A Winter Holiday Checklist

Finals are ending, first semester is over, and everyone is getting hyped up for the holidays! Do you know what you’re going to spend your time doing over the holidays (besides sleeping, binge watching shows, and studying)? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Sip some hot chocolate in a warm, toasty blanket to relax and enjoy your time.


  • Watch some classic Christmas movies from ‘The Grinch’ to ‘A Christmas Carol’ and get ready for the bursts of nostalgia.


  • Light up your house with hanging Christmas lights inside or outside.

Glowing lights in the dark.

  • Decorate the tallest, greenest Christmas tree you can find. Don’t forget to dust off the boxes of ornaments and string beads!


  • Have a sledding competition with your friends and family to see who can go the fastest and farthest down the slope.


  • Show appreciation to others not just by buying them present, but giving them hugs and words of gratitude.


  • Spend some time with your family playing late night games or just talking.


  • Bake, eat, and relish the taste of gingerbread cookies without burning down the house.


  • Get out the ugly Christmas sweaters you can’t wear any other time of the year without looking out of place. Why waste the opportunity?


  • Volunteer and give back to the community. Whether it’s decorating Christmas cards to send out to veterans, or spending time with animals at your local animal shelter, now is the time to lend a helping hand to others with your spare time.


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