IN FOCUS: Diwali and Swim Take IMSA by Storm

Diwali, A Show to “Light Up” Your Night

posterFor the past month, IMSA’s Indian Students’ Association (ISA) has been preparing for their annual and highly-anticipated event of the year, Diwali. Sophomore, juniors, and seniors will put on an entertaining show of drop-it-down-low dance moves, songs in their native tongues, and more. This year’s Diwali theme is “Titan of the Year” based on popular Bollywood comedy film “Student of the Year.” Senior Shreya Santhanam (’14), who has enthusiastically attended the show for all her years at IMSA, encourages others to do the same. She says, “Diwali is the festival of light. So you should come, because performance will light up your night!”

Tickets will be available at the door. Bring a dollar to enjoy aromatic Indian cuisine after the show.

See the promotional video.


IMSA Sports, “Water” You Talking About?

Water we talking about? Last Saturday (11/2), the IMSA girls’ swim team dominated the annual Northern Illinois Byron Swim Conference. Both the varsity and junior varsity sections placed first at the conference, leading the next schools by a significant margin of points. Many of the IMSA ladies swam their best times with the All-Conference Swimmers including Emily Jia, Anna Gupta, Ashu Gupta, Cathy Chen, Stephanie Wang, Marissa Brock, and Abby Paul. The swim team celebrated the victories by pushing both their swim coaches into the pool.

At the same meet last year, the varsity team came in a close second while, for the first time ever, junior varsity swept the first place prize. Cap that!


The team holds up the number-one sign as their coaches sit dripping by the pool.

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