Senior Wills – Class of 2016

With the seniors counting down their final days at IMSA, they’ve written their Senior Wills to reflect on three years of adventures, wise words of wisdom, bucket lists for the future, and, of course, last testaments for their precious underclassmen. Here are the Senior Wills for the Class of 2016!

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Andrew Adams
Isaac Adorno
Harith Alappat
Jyotsna Bitra
Mara Cardona
Hannah Chaddha
Rakesh Chatrath
Cathy Chen
Gloria Choi
Ben Cooper
Maya Costales
Heidi Dong
Christoph Eckrich
Ethan Fisher
Susriya Gangireddy
Angad Garg
Johnathan Guo
Binita Gupta
Kush Gupta
Ashu Gupta
Ethan Heidrich
Devdhi Kasana
Gene Kim
Trennedy Kleczewski
Camden Ko
Vedhik Kodavatiganti
Jin Komerska
Jiabao Li
Joey Longo
Luke Morrical
Paul Nebres
Keelyn O’Brien
Rosaura Ocampo
Seong Jessica Park
Kyle Parker
Milutin Perovic
Jessica Phung
Michael Qian
Samuel Qian
Joy Qiu
Naren Radhakrishnan
Ashrita Raghuram
Alan Ren
Anabel Rivera
Josh Rosenthal
Elysia Sawyers
Anna Shabayev
Aadit Shah
Tiger Shi
Daniel Sohn
Patrick Swearingen
Kathy Swerbenski
Nikhil Thota
John Valin
Brice Wang
Jason Wu
Jason Yang
Franklin Ye
Calvin Zhu


Andrew Adams – Illinois Institute of Technology, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: You only matter because you’re small.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Earning 100 points on Hall Decs by doing nothing but having a good time with Elvis’s car, some great egg sandwiches, and a little movie theater.
  • Throwing a party on the auditorium floor with my Fire Nation brothers.
  • Realizing that I lost 07 Hall Mural a week early because I had wanted to win.
  • A little kid running up to me and saying “I started liking science last year because of your class!”
  • Josh Burke saying “Good you’re here. We have work to do,” when I walked in on him editing curriculum at 2:00 in the morning.
  • Watching the Wolf of Wall Street with my LEAD family before being interrupted by an RC. At 1:45. In the Robotics hallway.
  • Mad Props at the end of my last SLD week. I still tear up thinking about it.
  • A class of 230 students standing, clapping, and screaming at SLX 2016.

Bucket List:

  1. Teach a curriculum that I wrote.
  2. Produce a radio show.
  3. Write something for a national newspaper.
  4. Intersession as an alumni.
  5. Pay my parents back. For everything.

Last Testament:

To Heena Srivastava, I will you the clipboard I’ve used during my senior year to organize my life. Without it, I would have never been able to do the things I did senior year. You are in an unprecedented position to make a real change on campus – to unify it, to reinvigorate it, to let people care. You’ll never do the things you can – the things that I expect of you – without being uncommonly organized.

To Akash Palani, I will the courage necessary to make decisions quickly and make them confidently. While calmly and slowly thinking out a problem is good, sometimes the calm answer comes two weeks too late.

To Rongzhen Zhou, I will you the foresight necessary to lay plans that will change the actions of people one year, five years, maybe ten years into the future. In order to execute necessary changes in the IMSA community and on the LEAD team, you’ll need nothing less.

To Chancellor Madison Dong, I will you a small collection of secrets and ideas.

To Chancellor Dong, Akash Palani, and Heena Srivastava, I will you all a small rubber bracelet with the words “advance the human condition” written across the side. This is my bare minimum expectation of you.

To Jack Badalamenti, I will you The Problem of Homosexuality. It’s an ancient tomb with ancient problems. Hopefully, you will be able to look at the past and decide not to repeat its mistakes.

To Andrew Ye, I will a small grey flash drive containing copies of everything I’ve ever designed. You may not have noticed, but you have a hidden skill with designing amazing things. Maybe my experience can help, maybe it can’t. But it – and myself – will always be there if you need it.

To George Moe, I will you a furious desire to bring a little bit more happy chaos into the world. You do so much for the community around you. Keep on doing it, never forgetting that sometimes things have to change simply because the status has been quo for too long.

To Alyssa Wilke, I will you what little of Drama Club I have left to will. Once upon a time, I could have willed you a board position, but I’ve long since given that up. Once upon a time, I could have willed you lead roles, but you’ve had more of those than me this year. What I do have to give you is a legacy of always finding yourself back in the auditorium, no matter how hard you try to leave. Enjoy the addiction. Enjoy.

To Jack Badalamenti, George Moe, Robert Lou, and Daniel Shin, and the rest of the 07 juniors, I will you the responsibility of being 07 Seniors. You all are the people who can decide whether 1507 is strikingly community-driven or if 1507 is merely a place to live. I hope you make the difference real.

To Akash Palani and Rongzhen Zhou, I will you the materials I’ve collected as LEAD Co-Coordinator. Included in that collection is the sheer willpower and undying work ethic necessary to do our job well. I trust that you two will carry on the position as one of honor and respect.

To Heena Srivastava and Shivali Shukla, I will you the materials I’ve collected as Acronym Editor-in-Chief. Included in that is the necessary patience and tenacity required to teach people how to write articles for an audience that might not exist.

To the 2016-2017 LEAD team, I will you the furious passion necessary to change lives. I am confident that you have the words, stories, and knowledge necessary to empower a new generation of IMSA students to change the world. That’s not even mentioning the fact that you’re in a position to empower each other more than anyone else on campus can. You’re a team. You’re a family. You’re incredible.


Isaac Adorno – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Just chill.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Breakfast before finals with Ish
  • Three years of 04
  • Pranking Sagar and Rohit
  • Junior Year Homecoming
  • CLASH / Drill
  • Junior year and Senior year down-quad
  • RSL Early Move-In
  • Learning how to ripstik
  • Coming back from my week-long vacation
  • Orientation Leader
  • Parties at the slabs
  • TH
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Late nights with the hex

Last Testament:

To Sagar Nattuvetty, I will down quad. You’ve had two years of memories made in here, and it’s finally time for you to take over. I expect to hear great stories about messing with sophomores and having them sleep over in your room all the time. We’ve shaped your IMSA experience a lot, and I’m excited to see how well you do without the quad around. I can say without a doubt that one of the reasons my junior year was better than my sophomore year was because I had you in A-Wing. There’s no words to describe how much I will miss you next year.

To Addison Herr, I will a junior who will make you miss your last year at IMSA. We’ve had too many good memories to even begin referencing them, but I just want you to know that all of them made my senior year so much better. I know you’re going to have an amazing senior year, and the fact that our quad isn’t here won’t stop that from happening. I will you the strength to open up to new people next year – now that you’ve found your place, make it the best you can. Finally, although we did bond at the beginning of the year when you left your backpack in the main building, I additionally will you the ability to not leave your stuff everywhere.

To Akash Palani, I will the ability to chill. Although you may not have much free time next year, I promise you it will happen occasionally. When it does, take advantage of it. I expect great things from you and all of the things you invest your time into. Make me proud. I’m glad we were able to get closer this last semester here, and I hope that we keep in touch next year.

To Eshan Mehrotra, I will a senior year full of knots and Cornell hoodies. We didn’t talk much last year, but I’m glad you came to A-Wing and became a part of Up-Quad. I envy your work ethic, but I hope you take time next year to talk to the new sophomores and tell them the stories about our quad.

To Alex Yow, I will a little sibling to make your time at IMSA more enjoyable. Our quad misses having you here to mess with, and I’ll miss the close moments we had last year. Although we don’t talk as much this year, I know you’ve adapted well to living in 05, and I hope that continues to go well. I also will you the ability to actually make improvements in the gym.

To Sofia Rhode, I will a fun and satisfying senior year. There’ll be a lot of bumps on the road, but I have faith in your ability to overcome obstacles and to carry the strength it takes to enjoy even the low points of IMSA. My last few weeks here wouldn’t have been the same without you – thank you for making them so special.

To Jan Mangulabnan, I will two things. The first is an excellent second semester, where hopefully you can be the one barely working instead of the one working hard. The second thing I will you is an A on the partner test we failed.

To Tim Ramos, I will the “Most 04” title. You embody a lot of the great things in this hall through your ability to communicate with people and to be a bro. You were one of the first sophomores I met at the beginning of last year, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to talk to you from now till then.

To Simon Su, I will the ability to make good choices. We had quite the adventure, but I know you took the opportunity to grow from it as a person. I’m going to miss the dumb things you would say in our quad. Also, get big next year.

To Heena Srivastava, I will success. While I am aware that you are fully capable of achieving that on your own, hopefully it’ll provide you with good luck during the hard parts of next year. Continue your senior year with the same spark and the same happiness that’s driven you thus far. Also, I will you my hair and your blanket.

To Vainius Normantas, I will good luck in future business ventures. Enter PowerPitch, get some money, and make something to impress everyone around you. It’s been great having you in 04 – I couldn’t imagine the last two years of Clash without you.

To Joseph Palakeel, I will a junior who you can just sit down and chill with. From surviving Sound and Light to just talking and listening to music in 04, I’ve made a lot of great memories since we became friends.

To Sneh Patel, I will a junior to trade compliments with. I could always count on seeing you around and being able to say hi to you in 04. Take care and have a good senior year man.

To Aneesh Kudaravalli, I will a junior who’s the life of the party. Although your dance moves and your singing can make me (jokingly) cringe at times, I don’t think I’d rather have anyone else do it. Keep up the DJ’ing – I’ll be back to party with you next year.

To Ram Koganti, I will a junior who will make you smile every day, and one who you can take a daily selfie with. You’ve never failed to cheer me up, and I hope you can find someone who can do that for you.

To Jacob Horstman, I will 1504. You and Addison are taking on the responsibility of upholding and improving the reputation that has been set in 04 from the seniors that are leaving. 1504 will change next year – we all trust that you transform it into something that we will be proud to visit next year.

To Robert Lou, I will a junior who will tell you the weirdest things you’ve heard all day. You consistently make me laugh with your questions and scenarios, and I’d highly recommend finding someone like that in your life.

To Adi Budithi, I will a friend to talk to about any of your problems. You’ve always been there for me, even when we were just middle schoolers. Have a great senior year dude.

To Abu Bhalla, I will you a sophomore who will ask you everyday if you’re free, only to never come over. Take care these next two years, and make sure 04 remembers your seniors.


Harith Alappat – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Never forget how great life is.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash ‘14, ‘15, ‘16
  • Being a Junior Marshal
  • Rush University intersession
  • Breckenridge intersession
  • Sophomore year Prom
  • Senior year Homecoming
  • Breaking some kid’s ankles at Senior Night
  • Living with 04ADownHex
  • The Adchem bet
  • Watching movies with Addy and Isaac
  • Poisoning Sagar
  • Sending Reid to the hospital
  • Coming back from my extended vacation this year

Bucket List:

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learn to play the piano
  3. Skydive

Last Testament:

To Alex Yow, Krishi Korrapati, Richard Osmund, Gedi Njoya, Pranav Narayanan, Matt Gombar, and Ben Maher, I will you leadership of the soccer team, and revenge at regionals next year. You guys are all unbelievably talented, and you have the chance to take your team next year to somewhere great. Remember to slow down, enjoy the ride, and kick some butt while you’re at it. Rising seniors, always make sure to be proactive and keep the underclassmen in check. Rising juniors, make sure you mess around and have fun with your season. You guys made this year amazing for me.

To Martin Filbert, Dhvanil Popat, Herschel Gupta, Jae Oh, Sneh Patel, Vainius Normantas, AJ Federici, Zach Brahmbatt, Clinton Oshipitan, and the rest of the basketball sophomores, I will you guys a much, much better season than we had this year. Obviously, we were a young team, but it was my pleasure to get to provide some leadership to all of you. You’re all phenomenal players, and if you keep working, you guys will have quite the team. I’ll miss all the jokes and fun we had this season. Keep putting in work every day boys, to be your best (and to Herschel, Martin, and Dhvanil, I will you three in particular my 3-point shot. I can’t wait to see which one of you amazing shooters does what I never could and gets to the state 3-point contest).

To Larry Donahue and Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you two an underclassmen pet to hang out with you next year. I know we as a quad have messed with both of you a lot this year, but you guys mean alot to us. I’m going to miss having sophomores that always stop in, just looking to cheer people up. You guys are both great kids, stay true to you in the future.

To Jaeyoung Oh, I will you leadership of the basketball team and my passing. You’ve grown a lot as a basketball player these past few years, and I can’t wait to see you take the next step in your career. Over these last few years I’ve gotten to know you so much better, and you always cheer me up with your bright, cheery personality. You’re going to have a kick-ass senior year man, keep making people happy!

To Herschel Gupta, I will you an Indian underclassman rival, who’ll turn into one of your best friends. From the day I met you, I could tell that we were similar in a lot of ways. We played soccer and basketball, danced, and had many similar interests. I could never have imagined how close we would get. You’ve become one of my closest friends and confidants; someone that I can go to whenever I need to talk to someone. Don’t ever change from the thoughtful, sensitive, caring friend that you are (and also, come to Vandy!).

To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you the other half of my personality. That may sound weird, but for the last two years people have been telling us that we act so similar in so many ways. Your sophomore year, we spent so much time together and bonded in so many ways so that, quite frankly, we have rubbed off on each other. While I mess with you a lot, you know I love you to death. You’ve been such a day 1 bro, and you’ve helped me with so much (cough cough, Prince MI4). Good luck with college, you’re gonna go somewhere great. Keep the 04A legacy alive in 05 next year!

To Tim Pan, I will an underclassman to carry you through quite literally every class (but knowing you, I’m sure you won’t need one). Dude, legitimately though, you’ve been such a huge help this semester and such a great friend. Remember to take some time to just slow down and enjoy the ride, it’s going to fly by. Hands down, you’re one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met. Keep doing you, and brightening up the lives of everyone around you.

To Robert Lou, I will you a little sibling who’ll cheer you up every time you see them. We’ve known each other for so long, and I’m so glad that you chose to come to IMSA. We’ve had so many memories, and I’m really glad that we’ve stayed close up until now. You’re a brilliant kid, with such a lovable smile, and I can’t wait to see the great things you’ll do. Thanks for being the best [6 day younger than me] little brother I could’ve ever asked for.

To Heena Srivastava, I will you the best Acronym team you could imagine, and a writer as amazing for you as you were for me. This whole year, you’ve been such a committed writer, and I’m so proud that your hard work paid off. More than just that though, you’ve been an amazing friend, and someone that I’m so happy to have met this year. Make sure you always stay one of the happiest, brightest people around. Enjoy your senior year, and make the most of it!

To Richard Osmund, I will you my confidence, in sports and in life. I’ve messed with you so much these past few years, and though we’ve had our problems, you’ve developed into one of my favorite juniors, and someone that I respect so much. I joke around a lot in engineering, but I really do appreciate how you’re always willing to put forth your maximum effort. You’re always a great sport, and a great guy to talk to. I’ll miss you next year, bud.

To Simon Su, I will you January 26th. By that, I mean learning from January 26th. We’ve been through alot together, and I’ve seen you mature a lot over these past two years. I see a lot of potential in an awkward and funny kid. I hope that you make the best of your senior year and get into a college that you want. You’re a hilarious, happy, and fun kid, and I hope that never changes for you. Stay crazy, Simon.

To Sofia Rhode, I will you someone else to have countless uncomfortable but entertaining interactions with. I can’t think of someone else over these last two years who I’ve bonded with more over so much random stuff. I respect how you always have a smile on your face, regardless of how things are going in your life. Your positivity and kind (if not a bit awkward) nature affect those around you. I’ll miss having weird quirky greetings with you, because they always made my day that much better.

To 04C Upsquad (Joseph, Vainius, Sneh, Aneesh, and Tim), I will you guys a super chill senior year. Each of you, in your own individual ways, has made my experience at IMSA that much better. You’re a bunch of crazy, fun-loving, happy kids, and I hope that never changes about you all. Sneh, you’ve always been an energy-bringer to the basketball team, make sure you show the new generation how to hustle. Vainius, you’re a great conversationalist and it’s always interesting having thought-provoking talks with you. Tim, you’re a kick-ass dancer, and a hilarious guy, keep doing you. Aneesh, you’re the most lovable ball of cuteness I’ve ever met, I hope nothing ever wipes that smile off your face. And Joseph, you’ve always been my Malu bro, and you’ve been my go-to guy for the longest time, thank you for that. I wish you guys all the best next year.

To Akash Palani, I will you some chill, plain and simple. Akash, you’re one of the most driven, passionate, and kind people I’ve ever met. I’m constantly blown away by your ideas, and interests. I only wish we could’ve spent more time together this year. Going into senior year, I know you’re going to be stressed about all sorts of things, but I want you to just relax a bit every so often and enjoy yourself. Sure, stress is necessary, but it’s equally necessary to chill every so often! You’re gonna do some crazy big things, best of luck senior year and beyond, and stay in touch!

To Eshan Mehrotra, I will you more wing mates to take under your arm and make crazy memories with. I remember how excited I was last year, when I learned that you were coming to A-wing. I knew that you’d be one of my juniors, and a great addition to our wing dynamic. Since then, I’ve watched you grow up into an awesome junior. Sophomores and seniors alike love and respect you. We’ve made some great memories this year (like that one time we had all the sophomores in down quad…good times), and I know you’ll make more next year. Stay focused, for someone as brilliant as you, the world is yours.

To Addison Herr, I will you a new friend to stay up with until the very early hours of the morning, whenever needed. I never could have imagined how close we were going to get this year. I never could have imagined all the nights we’d stay up talking, watching movies, and messing around with our quads. You’ve become a life-long friend, and I can’t imagine moving away from you next year. Isaac and I are both so proud of all the crazy amazing stuff you’ve done, and all the things you have lined up for you. I only wish I would have met you last year, and had another year with you. You’re such a smart and driven person. You’re also quite possibly the funniest person I’ve ever met and I’m going to miss your dry humor so much. I can’t wait to see where you go to college, so I can come visit you. Don’t stress out too much next year, and make sure that you enjoy every minute of it. I’ll miss you a lot, Addy.

And to Sagar Nattuvetty, I will you my bed in down quad. I’m talking about the same bed that we’ve been sleeping on together for the past two years. From day 1, you were my sophomore (actually, from even before, when our dads knew each other). I’ve seen you grow up and go through so many different things, and I’m so proud of where you are in life now. You have this unique happiness and positivity that legitimately radiates from you and affects all the people around you. I’m blessed to say that you’ve affected who I am, and helped make me into the best version of myself. I hope that everything works out for you in terms of college, but I know it will. You’re a bright, passionate kid, and you’re going to do amazing things. I love you to death bud, come visit me next year.


Jyotsna Bitra – University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA Med, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Laugh and love the journey.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Bothering Jackie Wu, Somie Park, Sara Nookala, Lauren Burke and Rhea Harsoor at odd hours (and ordering pizza clash night sophomore year)
  • Housekeeping and helping decorate Mickinney’s wall (and singing obnoxiously with Rachel)
  • Cornbread
  • Sunrises, hill times and not doing LE1 readings with Katherine Su
  • Prancing around our room, singing Christmas songs and shutting off Jin’s alarms at odd hours
  • Français IV/V avec Nicole, Ksu, Heidi, Devdhi, Nick, Sachin et Madeleine
  • Tennis Pictures, dumping water and spontaneous oberweis trips
  • Climbing Sears’ Tower at RIC Skyrise 2015 and volunteering 2016
  • Summer SIR 14-15 (fish, MRIs, “Trout”, free samples, chicken, thai food, birbs, ASNR, RSNA…) with Lucy, Neal, Grace Duan, Jphung, Vedhik, Shveta Thakkar and Kristin Carlson
  • Junior Year – wing sardines and walking around with Patty Li
  • MCB with Malavika Ramnath (and Khusbu Patel and Anabel Rivera)
  • Forgetting the number of calories in a banana during Clash of the Smart People with trash (Jphung + Bgupts)
  • Science at IMSA (noodles and co. hierarchy discussions) – with Andrew Adams, Katrina Kuhn, Ashrita Raghuram, Violet Konopka and Colette Vacha
  • Prank calling/pizza delivery guys with Radeesha and Katrina (and Ishita)
  • Long SCIA meetings with Joey and Ellie
  • Art Institute, birthday parties, Organic, Diffy Q and M+L with Keelyn O’Brien, Ashrita Raghuram and Violet Konopka
  • Hawai’i ~~ beautiful mountains, too much raw fish, violent card games, Pringle and deep bus talks with Deepshika, Athena, Heena, John, Ethan, Aspen, Susriya, Melissa, Taylor, Kandyce and Reuel
  • Talking about books with Sarah Dovgin
  • Talking about life with Susriya Gangireddy
  • Long walks (Midnight Warehouse) and long talks [breakfast for dinner (always)]

Bucket List:

  1. Speak French fluently
  2. Finish writing a book
  3. Solo travel and go backpacking with no plan and friends
  4. Do something really stupid and wonderful
  5. Die in outer space, preferably a black hole
  6. Give a commencement/graduation speech/Ted Talk
  7. Go on a roadtrip with Violet et co.
  8. Fall in love
  9. Meet J.K. Rowling
  10. Understand the beauty in strangers

Last Testament:

To Lisa Lin and Corona: Lisa, I will more people who want their hair braided and a tennis buddy who fixes your inhaler (oops). Thanks for listening to me last year and I’m sorry I haven’t visited much but thank you for always being yourself and working so incredibly hard. You’re an awesome tennis player and an exceptional friend. You deserve everything you want and I think you are an exceptional student :P Corona, I will someone to mess up your hair and wear your food pillows on their heads. I will miss your adorableness ^_^

To Abu, I will you a sophomore just like you. You have this friendliness and way of getting to know so many people. So don’t let people turn you into someone else, I’ll be sad if I come back and don’t see you waving and third-wheeling all the time. Also, keep shining lights into windows!

