Whose Baby is This? – No.4

These little girls were born on March 29th 2011. They visit campus often, even befriending many IMSA students.
They are both into Sketcher Twinkle Toe Shoes which light up when they walk, run, and jump.
Whose Babies Are They?
And while it may be easy to guess whose babies these twins are, can you guess who is who by name?

Kira Choe

Kora Choe
1. Twin One wakes up early in the morning and likes to read and draw. She loves shopping and going out to eat. She likes American food and her favorite cartoon is Strawberry Shortcake.
2. Twin Two is a night owl and likes to stay up to play with her cars and tools. She loves dancing and playing with a ball. She likes Korean food and her favorite cartoon is Curious George.

LAST WEEK’S ANSWER: Last week’s baby on “Whose Baby is This?” is Ms. Trackman’s princess Téa Lauren Goble. Did you guess it correctly?


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