The Bacon Lover’s Gift Guide 2015

Are you tired of giving the same gifts every year? Sick of purchasing normal, ordinary items like  candles, mugs, and sweaters?

If this is you, why not spice things up this year? Bring joy and shock to all your close family and friends with poignant, remarkable gifts – with a theme!

The ACRONYM proudly presents: the BACON lover’s gift guide 2015!

Relish in these juicy, delectable, bacon-inspired treats from all over the internet. Sources to all are linked below.2

1) Bacon Candy Canes, $9.04 for 6

Where to find them: Amazon



Regular, peppermint candy canes are a regular treat to receive and give during the holidays. Why not hand out ordinary-looking candy canes and trick your friends with the bacon cane’s unique flavor? This goody will make you more memorable, for sure!

2) Bacon Band-aids, $7.99 for 15

Where to find them: Amazon


Don’t be fooled by these startlingly realistic adhesive bandages- as greasy and oily as they may look, they’ll stick right onto your skin. Use them from anything from burns to cuts to bruises- people will be much too distracted by your slick new band-aid to ask, “How’d you get that purple spot right there, Chuck?” (and you won’t have to reply, “I tried to prank a quadmate with a black belt in karate while they were sleeping”). Plus, it comes with a  free prize – if that doesn’t sell it for you, then what will?

3) Bacon Jam, $15-30 for around 10 oz

Where to get it: Think Geek, Skillet



Jam-pack your kitchen or dorm room with these cans of bacon jelly! Never again will you have to spread the usual stuff on your sandwiches, burgers, or even french toast. With two different flavors of Fennel & Black Pepper Bacon and Original Bacon, you’ll have a difficult time choosing your favorite.

4) Bacon Candle, $10-15

Where to get it: Amazon, Bacon Freak



Admit it. The rich savory, smoky smell of bacon is addictive. There is a some kind of hidden power locked within bacon’s scent that brings out the hungriest carnivores in us all. Wield this power by buying some bacon-scented candles to keep your kitchen, home, or room smelling like the good stuff.

5) Bacon Pillows, $13-20

Where to get it: Amazon, J & D’s


Cry yourself to sleep at night with these delectable and realistic bacon pillows! Soft and supple, these pillows make a fantastically unique addition to anyone’s bed. Some even smell like the delectable meat itself- so you’ll drift off into your dreams smelling the smell you love the most. A perfect end to a day of hard work.


If this list still does not satisfy your inner-bacon lover, you can also sugar-load your holidays with bacon candy (, prevent cavities from all of that candy (, keep your lips meaty with bacon lip balm (, or grease yourself up with bacon soap (


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or not, these bacon gifts are fun for everyone to enjoy!

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