To Wasan Kumar, I will two singular tacos so I can eat one too. Haha, but have fun being CD (you’ll do great) and try not to worry too much senior year. It passes by far too quickly to spend it being stressed.

To Maria Garcia. I know you’re not expecting this. But I will you lots of strength and motivation to keep going to the fitness center even when junior year hits you hard. I know I don’t really know you, but seeing you in the fitness center always helped me keep going (and thanks for helping me when I didn’t know what I was doing). ^_^ Have a great junior year (and keep bothering Danny).

To Giezelle, I will you someone else to mispronounce your name every time they see you. I will miss your dog and your presence in tennis! You’re a fantastic player and don’t let anyone’s lack of coaching ruin your game. ^_^

To Athena, I will you happy times and beautiful weather. I’m really sorry for not visiting, but I still have a month! I’m gonna do it! I will miss your hugs and I’m very happy for your successes. Keep playing music, have a great senior year with Heena and if you ever need to call someone, I’ll be here!

To Heena, Heena! You’re a crazy wonderful girl and I just will you more fun next year. Keep bothering Athena for me and I’m so glad I got to talk to you guys more in Hawaii. You’re gonna do great things with LEAD. Just remember to be your happy humble self and try not to forget about the rest of us when you’re super famous :)

Lily, I will you the power to get through senior year :D You’ve already conquered some of the hardest classes at IMSA (ty for helping me study for Org in orchestra!), keep pushing through. You deserve all the college acceptances you want! You’re super sweet and adorable and I also will you another stand partner who yells “PIGEONS”! :D

Hannah Yeung, I will you lots of minions, more pajamas and Joy Yee drinks. Thank you for letting me bother you and stay cute!

Claudia and Diann, I will you the sweetest candy in the world to match your personalities. You’re fantastic sophomores and I hope you have tons of fun rooming next year! Claudia, I’m very glad I met you during camp and have fun in your quad next year. I also wish you the best of luck in whatever you want to do. Diann!! I will you a wonderful doubles partner and more donuts and chips and oreos from sodexo lunches :) Stay adorable and keep up your incredible work ethic.

David Ying, DYING! Sorry for that random message in the beginning of your soph year. It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw your name. I will you more people like me and Jphung who bother you via FB, bad dying jokes, Bloomington friendos and lots of ‘morning rehearsals’. Make Blo-No proud and have fun with FBLA next year!

To new SCIA board (Jacob Horstman, Sweta Kotha, Sagar Nuttevety, Alex Yow and Katrina Kuhn), I will you the power of IMSA, session free days during IMSAloquium and endless tours. Yes, it’s a much larger board, but it’s also a huge responsibility. Keep an open mind, push for what you believe in even when everyone tells you it won’t work and smile. Legislators are just people after all, show them why IMSA deserves to exist. Jacob, I will you lots of alumni cards to sign :P and fun times with the advisors. Sweta and Sagar, I will you the candy from the alumni office and lots of alumni to meet. Katrina and Alex, I will you the ability to convince legislators to visit even in the busiest of times and more ‘personal’ letters from representatives.

To Hannah and Sophie, I will you both a wonderful junior year! Hannah, have a great time in tennis next year and I enjoyed getting to know you for that short season. Sophie, your smile always brightens my day! I hope you get everything you want out of junior year and keep on smiling :)

To Madison Dong, I will une pomme pour Madeleine qui mange :) You’re absolutely adorable and fantastic and keep Crosby happy! I really wish I got to talk to you more but regardless, I will you the best of luck as our new Madame President. Stay strong.

To Caitlin, I will you our SIR lab (hopefully!) and more heart cells to analyze. Have fun with soccer and your quad next year. You work incredibly hard and I hope you get whatever you want in the future because with your contagious happy personality and funny wit, you’re going places! Have a great year!

To Jaszmine, I will you someone else to make fun of during your English class. I really enjoy our table in MWF and making fun of you every chance I get! I hope you get through the struggle that is BC1 and enjoy senior year. I’ll miss you tons!

To Ishita and Melissa, ISHITA! I will you more people to be obnoxious with you and rant about boys. You’re crazy and beautiful and overall a quality person. Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it! I hope you have a wonderful junior year and if you ever wanna bother someone, I’m still here :) Melissa Mu, I will you another box of honey wheat pretzels and more people to bother when you’re bored. I will you more hugs and lots of snapchat streaks. I admire your ability to have your own opinions regardless of others. I’ll try to visit more before the end of the school year and I hope you have a great junior year (try to keep Radeesha sane).

To Radeesha, I will you biscotti (and an avocado) and a sophomore room floor to fall on whenever you are embarrassed. You’re absolutely crazy and wonderfully amusing. Keep your head up high because you will do incredible things. Remember that sometimes, there’s things you can’t control but try to stay positive when you can do something about it. Take initiative and be true to yourself :D Ah, I can’t wait to see you as a senior~ Lemme know if you ever need something!

To Katrina Kuhn, I leave you with a wing, a hall and a campus that needs your presence. I will you to be the responsible senior I couldn’t be. Thanks for letting me act like your little sibling but also for listening to me even when I had no idea what I was saying. Thank you for going into tunnels and warehouses and walking in the rain and letting me sleep on your very bouncy pillow. You made senior year just a tad better ^_^ Whenever you’re disappointed, just remember, I know who you are and what you’re capable of doing, you just gotta show everyone else that. “I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” [I also will you organic foods and woats oats snacks and nobake cookies and brownies and puppy chow making skills]

To all the underclassmen, I will you time and love. Read, draw, take photos, play music, sing, game, talk to your friends, leave your room, talk to that boy or girl you’ve wanted to message since move-in day. Just do it. Call your parents, talk to RCs, say hi to the Sodexo members, infect this campus with happiness. Love and forgive. IMSA won’t work without you. It’s only as successful as its students and fine, IMSA isn’t the same as two years ago. But that doesn’t mean we have to let it break down. Use your voices, use your crazy ideas and your incredible intelligence to do something about it, rather than just complain. IMSA needs you to shape it, just as it has shaped all of us. Stay Golden IMSA.


Mara Cardona – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Never give up on your dreams.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • MAD with Don
  • Modern Theater with Dr. Madon
  • Filling Shemika’s apartment with balloons with Dawn
  • The prank Dhara and I pulled before CLASH
  • Being a wing guide with Lindy
  • Surprising Diego for his birthday
  • Living with Dhara and Sruti for a while
  • Casa de Alma 2016
  • Struggling through Casa junior year
  • One week without French sophomore year
  • Spending all of my time with Mariela and Sam sophomore year
  • SIR with Elysia and struggling through all the work
  • Conversations with Minerva

Bucket List:

  1. Go to college
  2. Go to med school
  3. Study abroad in Italy or Spain
  4. Do volunteer work

Last Testament:

To my sophomore Dhara Patel, I will you second semester senioritis. You need to relax more and just enjoy doing nothing instead of stressing out so much.

To Sruti Mohan, I will you many jelly beans since Dhara and I took them all your sophomore year.

To Mounisha Kovour, I will you my baby sophomores Dhara and Sruti to be your amazing seniors. They were great sophomores to me once and will be great seniors to you.

To Nyxel Camerena, I will you a lot of patience with all the people you need to deal with next year. Try to find happiness and don’t be so upset all the time.

To Monique Crum, I will you the ability to be more involved in activities. You need to find something you are passionate about and enjoy it.

To Diego Alanis, I will you the best junior year and even better Casa choreography for cumbia. I hope you have fun and make sure that Casa is good next year.

To Julian Martinez, I will you the ability to find someone else to annoy and pick on. I hope you are able to find a new senior who is able to tolerate your annoying self <3

To Lucas Urbanski and Connor Elmore, I leave with you two with the responsibility of dealing with Diego and Julian. They are a handful but I know you two can keep them in-line.

To Jason Barraza, I will you good advice for your senior year. I hope you find someone to give you advice whenever you need it because you always seem to do something unpredictable.

To Lindy Hong, I will you 02 D-wing. Without you I don’t think being a wing guide would be this much fun and I hope you continue to make D-wing great.

To Neha Verma, I will you motivation to get through all of senior year. Even when it seems far away, the end of senior year comes by really fast and you don’t want to miss a single second of it.

To Madison Dong, I will you good luck in everything you do. Next year you will be a great President and even more you will continue to be a great person. Good luck my child.


Hannah Chaddha – University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2020

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Cheer 2k14: it was a struggle, but I still (kind of) loved it
  • Peru 2k14 & 2k15 with my babies and Faithe
  • Every night spent in Charlene’s room sophomore year
  • Mud-sliding!!
  • Every night spent with Sue Patel, Kristen, Greeshma, Sachi, Vivian, Ranjani, Sophie, Bella, and Faithe in 06 junior year
  • Prom 2k15 with these ladies
  • 06 drill team 2k15—again, it was a struggle & hot mess, but I still loved it
  • Sophie’s Sweet 16
  • Breck 2k16 with my Breck babes/roomies: Sofia & Amy
  • Going to Orchard every day with Michuda, Varun, and Arthur sometimes
  • On a side note, watching reality TV every day after class with Michuda
  • Rooming with Elysia & all of our #RoomieAdventures throughout the years like the boat on Labor Day 2k14 & 2k15, Papa Chaddha time, watching Gossip Girl & the Vampire Diaries, and 11 cultural shows!!!!

Bucket List:

  1. Skydive when I turn 18
  2. Bungee jump off a bridge
  3. Travel to Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Thailand, and Egypt before I graduate college (preferably with Elysia)
  4. Meet Jhené Aiko, Kanye, Drake, and/or Justin Bieber
  5. Get accepted to med school, graduate from med school, and become a successful doctor
  6. Buy a Jeep Wrangler or Camaro
  7. Learn how to cook something besides scrambled eggs & spaghetti
  8. Have a good prom
  9. Go to Lollapalooza 2k16

Last Testament:

To Yuri, Maria Garcia, Sophie Ashbrook, Jessica Forbes, and Hannah Harvard, I will you the ability to keep on being the sweet, sweet souls that you are. You never fail to put a smile on my face whenever we say hi or talk—IMSA needs more people like you. Thank you for being the cutest 06 sophomores ever, I’ll miss you all next year!

To Kate Rabideau, I will you the ability to slay whichever drill team you’re in next year, because that’s exactly what you did this year. I also will you a Kylie Lip Kit in the near future!

To Sona, I will you a new squad to spend 6th mod with next year. Thank you for literally making me die of laughter every time I see you & teaching me all the latest dance moves. Hopefully you’re not stuck studying biology 24/7 when I leave, but then again, it’s junior year so you probably will be. I’ll miss you & our Harambee hip-hop adventures next year!

To Ravali (Ramona), Amy Liu (Amita), and Rongzhen (Raquel), I will you the ability to survive Spanish for one more year because you’re almost done! You three amaze me every day with your Spanish-speaking skills, so I know you can do it. Have a grand senior year, and if you ever need help in Spanish, I would ask someone else.

To Vainius, I will you the ability to keep on growing out your man bun because I’m obsessed with it. I also will you the ability to keep on being your chill self with your sense of style, although I’m sure you won’t have any trouble with that. You’re almost done with IMSA & I’m 96.18% confident that your man bun will help you get through the rest of it!

To Tim (Timmy) Ramos, I will you the ability to keep dancing as “good” as me. I love talking to you, and I’m going to miss doing Filipino and Modern with you next year. Hopefully we run into each other at Joy Yee’s again. You’re also one of my favorite people ever, just thought you should know that. Best of luck with next year Timmy!

Joseph Palakeel oh Joseph Palakeel…I will you the ability to continue to write amazing Creative Writing poems. I still can’t figure out if I’m lost or found. Anyway, you’re weird in the best possible way, but you make me laugh whenever I talk to you, so thank you for that. I also will you the skills you need to do those cool skateboard tricks you show me in Creative Writing. Oh yeah, and I will you the ability to be the best Girl Scout cookie you can be! And one more thing, I will you someone else to say hi to your dad every time they see him. After IMSA, I’m sure that we’ll continue emailing each other. Keep doing you Mr. Palakeel! –Thank you, Hannah $ Chaddha

To Aneesh, I will you another person to walk to Chipotle with, even though we haven’t done that in a long time. I’m going to miss you a lot next year & your ability to always put a smile on my face. We also need to plan that dinner with my parents and our shopping trip, but we can discuss that later. Good luck with everything; I know you’re going to do great things and be a “baller” just like you say you will. If you ever need anything, slide into my Snapchats since you don’t have a Twitter and can’t slide into my DMs!

To 04CUQ, I will you the ability to finish my rap because it’s been over three months but whatever. And to Joseph and Aneesh, keep on being the best & my favorite hipsters on campus, even though you don’t like to acknowledge the fact that you’re hipsters.

To Sagar, I will you the ability to keep on making people smile with your optimistic, silly attitude. I always enjoy talking to you and despite the fact that you were a horrible adoptive father, I’m going to miss you tons next year. Have a great, great, great senior year!

To Eshan oh Eshan…where do I even start with you!? One of the things I’m going to miss most next year are your extremely, extremely awkward hugs, but that’s okay because we Mehrotras don’t show affection according to you. You never fail to make me laugh so hard I cry, so don’t ever stop doing that. I’ll definitely be back to visit you at least once next year & I hope I can still be your daughter then!


Rakesh Chatrath – University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Blankets Are Bad

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Sophomore year Euchre
  • “Acquiring” the DVD player and the big dupes
  • Scary movie Caspa traps
  • Extorting Derek’s bed on the weekends
  • Monster Hunter and Monster
  • Editing in Ryan’s quad
  • The Great Stamp Wars
  • Tea Time sophomore to senior year
  • Joy Yee’s and Chinatown trips
  • Booth caspa traps
  • Saturday morning Harners with Kevin
  • Ryan, Vinesh, Bdubs, good ‘ol Bryan
  • Late night Maggie Parties and Cook Cook Squad
  • 2 AM fun times
  • Friday night anime
  • Pwotagonist
  • LNY 2015-16, #DiwaliRave 2k14-15
  • Sunday Mornings Junior Year
  • Camden’s Speech, ISP/StudCo chant, Clash 2k16
  • After intersession fun times in IMS

Bucket List:

  1. Own a corgi
  2. Be at Kevin’s baby shower
  3. Remember my first semester senior year
  4. Teach an intersession
  5. Move to Guatamala and start a lemonade stand

Last Testament:

To Akash Palani, Sagar Nattuvetty and Yugan Sakthi I will you a bed to sleep on when a Bij visits. Yugan, I will you a drum to tap on and a golden retriever pupper to cuddle with – never forget your little joys that get your through IMSA. To Sagar, I will you a person to hug every day in the hallway and a helpful SCS member – keep being your bubbly self, but find solace in others, you deserve it. To Akash, I will you fancy hairspray and a BC book – Don’t stop having the nicest hair around and keep being you, but when you’re sad studying that BC book, remember who willed it to you and give him a call ;). To you three, you’re hard working, passionate, and motivated individuals, so I will you the insight to when to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the company of those you love.

To Mateusz Cikowski I will you an everlasting smile and a better acting career. As you grow and mature being CAB director, don’t lose sight of what brought you there. Keep your huge smile that plagues your acting, and your charisma, happiness and charm with it.

To Madison Dong and the entirety of BijBaj I will you the peace of mind in other people. All the time, you help, help help, and give advice – I will you the ability to sometime get some sleep and confide in others for a change. Also, Madison, I will you the ability to tunnel like no other Mole can.

To Ayan Agarwal, I will you a MAD buddy and a business partner for all your Guatamalan lemonade needs. You’re smart and focused, but get some rest sometime, and keep calm even when things are horribly annoying. Keep up your hard work, but when things go astray I will you a meme and a quota to keep you going.

To Cecilia Chang and Christy Paik, I will you the three things I wish I had this year – patience, respect and gratification. Even if I had these things, I rarely felt it. As you two grow incredible amounts and take on the ISP beast, don’t get down on yourself. You two will have been on board longer than anyone else for a reason – you’ve worked hard to get here and you’re capable. Never lose sight of what ISP meant to us and what it means to you. This year will be rough, and at times you might not think it’s worthwhile, but from Justin Orr to Ryan Eberhardt, we’re all rooting for you and know you can do it!

To Maria Garcia, Yasmin Broy, and Dan Marten I will you the patience and the confidence to complete the senior board for ISP. I’ve seen all of you grow throughout ISP – you went from knowing nothing to be astonishingly strong leaders. Keep Cecilia and Christy in check, and the last thing I will you is to do cool stuff! P.S. Maria I will you the ability to speak with Urbanski.

To Allison Platon and Nyxel Camerama I will you the time and the composure to be an ISP board member next year. Junior year can feel rough at times, but rely on the ISP family to keep you going. Have some patience, and you’ll make it just fine.

To Andriy Sheptunov I will you someone to spend weekend nights with editing and discussing. But more importantly, I will you the patience to keep doing what you’re doing and to not get flustered. And for your fun times next year, I will you a light that is actually soft.

To Sean Ngo and Elliott Cleven I will you Michelle’s phone-number. Keep being bubbly balls of weirdness, but in return you’re not allowed to interrupt an intervis ever again.

To Alex Yow, Adrian Bebenek, Jae Oh and David Ying, I will you plenty of memes. But, please, when I visit, keep them on the DL or I may never come back again. You guys are wily, but that’s the fun part isn’t it?

To Eshan Mehrotra, Elliott Cleven, Yugan Sakthi, and Michael Dow, I will you 2 AM fun times. Senior year is an intense time, filled with some of the most extreme stress yet the most extreme memories you’ll have at IMSA. Don’t forget about your old upquad’s legacy and let loose sometimes, whether that means making loud noises across the hall preventing your sophomores from sleeping, or pushing someone down the hallway at 3 AM yelling certain phrases. Above all, I will you the ability, as seniors, to promote wing community and a place for underclassmen to come in and feel welcome, chat when they need someone to talk to, or start a hotspot when there internet has died. You’re all very capable, let that make an impact on whomever you’re with next year.

To Tim Pan, Ben Maher, and Rohit Mittapali I will you three juniors to carry you in math and to crap on. Or not, you guys can always be the carries.

To Evan Sun, I will you a warm pot of food and a warm smile to be around. I will you the ability to control your wily ambitions yet a large amount of flash paper to light the night sky with the inevitable “I told you so”. I will you a group of people to make crazy food with at night, and to enjoy eating, talking and each other’s company when you’re stressed out. I will you working VMs, Arch, and other strange computery things I think are pointless. But most importantly, I will you yourself – I will you the insights to find yourself, what you love and what your focus is, the time to talk to others and advice to pass down to some underclassmen. Alongside Sagar, Yugan, and Akash, I will you a bed to sleep on instead of a floor, because sometimes a little rest will do you more good than finishing your latest ambition.


Cathy Chen – Duke University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Place matters into His hands

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Every moment with Lucy Yuan
  • Late night quad chats and Avatar nights
  • ASIA times with Jason Wu
  • 06 Drill 2014
  • Clash 2016
  • Lunar 2014-16
  • JSSF
  • Breck
  • Civil War Kadelnighter paper
  • Swim sectionals 2013/14
  • Stats tables
  • Baseball team’s first win
  • 130916
  • “Splish”
  • GOT7 concert
  • AOMG concert

Bucket List:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Visit every continent
  3. Own a duck
  4. Meet Chris Evans
  5. Go to Taylor Swift concert
  6. Make a viral video
  7. Become a pro surfer

Last Testament:

To Amy Liu (sup), Jason and I will you our most prized possession. We know you will do great things with new structures and new events. We trust you will love and nurture it and care for your board members. While the year is busy, don’t lose your faith and don’t forget to lean on Him whenever you need. Place matters into His hands.

