Articles by Jo-Jo Feng

Clash of the Halls 2014: Finale

Pr04ever. 1507’s three year-long Clash of the Halls win-streak was put to an end after a major comeback from 1504 at last Thursday’s Pep Rally….

Alumni Relationships With IMSA

Almost 5000 students have graduated from IMSA in the 24 years since its charter class. 99% have gone to college, 60% earning degrees and eventual…

No Picture

IMSA Welcomes New Teachers

By: Haneesha Paruchuri, Jo-Jo Feng, David Lisk, Rebecca Geiger, Heidi Dong For this academic year, IMSA replaced a significant number of faculty members. And over…

An Alarming Fire

At approximately 3:30PM on Thursday, the fire alarm rang throughout the main building. Faculty and students evacuated: the latter torn between the wonderful, shortened class…