preferable)


  1. First gather all of your friends who may or may not be dressed in wonderful fashion and most importantly are comfy. Now, go outside to a scenic area.
  2.  Then, gang up on an unsuspecting friend and pile leaves on them or rain leaves on them while another friend takes pictures with the camera or cellphone.
  3. Proceed to have a full-fledged leaf fight while different friends take turns photographing the group so that everyone gets candid photographs of themselves.
  4. Once everyone is too exhausted to pick up any more leaves, enjoy the cool autumn air and consider taking some group photos in positions where everyone is lying down, or everyone is in midair jumping, or even hugging a tree! Hey I’m not judging!
  5. Once there are more photos than even the math department can count, head inside and warm up with hot cocoa. Get the photos developed or print the photos on a color printer. Don’t forget to incorporate photo effects like color filters, squiggles for moustache drawings, fading effects and other amusing edits!
  6. You can either print several copies of the photos for everyone, or everyone can pitch in creating the collage. This is completely up to the people doing this project. However once the photos are printed out, cut them to the desired size and shape and tape/glue them to the colored cardboard. Once the project is dry, you can trace the edges of the photos with glitter or paint to make the collage even more elegant or paste leaves from the leaf fight onto the cardboard for a memorable decoration!
  7. Once the whole collage is dry, hang on your wall and admire proudly as you reminisce precious memories and fun times you had in making this collage and hanging out with your friends!


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