To Jenny Li, I will you ASIA! I know you will do well with your new responsibilities for ASIA. I also will you someone to admire your dimples as much as I do.

To Tim Ramos, I will you the obnoxiousness to convince other people to do ASIA and SDAC. Thanks for not remembering what you wrote about me, but still, I felt very special. I hope you keep the dance spirit alive and fulfill what you said you would do for SDAC. I also hope you will voice your opinion more during ASIA. One of my favorite juniors yet you like Jason more </3

To Jan, I will you the ability to continue bringing positive energy to ASIA. Your personality brightens my day all the time!

To Lewis, I will you more cuteness in the future. You are honestly my favorite sophomore male and I love your energy and enthusiasm when you greet me. I hope you will continue to do great things for ASIA.

To my little brownie, Nitya, I will you A wing and I hope that you keep it fun and lively! I also will you another wonderful co/partner that you can keep being crazy and creative with. Thank you so much for a wonderful year and putting up with me <3

To my favorite roommate pair, Reclisk + Naomi, I will you another great year of roommateness. You two are just awesome, funny people. Your interactions remind me of Lucy and I and it makes me happy to see you guys so close. I know you guys will accomplish great things!

To Christy, Dhara, Andrew, Kasey, Tim, Roy, Gina, we will you SDAC. We recognize all of your personalities and I hope you can play off each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses to achieve a better SDAC. The ideas you proposed are great and I hope you can work together to implement them and find plausible solutions to the issues we had last year.

To Christyyyyy, I will you 06 drill and hope that you will learn more leadership/collaboration skills in SDAC. Your style of dance is cool (and very different from mine, so I have difficulty learning your dances XD) and I hope you can incorporate all of SDAC’s different styles throughout the year.

To Dhara, I will you someone to make gross and awesome facial expressions with you. You get me when it comes to struggles in dance and making weird noises and moves and I love that. Your personality and how you express that when you dance is goals and never lose that.

To Kasey, I will you virtual fistbumps. I’m so happy that you picked up dancing/bboying and I really hope you continue your passion.

To Tim Pan, I will you the strength to stay close to Him. I had a really hard time feeling His presence during junior year and it worsened in first semester senior year. I hope that you will trust in whatever He has in store for you and to continue reaching out to Him and your brothers/sisters.

To DAIISYYYYYY <3, I will you the energy to be as enthusiastic as you are now. You are sincerely the cutest and so cool for going to Japan at such a young age. I am forever with you!

To my 동생들 Grace Park and Shannon Park, I will you some other upperclassmen that can speak Korean with you. 같이운동하자 ;D

To Catherine, Jasmine, and Diana, I just wanted to include you guys because you are honestly so sweet and I wish I could return the same level of kindness. I’m sad we grew apart while living in separate wings but I love you all very much!

To Alvina, I will you Chen dance representation. You go Glen Coco!

To Jeremy, Timur, Alex, Matt, I will you more baseball memories. You guys are so funny and fun to be with! I enjoy watching the baseball team just for you guys :P

To Claudia :3, I will you another quad to talk to and that you’ll enjoy your quad a lot. We all love you very much. You’re so talented in many ways I cannot be and I hope you search for the opportunities to foster this talent at your time at IMSA.

To Elizabeth :D, I will you a cool upperclassmen that will support you in everything you do, whether it be swim or dance. Just remember, I’m always just a message away :D


Gloria Choi- Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

Words of Wisdom: Never lose hope.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • KI summer camps
  • All the nights I spent with both 03B and 03A down quad
  • Chicago trips with Fiona, Ellie, Jiabao and Khusbu
  • Sushi dates
  • Girls Swim Senior Night
  • Italy Intersession
  • Promposal <3
  • Heidi’s Polyamorous Day in Chicago
  • Korean Traditional three-peat
  • Squid Squad

Bucket List:

  1. Travel all 7 continents
  2. Have a family
  3. Make a difference
  4. Learn Korean

Last Testament:

To Rebecca Xun, I will you many fund requests, talks with Amy Woods, a thriving club life at IMSA, and most importantly an awesome year as Student Council Treasurer!

To Evan Sun, I will you a little sibling who will loan you cooking equipment, message you late at night, ask you to help you with their promposal, and keep you motivated. Not going to lie – the first time Zach and Vinesh talked about you, I was kind of scared how our sibling dynamic would work out. Now I can safely say that adopting you was one of the best choices I made. I hope you have a great year and awesome time as VP and potentially the new Poster Bij?!?!!

To the future StudCo, I will you an abundance amount of patience and persistence. These two things are something I wish I had more of during my time on StudCo. Patience will keep you sane and persistence is what will keep you going when everything seems to go wrong.

To Amy Liu and Jan Mangulabnan, I will you a great senior year as well as an excellent future for 1503. It was great getting to know both of you in the wing this past year. You will both do great as futures CDs! Build a stronger community and make 1503 a place worthy of calling h0m3.

To Naomi Nakajima, Walker Weyland, and Jen Song, I will you the future of Anime club. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs with this club but I have had so much fun with it and I hope you guys have too. Whether it be making food, doing random crafts, or deciding what anime to watch I hope you all have a great next year!

To Jessica Lee, I will you an underclassman that will call you Jessica-senpai :3

To Corona and Irisa, I will you underclassmen that will encourage you to just keep swimming even when you’re 50 yards behind.

To Claire, Jayoon, Spoorthi, Shruthi, Agne, and Amy, I will you sophomores that will come to your room, ask for homework help, hang out with you, and build forts with you at sleepovers. Most importantly you I will you an awesome junior year wherever you end up living next year!

To the future 03BDQ (Natasia, Sweta, Snigdha, Ramya), I will you late nights, date nights, and never ending fun as the next 03BDQ. Keep the wing morale high and make sure you don’t corrupt the future sophomores too much.


Ben Cooper – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Have the will to pick your path.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • First LEAD class I taught with Devdhi
  • Very first tournament of IMSA Debate
  • Very last tournament with IMSA Debate
  • Watching ​Three Idiots​ instead of studying for the E&M final
  • Going on walks with Yoanna, Rebecca and Connor
  • Trashgate
  • Answering questions about Sachin’s love life for the Sibling Program
  • Teaching for eleMENT
  • Designing Vermin Vigilante for the Entelechy Labs Intersession

Bucket List:

  1. See Mount Everest
  2. Go to space (as a tourist)
  3. Give a TED talk
  4. Solve some sort of “big” problem
  5. Get out of Bronze
  6. Talk to AI and ask it to solve entropy

Last Testament:

To John DeMastri, I leave you with the freedom and strength to tear down what I built and build something better. After Walt Disney left Disney, people there asked themselves “what would Walt do” before making a decision. Don’t you dare do that. There’s no one else I’d rather have as captain and I know you’ll step up to the challenges ahead ­ and in your unique no-holds-barred John way. May your senior year be full of research (especially from Dr. Fu Ckyemen of the University of Aden), IRS indictments, paid sick leave, Navy SEALs and freedom math ­­ but no A­s.

To Jacob Horstman, I will you the ability to find the balance between the silly Jacob we love and the serious Jacob we rarely see. You don’t get enough credit for your serious and insightful side and I will you a senior year of many ​laughs​ keks and insightful conversations. And someone to sleep with on the bus to Chicago.

To Ayan Agarwal, I will you as many blog writing internships, buzz, bubble tea, pentakills and inflated revenue estimates as your heart desires. Your inner synergy has never been in doubt and now is your chance for you to leverage that to create change in our (dynamic) community. You’re one of the unsung heroes of IMSA and I look forward to seeing what your TALENTs accomplish

To Irena Gao & Lucy Liu, I’m so proud that you two stepped up to do what’s never been done in IMSA speech. I will you a season full of challenges, cute sophomores, 30 minute prep times, files and, above all, a relentless drive for a perfect team. Anything you’ve ever wished speech could be ​can be​. You have the ultimate sandbox next year and I’m excited to see what you build next year.

To Evan Sun and Madison Dong, I leave you with less than you deserve. You two are some of the most competent individuals I know (when not galloping) but don’t underestimate the magnitude of the challenges that you face. As anticipated, I leave you with my own set of crappy code but also my thoughts and ideas. I have stacks of legal pads filled with ideas dying to become proposals. I hope that, via you two, these ideas can find a life on the Council after me. Keep your eyes on the big picture but don’t neglect the small things and you two will go far.

To Abinaya Ramakrishnan, you’ve shown yourself to be a true IMSA Debater at heart and I hope you use your position to improve yourself and the team. You’re generally not given enough credit for your achievements in the community and I will you the wisdom to know when you are following your path, not the path set for you.Your next year will be crazy and stressful and wonderful: take breaks along the way to reflect on how it’s going and where you want it to go.

To Rebecca Xun, from August, I knew that you were going to be the next in the generation of idiots who tried to do StudCo, LEAD and Forensics at the same time. I will you the three ring circus that, once upon a time, Puja Mittal willed to me. I will you the insight and friends that will get you through this next year. It’ll be hard ­­but also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had. Finally, I will you a piece of great literature: my copy of ​Twilight​. Hopefully you can navigate this upcoming year with the agility of Edward Cullen.

To Akash, if I could, I would will you a robot that could do your research for you. Instead, I will you plenty of memes, all the operator overloads you need (and a few more), better introductions but most of all, underclassman that can be as great of friends to you as you’ve been to me.

To Yugan, last time we went to the same school, I barely remembered you after we left ­­ even though we were SciOly partners. You were just that quiet kid who was kinda just there. You’re still “kinda just there” but in a much better way. Now it’s more like you’re always reliably there. After the insanity of this year, I hope you find peace next year. You’ve got some huge challenges ahead of you but I’m optimistic that you will be able to navigate them in a uniquely Akash way ­ iPhone 6 in one hand, Starbucks Latte in another.

To everyone else, I will you the ability to distinguish between Akash and Yugan. I’m pretty sure I eventually figured it out.

To Connor Elmore, first, I will you the position of Arun ­­and all the trophies that comes with that title. I also will you a thirst for learning so you can better leverage your ideas. You’re one of the most genuinely caring people I know. I hope you get sophomores in your wing as great as you’ve been.

To Connor Elmore, Lucas Urbanski, Diego Alanis and Julian Martinez, this is the first year that I haven’t disliked my wing and it’s in large part thanks to you four. You’ve been great community members and instantly jumped in for the wing when we allied for assassins or created the dankest flag imaginable. Enjoy the late night quad conversations ­they’ll be some of the favorite parts of your year.

To Mike Xu, even though you’re leaving, I will you the honorary position of Dank B01. May the memes be with you.

To Gunwati, Diego, Sivam, Zach, John, Thomas, Connor, Manny, Grant, Irena, Sonya, Yoanna, Lauralyn, Lucy, Elyas, Esther, Cherilyn, Jack, Alex, Abinaya, Nabeel, Chandana, Rebecca & Claudia: Neither debate nor speech is the art of talking pretty (no matter what the judges say). They are up, breaking down the concept you’re explaining to make it more digestible or predicting the outcome of your joke and constantly adapting to what you discover. This team has been a refuge for the past three years, a space where I could focus on just that thinking. I urge each of you to use that space to develop that kind of thinking in yourself and others. It won’t be easy ­ but nothing new and useful ever is.

To Vainius Normatas, Evan Sun, Rebecca Lisk, Ashrita, I’m just going to second what Nick says. Good luck you guys – you have a unique opportunity that ­I know you’ll make the best of it.

To Dan, Jeremy and Grant, it’s not technically mine to give but I don’t care: I will you 01DDQ. Home is where the heart is and my heart has certainly been in D wing this past year. Hopefully you guys will take better care of the place than we did. Spend some time with your underclassman: they’ll deserve great mentors. #DankB01z

To Kyle, I guess you can have 01DDQ too ­­if you give me a blueberry muffin. And a Jimmy John’s sandwich. And the skin.


Maya Costales – Carleton College, Class of 2020

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Wisconsin Dells 2015!
  • Prom at Brookfield Zoo
  • Watching Star Trek Into Darkness on that huge inflatable screen sophomore year
  • Prom ☺
  • Clash Sophomore Year

Bucket List:

  1. Start learning another language
  2. Meet Dichen Lachman
  3. Take Fencing
  4. Learn how to cook something more complicated than easy mac
  5. Try to really learn how to sing (my choir babies have rubbed off on me)
  6. Study abroad!
  7. Visit my friends who’ve already graduated
  8. Make a hat

Last Testament:

To Akhila Vuppalapati, I will my leftover service hours. Once you’ve already got 125 on campus, they’re basically worthless but it’s the thought that counts :* To her roommate Vidya Babu, I leave two more years of sweet sweet smugness when the hooks keep falling down because Akhila didn’t follow directions.

To Irisa Mynt, I will two semesters worth of free schedule choices and the foresight that even I didn’t have at the end of last year. I believe in you Mynty ☺

To all my sophs in concert choir, I leave you a junior year filled with challenges that you’re prepared for. It’ll be hard, but I believe in all of you.

To all my junior couchies, I will you a comfy place to sit and hopefully not under construction next year.

To Lucas Urbanski, Krishi Korrapati, Connor Elmore, Agne Nakavosite, and everyone else I leave you Thousand Tongues. Whether you’re a president or not, you will decide the direction in which this club goes and I know all of you will make us proud.

Last but not least, to Anna Barannikova, Melanie Hess, Maria Garcia, and Arturo Granados, I will you all my sophomores. Jk it’s pizza rolls and fruit snacks. You guys are the best people I’ve ever known and leaving you behind will be hard, but I know you guys will be just fine without me <3 To Melanie, especially, I leave my Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer.


Heidi Dong – Yale University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom:
Treasure IMSA—the years fly by.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Summer training/filming with StudCo
  • Sledding by No Pond
  • Every pep rally (but especially Clash senior year)
  • Late-night “Would You Rather” with quad and adopted quad members
  • Watching Human in 1507
  • Late nights during sleepovers in 1506
  • Orchard trips!
  • Being a junior marshal for the class of 2015 (and telling terrible, terrible puns)
  • Wandering around campus aimlessly for hours with Jin
  • Dinner dates of all kinds
  • Blowing up balloons with Barbara late at night
  • Volleyball and speedball on the sand court as soon as it got warm enough
  • Lazy hours spent in the 07 game room
  • Giving the 2015 convocation speech
  • Piñata-breaking on the hill
  • Gathering sketchy No Pond dirt in the name of science
  • Wing events with Barbara
  • Wandering the streets of Normal while avoiding FPS
  • Blowing bubbles in the quad during times of great stress

Bucket List:

  1. Finish the Walk Through Time
  2. See IMSA in its post-renovated glory
  3. Learn another language
  4. Learn to play another instrument
  5. Travel as much of the world as possible
  6. Write a better bucket list

Last Testament:

To Madison Dong and Evan Sun, I will you the organization that means so much to me because I know how much it means to you. I will you the strength to lead and the patience to be silent. I will you the late nights and the long talks, and I will you the power to deal with the frustrations and dead ends and misunderstandings that will inevitably surface. I am so proud of how you have grown, and I cannot wait to see how you will continue to grow. While I may still feel like there were a million things I could have or should have done differently for you, I trust that you will do great things for Student Council and for IMSA. Never stop questioning, exploring, and wondering, and never stop fighting. (And as always, I’ll be a call/message/Slack summons away if you ever need me.)

To Yoanna Ivanova, Emma Mattson, Akash Palani, George Moe, Sagar Nattuvetty, Rebecca Xun, Connor Elmore, and all other StudCo underclassmen, past and present, I will you the confidence and the courage to carry on. Regardless of where you’ll go from here, whether you’ll continue to work with StudCo or whether you’re moving on, I hope that you will continue to bring your strengths to the table and to learn from the trials and tribulations. You’ve all done—and will do!—amazing things, and I can only imagine what you’ll continue to do.

To Jessica Lee, I will you all the k-pop your heart desires and the absence of strangely flavored chips. I will you the wing that I have called home these past two years because I know you’ll take care of it, and I will you the strength to be the change you want to see in the world.
To Amy Liu, I will you allll the gains. And all the FPS accolades. I also will you underclassmen that are as crazy and amazing and fun as you, and I will you the power to manage all of your many commitments :p

To Diann George, I will you my boat, just like I promised all those months ago. Take care of it and pass it down because it will be part of so many memories, just as you are a part of so many of mine. I can never thank you enough for taking a chance on us and coming to our quad that first day, and I can never truly thank you for every sweet gesture and gift you give us. Never stop smiling, and enjoy everything.

To Kate Rabideau, I will you all the orbs you could ever have. But I also will you (if this is a thing) a sophomore who can provide late-night laughs and play with your hair and bake you cakes just like you did for me. I will you the best two years you could have here surrounded by people you love.

To Rongzhen Zhou, I will you your own bby sophomore to mother. Thank you for lighting up my world two years ago when you opened up to me for the first time, and I’m so glad that we can call each other friends. I will you hugs and cheek squishes and everything that made our friendship so precious.

To Divya Dureja, I will the gift of all the men your heart desires ;) While I may not be able to do that for you, I hope that you’ll get it, because someone with a smile as sweet as yours deserves all the best.

To Grace Park, Shannon Park, Jenny Li, and Rongzhen Zhou, I will you 03ADQ. But beyond the nondescript, kinda jank rooms and occasional ant infestations that the place entails, I will you the priceless memories and late nights that come with it. It’s been amazing to watch you grow as a quad this year, and I know that you’ll continue to bring laughter and smiles to the wing. And I will you the underclassmen to come—I know you’ll take good care of them.

To Ravali Thimmapuram, my little sib, I will you all the happiness that you can find at IMSA. I hope you never stop smiling and laughing, and I hope you find someone who you can mentor and that you receive as much from them as you gave me.

To Jacob Horstman, I will you the ability to enjoy the little things, and I will you quiet moments of reflection. I will you late night conversations and long walks, and I would will you my umbrella except I kinda need that. You always told me you were going to change the world. I believe that wholeheartedly, and I cannot wait to see what you will do.

To Heena Srivastava, I will you a 10/10 comeback to any comebacks that come your way. I will you all the swag to add to your already outlandish amounts of swag. Keep making people laugh because you’ve got a real talent for it, and I’m glad I got to be on the receiving end of some of that skill.

To Gina Jiang and Lindy Hong, I will you all the good memories it’s possible to will. It’s been incredible to grow up with you two, from our nubby Chinese dances to the day I learned you were coming to IMSA to seeing you in the hallways and marveling at how far we’ve come. You never cease to make me smile, and I hope your senior year is just as full of joy.

To Srivarun Tummarakota, I will you infinite biology knowledge and many more quality extended bus rides. I also will you my P-town swag. Take care of it and pass it down at the end of the year, just like it was passed down to me. It’s been a lot of fun going through IMSA with you and watching you morph from a bby sophomore-at-large to the confident leader you are now, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.

To Claire Wang and Jayoon Lee, I will you an incredible two years at IMSA. Getting to know you two this year has been fun, and I’m endlessly amazed at your sweetness and humor and excitement. I’m always here if you ever need anything, and I wish you all the best with your quad next year!
To Yuri Oh and Nikhita Kasana, I will you lots of laughter and big smiles, just like you have given to me. I will you close friends and the best hugs, and I hope that you’ll have two more years full of endless enthusiasm and happiness.

To Noble Wulffraat and Sofia Rhode, I will you future generations of Peoria Academy grads at IMSA to bond with and watch over. I am glad that I can say I’ve gone to school with the two of you for all these years, and I will you lots more memories with lots more midstaters.
To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you a quality SIR advisor (which I’m sure you’ll find, don’t worry). I will you a fulfilling IMSA experience and a fulfilling college experience after that, and I will you SIR bus rides full of laughter and shade and fun. You’re going to do big things, I’m sure, and I’m excited to see what those things are.

To my 03A underclassmen (Aimee van den Berg, Abby Munsen, Krysta Griffin, Carson Goffinet, Tessa Ntow, Diann George, Kate Rabideau, Martha Galvez, Eve Adami, Jaszmine Simmons, Aishat Durojaiye, Jenny Rosauer, Isabella Spinelli, Jessica Lee, Jenny Li, Grace Park, Rongzhen Zhou, and Shannon Park), I will you many more priceless res hall memories. Wherever you live for the rest of your time at IMSA, I will you the spirit of 03A, endless quesadillas, and a place to call home. Thanks for making my last year at IMSA so meaningful.
To everyone at IMSA who I can call a friend and who I couldn’t fit in a short list of twenty, I will you the ability to impact others just as you have impacted me. Every one of you has shaped me and my IMSA experience in some way, and I can never thank you enough for it.


