First Ever “IMSA By the Numbers:” November Edition

Over the course of the year, IMSA News will be collecting interesting statistics about all aspects of IMSA life and compiling them into a running project called ‘IMSA By the Numbers.’ Today, the Acronym unveils its first edition to take a look at the academic side of the institution.

Find the infographic posted on the Old Caf walls.









































Sources: Phyllis Chesnut, Kelly Lofgren, Steve Zant, Dave DeVol, Michelle Malenke, and Cathy Veal.

About the Author

Jo-Jo Feng
Jo-Jo was born in a city in Canada near Niagra Falls (Toronto, he think?). There, his bones calcified and his hair grew for 3 years until his parents decided to move to the hub of excitement in the United States that is Bloomington, Illinois. There, he was trained in the subjects of arithmetic, theology, literature, and trolling. However, these studies became a bore and eventually, he ran away from home to study magic at the Illinois Magicians and Sorcerers Academy.

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