Christoph Eckrich – Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2021

Wise Words of Wisdom: Jump.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Three years of bro time with three fantastic roommates
  • The whole LEAD thing
  • Finding my friends and myself under the loving wings of 2014 07 ADQ
  • Filming the 2014 and 2016 hall movies
  • Building the spaceship
  • Every conversation with Daniel Riemersma
  • The evolution of protoquad > salty quad > ACTUAL QUAD
  • Lolla.
  • Sunrise boys
  • Trips with Chris Whitehead
  • Winning the most satisfying clash
  • 6 absolutely ridiculous JSA conventions
  • Both SLD weeks for entirely different reasons
  • Teaching an intersession
  • Every minute in 1507
  • Bread Night, Fight Night.
  • Nights at IIT
  • Getting a rule made
  • Quad tea time
  • Every single moment with Sabrina Matsuda

Bucket List:

  1. Do the architect thing and build my own house
  2. Live like my brother
  3. Drink a particular type of tea with Andrew Adams
  4. Exist in Prague
  5. Retire, and live with my parents in Germany

Last Testament:

To Jack and Andrew, I will 1507. This place has been more than a home for me during the past 3 years, and I trust both of you to give the sophomores next year as good of an experience as I had. Take good care of the hall, and it will take care of you.

To Andrew, I will the title of sexiest man in 07. I encourage you to dance shirtless in front of all of your sophomores, and their lives will never be the same. Additionally, I will you the YELLO7 poster so that you may pass it down to your sophomores who will have even less of an idea of where it came from than you. I hope that it represents the essence and spirit of 07 for years to come.

To Jack Bad, I will you an actual home. You finally have a quad of your own, but you’ll probably still sleep on the floor anyway. To you I will half of the Quad poster, sign it and display it proudly in your quad. As the next in line of skinny white boy CDs, there’s a precedent that I know you’ll more than live up to. I will you the work ethic to get everything done, next year will be tough, but never forget to take time off to be dank. Finally, I will you sophomores to abuse as much as we’ve (lovingly) abused you.

To Christopher Tinkler, I will you a Brown and Blue Cherry MX switch. I can’t tell you how often I sit at my desk and passively click one as a replacement for a stress ball. I hope they’ll do the same for you. I hope that as the year comes to an abrupt end you’ll find yourself in our quad even more often, for purely selfish reasons. You’re one of the chilliest guys I know, and I’m going to sincerely miss having you around. I wish you the best of luck next year, wherever it takes you. And know that I’m very grateful you chose to come to IMSA, if only because I got the chance to get to know you.

To George Moe, I will you anything you want (except for your windows 8 boot disc). You have the unique ability to think of something and make it happen. Going through all of clash with you was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to see the stuff you pull out of your ass next year. You’re blatantly one of the most competent people I’ve ever met, which understandably can lead to numerous frustrations. To make sure you don’t destress the wrong way, I will you the studtip poster.

To Deepshika and Grace, I will you classrooms of your own and co-facilitators as good as you were. The two of you are fabulous facilitators, and next year you will do fabulous things. Grace specifically, I will you a classroom with speakers, because that room was awful and no one deserves it. Deepshika, I will you a Starbucks gift card, because we were so close to winning it anyway.

To Jayoon Lee, I will you the struggle that is the clarinet section. Have fun with that! But honestly, you’re quite good, so don’t give it up too quick.

To Akash Palani, I will a box of jasmine tea so you don’t die next semester. Hopefully it’ll help you relax, because you’ll need it. You’re taking on a lot of responsibility next year, much of which I care deeply about. I feel like we’re very similar people that for some reason didn’t really find each other. Maybe we’ll talk more before the end of the year, maybe we won’t. Either way, I’ll wish it had been more.

To Heena Srivastava, I will a similarly odd greeting procedure. I hope you find someone else’s hair, nose, and adam’s apple to touch with alarming frequency. I also will you the ability to be both really cute and Stalin at the same time, if anyone will follow in my footsteps, it will be you.

To the new JSA board (Ravali, Heena, Akash, Simon, Yuri), I will you GOOD LUCK. Please bring flavor back to the name of IMSA JSA, if anyone can do it, you can. Please speak often and well, and gavel every time. Additionally, I will you late night conversations and later night McDonalds runs, because sometimes, JSA is just about having fun.

To Sruti Mohan, I will a collaborative Spotify playlist. Our music tastes are eerily similar. I also will you a spoon because it is as absurdist and random as you are. Go forth and brighten other people’s days as much as you consistently brighten mine.

To Yuri Oh, I will a nice, plump, juicy pig. You know why. You’re a LEAD baby, a JSA buddy, and just a friend. And I have to say, besides being hyper talented, you just have your head screwed on right. You will do amazing things at IMSA, and hopefully take over the organizations that I love. Let’s watch that episode of Black Mirror before I leave.

To Robert Lou, I will (something 07-y or smile-y). Whenever I interact with you it’s in one of two ways: either we’re having a deep conversation, or you’re making me and everyone around you smile. Please continue to make 1507 a better place by gracing it with your wonderful personality.

To Bobby Luo, I will the residential life 2013 motto poster. You’re one of the coolest cats in our wing, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your junior year. Whatever it is, I hope this poster will help you stay focused as it has for me.

To Srivarun and Grace, I will the future of SocEnt. This program has given me joy, and sorrow, has brought me a lot of places, lead me to meet a lot of people, and taught me quite a bit on top of all of that. I hope you can both get the same amount out of it as I did. The coordinators certainly made the right choice, you two are going to do phenomenal things with this elective.

To Gedi Ngoya, I will the tiny black and pink tank top. Wear it to strike even more fear into the heart of your enemies, and continue to be a beast at dodgeball.


Ethan Fisher, University of Rochester Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Just be yourself!

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Die Deutschstunde
  • Most of senior year
  • Pranking Vimal
  • Clash
  • Hanging with hex until the odd hours of the morning
  • Alan Liang
  • Waiting for the Sarp’s guy until 1:30 AM
  • SIR
  • Eating my way through NYC with Chris Ni

Bucket List:

  1. Play the violin
  2. Backpack around Europe
  3. See most of the world
  4. Go scuba diving
  5. Write the great American novel
  6. Live in Berlin again
  7. Learn how to make sushi

Last Testament:

To Bobby Luo, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year. I hope you have a great junior year; I will you a picadillo on a cheese tortillo.

To Madison Dong, you’re going to do great things as StudCo president! You never fail to impress me. I hope that your senior year is full of League, roller-skating, and worms.

To Jack Badalamenti, don’t forget that IMSA is a very accepting community and I hope that you find the strength to come out to your friends. Honestly though I have had a great time getting to know you, especially as B-wing buds. I hope you somehow find a way to spend even more time playing League during your senior year.

To Jessica Lee, I will you a cat cuter than the one you currently have.

To Amy Yu, I will you a senior year full of long Snapchat streaks.

To Robert Lou, I had a fun time carrying you through German/Kind. You’re really good at everything you do (except German) and I know you’ll do awesome things as a senior. I will you lots of Blinde Mäuser.

To Daniel Shin, there are a lot of things I could say. Suffice it to say I really value our friendship and I wish you all the best for your senior year; I will you lots of sh_9513 and shtephles.

To Shivali Shukla, I had a fun time getting to know you in our amazing Opinions Section! You’ll make a great EIC; I will you the ability to publish in a timely manner.

To Stoyan Georgiev, I will you the German language.

To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you Discrete Mathematics.

To Alcaeus Lam, wow!

To Chris Tinkler, you’re a really cool guy and I hope that you continue to be that way. I will you lots of ramen!

To Linnea Lee-Brown, you’re really cool and I’m sorry we don’t talk as much anymore. I will you an amazing senior year.


Susriya Gangireddy – University of Missouri-Kansas City, Class of 2022

Wise Words of Wisdom: When in doubt, eat some chocolate.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Any roommate bonding time with Taylor
  • The Dream Team
  • The “missing” prank
  • Mangofish
  • Wednesday before finals sophomore year
  • Every late night with the quad
  • Painting our squares in C Wing
  • Orientation 2014
  • Every SIR day with Tiffany
  • Both SLD weeks
  • Early move-in
  • Homecoming 2015
  • Hawaii Intersession
  • Heidi sleeping over
  • Every good talk with anyone ever

Bucket List:

  1. Catch up on all of the books I want to read
  2. Learn Latin
  3. Travel through Doctors Without Borders
  4. Hitchhike across the world
  5. Publish a book
  6. Get a pet cat
  7. Build a hospital somewhere it’s needed
  8. Become an old, crazy professor

<i<Last Testament:

To Aakash Lakshmanan, I honestly don’t even know what to will you. A temple trip buddy? Someone as loyal and down-to-earth as you are? Better sleeping habits? I’ve seen you grow (both literally and figuratively), and your passion for physics inspires me to no end, even though I have no idea of anything you try to explain to me. Your curiosity and your drive remind me constantly what it truly means to be an IMSA student. Maybe seven years down the road, we’ll see each other in England, and I’ll know that nothing has changed and that you’ll still have always been my other little brother.

To Adrian Bebenek, I will you the ability to spell “wery” correctly, and I will you all the bad bio puns. I will you many more deep talks and the horror movie marathon we never had. I will you another sibling whose name signifies a liquid waste by-product of the body and rhymes with Susu and Siusiu. I will you to never lose your readiness to help and care for others; I know you’ll become an amazing doctor.

To Advai Podduturi, I will you to say the guppy thing correctly. I also will you the patience to put up with your upperclassmen; you’ll need it.

To Becca Lisk, I will you the energy you give to those around you. Your cheeriness and work ethic even in the roughest times are truly commendable, and I have no doubt that you’ll make your dreams become living realities. Also, let’s not crash any more weddings.

To Diann George, I will you a tennis partner as amazing as you are. Thank you for a great season. You truly are the sweetest, kindest person I know, and I will you to keep your smile as bright as you are and continue radiating happiness to everyone around you.

To Eshan Mehrotra, I will you better comebacks. I will you the ability to one day win a chess game, and I will you the kindness to not get innocent people in trouble with adults. I’ll miss being mean to you, loser.

To Grace Ryan, I will you a great LEAD experience next year. I know you’ll do amazing things with Enact, and I will you many more crazy 80’s songs to jam out to before CORE modules.
Herschel Gupta – I will you a better music playlist so your next SocEnt co doesn’t have to listen to that trash. I kid, I kid. You’ve really been there through it all, from orientation to ISA to MCB to LEAD. I can talk to you about anything, and I can’t appreciate your sincerity enough. No matter what you do, you give it your absolute all, and I know you’ll have a successful senior year. Keep working hard.

To Jack Badalamenti, I will you to be in a senior will. Don’t be edited out. I also will you many more fun times in French.

To Jae Oh, I will you someone else to harass – I mean, sit with – on the SIR bus. I’ll never forget the fun times.

To Justin Xu, I will you terrific trolling skills, not that you need any more than you already have.

To Melissa Mu, I will you endless math problems to do to your heart’s content. I will you to not be as good at taking bad snapchats of people; it’s an unnerving talent of yours. I hope you can truly find love for IMSA. It won’t be with you forever so make the most of it while it is. And as intent as you are on doing math all the time, go crazy a little bit.

To Natalie Valentine, I will you all the joy that Pokemon Shuffle and Mario Kart bring. I’m constantly amazed by your strength, and you really have inspired not only me, but everyone around you. I will you a quad for you to work your magic on and become their pet. And most importantly, I will you MORE ASIAGO.

To Nitya Talasila, I will you Prabhas. Just kidding, I can’t do that. But I will you someone to listen to all the throwback Telugu songs with. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone else to relate to in the same way as I do with you. I will you someone to say the same bad jokes at the same time with, and I will your positive energy to stay exactly how it is, no matter what.

To Robert Lou, I will you friendship. Don’t let go of those who care for you. Though I’ve told you so many times before, I’ll tell you again – you really do make everyone around you happy, especially me. I will you a note to leave to another unsuspecting sophomore; one that they’ll remember for a long time. You have the potential to do so much, and even if you feel conflicted, remember that it’s alright to take risks.

To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you an amazing senior year in which I know you’ll do amazing things. I will you new adventures without forgetting old ones. Know this: no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with, I will always be there to gush about Marvel or judge you for liking physics or send you cat gifs. I will you a Telugu movie to watch, even if it’s the last thing you do. Thank you for supporting me and believing in me to get through the dank meme phase of my life. Sincerely, your not-favorite senior.

To Wasan Kumar, I will you to go outside for once. You’ll be okay, I promise.

To Yuri Oh, I will you a sophomore of your own like the one you were to me – one that will utterly undermine your authority as an upperclassman and revive you with seemingly endless energy. I will you hours wasted simply talking, laughing, or cuddling. You can do anything you set your mind to, and I want you to know that you are not inferior to anyone in any way. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. I will you to keep your infectious laugh even during the toughest of times. I will you a personal door-opener and many more bad puns on your name, and I will you someone else to provide you with massive amounts of food. I would will you the Kiely cutout, but uh…oops. I only regret not having more time to spend with you.


Angad Garg – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Sophomore year days in 07B12 and Paul Wang’s shoes
  • Second Semester AmStud with Kadel sophomore year
  • SMAC Indian Singing Troupe
  • Diwali & Lunar all years and Holi 2016
  • Clash 2014,2015,2016
  • February 5th 2016 and Sparkling grape juice celebration
  • Spain Intersession 2015
  • 10 Check of Andy Xu’s birthday junior year
  • Jigsaw and Hot Boyz
  • Second semester senior bdubs trips
  • Junior year charades
  • SLD 2014 and 2015
  • MCB late nights and all-nighters with Naren, Vedhik, Brice, Andy, PWang, Nathan and others,
  • MVC late nights with Tom Wan and theory late nights and constant phone calls
  • Google Docs and Tom Wan
  • Grains nights
  • First semester senior year pre-extended all-nighter with Isaac, Harith, and Akshay
  • Post Clash 2016 Friday Fest and the roast fests in general
  • Watching Ahsan drink water out of a sock
  • “Honestly, SITE”
  • The raspberries

Bucket List:

  1. Come back and visit once
  2. Visit random places

Last Testament:

To KRISHI, I will the ability to hear “tres, dos, uno” without freaking out. I will you the aim to not get destroyed in bowling again at SLD week to avoid another night of weird dares. I will you the annual Café Iberico trip for el clasico, and a good group of people willing to go on the trip. I will you the flag you almost never found because you thought it was in the tree. I will you a fun senior year in Spanish IV with Sr. Palos, and I hope you enjoy your senior year at IMSA to the fullest. Finally, since you are probably the hardest person to contact, I’m going to make sure we stay in touch next year.

To Sagar, I will you whatever it takes to not spend seven consecutive hours on a math project you started at midnight so that no one who happens to walk into your room at 7 A.M., having just pulled an all-nighter themselves, sees you asleep, face-planted on ground in the middle of your room with your partner next to you still finishing the product. I will you the strength and entertainment you’ll need to get through E&M second semester senior year without me if for some reason you chose to take that class. Finally, if you choose to accept, I will you the ability to raspberry.

To Wasan, I will you the ability to continue spreading your love for Paul Walker throughout IMSA. Maybe as a senior, people will take your lessons a little more seriously. Probably not though. I also will you the mysterious post-10 check antics that you used to hear so much about on the Tuesday nights of your sophomore year. Use them well.

To Tim Pan, I also will the ability to spread your love for Paul Walker throughout IMSA. In addition, since you already have the ability, I will you the motivation to break Dr. White’s record and be the first person to ace one of her tests, even though you’ll have a full year between the two semesters of organic.

To Yugan, I will you another person who can give you back massages next year. I also will you the ability to give better back massages so you can give them to others in need as well. As with Sagar, I will you the strength to get through E&M without the entertainment I provided if you choose to take it, and another person who you can play tank trouble with and teach my version of right-hand rule.

To Sam, I will you the ability to continue your vlogging career without the majority of the Italy squad. I hope to see your viral breakthrough spreading across the internet next year. I also will you another selfie bro.

To Sruti and Nikitha, I will you another great year of your LEAD experiences, and hope you enjoy your senior years. I’m sorry that I dropped the ball a little bit towards the end of the year, but thank you both for making my senior year LEAD experience great.

To the remnants of Hot Boyz (Addison and Tim), I will you guys a new group of Hot Boyz with whom you can spend more nights of practicing and watching dance videos. I hope you have another great drill next year.

To Patrick, I will you the gains that you have been working so hard for this whole year. While it’s great to have that much motivation, you should take a day off every once in a while and relax too. Honestly, you’re a smart and passionate guy so I don’t have much to will you there, but I will you another place where you can go spend a lot of your time next year like you have with us this year. Finally, I will you the grains, one of my most cherished things. I hope you can use them well.


Johnathan Guo – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t let anyone else define you.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The gutter splits pyramid
  • Petting puppies for hours at PetCo with Lucy and Mitchell
  • Movies and sardines during weekends
  • KI: taco trips, mass afternoon naps, and ‘Never Have I Ever’ with sparkling grape juice
  • Trying to seduce the scary clown at the haunted cornmaze
  • Spontaneous photoshoots with Susriya and Taylor
  • Six hour long Panera trips
  • Chicken children with Alvina
  • That horror movie with Gatrice with Tyler, Kyle, Liam, and Emoonah
  • A two-liter Coca-Cola induced all-nighter after Clash
  • Roaming Naperville in the rain during Spring Fling
  • Water tower and Cheesecake Factory with Devdhi and Jiabao
  • Waiting at the train station after helping at sophomore orientation
  • Senior Homecoming pep rally
  • Getting into Vanderbilt University with Gloria
  • Choreographing Korean Traditional dance with Michelle
  • The most amazing winter break ever—Cabo San Lucas and Italy
  • Winning my senior clash
  • 3am sentence games with Sachin and Neal
  • Countless orchard trips with 06BDQ
  • Early morning independent study with Don and Taylor

Bucket List:

  1. Study abroad in Europe
  2. Travel to South Korea with my friends for a summer
  3. Renovate a bus and go on a cross country road trip with 06BDQ, 03ADQ, & Co.
  4. Go skydiving and scuba diving
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Go to Coachella
  7. Live aesthetically
  8. Give a TED Talk with Heidi Dong
  9. Buy a home for my parents
  10. Fall in love

Last Testament:

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will you someone to make you laugh as much as you’ve made me laugh. You’re a ray of sunshine and hold such a positive disposition and I can only hope that you maintain that throughout the hectic college application process next semester. I will someone who will share with you hilarious stories and quirky inside jokes. Know that I will always be a message or phone call away if you need a story, some gossip, or advice (as long as it’s not about Webtech).

To Jessica Lee, I will you an underclassman who will share music recommendations with you for every occasion. I hope they will bring you back to our alternative/EDM/indie/etc. genre of music… I hope you learn to relax a bit next year because I’ve seen how hardworking you are and you deserve more time to enjoy your last year at IMSA. I will you little, Asian sophomores who you can take under your wing and feed.

To Hannah Cavagnetto, I will you an avocadho. I will you someone willing to go to Orchard with you, regardless of the weather. I will you someone who will listen to you rant about annoying people and who will comfort you when things go wrong. I will you an underclassmen who will unconditionally care for you and will share their chicken alfredo and chicken sandwiches with you.

To Sofia Rhode, I will you a hot Indian man who will appreciate you. I will you someone who will lie on the ground with you for over an hour and complain about boys because we all need to do that from time to time. I’ll still be only a phone call away if the need for this occurs again.

To Jan Mangulabnan, I will you 1.5. All joking aside, I will you a senior year filled with relaxation and happiness (and more numbers). I’m quite sad that I only truly got to talk to you and get to know you this last semester because your presence has definitely made my last semester more amusing.

To Neha Verma, I will you many more math adventures with our favorite person! I will you someone who will be there to protect Shubhi from the thirsty upperclassmen boys and lastly, I will you a dinner date with someone who’s “kinda lame and gross”.

To Natasia Fafara, Nikhita Kasana, and Sweta Kotha, I will you many more adventures, late night jam parties, intense complaint sessions, (free) cups of cappuccinos, and twenty-thousand step days. Italy definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you guys and I’m glad we got to enjoy sharing the experiences of traveling with Lisa (our favorite!!), eating cone after cone of gelato, being hit on by Sam, checking out Italian ‘Marios’, marveling in awe at everything we saw, and complaining about the endless number of churches we saw. I promise you three a recording/rendition of the ultimate rant that never happened.

To Jan, Eshan, and Shannon, I will you many more delightful semesters of math together. Thank you all for keeping Faithe and I sane and for carrying like the wonderful juniors you are. I will dearly miss our eighth mod shenanigans, so here’s to Jan’s “Eeeeshans”, Shannon’s random squealing, and our overall annoying presence to Ms. Dowling.

To Alvina Chen, I will you someone who will raise chicken children with you and season their insides with you because we both know that you’re not strong enough for that. I will you someone who will stand by you when it seems like everything’s going wrong, but your future squad will probably be there for that. Most importantly, I will you someone who will snapchat you some daily source of ew if we start slacking.

To Nitya Talasila, I will you late starts for your school days and someone who will struggle through your chemistry and biology courses with. I will you late nights working on projects only to be met with relief that they’re not actually due. I will you one last, hysteria-filled night that will ultimately become a memory that you will think back on and laugh about.

To Tim Pan, I will you a senior year with minimal stress. I will you a junior who will carry you in your classes when you’re a second semester senior and can’t find any remaining motivation. I will you amazing preview day tour skills that will influence all of the prospective students into coming to IMSA.

To Walker Weyland, I will you an amazing senior year where you will hopefully manage to continue getting insane amounts of sleep.

To Daniel Shin, I will you lots of shin ramen and someone who will appreciate your lame jokes and overall lame self. I will you lots of sleep because I’m sure two years of IMSA has made you quite the sleep-deprived junior. I will you someone who will give you sage advice when you need it and someone who will listen intently and without judgment. Lastly, I will you a new lunch buddy.

To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you an acceptance to UIUC, even though you don’t actually need it. I can only think of things regarding being a good upperclassman but I’ve seen you be a phenomenal upperclassman to your sophomores so I suppose I will you to keep that up, if that even makes sense.

To Sruti Mohan, I will you another hobbit friend because after three years, this one is finally free!!! I will you ugly glances and creepy poses and snarky passing remarks and lastly, one Polaroid of the two of us so we can immortalize our hobbit-ness.

To Dhara Patel, I will you three more years with me and more cringe-worthy stories that I’ll hear about. I will you amazing dance experiences—you will come to cherish each one. I will you all of my college confidence because I was unsure about things just months ago and I’m sure you may feel like that too, but know I will be free to help out or answer questions.

To Andrew Ye, I will you an amazing senior clash drill team and fantastic co-choreographers. I will you someone as compassionately caring as you but I’m pretty sure you already have someone like that.

To Christopher Guo, I will you an easier junior year. I will you amazing underclassmen who will ultimately better your junior year and take your mind off of the stress of junior year’s workload. Remember that I will only be a phone call away and that as much as I pretend not to care, I care deeply for your wellbeing and how well you’re doing at school.

To Lucy Liu, Sohum Gupta, Irena Gao, and Claudia Zhu, I will you amazing experiences with Defindesign next year because this year was only the pilot year—the test run. Although this isn’t really mine to will because it’s Lucy Yuan’s baby, I am still quite excited to see what you four will do with it next year. I may not be the best person to come to for advice on design oriented topics, but feel free to message me about ideas you come up with.

To Yuri Oh, I will you a non-IMSA boy who meets all of your expectations and standards. I will you many ridiculous adventures with your future quad/hex(?) and someone who will attempt to snipe unflattering pictures of you.

To Nikhita Kasana, I will you the ability to stay up past 1am because Lord knows that you’ll need that for junior year. I will you free time to go on spontaneous photoshoots with your friends and a minimally stressful time with yearbook next year. I will you someone who will stay up late and listen to your boy problems. I hope you will surround yourself with people who are as caring as you and who are deserving of your friendship because your friendship is radiant and I am grateful to have gotten to know you this year.

To Robert Lou, I will you all of the memories that we didn’t make. I will you someone who will be up for a movie at 3am and will then talk to you for an hour afterwards about it. I will you countless more trips to Starbucks and Panera and meaningful, fireside conversations about topics ranging from ‘how hot Bradley Cooper is’ to the ‘meaning of life’. I will you someone who you can have ‘golden’ silences with. I will you someone who will care for you unconditionally because even during the worst periods of our friendship, I still cared deeply for you. Lastly and most importantly, I will you forgiveness.


Binita Gupta – Princeton University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Enjoy it, it goes so fast.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night talks, math projects, taking care of our third roommate, faking housekeeping, and every moment ever with my roomie, Ashu
  • Cuddling, playing the screaming game, visiting Eysturlid, and just talking with my short stuff, Jin and Malavika
  • Yare run!
  • Peel the onion, galomping, naps, pregnancy announcement videos, Walgreens and stick-hunting adventures, and everything else with Baby Jin
  • Midnight fire alarms and breaking in-room with Angie and Bella
  • Stair talks, phone conversations, SIR mornings and bus rides, visiting NP with Jiabao
  • Indian accents, tickle attacks, and basically every conversation with Jiabao and Devdhi
  • Sardines at IKEA sophomore year
  • Junior homecoming
  • Mating with Cindy and having child Jessica
  • Clash pep rally 2016
  • Walking Dead, Snapchat sniping, long talks about boys and life with my honorary roomies and bithfes, Cindy and Jessica
  • Starbucks runs and deep talks with Noah Prince
  • SIR adventures (Do-Rite!!) with Jyotsna Bitra
  • Clash of the Smart People with Jbeats & Phung
  • Intersession with Cindy
  • LNY 2016
  • My 18th birthday
  • Every A-wing memory with the original A-wingers, Ashu, Angie, Bella, Caitlin, Katrina, & Deepshika

Bucket List:

  1. Go to Spain
  2. Pull an all-nighter
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Learn another language
  5. Adopt a pet

Last Testament:

To Deepshika Sudhakar, I will you more messy twister and paint fights in your backyard, more amazing dance skills, and a fabulous Spanish 5 class with mgabas. I will you a 100% stress-free college application process, lots of long hugs, and an amazing Clash talent show (no matter which hall you live in). You are so incredibly competent, hardworking, kind, sincere, gorgeous, (I could literally go on forever) and the most talented person I know, and never forget that. Wherever you’ll live, I know you’ll make it a better place, just like you made 06 (and especially A wing) a million times better. Remember you can always talk to me about anything and that you are capable of doing anything you want to in life. Most of all, I will you zero stress and the best senior year you could ever imagine! No one deserves it more :D

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will you all of the PSLs, pierogis, chocolate, exotic Hawaiian desserts, soccer games with Jose Palos, a successful half-marathon, a balloon with two dots that you can name sketchy things, tea for when Aunt Flo visits, and punny Halloween costumes. I will you someone to reenact strange Creative Writing stories with, to read your Eysturlid essays and Prince projects, to sit up with until 3am doing math, and to have snapchat battles with in orchestra. I also will you a fabulous SIR with Adubs (!!) or whoever it may be. You are the sweetest, most athletic, competent, creative, caring, beautiful, kind person and I can’t ever explain how grateful and lucky I am to have a junior as you. You will be so incredibly successful no matter what you do, and words can’t explain how much I’m going to miss you. Have the best senior year in the world, and remember I’m just a snapchat away <3

To Katrina Kuhn, my dear nuez, I will you more color-coordinated Post-its to organize your insanely busy life, the best Spanish V class ever with Ati, pictures and videos of baby sloths and alpacas, and someone far shorter than you to hug. I will you someone that will yell updates about the election through the door while you are showering, talk to you about politics, try to help you find your keys (if you ever lose them which you won’t because you actually have your life together), listen to you rant about boys for hours, and sit on your floor to eat dinner. I seriously admire your commitment and dedication, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without you reminding me to get off Facebook and telling me the difference between llamas and alpacas. Don’t stay up too late watching Grey’s Anatomy and actually get some sleep. Have the best senior year ever!

To Samhita Inampudi, first of all, you are so fabulous. You’re a true savage but simultaneously, the kindest and most caring person I know. I will you a drama-free senior year, someone to ride the train with, and someone to entertain endlessly with your flawless Indian accents. I will you lots of long talks about the ridiculousness of college applications, and with that, I wish you a stress-free college application process. Always remember that you’re so hardworking, competent, and gorgeous, and you are literally capable of doing anything you want and going anywhere you want. I wish I was going to be there to visit your future quad and rant with you in person next year, and I know you’ll make wherever you live a million times better. Have a chill senior year, and I’ll miss you tons! <3

To Vadini Agrawal, from meeting you because of piano four -ish years ago until now, I’m so glad I got to know you. My only regret is that I didn’t visit your room enough and that I’m not going to be able to visit your quad next year in person, but I will you a fabulous senior year. Remember you can always hit me up whenever and I can’t wait to see the crazy amazing things you’re going to do in the future!

To Ishita Bhattacharya, my nubby, first off, thank you for being one of the best friends I could ever ask for. Even though I always tell you I hate you, I only hate you 98% of the time. I will you lots of Chris Evans posters, German soccer players, wins for Bayern (JK NOPE), art classes that you’re going to have to bear by yourself, gross Snapchat selfies, and more charcoal portraits of cute guys. I will you someone to nap with you at parties, to take ratchet photos on stairs with, to analyze annoyingly vague Facebook/text messages with, to take vacays with (along with Atreyee), to leave insulting Post-Its on your posters, to talk about dumb idiot boys with, to visit Noah Prince with, and to watch the future Avengers movies with. I can’t explain how much I’m going to miss your dumb self lying on my bed and eating my food. Even though you’re actually a gross human bean and will always be a nub, I will you the best, most amazing junior year ever.

To Radeesha Jayewickreme, first off, thank you for not judging me based on the first time you met me (when you had to sit on a mattress on the ground and deal with my endless salt and useless advice). I will you someone to have sleepovers with, to talk about college and life and everything in between, and to stress about over life with. Never forget how ridiculously smart, beautiful, hilarious, and adorable you are. Also, most importantly, I will you the Ferret/Bug Pose. Make good use of it. <3

To Jill Nelson and Isabel Lee, I will you 06. I also will you a Clash place that isn’t 7th :D I know you guys are going to be incredible CDs, and you’re only going to make the hall better than it was.


Ashu Gupta – Northwestern University, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: Make time for those who matter.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Long late night talks, failing room inspects, blasting Beyonce, binge eating chocolate + other tasty food, and pretty much every single moment with my roommate and third sister, Binita
  • Trapping bugs, long rants and cake baking with Angie and Bella
  • Ikea trip sophomore year with 06A wing
  • 2 hour long breakfasts at Dunkin Donuts and equally long lunches at SIR with Deepshika and Caitlin
  • Sophomore year swim team memories
  • FBLA Nationals 2014
  • 7 hour bus ride to/from IJAS State junior year
  • AJAS in Washington, D.C. with Michael and Nathan
  • Playing the basketball game in Facebook messenger in statistics while Stalmack lectured about politics
  • 18th Birthday <3
  • Being Editor-in-Chief of the Acronym with honestly the best co in the world, Andrew Adams
  • Cramming for statistics tests and forgetting about assignments with Jin
  • BC study parties in Jiabao and Devdhi’s room
  • Sleepovers in Caitlin’s room during intersession
  • Watching Studio Ghibli films
  • Squid squad
  • Prom 2016

Bucket List:

  1. See Sam Smith live in concert
  2. Vacation in a floating house on water
  3. Dine in one of those pitch black restaurants with no lights
  4. Tour the set of Friends and sit in the iconic couch in Central Perk
  5. Take a spontaneous road trip with friends
  6. Be a bridesmaid
  7. Stay in touch with IMSA friends

Last Testament

To Deepshika Sudhakar, I will you a fun, stress-free senior year with no regrets. I will you satisfaction with whatever college you end up. I will you someone to watch and discuss Dance Moms with. I will you lots of great memories with your new quad and memories from second semester senior year that you’ll remember forever. I will you an underclassman friend who will hug you every time you see them. Lastly, I will you lots of Facetime sessions….with me…because I’ll miss you so much next year. Damn it, this actually sucks D: Thinking about not seeing you everyday next year actually makes me hate the idea of leaving IMSA more and more. You have accomplished so much this year with LEAD, Diwali (A+ dancing skills), Clash talent show, etc. and I am infinitely proud of you. I care for you like you are my younger sister and in many ways, you are. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

To Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will you more midnight garlic bread and Matt’s cookies parties. I will you a more legitimate SIR next year where you have the opportunity to truly utilize your talent and challenge yourself. I will you more breakfasts at Dunkin Donuts and lots of pierogis. I will you underclassmen friends who will lie on your bed for hours to rant to you and I will you the ability to lie down with them just to listen. I will you a stress free senior year (if that’s even possible :P) and a wild second semester (we both know you’re going to turn up really hard). I will you satisfaction with whichever college you end up at and the knowledge that you will be 100% happy wherever you go. And lastly, I will you an underclassman friend who brings you as much happiness and you bring to me. You are one of most optimistic, cheerful, hardworking and multi-talented people I’ve ever met. Our friendship is one of the most important things in my life and so even though we’ll be miles apart next year, remember that I am always rooting for you and that I love you soso much.

To Katrina Kuhn, I will you underclassman friends who will come to your room often so you never feel neglected or lonely. I will you a memorable and successful senior year with little regrets. I’ve seen you put so much time into your extracurriculars like KI, SCIA and tutoring so I can’t wait to see you take charge in them and make them your own. Lastly, I will you wonderful times with your underclassmen friends, who I know mean just as much to you and you mean to me.

To Heena Srivastava and Shivali Shukla, I will you the Acronym. Being EIC of the Acronym has been one of the best aspects of senior year and I know you two will take great care of it. Take risks, introduce big changes to the Acronym, and be confident in your abilities. Make IMSA students care about student journalism. Take everything Andrew and I did and do it better.

To Sargam, Shruthi and Elizabeth, I will you a fun, stress-relieving swim season and even better lane mates to enjoy it with. Swimming this year was enjoyable to me because I had you guys to skip sets with. Junior year can be hell so use swimming as a way to relieve stress and spend time with friends. Remember that all those morning practices and swim meets aren’t worth it if you don’t enjoy it so don’t be afraid to slow down and let yourself relax a little.

To Sweta Kotha, I will you less stress with all your future coding assignments. I don’t know how I would have survived Advanced Programming without you there to complain and be confused with me. Thank you for all your help and for carrying me sometimes and I will you the best senior year. Come to Northwestern <3

To Vadini Agrawal and Samhita Inampudi, I’ve seen you guys work so incredibly hard this year and therefore, I will you the stamina to finish your IMSA career strong. I also will you good times with your quad because I’m so excited to see where senior year takes the four of you.

To Clinton Oshipitan, I will you a Writing Center tutor who you can rely on and go to for help but also share good times with. I also will you happier and less stressful times in your English classes next year. Have a great junior year, bud.

To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you a junior who will sit at your math table and sleep in class. I will you more satisfaction senior year because I know you’re really hard on yourself. I also will you the knowledge that choosing IMSA over Metea was a great decision (even if you do question it a lot) and I will you happiness with whatever college you end up at.

To Xinyu Guan, I will you the ability to continue writing slightly confusing but also very entertaining articles for the Acronym. You bring something different to the team so I hope you choose to stay next year and help give the new humor section more longevity.

To Amanda Wang, I will you more time to watch Anime since I’ve recently discovered how passionate you are about it. I will you the knowledge that you will be alright even though you’ve been so hard on yourself lately. Your happiness and excitement about everything are contagious so please don’t change next year.

To Cherilyn Mendoza, I will you the time to continue to bake even when you are stressed with junior year. You are one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever met so stay like that, even when junior year tries hard to change you.

To the rest of the 06D rising juniors, this school year will be extremely tough but rely on your wing mates to get you through the tough times. I know that some of you are leaving the wing or even the hall but I truly think you will always have a home in this 06D.

To the 06D rising seniors, I will you a bomb AF senior year. Don’t party too hard second semester.


Kush Gupta – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

Wise Words of Wisdom: We’re gonna be alright

Most Memorable Moments:

  • The night Rish shaved his head
  • Almost recording an album with Jonah numerous times
  • Blokus games in 05Bdownhex with Vinesh, Paolo, and Sankeerth
  • Laoshi thinking I’m on my phone literally all the time during class
  • Duping Ksat back when he was still a ‘predator’
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Chillin in the main building at night during HiMCM 2014 & 2015
  • 500V shocks in E&M
  • The FindMe On Fifteenofive poster (shoutout to Nikhil)
  • Roasts of IMSA
  • MVC with Franklin Ye (you know what it is)
  • Frat Fridays
  • Holi every year
  • Every Diwali show
  • Clash every year (especially when we won 2nd in drill #wintage)

Bucket List:

  1. Do anything I want to do

Last Testament:

To Arya, I will you a part in next year’s Diwali show since I know you really want one ;). Seriously though, good luck to you and the rest of ISA and have a fantastic junior and senior year.

To Simon, I will you the Crystal Lake Central legacy. Maybe this is a mistake but I figure it’ll probably be alright. I’m not sure if this works but I’ll also will you the ability to not look confused all the time too. You’ve got a lot of potential and I hope you get to realize as much of it as possible as a senior.

  • To Mateusz, I will you 05Ddown, a printout of your Matt4Cab poster. I’m sure that my quad will be safe in your hands, and I honestly cannot wait to hear about what kind of shenanigans you pull next year. I also will you a junior 05Cup quad that will actually zipline down to your room.

    To Jae and Wasan, I will you 05. As CDs, you two have the potential to improve our hall and I want to see 05 be the best it can be next year. Good luck with Clash!

    To Wasan, I will you the classic 05Bdown armchair. Jonah and I stole it this year, but it’s time that it returns to its home. I also will you another pair of stone-gray polo shoes because you threw yours in the wash :P. Have fun next year, but don’t do anything too stupid.

    To Sagar, I will you the 16 god poster Jonah and I painted in honor of our similar music taste. I also will you a trip to uiuc sometime next year so that you can visit your future home. You’re a smart, funny, and great guy – have an awesome senior year! #uiucbros

    To Eshan, I will you Mu Alpha Theta. I’m confident that the club will flourish in your confident, capable hands. Bring all of your idealism to the role and you will be able to make a lasting difference that I never could. I trust that you will pass down the ‘mao’ to whoever you see fit next year. Finally, I will you a diagram of a knot that you cannot untie.

    To Krishi, I will you a real Facebook account, a junior to carry in math, and a relaxing senior year.

    To Nitya, I will you a junior who looks up to you and calls you “mom”. Working with you has been thoroughly enjoyable (for me at least :P), and don’t let what Aadit says get you down – I expect you to do great things as president next year.

    To Jack, I will you a junior who calls you dank every time he sees you and loves you for being the meme that you are.

    To Nabeel, I will you nothing. You have immense talent and already have the skills necessary to be successful at IMSA and in the future. Have awesome junior and senior years!

    To Pranav, I will you something that will make you smile for once.


    Ethan Heidrich – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Only you can prevent wildfires.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Throwing paper airplanes on top of the lights sophomore year
    • Cross country with the one and only Enoch Benson IV
    • Saving the bees
    • Pandya and the wall
    • Throwing hotel keys
    • 2 AM Frozen singalong with Bolaji and Gene, while Kevin Lim brought me my vegetable tray
    • Improv with Gene
    • B-wing 10 checks
    • Identifying trees and learning about Buteo hawks with Mr. Traina
    • Stalmack’s puns
    • Becoming a lumberjack
    • Hawai’i
    • Friday Fest Roasts
    • 07D10 shower
    • Vedhik attempting to avoid testicular cancer
    • Being the best B-wing “wing guide”
    • Clash 2016

    Bucket List:

    1. Cut down a tree
    2. Visit all 50 states
    3. Try something new and out of my comfort zone
    4. Discover a new species and give it a dank name
    5. Make the world a better place

    Last Testament:

    To Master George Moe, I will you the spiritual blade of the lumberjack’s axe. With this blade you will be able to chop down any trees or other obstacles that cross your path as you continue on your journey to become the man we all dream of becoming.

    To Master Jack Badalamenti, I will you Pingu’s nose. Noot noot. Keep on doing what you’re doing. And if you’re ever struggling or feeling down, pull out Pingu’s nose and noot your way to happiness.

    To Master Herschel Gupta, Master Aakash Lakshmanan, Master Rohit Mittapalli and Master Ram Koganti, I will you plenty of underclassmen to turn up with in your quad and a successful senior year. It’s been great getting to know you guys this year and I hope you guys have plenty of good SSS times.

    To Braxton Schuldt, Jair Powell, Alcaeus Lam, Polina Bondarenko, Phine Mejias, Faith Mejias, Daniel Marten, Andrew Peev, Kir Nagaitsev and Phillip Martin, I will you the distance track team. All of you have put in so much effort this year and it’s been great running with you guys. Keep up the hard work and I hope to see you guys getting some medals downstate.

    To Master Noble Wulffraat, I will you all the Asian girls you could dream of.

    To Master Tommy Nguyen, I will you a head of cabbage to remember me by.

    To Master Charlie Kuch, I will you someone to meme with and laugh at all the craziness that happens after check.

    To Xinyu Guan, I will someone else to bounce ideas off of and to share your love of dank memes and wacky humor. I also will you an apology for the massive memes of you that have been created.

    To Master Larry Donahue, I will my knowledge of memes. But please, don’t go overboard with this. Your class already memes too much, so you may have to tone it down for junior year and come back strong as a second semester senior.

    To Heena Srivastava, I will you complete credit for the creation of the “cabbage” meme.

    To Master Pranav Reddy, I will something to make you less second-semester-senior than you already are and someone else to get you through the Français struggle next year.

    To Arturo Granados, I will you a spray bottle. Wait, that was probably a bad decision.

    To Harsh Singh, I will you the face of Xinyu Guan to compensate for the number of times he has taken yours.

    To Madison Dong, I will you a life of good content.

    To Bobby Luo (a.k.a. Bobby Dobby), I will you a copy of “Muskrat March” to listen to whenever you feel like it.

    To Zach Ungerleider, I will you nothing, just as you requested.

    To Master Neil Roy, I will you a fresh cut.

    To anyone else I did not mention, even if I don’t know you well I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and the ability to make the most of your time at IMSA.


    Devdhi Kasana – Illinois Institute of Technology, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t be sweet. Be savage af.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Sophomore year cross country with Johnathan Guo and Enoch Benson IV
    • Being the only sophomore on the dance team
    • Rebuilding the team over the next two years
    • Going to the state championship (twice)
    • Being the only Indian out of the six people in the Sophomore Diwali Dance
    • Going to eight dinner dates sophomore year
    • Going to no dinner dates outside my wing junior and senior year
    • Filling out Match-o-matics with Dr. Prince and learning how he uses his toilet paper
    • Making Prince take me to Starbucks to get cake pops
    • My only all-nighter where I was the most productive I’ve ever been
    • Senior year Diwali Couple’s and Senior Dance
    • The drinking game in Biophysics with Daisy, Isabel, Isaac, Yoanna, and Emma
    • Casa de Alma every year and the progression of stunts performed
    • All of the moments on Jiabao’s quote wall
    • S(quad)ding with Jiabao, Susriya, Taylor, Johnathan, Jin, and Natalie
    • Two years with Sachin Govind
    • Giving Jin her nickname after she came to the quad at all the wrong times
    • Promposal
    • Anything else I forgot to mention

    Bucket List:

    1. Study in France
    2. Go scuba diving
    3. Take an international trip with friends
    4. Learn how to actually do makeup
    5. Learn how to cook food the way my mom does
    6. Be able to do the splits
    7. Eat at a globally known restaurant
    8. Discover the secret to frizz-free hair
    9. Have a regular manicure last a full week without chipping

    Last Testament:

    To Natalie, I will you the right to be the one and only summer between the years.

    To Daisy, Lily, Isabel, Christy, Ayrah, and Samita, I will you B wing (downquad and everything else). Please take care of it.

    To Natasia and Kate, I will you the captainship of the dance team. I know you will take care of it better than I did.

    To the rest of the dance team, I will you the power to continue using your dance team status as reasons for extensions on work and the status of being the best team on campus.

    To Caitlin, I will you the sibling legacy and the serendipity of finding a little sibling as cool as you.

    To Nikhita, I will you the status of best Kasana on campus and the power to outshine everything I’ve done.

    To Dhara, I will you Bollywood jokes and classical dance milestones.

    To Jack, Hannah, and Sruti, I will you the viola section of Chamber orchestra and the willpower to make it to morning rehearsal (most of the time)

    To Grace and Jack, I will you more memories with BrendaC and many more opportunities to say “même,” “sauvage,” “féroce,” et “moi aussi”

    To Hannah, I will you more opportunities to throw shade and more opportunities to laugh at the antics of our Waubonsie friends

    To Shivani, I will you Hindi jokes and a sophomore who calls you didi

    To Yuri, I will you a sophomore who lives in your room :D

    To every IMSA student, I will you motivation, sleep, and as little stress as possible during your years here. Enjoy them.


    Gene Kim – University of Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: No matter the situation, just smile.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Clash of the Halls
    • 07 BDQ
    • Squid Squad
    • Singing Frozen at 2AM and then Kevin Lim comes in with Ethan’s vegetable platter.
    • Prom with Esther :D
    • Roast night at 07BDQ
    • Late night runs with Michael
    • Getting Gains

    Bucket List:

    1. Get a Girlfriend

    Last Testament:

    To Hieu Nguyen, I will you all the pokes.

    To Jack Badalamenti, I will you memes.

    To Jack Messina, I will you confidence for your senior year. I know that you have done so much this year, like doubling in math with MVC and Theory of Analysis, but I hope you never forget the amazing ability you have.

    To Aneesh Kudaravalli, I will you constant sleep and more good table members in the future. And I hope that your future will keep you smiling.

    To Aakash Lakshaman, I will you sushi and a pack of 5 Gum. I hope this helps you during your continuous late nights studying or screwing with other juniors. Also, that the gum helps you stay awake. Nothing bad in being a gumaholic.

    To Takudzwa George,Nathan Corsino, Mosope Kusoro, Daniel Mwangi, Clinton Oshipitan, and Thomas Beirne, I will you great times in 07, or any other great hall. Remembering you and the other 07 sophomores hanging out at night reminds me of my sophomore years in 23A.

    To George Jeno, Marc Fournier, Austin Choi, and Alcaeus Lam, I will you guys a happy birthday, just this once. First off, thanks for letting me work in your quad. I hope you guys stay interested in Chem/Math/ Med or Music/ Engineering.

    To Zach Ungerleider, I will you multiple hugs in the future, and the best. You went in hard during sophomore and junior year, especially with Maker Squad and IN2 stuff. So please accept my <Insert generic praise here>.

    To Arturo Granados and Shin Imai, I will you both summer bods. I know that you can get it since you’ve been more consistent at the gym. Just keep coming, and don’t give up.

    To Brian Yu, I will you piano music. You are a great composer. I hope you and Austin continue to play piano in the Music wings.

    To Larry Donahue, I will you my memory of IMSA Big Sib program. I hope you can be a great future IMSA big sib. You are so confident, I mistake it for rashness, but you’re a thoughtful guy.

    To Jessica Lee, I will you great memories of IMSA with the Squad. Too bad we didn’t do too many brother-sister wing activities. But I will try to will an Ice Rink event too.

    To Cecilia Chang – I will you great times at ISP. You’ve been really involved with ISP, and I’m glad you found a place to call home. Also, you should watch some Satoshi Kon, he has some really great scene transitions that would look cool on video editing.

    To Ravali Thimmapuram, Samhita Inampudi, and Vadini Agrawal – I will you guys a successful speaker series. I hope that your IN2 speaker series develops into your vision of it! Hopefully you can get the TED talk level series soon. Through the hectic minutes of an event or the boring hours of meetings, I know that the series can develop.


    Trennedy Kleczewski: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • NPH Peru trip during Intersession
    • Harambee Shows
    • Lunar Modern 2015
    • Late night talks with my sissy
    • Prom 2015/2016
    • Choreographing 03 drill my sophomore and senior year
    • Sophomore year talent show
    • Pizza Dates in 05
    • The Haunted Corn maze
    • Falling asleep in the RC office at 2am
    • Making so many hilarious memories in the 03 RC office sophomore and junior year
    • Starbucks Runs with Bonny
    • Excel 2015 #Tutor Hunger Games
    • Laughing with my mom before going back to school on Sunday nights
    • College visits with my parents
    • Trips to Taqueria El Tio
    • Wild AASA meetings
    • Dance Team practices in heels
    • Volleyball Bus Rides
    • Staying up late bonding and working on OOP projects with Paxton and Lajju

    Last Testaments:

    To Aishat, I will you the title as one of my favorite people. Over the past couple years we’ve been through so much together; choreographing drill together, walking like we have nowhere to be, watching countless Les Twins YouTube Videos, dancing for too long in public to Spotify playlists, realizing we’re the same age, winning concert tickets and surviving PAD together. You’ve honestly become one of my best friends at IMSA. Even though we’ll be in different places next year we HAVE to stay in touch. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Japan and every wild thing that goes on during your senior year. I’ll miss you lots Hunty.

    To Amy Liu, I will you awesome underclassmen that live in 03 next year. I know you’ll make them feel at home and plan programs that bring everyone in 03 closer as a community. Oh and I wish you all the best luck with basketball, BELLAs, and your entire senior year. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you achieve.

    To Camryn, I will you the confidence to lead AASA. I can’t believe it was less than two years ago that you were this little sophomore that didn’t know what they were doing. But as sophomore year turned into junior year, you blossomed. Before my eyes, you’ve grown into such an intelligent, strong, and independent woman. As AASA’s new president, I have faith that the entire community will be proud to call you their leader. Overall, never let others put you down and always believe in yourself.

    To Clinton, I will you an underclassman that puts up with your shenanigans like I do. I’ll miss our banter next year, but most of all I’ll make miss your spirit. I will you an exciting yet stressful junior year. If you ever need anything, I’ll be there for you. Whether it’s about AASA, school, or your dabbing skills, I’ll only be a Snapchat away.

    To Jaszmine, I will you a tranquil senior year. You’ve worked so hard the past two years while also balancing volleyball and basketball. Now it’s finally time to relax. But don’t relax too much and fall asleep in the RC office because Aishat will Snapchat you twitching again. Anyways, don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy your senior year. You deserve it!

    To Jessica Lee, I will you an incredible volleyball season and senior year. I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be a great right side hitter, probably better than me. Next year is going to be hectic, but make sure you relax, have fun, and takes things one step at a time. It’ll all be worth it in the end, I promise.

    To Nathan, I will you two more years of IMSA in which your ear is not harmed multiple times. From injuring your ears multiple times, tutoring you in Excel, recording you while you pretended to be Drake at Harambee rehearsals, and being partners for Chicago Two-Step partner, we’ve grown as good friends. Don’t worry, I’ll try and visit next year to make sure you and Clinton aren’t getting into too much trouble during your junior year. Take care of each other.

    To Nyxel, I will you a future boxing match, just kidding. We never did get the chance to battle each other except that one time you punched my phone. Anyways, ever since I tutored you in Excel, we’ve become close friends and even my daughter. That’s why I will you a successful junior year. They’ll be times when you’re stressed out, but trust me; it will all be worth it when you’re done. Oh and take care of your son. Maybe I’ll visit IMSA next year and we can play “Frisbee” with squad again.

    To Robert, I will you an underclassman that enjoys your defensive maneuvers as much as I did. From dance team and volleyball I’ve seen how you can make anyone’s day a whole lot brighter. I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish. Have a great senior year Brittany. Make sure not to get into any trouble and always embrace the tortilla chip!

    To Tessa, Tessa, Tessa, Tessa, … I will you the perseverance, strength, and vulnerability that come along with junior year. There will be many ups and downs, but I know you can overcome any challenge because of your heart and your determination to prove others wrong. I’m definitely gonna miss your artistic flare to my room next year, your smile, and your occasional plates of rice on the floor. Oh and how could I forget your dance duets with Sona. Thanks for all these humorous memories. Anyways, since I won’t be there next year, just remember to always be true to yourself and never be afraid to ask for help. I believe in you Tessa.

    To Yasmin, I will you a successful senior year. I know you’ll be an amazing AASA vice president, PME leader, ISP expert, and mentor. Hopefully I can come to Harambee next year and see how you’ve grown as a role model for the underclassmen. In general, just remember to keep academics first and make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. So stay focused, relax, and overall make lasting memories during your last year at IMSA.

    To Harsh, Vadini, and Pranav, I leave you with Key Club. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to work with the three of you this year. From bonding during meetings to planning new events, I couldn’t have asked for better juniors to make my job as president an easy one. I can’t wait to catch up with you guys next year and see how Key Club has evolved. Take care of my baby. Oh and make sure that the “Leon” tradition doesn’t get past on to the new board members.

    To 03ers, Thanks for being a part of my home for the past three years. My IMSA experience wouldn’t have been the same without all of you.


    Camden Ko – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s okay to be selfish.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Kevin Lim learning about Jojo’s waterproof phone case
    • Ding!
    • D Wing World Traveler
    • Pickle eating competition
    • Speech scopes
    • Cinematic cereal
    • The seven salts
    • Rain dances
    • MoDi
    • Roof escapades
    • Freestyle all-nighters
    • 50 CC’s of Blue Eyes White Dragon
    • Meeting Munchkin
    • Late night hypnotism
    • CDale Boys
    • Joining the Nation
    • Weaboo Wednesdays
    • Grain Ceremonies
    • Snack Hunts
    • Wiing Wiing Lunar Performance

    Bucket List:

    1. Learn Korean
    2. Have my last first kiss

    Last Testament:

    To Jenny, I will you someone funnier, more handsome, and more kind for you to date.

    To Eshan, I will the most complicated knot in the world and plenty of remixes of songs that involve your name.

    To Richard, I will you the continued legacy of D Down quad.

    To Matt, I will you a successful senior game.

    To Jeet, I will you a baseball bat.

    To Patrick, I will you your own sophomore to harass.

    To Larry, I will you the combined knowledge and experience of the entire class of 2016.

    To Claire, I will you someone to eat lunch with you.


    Vedhik Kodavatiganti – UIUC, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Never skip leg day

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • First Kiss…
    • Scars…
    • Broken retainers and glasses…
    • Ghosts in the Graveyard
    • Clash 2016
    • Aadit’s abnormalities
    • Getting annoyed by Gene
    • 07BDQ late nights (last year’s as well)
    • Turn up with the bass
    • Wing sizing
    • Icy-hot experiences
    • Roastfests
    • Fun times with Squid Squad
    • Getting caught by security guards for in-room
    • 07 happy times
    • Missing sophomore pep rally because Aadit spilled soup
    • Halo nights (Naren, Paul, Alan, Justin, Jason)
    • MCB collab nights (sleeping with naren no bueno…)
    • Moving Aadit to the wing commons, while he’s asleep

    Bucket List:

    1. Go skydiving
    2. Get a girlfriend
    3. Go to South Korea
    4. Meet a k-pop star
    5. Two plate club/six pack

    Last Testament:

    To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you the ability to pinch Ram cheeks. I also will you to go to the gym next year and make some gainz.

    To Aakash Lakshmanan I will you chill senior year so you don’t always sleep everywhere. I will you a junior with unlimited clementines. I also will you an underclassmen you can mess with. One who is smaller than you and you can overpower.

    To Ram Koganti, I will you even madder gainz. I will you a quad where you can sleep. I also will you some novel sleep walking experiences in your senior year. They’ll make some great stories. You’re one of the cutest and nicest people I’ve ever met and hope you get an underclassmen as lovable as you.

    To Herschel Gupta, I will some mad gainz in the gym. I will you a junior with an unlimited food supply who lets you go in.

    To Advai Podduturi, I will you to become Aadit. Since I first met you, I thought you resembled Aadit and hope you progress the same way. I will you another sophomore Aadit whom you can do to as you wish. Although we mess with you a lot, we love you. Oh yeah and I will you the ability to go in even harder.

    To Pranav Reddy, I will you successful endeavors in your business. I will you a sophomore who can do to your comfy chair as you’ve done to mine. I will you a down quad you can go into to spread annoyance. I will you a sleeping buddy who lets you tank with them or in their quad at two in the morning. Although I didn’t get to know you first semester, this semester was a great time. Your novel stories and insights made our nights. I also will you a roommate who is oblivious to your actions.

    To Alex Yow, I will you the future of IMSA fitness, and some mad gainz.

    To Robert Luo, I will you some chill underclassmen to screw around with during move in week.

    To Adi Buditi, I will you a sophomore who comes to your room to talk and work

    To Tommy Nguyen, I will you the ability to accomplish your mission to the big star.

    To Charles Kuch, I will you a sophomore who will carry your wing when the appliances break.

    To Goutam Gutta, I will you some mad gainz in the gym. I will you success with your JCC presidency.

    To Tim Pan, I’d will you the ability to get all the babes, but you already do.

    To Casey Cervantes, I will you the ability to give some great haircuts

    To Rishi Modi, I will you the skills to carry out plan B. Hit the gym, make some mad gainz and you’ll be ready. ;)

    To 07BDQ we will you our dank posters, willed from our seniors before us.


    Jin Komerska – Grinnell College, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Treasure everything, even the little stuff.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Late nights with 02D sophomore year
    • Guttersplits ice cream fights
    • Birthday celebrations sophomore year
    • Watching Rent with Taylor and Nicole
    • Clash pep rally all 3 years
    • Senior year drill team
    • Movie nights with the basketball team
    • Senior year homecoming and prom
    • Sleepovers, or really anytime, with the s(quad)
    • Tech weeks with grumpy seniors
    • “College prep” and card games with Emily
    • Prayer circles before BC tests
    • Waiting for the fire drill that never happened
    • The rubberband game and other shenanigans in BC3
    • TrashGate
    • Finally making it to 40 points
    • Presenting at IMSAloquium
    • Breaking rules with the trio

    Bucket List:

    1. Go skydiving
    2. Make a better Bucket List:

    Last Testament:

    To the basketball team (Amy, Jaszmine, Heena, Aishat, Dawn, Mounisha, Alexis, Beth, Jessy, and Alana), I will another group of sophomores that will make you smile every day, just like you did for me the past two years. I hope you start having movie nights again, and I can’t wait to hear about all you accomplish in the coming years. I also will you basketballs that actually have air in them and the motivation to be better at being on time than I was. Whether or not you continue to play next season, I wish you the best in everything.

    To StudCo (Madison, Evan, Rebecca, Sagar, Connor, Matt, and the soon-to-be-elected Hall Senators), I will all of my spoils from TrashGate and TrophyGate. Hopefully, you have a new Club Room soon that you can put them in because they’re taking up so much space in my room right now. I also will you the mischief for more “Gate” scandals. Also, to Madison, I will my Student Health journal and the projects that have been such a big part of my life for the past two years.

    To Yoanna Ivanova, I will my list. I hope it reminds you to find lots of time to have fun senior year. You’re incredibly talented and such a hard worker, but I hope you’ll let yourself off the hook more next year.

    To Evan Sun and Jacob Horstman, I will the motivation to follow your passions and the ability to remember to have fun. You two have some of the biggest dreams of anyone I know, and I can’t wait to see where they take you. In the midst of changing the world, I hope you can remember not to take yourselves too seriously and to simply enjoy what’s going on around you. I hope you enjoy being roommates, and I also will you the sense to not get yourselves in too much trouble.

    To Katrina Kuhn and Radeesha Jayewickreme, I will underclassmen of your own to fill your room with laughter at 1AM. Remember to lock the door after in-room, and teach them to turn the lights out when they leave. I’m so glad that you spent so much time in my room this year, even when I was stressed about work. This year wouldn’t have been the same without you both.

    To Alyssa Wilke, Tara Parkman, and Alexis Giff, I will junior carries. ModGeo and Organic have been so much better since I get to make fun of you all for not being second semester seniors. I hope next year you get more sleep, less stress, and your own juniors carries to make fun of. Also, I will Alyssa gum so that she can stay awake.

    To underclassmen techies (Lisa, Marc, Spencer, Alyssa—who’s not really a techie but close enough, and everyone else because I don’t have enough space to type out 30+ names), I will excess amounts of goldfish and doors that don’t get stuck. No matter how stressful tech weeks are, I hope you can enjoy each of them because you’ll really miss them once your last one is over.

    To Ishita Bhattacharya, Melissa Mu, Yuri Oh, Claudia Zhu, Mounisha Kovour and Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will another round of sophomores that will make you smile in the hallway and will show up at the most random times.

    To Heena Srivastava and Athena Appavu, I will clarity. This is probably pretty ironic coming from me since you both always yell at me for giving the most vague answers, but I hope that you’ll be able to find clarity in confusing situations, your friendships, and your growth as people. Call me if you ever need anything, and remember that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my sophomores. Thank you for lighting up my world these past two years.

    To Jaszmine Simmons, I will a senior year without too much stress. IMSA is really tough, but I believe in your abilities tackle anything that gets thrown your way. Try to stay away from people that make you unhappy, and call me if you ever need anything. I also will you lots of time to spend with friends. I know we didn’t get to hang out as much this year, but I hope you’ll learn from me and visit your friends more next year.

    To Lisa Lin and Corona Tsai, I will senioritis. I admire your work ethic and your brilliance, but I hope that next year you are able to ignore your work for a bit and hang out with your friends instead. Senior year is a lot of fun, even if you end up clutching a few assignments.

    To Natalie Valentine, I’m not sure what to will. Nothing I could give you seems good enough for all that you’ve given me and taught me over the years. Thank you for making me a better person and for helping make the quad such a fun place to be. I never would’ve thought that making sweatshirt curtains would turn into me having such a great person to call a friend.

    To Amy Liu, I will a senior year that makes you as happy as you make everyone else. I’ll never understand how you smile so much, but thank you for brightening so many of my days.


    Jiabao Li, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Six words? Do I care? No.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Every Friday Fest looking at my table with no empty spaces
    • Run from Orchard back to IMSA because April almost caught us late
    • CLASH 2014, 2016 (Pep Rally, Yare run, all those Hall Meeting, 2014 Clash Hall dec weekend and presentation) Cheering with friends make people feel more powerful >:)
    • Lunar all three years dancing with all the great friends was definitely the best memory made to know more friends
    • Diwali 2016: my first time trying Diwali with the quad. The music and the dances are all so addicting <4
    • “Studying” with Jake, Bree, Tyler, Natalie Woods, Kathy, Jennet, Anabel in the Room
    • Living with this quad (06BDQ + Jin,+ Natalie + Johnathan and blah blah)
    • Dr. Prince BC project. Thanks to Dr. NP, I have my first pseudo all-nighter stay up until 6, and missed all my morning classes that one time. Also I have to thank Sachin for making both Devdhi’s and my life a lot easier because of your HALP in the hall common, phone, skype ect.
    • Bro talk in common, study room, and stairs
    • Revisit places and take the same pics with friends know that we have grown up a lot…
    • Walking with friends in a warm rainy day, knowing that it is a free shower :3
    • IRC times with friends and know how IRC changed from a place where I go to do homework to a place where I go socialize and rant and clutch to study… oops
    • Walking outside the school building after all the classes and saw the most colorful sky and most beautiful sunset on the way out
    • Secretly being savage
    • Gone wild in quad late at night with quad + people that break in-room
    • Become too emotional while watching a movie/drama/anime, and people knock the door ask if we were okay
    • Sophomore year hanging out with friends in 01 The Room
    • Once upon a time, I was motivated, hard-work, enthusiastic, energetic, and kind =]

    Bucket List:

    1. Be more educated and have a job in a BIG city
    2. Rekindle broken friendships
    3. Travel with one/two other friends in foreign countries
    4. Stay in NY, Paris, and Milan during Fashion week and watch shows
    5. No debts after college
    6. Make workouts become a must in daily life
    7. Reunion with friends and classmates from IMSA, Lincoln Park H, South Loop, and other old schools from China, 10 years later, 30 years later etc… and stay in touch with friends
    8. Fall in love (get married and all that, maybe???)
    9. Control those stupid jealousy
    10. Make my family proud and happy

    Last Testament:

    To Christy, I will you a wonderful underclassman (more several preferably) who is as amazing and cute as you. Your adorable, confused, and noticeable Korean voice (“huh/heh”) and your attempts at trying to speak with me in Korean instead of Chinese make us closer than I expected. Thank you for always coming downstairs to talk for trusting me all time. In addition, I will you a great great great friend in the future who is willing share their life and share their wonderful Asian foods like you do.

    To Daniel Shin, I will you wonderful band friends that can keep you away from boredom, from sleep, and from being picked on by the teacher. Secondly, I will you a morning call friend (if not Robert D:) so you will never ever miss any morning class but still, please make sure that your sound is on. Thirdly, I will you friend who can fill up your Starbucks card so you can get all those stars and reach to the gold level. I also will you a lunch buddy who attends all the lunch (and only miss like 5 times total) during the year to appreciate personal conversation with you. Last, I will you (other than your roommate) a Chinese friend that you can show off your Chinese skill (not only speaking, but writing too) and can be judged so hard with this person’s Korean attempts. I appreciate you THIS much.

    To Lisa and Corona, I will you someone who can be as helpful as you are and someone you can come to when you need help, either in school or in work. I will you a future that you dream about because you both deserve them so much. Lisa, I will you a new friend who will statically shock you every time she touches you (just like how it happened to us). Corona, I will you a new friend you can cuddly with in Lane 2 (hopefully lane 3/4/5?) and start to keep that streak forever~ Lastly, I will you both an easy senior year~

    To Robert Lou, I will you a college you really really want to go to, because you are always inspired and (mostly) working hard~ I will you a more enjoyable time in all those involvements such as Mod, volleyball, Lead etc. You are always busy and you seem to like it and I hope that you have no problems with stuff in general because you are always too sugary. I will you more friends that you can speak and write Chinese with to practice you reading and talking about things that no one else in school would understand. I will you more motivation for getting a fitter body and no more sadness because of your body so you will have a great prom next year~

    To Natalie Valentine: hey Quad pet, you are annoying and lovable. I will you another home after we leave IMSA~ I will you able to feel happy and healing when you stay there. Don’t worry, we will be back, and you are always 2014-2016 06BDQ’s ultimate pet :D In addition, I will you several cuddly owners as great as we are that can pet you, help you, and share foods with you, because you are lovable.

    To Caitlin and Katrina: babies~~~ I will you another successful year and less struggle with your classes, ie Chinese, and no more computer science =]. Both of you are very dedicated and hardworking, and you both sometimes are my role models and my motivation to be a good students. Thank you for those inspirations and thanks for those wonderful time we spent together (mostly in Binita’s room ahaha >.<)

    Yuri and Nikhita, I will you another wonderful year with your habitat. You guys are always *energetic* and always come say hi whenever I see you =] I have no doubt that you will make a bunch of friends with all these future neighbors and I will you a BUNCH of baby sophomores as cute and cuddly as you guys.

    Justin Xu, I will you another Chinese friend who is going to call you XUUUUUUU all the time to annoy you (ps. I didn’t annoy you yet, did I?). I appreciate you speaking Chinese with me and I will you more time in the future to hang out with friends in Chicago Chinatown to eat Dim Sum, bubble tea, hot pot, SiChuan Food (woof spicy spicy~) etc. Lastly, I will you some luck to get into good colleges (ie UT? ;D )

    Melissa, Radeesha, I will you both a smoooooth year in your junior year, with minimal struggle, and with more upperclassman friends that you can go and complain to. In addition, I will you some sophomores that are as approachable as you guys, and they will come find you to talk about AmStud/MI/BC and all that great stuff. It would be great~

    Amy Liu, I will you another year of basketball season that you guys can win ANYTHING!!!! You are the only one junior that call my name with the actual Chinese pronunciation and I appreciate that v much. I will you a friend that you can speak a ton of Chinese to. Have a wonderful senior year and stay great!!

    Akhila, I will you another year of swim season with your ever-drying hair. I am excited to see your improvement in all those strokes and I will you the ability to join lane 3,4,5, inf. I am glad to know you in swim and you are a great friend to have~ Stay dry and stay chic~

    Jessica Lee, I will you more KPOP and Lunar choreographing. You are very cuddly and caring. I will you more mom-power to take care of those 07 friends. I also will you the power of ACING your last volleyball season and win EVERYTHINGGG!! In addition, I will you another stylish prom dress that every other girls would be jealous about!! Stay beautiful and caring <3

    Dhara, I will you another year with your great friends to dance with those sweg music. Your dancing skill was 20/10 and those fierce eyes are always slaying me! You go!! I will you the next Diwali stage with another of your traditional Indian dance that everyone just wants to watch it again and again! Last, I will you more and more pretty Indian outfits like the one you lent to me~

    Vaidehi, I will you another year in Wind Ensemble and go through your very last year. I will you an automatic A in your second semester senior composition project instead of a B like what we had this time. In order to do this, I will you some better teammates that can help you to carry this project together and no need to worry about band grade. In addition, I will a year living with your wonderful friends and slaying your last Lunar individual act with those complicated and cute Japanese dance moves.

    Irisa Mint, I will you another swim team fun time with other friends, and more improvement so that you have to have to go swim at least in lane 3 starting next year. I also will some stricter coaches so that they can catch up making up numbers of laps you swim ;) anyways, I also will you passing the screening for Lunar and go embrace your Korean-ness next year to make to individual act with 4minute / G-friend/BTS or others’ dances.

    Jack Badalamenti, I will you another perfect prom night next year~ I will you more meme-ful friends so you will never feel bored and lonely to not produce enough memes by yourself. You are a funny human being and I will you a snapchat friend who sends you blurry selfies with about -999% of text …

    Claudia ZHU, I will you an underclassman who always comes to you and introduces you to more Chinese drama other than LangYaBang (tbh this drama is famously good haha). I also will you another time soon we can try to finish EP52, maybe? You are friendly and your smile and eyes sometimes just make my day <3~ I will you a more eventful junior year and I will you a wonderful year to have many cute bby sophomores as cute as you are~

    Daisy/ Lily/ Christy/ Isabel, I will you the god-blessed down quad with an unlimited supply of rice noodles, ramen, seaweeds, milk, kimchi, and other Korean side dishes because you guys are genuine foodies. In addition, I will you many underclassmen (of course as amazing as you guys are) that will always come over for help with stats, computer science, math, bio, Chem, languages, writing, drama, hunger, sadness, frustrations, outfits, and makeup etc. I will you a safe living place where there are no floods and there is easier access to the microwave to make popcorn. Lastly, I will you the ability to lead the future wing and I will you a stress-free senior year so that you guys can get enough sleep and less all-nighters~ love.


    Joey Longo – Michigan State University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Say hello to everyone you see

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Clash of the Halls
    • Last day of Sophomore Year
    • All the Eysturlid Flames
    • Stalmack Puns
    • Cramming for AP 中文
    • Late night talks with Dec
    • Taking “Naps” with Josh
    • The Social Experiment
    • Folding 1000 cranes
    • Plunger Darts
    • AdChem Bet
    • Almost Getting Mugged LOL
    • SCIA
    • The blaring of the 04 Fire Alarm
    • Sitting in the RC Office for hours
    • 04A WIng

    Bucket List:

    1. Actually learn Chinese
    2. Work for the government
    3. Travel the country and the world
    4. Make a difference
    5. Make new friends!

    Last Testament:

    To Jacob Horstman, I will you a great Senior year, full of college acceptances, useless but necessary SCIA meetings, and a wonderful time as an 04 CD. Senior Year gets rough, but remember that you will always have friends there to relax with. And most importantly, keep in Evan in line.

    To Jacob and Addison, I will you the ability to put up with MJ’s sassiness as the new 04 CDs. I know you’ll both do great things with the hall, and I’m excited to come back and visit next year.

    To Jacob, Sagar, Alex, Katrina, and Sweta, I will you a wonderful year full of IMSA financial issues, last minute CCC forums and legislators that don’t actually come to events they RSVP to. It’s going to be a fun time, and just remember to always make the most of your time here. You can do a lot with SCIA, and if you ever need anything, oldboard has got your back

    To Upquad, I will you the best senior year you can possibly have. From the late night talks to early morning clutches, you guys are prepared for it all. You will definitely be the best quad on campus, but just don’t get too stressed with everything you’re doing. Good luck with college, and I hope that when college visiting time comes, you visit me!

    To Larry Donahue, I will you a roommate that doesn’t set off the fire alarm every other week. Have a good time in 07 bud, but don’t forget your 04 friendos

    To Abu, I will you a new upperclassmen room to sleep in and underclassmen that you can bully, I mean befriend, like we did to you. I’m excited to see the things you will accomplish, and from Costa Rica to assassins, you’re a good guy.

    To Amy Yu, I will you a picture of Nick Rodriguez, to hold onto forever and ever.

    To Evan Sun, get some sleep please, and good luck with Senior Year. You’re going to have a lot of fun, and I’m excited to come back and visit your quad, and listen to all the fun stories you will be able to tell. Just watch out for the security cameras please.

    To Grace Kelly, I will you someone that will always tell you that yes, you are loud.

    To Spencer and Kyle, I will you sleep. Lots of sleep. Please guys, just sleep more. But if you don’t, I will you a new senior room to hang out and play video games in until wee hours of the morning. I know you only came to me for internet, and you will have that next year, but don’t forget to leave your room every once in awhile. Oh, and Kyle, I also will you a razor to keep that mustache in check.

    To Simon Su, I will you last minute clutches and the friends to do them with. Have a good time next year, you’re going to have a fun time.

    To 1504, I will you hot water, more fire alarms, and even less rules. Thanks for being my home these past three years.


    Luke Morrical

    To Daniel Martin, I leave you a swell day.

    To Auden Hinz, I leave an even deeper vocal register.

    To John Demastri, I leave you a pair of scissors for your hair.

    To Stoyan Georgiev, I leave my seat at the front of the German classroom and all of the weird German movies that come with it.

    To Spencer Andrews, I leave the ability to out shout anyone in your quad.

    To Jair Powell, I leave you one metric ton of cheese and the ability to clean your hot plate and put it away.

    To Malik Robertson, I leave you the ability to get your own helmet and tools.


    Paul Nebres – Harvard University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Do whatever will make you happy.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Ramen Parties with SophQuad
    • Charades with Modi Wing
    • Grains Nights with $100 Hex
    • Junior year birthday dinner
    • Senior year birthday weekend
    • My first dance with a date
    • My dinner date when the baseball team won
    • My first tardy
    • Clash Hall Trailer Showings 2015
    • Italy 2016

    Bucket List:

    1. Travel
    2. Master the ukulele
    3. Learn how to dance
    4. Find my HIMYM people
    5. Read the classics

    Last Testament:

    To Abu Bhalla, I will you happiness and good luck, just like you wanted. I think it’s awesome you make such an effort to talk to people. Even though I mess with you a lot, I am really proud of what you’ve done this year. You have some big goals, and I hope this good luck helps!

    To Akash Palani, I will you a larger array of individual words to say as automatic reactions in conversations besides “kek” and “sad”. But in all seriousness, thanks for some great times in the quad. I can always count on you guys to have my back when I need to work something out. #04GOOD forever!

    To Alex Yow, I will you the toppest of keks and the athleticism to not be so trash at sports. It was quite the semester with you and Varun, even when Varun wasn’t really there with us (heh). One day we’ll make Empire an official game complete with the original terminology. I’d say thank you for adding me to C-Squad, but I have too much C now. There’s no turning back though I guess, so keep C-Squad updated with all the new snipes.

    To Alvina Chen, I will you a new bae to say “Hey bae!” to every time you see each other. I hope this new bae will brighten up your days just as you brightened mine.

    To Andrew Peev, Jason Barazza, and Sean Golinski – I will you good luck in band. You’re all so talented, and I’m proud of all of you for not losing interest in music. You’re all examples that all you need is dedication to become a great player. Go kill it next year. You don’t need me.

    To Ayan Agarwa, I will you a new carry and person to sit with during writing center shifts. You’ve come a long way since the YSP and Chop Chop Hockey days, but you will always be the “strongest little kid in your family” (yeah that’s right, I still remember). Thanks for always listening to me and helping me work out my problems. I hope I have been able to repay the favor. Even if I haven’t, you know you can always hit me up.

    To Claire Wang, I will you Wii skills. Hopefully, you don’t have to depend on our fave Bullet Bill to carry you to 1st place. And, I hope you avenge me and beat Dianne. But seriously, it’s been great getting to know you this semester! Have a great time with the quad, and keep in touch!

    To Clinton Oshipitan, I will you even better dab and dancing skills. Thanks for being such a chill sophomore. I am excited to hear some more Obama talks.

    To David Ying, I will you someone who will actually keep a streak going with you and yell your name as loud as he can. I know we talked less this year, because I moved to 04 (keep thinking of a perfect plan though). But, thanks for some great times. I expect you to keep C-Squad updated next year.

    To Eshan Mehrotra, I will you a Sharpie. Actually, just keep the one that you “borrowed” from me. I know you’ve asked me to get certain autographs for you, but you’re the one that’s going to be signing autographs in the future. I know it. You’re so incredibly smart. Thank you for replying to my pick-up line with your own pick-up line during our 05BD icebreaker. Since that point, I knew you’d be a cool person to chill with. I’ve been able to count on you whenever I need to talk something through, and I hope I’ve been able to do the same for you. Have a great senior year, pres!

    To Grace Park, I will you Grace Park (it was time to will her back, Scott Zelman).

    To Jayoon Lee, I will you someone else who will make weird noises at you while you walk back to 03. I’m really glad Simon’s phone ran out of battery during our last pep band. Thanks for all the snaps and real talks. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch (can’t let that streak die!). I hope you make some great memories with your quad and can share more stories with me in the future. I’ll be sure to keep you updated too. Go find that great person!

    To Madison Dong, I will you a bomb French partner for projects that will edit the Google Doc before internet shutoff and my Thing 1 shirt (I did say I’d will that to you, after all). French has been a très bon time, and I really hope Crosby does the music video assignment again, because I know yours will be awesome. It’s been great working with you on StudCo this year. You’re so passionate, and you genuinely care for this school and everyone in it. You and the rest of Cabinet are going to do great things next year. I’m sure of it. With this shirt, I also will you the ability to twin with Heidi Dong, so even more people can think you’re sisters.

    To Mateusz Władysław Ludwik Cikowski, I will you CAB and a hat (sorry, but not the hat). You have such a unique character, and I will never forget your application. It’s been a great year with you, and I know I am leaving CAB in good hands. It’s important to remember the details when planning events. But, never lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is to make IMSA happy.

    To Melissa Mu, I will you the comb in next year’s HMMT car. Protect yourself and initiate everyone else. But actually, I’m really glad I sat next to you at the alumni dinner, and I look forward to sitting next to you again next year! Thanks for no longer laughing at me when I write “proofs”. I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other this semester. Let me know if you’re ever in Boston to see your sister!

    To Patrick Pynadath, I will you your own sophomore that will visit your room almost every day. HEE! I’m sorry for being busy 80% of the time you came over. HEE! But, I really appreciate that you visited us in the hex so much. HEE! Thanks for always offering coffee and telling me about your rap music. HEE! You’ve gone for some pretty big things this year, and I wish you luck in all of them and everything else you do at IMSA. HEE! Let me know if you need me to look anything over for you. HEE! Maybe, I’ll have time this time. HEE!

    To Pranav Sivakumar, I will you a new partner. It’s been a great year working with you, and I am so grateful you asked me to help you with your research. You’re going to do great things for science, and I’m excited to hear about it in the future.

    To Shannon Park, I will you a new SIR buddy. Thank you for so many great Wednesdays this past year. I’m sure our advisors probably didn’t appreciate the ~90 minute lunches, but lunch with you each Wednesday was always a highlight of my week. Thanks for opening up to me but also listening to me rant and ramble about life. You’re incredibly self-aware, and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. But, don’t forget to have fun along the way. I hope your cheeks are always hurting, because you’ll be laughing and smiling so much.

    To Simon Su, I will you a straw. One, because you’re thirsty. And two, because of a deeper meaning I’ll explain in person. Thanks for tanking all those pep band games with me, even when you were just a meme most of the time. When you’re not being a meme, I’ve really appreciated the real talks I can have with you. Thanks for only slightly judging me. Good luck in all of your quests.

    To Srivarun Tummarakota, I will you a watch face, so you can have more time. We weren’t as close this year as we were last year, but I’m really proud of all you have accomplished. I know you’re going to do big things. Feel free to hit me up at any time if you ever want to have those talks just like we used to.


    Keelyn O’Brien – Michigan State University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Get to know everyone you can

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Clash Talent Show 2k16
    • Russian Exchange to St. Petersburg
    • Hall Council meetings that have literally nothing to do with hall council
    • Post 10-check antics with the 01 family
    • Clash Drill Team 2014
    • 2am talks with the roomie
    • Arguing over who has to call to order food

    Bucket List:

    1. Go back to Russia
    2. Contribute to medicine in a meaningful way
    3. Go paddle-boarding in Hawaii
    4. Live in the heart of a city
    5. Be able to say “I’m content with what I’ve become”

    Last Testament:

    To my C wing sophs Maelee, Sandra, Erin, Carolyn, Reagen, and Dmitri – I will you the best of luck for junior year. It will be hard sometimes, but it is also incredibly rewarding. I know you can do it. You are each hard working, smart individuals – never forget that.

    To Adam Grobman – I will you the ability to relax. You are incredibly dedicated to your studies and always try your hardest in everything you do. However, everyone needs some time to step back and take a breath. Don’t forget that you and your health is important, too. So please be able to trust your peers and your Co with some work so you don’t go crazy.

    To Gabby and Giezelle, the cutest roommate pair I know – I will you good underclassmen who can be as silly, serious, and unique as the two of you. I will you some dumb juniors or baby sophs of your own who will feed you, make fun of you, laugh at your bad jokes, show you weird videos, and take ugly photos, just as you have for me.

    To Faith, Meghana, Faith, and Kami – I will you all a fun time senior year. Take the time to party since each of you has worked so hard to get this far. Make the most of this year, since the people you surround yourself with will provide the best memories.

    To Priya, Nikitha and Colette – I will you the yearbook. Do a good job, be passionate, and learn from past mistakes. You know us former EIC’s are only a call away.

    To Kasey – I will you sanity. Please take care of yourself. You are doing so much next year, and while I admire your ambition, make your you sleep. Always have confidence in yourself, since I know you will be great in everything you do. I wish you the best of luck.

    To all of my non-C wing sophs (Rebecca, Lucy, Charlie, Diego, Julian, Lucas, Connor, Henry, Parth, Gary, Neil, etc.) – I will you the future of 01. You are the next generation. Be proud of your hall and make it your home. Over the next year, you will come closer together to become the hall community that the seniors treasure. I wish you the best year possible; I know you each have the ability to do everything you want to do.

    To Grace and Emily – I will you many loud nights and fun times. You two each are very composed in your own unique way. Learn to grow together in your uniqueness and you will enjoy senior year. I know each of you will be very successful, but remember to be successful together. It really is more fun that way.

    To Katie – I will you the C wing community. Regardless of who holds the title of wing guide next year, you have an intimate understanding of how to make a wing feel like a home. I know you have the capability to make 1501C the best place to be

    To Colette – I will you 01. You and Grob are the future of the hall. I know you will make it a close-knit, welcoming community just as it is this year. You will be a wonderful mentor to all of the juniors and the new sophs.

    To Yoanna and Jack – I will you my favorite phrase – “I’m a second semester senior.” When your time comes, use this phrase at least 3 times a day, much like I do. With it comes the knowledge that you have succeeded in your time here at IMSA, regardless of college decisions. Take this confidence and this pride and use it to avoid responsibilities like the best of us.


    Rosaura Ocampo – New York University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Things happen for a reason.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Seeing a play in Chicago with my roomie Mano
    • Diving with my roomie Mano
    • Seeing a movie after our last final Sophomore year with my roomie Mano
    • Ordering Sarpinos Junior Year after check with my roomie, Heena and Athena
    • Late nights with my roomie Mano
    • Making Choreo for 2016 Drill with the best
    • All three years of Casa de Alma
    • Singing songs with the quad
    • 10:30 lunch with Athena everyday
    • Hanging out in Student Life with my faves
    • Salsa Nights with my faves

    Bucket List:

    1. Party a lot in college
    2. Wake up in time for classes
    3. Keep my room clean in college
    4. Study abroad
    5. Graduate

    Last Testament:

    To Sruti and Dhara, I will you the patience to be able to quad with Heena and Athena. Enjoy your senior year living with these losers and although you practically lived in their room this year I’m glad that you two will be the ones to be a part of the quad for the upcoming year. Dhara you need to make some bomb ass choreo for next year’s drill! Sruti make sure you don’t fill up the freezer with food you might never eat! Enjoy your senior year to the fullest. I love you both so much.

    To Heena, I will you mine and everyone else’s leftovers and my salsa valentina. What will I do when I have food that I no longer want? Who am I gonna give it to then? Maybe it is better this way so you don’t eat the unhealthy food I always eat. I love the way our friendship works. We pride ourselves on the good insults we come up with after check. Continue to practice, because when I came back we are gonna go at it again. I will miss kissing you goodnight and tucking you into bed my Heena. I love you hernhern28.

    To Athena, I will you someone new to wake up in the morning and a junior to feed you whenever you need it. I do not know how many times I would have been late to class if you had not come into my room and woken me up. I also do not know what I would have done without you to feed me whenever I was hungry. I honestly think I would be a bit skinnier now, but it’s okay because your mom’s food is just so delicious. Not only were you my really close friend, but you were also my mother. You helped me stay on track my senior year and you continued to motivate to me when I no longer could do it. You are so amazing. Do not ever let anything or anyone stop you from accomplishing your goals. I do not know how I am going to survive college without my Athena. I guess I’m just gonna have to grow up. I love you my darling.

    To 02A Sophomores, I will you some sophomores that constantly judge you, yet still make you feel loved. I am glad all of you were in my wing this year, because you have helped make my senior year very memorable.

    To Yasmin, I will you someone new to yell your name across the hallway. Continue to brighten up people’s days and never stop being you. Do not think that I will not come back to check up on you! Just cause I am graduating does not mean you are getting rid of me.

    To Jaszie, I will you the patience to deal with all of these heathens. I am super glad I got to know you this year. Siempre seras mi amor and I will miss you dearly. Know that I will come back and make sure you practicing that Spanish!

    To Dawn, my darling, I will you someone new you can teach how to twerk. You have taught me well and I will take these skills with me to college. I will continue to perfect my skills and I will keep you updated. I am so glad you were in 02 this year, because we were able to have these weekend after check teaching sessions with Chinyere, Crystal and Sona. I will miss you so much.

    To Sona, Oh Sona, I will you some chill and enough lotion to last you a lifetime. I’m kidding, you are perfect just the way you are. You brightened up my day you strange child. You are irreplaceable. Continue to cause mayhem in this place. I love you.

    To Chayanne, baby girl I will you a sophomore as adorable as you. I love you oh so much and I will miss you and your wonderful hugs. Please continue to keep Sona in check, she needs it. Keep practicing those salsa skills, cause I am definitely gonna want to see you in Casa next year! You are an amazing girl and I have complete faith that you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.

    To Julian, I will you enough sleep to maintain that beauty and enough water so you can stay hydrated. I am super happy I will get to experience prom with you. Continue to show the world how you run it.

    To Lucas and Connor, I will you the strength to get through Junior year. I am really sad that I did not get to know you guys more, but even so I know you guys are wonderful human beings. Continue to be the cutest roommate pair.

    To Diego, I will you a new dance partner since both Mara and I are leaving. I know that you will do great at whatever you do. I expect great things from you when I come back to see casa next year! I’m glad you will be joining us for prom feo.

    To Jason Barraza, I will you a great bachata partner for next year! I am glad that I was able to choreograph with you. It was lots of fun, it came out great, and I loved dancing with you. I enjoyed our breaks when we were choreographing to watch House and eat dinner. I enjoyed our breaks when we were choreographing to watch House and eat dinner. I want people to understand that only I can say your name the way I say it. Jason, I also will you the strength to say no. You are a very sweet guy, but sometimes you need to look out for yourself. Enjoy your senior year, make the best of it. I hope you know that I will continue to be here for you.


    Seong (Jessica) Park – Northwestern University, Class of 2020

    Wise Word of Wisdom: Pursue happiness, not stress

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Being called in so many different ways: SJP, Jurrassica Park, spark, roasty, etc.
    • Late nights with Char, Cindy, and Binita
    • Kdramathon with Cathy
    • Stalmack’s BC Calculus class
    • Late nights watching Walking Dead
    • Chill time with Don
    • Every EnACT module with my EnACT babies
    • Roasting Aadit Shah
    • Every JSA drama
    • Fun time with Kristine and Nahee
    • All the dramas with Ahsan Quiresh
    • Orchard trips with Johnathan
    • Rekindling broken friendships
    • Getting kicked out of the room by the roomie
    • Trips to Starbucks with Josh and Simona
    • Clash of the Halls
    • Both SLD weeks
    • Lunar New Year show (2014, 2016)

    Bucket List:

    1. Meet Kai and Song Joong Ki in real life
    2. Get a barista license
    3. Keep in touch with IMSA friends
    4. Fall in love
    5. Make a lasting difference on someone else’s life

    Last Will and Testament:

    To Shannon Park, I will you another year of hermit life and a great IMSA younger sibling who was just as great as you were. I remember the first time we met at IMSA preview day with Kristine Yoon. You were my first baby sophomore that I ever opened up to share my happiness, tears, and stress. You are one of the most hardworking, bright, humble, and passionate person that I know, and your ambition and perseverance always surprise me. I will miss speaking in Korean with you, discussing our Korean dramas and Kpop biases, and seeing your cute face which brighten my day. Good luck on your next year at IMSA! Know that I will always support you and am always proud of you!

    To Heena Srivastava, I will you someone that will listen to you and believe in your ability 100% without failure. I will you someone who will support you, share your passion, and consistently remind you how amazing you are. I remember when you used to be my baby sophomore in my EnACT class and our facilitator one-on-one during the SLD week. You have grown so much since then, and I can’t describe how proud I am in words. From being a fresh, new facilitator, you have now became to-be EnACT chair. I have no doubt that EnACT will flourish in your hand and that you will continue to inspire the new LEAD team with your unique passion. Please update me with all the changes that you make in EnACT! Finally, whether it is LEAD, Acronym, or just life in general, don’t doubt yourself, be brave, and believe in yourself.

    To Sruti Mohan, I will you another orchestra buddy that would smirk at you every morning and sleep through orchestra morning rehearsals with you. You are a great friend, leader, hard-worker, and counselor for all my problems and dramas. After hearing your interesting remark during SLD week, I knew that we would become really tight. I am so glad that I got to know you better this year, and I am grateful to have such an adoring, genuine, and caring person that I can always open up to. You always call me a baby, but you are the actual baby in my heart. Don’t stress out too much next year and, most importantly, don’t forget to smile. It spreads.

    To Akash Palani, I will you someone who can handle your “bear-ness” and awkwardness. I will you someone who will struggle to avoid being hit by your long arms. While you occasionally remind me of my nubbiness from sophomore year, you are one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and passionate individuals. You were such a great co to work with, and I will miss facilitating with you. I believe that LEAD will develop more defined and purposeful curriculum next year under your care. I hope you enjoy your senior year without being always busy and stressed. I know that you can manage it. Come visit me to Northwestern sometime!

    To Srivarun Tummarakota, I will you someone who can put up with your flirty character and horniness next year. Also, I will you another person that would love to study for AP exams with you. While your sense of humor always make me burst into laughter, you can be professional and serious at the right moment. I also really admire your stress management skills. Even though you say you are stressed, you are one of the happiest person on campus because your smile always brightens up my day. Good luck on your senior year, and I can’t wait to see amazing things that you will bring into LEAD team next year.

    To Robert Lou, I will you someone who will challenge you and not hesitate to disagree with you. Since the LEAD Saturday session from your sophomore year, I instantly felt your growing interest and genuine passion for the LEAD program. While there were many highs and lows throughout the year, you never lost your focus nor forgot your purpose for the program. I am very thankful for your decision for the next year. Keep this quote in mind: “Being a leader is more of a duty than something you deserve.” (Quoted by Kent Gang) Also, I will you someone who will be down for a finger-crossed relationship.

    To Adi Budithi, I will you relaxed senior year and time management skills that will help you get through the first semester of your senior year. You will be busy with all of your commitments next year, but ensure to make time for yourself.

    To Grace Park, I will you the success I have found during my IMSA career and another Korean sophomore who you can open up to. Even though you were my baby sophomore, you gave me advices that helped me to realize the most important part of my life. Don’t stress out about senior year. I know that you will do amazing things. I will miss your sassy comments and your eye rolls.

    To Akash Palani, Rongzhen Zhou, Heena Srivastava, Grace Ryan, Grace Park, Srivarun Tummarakota, Adi Budithi, I will LEAD. This program has been very special to me during my IMSA career, and it brought a significant difference to my life. I am very grateful to be part of such caring, supportive, and passionate team for the past two years. I am sure that you will do amazing things next year with all of your ambitions, ingenuity, and passion. So don’t hesitate to take risks. Even though you might have heard this multiple times, this program has so much potential, and all of your work and effort matter.

    To Caitlin O’Callaghan, I will you a cute underclassmen who will give you a cheer-up speech the night before AP exams. You will forever be my baby sophomore and LEAD baby. I will miss your contagious laughter, smile, and happiness.

    To Ravali Thi, Heena Srivastava, Akash Palani, Simon Su, Yuri Oh, I will you IMSA JSA chapter. Even though IMSA JSA has been less productive compared to past years, JSA has been given me very special memories since my sophomore year. I am confident that JSA will eventually revive under your care

    To Aneesh Kudaravalli, I will you another partner that will have a fun time working with you on assignments. Also, I will you a stress-free senior year. I always admired your relaxed character as I am completely opposite of you. I will miss hearing “howdy partner” from you. Don’t go too wild next year.


    Kyle Parker – Case Western University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t be petty unless provoked – usually.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Italy sophomore year
    • Getting things I didn’t deserve at Yorkville (1st place twice somehow!)
    • Speech practices with fam
    • Friday Fest roasting sessions
    • Ecuador Summer Immersion Trip before senior year
    • Tutoring Excel before senior year
    • Anjur lacking any chill whatsoever for the majority of PAD
    • Algae farming for the entirety of senior year with the best SIR partner ever
    • Outings and taco trips to escape this campus with thot squad
    • Friday night k-dramas
    • Being the PME Police
    • Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and spending time with my children
    • Developing an alarming case of senioritis
    • General antics and violent mood swings with Daddy Quad
    • Meltdown at the haunted corn maze
    • Several great math tables including Problem Solving Fam and Discrete Fam
    • Jeans and I being robbed of our succinic acid anhydride by a one burrito

    Bucket List:

    1. FINALLY get to go to the Jackson Labs
    2. Eventually work at Cold Spring Harbor Lab for a brief stint
    3. Cure/prevent/study a neglected tropical disease
    4. Travel and immerse myself in the culture beyond surface-level tourism
    5. Be a high-demand speaker for some reason.
    6. Judge a speech tournament and wreck for poetry voice and canned impromptus
    7. Say I’m fluent in Spanish without lying

    Last Testament:

    To Julian Martinez, I will the title of being the pettiest and most antagonistic binch in 01. Keep them on their toes! And always speak your mind.

    To Connor Elmore and Lucas Urbanski, I will the tradition of slapping the ones you love on the last day of the semester. Remember to use an open palm. Don’t hold back. Only the piece of land that juts into No-Pond will do.

    To Diego Alanis, Connor Elmore, Lucas Urbanski, and Julian Martinez, I will the pleasures and pain of a dysfunctional quad that ultimately loves one another. It’s pretty wild, but you’ll enjoy it, I promise.

    To Rongzhen Zhou and Sona Fokum, I will the future of Minority Report. We just got it back on track, so keep up the great work! I have faith that you’ll continue to lay the foundation for its prolonged success for years to come.

    To Jessica Lee, I will Heliotrope. We tried our best. Hopefully you can do even better! Find a way to reach out to these apathetic children. The artists are out there. Sometimes, they just forget to send things in.

    To Lucy Liu and Irena Gao, I will leadership of the speech team. Continue to improve the team, even and especially where I failed. Make sure to find the balance between being involved in your own success and the prosperity of the team. And keep fighting against poetry voice, canned speeches, and all the unfortunate idiosyncrasies of the speech world we all love and hate.


    Milutin Perovic – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: If you got it, flaunt it.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Excel 2013
    • Watching Steven get 16384 on 2048
    • Honestly watching Steven beast every video game he touched
    • 1501
    • Italy Intersession 2014 (lol)
    • Luau 2014-15
    • Clash 2014-16
    • Camden’s eulogy for Sperry the grasshopper
    • Sleeping with Alan <3
    • 04B14
    • The D-Wing Study Room
    • Prom 2015
    • 5/28/15
    • Jammin’ Bonfires I and II
    • Chicago/Chinatown Shenanigans
    • Orientation 2015 and pulling an all-nighter to watch Cube (PSA: Do not watch Cube)
    • THE LIST
    • 2 Hour Dinners (Intersession 2016)
    • Lunar 2015 & 2016
    • Hot Boyz

    Bucket List:

    1. Find The One
    2. Two Plates
    3. Sing a Weeknd song without my voice cracking
    4. Make 10,000 friends
    5. Take underclassmen out to eat as an alum
    6. Learn to play piano
    7. Keep in touch with my class
    8. Watch Franklin kill a spider
    9. Visit Asia
    10. Make an album of polaroids

    Last Testament:

    To 04CDQ, I will you guys the classic C wing senior stigma. You all know how to have a good time with each other, but don’t forget to reach out to the other people on campus. You guys will set the standard for what it means to be a senior in 04, so do it well. I also will you a better hex <3

    To Adrian Bebenek, Sruti Mohan, Nitya Talasila, and Sagar Nattuvetty, I will you a squad which spits even more fire than the one we had. I also will you a better name for said squad.

    To Larry Donahue, I will you hospitality to bestow upon your underclassmen. You can tell them all the stories we told you. In fact, I also will you a wondrous storytelling voice. Make the people you never met proud.

    To Heena Srivastava, I will you someone else’s hair to massage. The ability to provide someone bliss through such a simple action is a special one and should be used well. I also will you another obnoxious way to call out your name in the hallway.

    To Darius Hong, I will you a little sibling as cool and successful as you were. While I feel like I could have been a better big sib, I was confident you were doing fine so I just left you to discover yourself. That being said, you have a bright future ahead of you, and I’m excited to see how you turn out :P

    To Jae Oh, You know what I’m willing you. Get out there and go get it ;)

    To Jan Mangulabnan, I will you a favorite person who cherishes you as much as you cherish them. And forced greetings. Many forced greetings.

    To Shannon Park, I will you an oppa whom you can trust and confide in. Remember to reach out to those older than you, you can learn a lot from them. While it’s good to see you following the path you desire, don’t forget about the people around you. Things can get difficult at times, but remember everything will turn out for the best in the end.

    To David Ying, I will you chemotherapy. Honestly.

    To Jayoon Lee, I will you a living, walking meme. Stay cool.

    To Simon Su, I will you the cheese grater which I so dutifully received last year. Keep it in pristine condition, it needs to last. It is an honor and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. That being said, there will be challenges you will have to face, and it’ll be up to you how you tackle them, but I’m confident you can live up to the task.

    To Sofia Rhode & Amy Xie, I will you a res life which actually turns out as planned. Remember to make smart choices, and that it’s only dumb if you get caught. There will be times you’ll hate it here, so remember to have fun and that you only have a year left, so make the most of it.

    To Igor Zhuravlyov, I will you a Slav underclassmen as cool as you were, twinning optional. Keep it real, and remember the importance of your roots. I will also will you good looks, not that you were lacking them to begin with.

    To Naomi Nakajima, I will you a junior CAB member to pick on, but also an underclassman you can take under your wing as you soar into the sky of life. Good luck next year, and if you ever have any questions you know who to talk to.

    To Grace Park, I will you someone who can make you laugh and bring a smile to your face. I’m glad I was always able to share funny moments with you, and I hope you continue to create those moments with the rest of the people around you. If you’re ever bogged down, just smile. You’ll be surprised how much it helps.

    To Rongzhen Zhou, I will you someone else to stick your tongue out at. Don’t expect to tease anyone without getting anything in return though.

    To Tim Ramos, I will you a BC buddy who lives next door. I also will you the capacity to carry 04 Drill, not coming from a dancer but as a member of the hall. 04 can do great things, and you can help it achieve its goals. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions when you feel the need to do so.

    PS: Don’t make your brother wait next time.

    To Alvina Chen, I will you someone you can tell anything. A person to vent to, scheme with, and have a good time with. Remember to find comfort in the people around you; sometimes they will know the right answers when you don’t.

    To Alex Yow, I will you proficiency with your tongue, and yes I mean when speaking. Your smooth words have gotten you the friends you have today, and you always know how to take the right amount of zika out of a pika. Just be careful not to take too much zika, I hear it’s virulent.

    To Abu Bhalla, I will you an underclassman whom you can truly connect with. We all need a younger side of us to keep us fresh. Seeing you as a spitting image of me when I was a sophomore helped me learn about myself, and for that I am truly grateful you ended up in the room right next to mine. I ask that you pass on the wisdom I was able to bestow upon you, but at the same time you will have your own lessons to learn from and pass on. I remember you in August talking about how you were going to miss me, and now here I am in May thinking how much I’m gonna miss you. So get out there and do all the things I couldn’t do. My IMSA spirit will live within you for the remainder of your time here, so treat it well; take it to Chipotle from time to time.


    Jessica Phung – University of Illinois at Chicago GPPA, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Live only for your own happiness.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • My first dinner date ever (with the bff)
    • Fooling around in the snow with Emily after our BC finals sophomore year
    • Missing check to take naps with Katherine
    • Arranging music for the Clash 2014 talent show
    • Surprising my RC Claire with a birthday/goodbye party
    • Being 03A wing guide for two years
    • Homecoming drill team junior and senior year
    • Getting rekt by the teachers with team trash at Clash of the Smart People
    • The auténtico experience that was Ecuador 2015 (and celebrating my 17th birthday there!)
    • That one time Cindy and I escaped to Chinatown after a day of summer SIR
    • Jamming to k-pop with Jessica Lee while making decs during move-in week
    • Long nights of “studying” MVC
    • Getting my birthday presents over half a year late (still love my quad <3 )
    • Three years of Lunar and teaching choreo senior year
    • All the times when Barbara came to hang out in the quad, give us food, or take us on trips
    • Picking up beans and three-legged racing with the roomie during Clash game show and actually being halfway decent enough at it to win 1st
    • Clash (and drill) with my h0m3 for (0)3 years
    • Talking late into the night (morning?) with quad and the occasional visitors
    • That one weekend when Jyotsna, Heidi, and I balled for hours
    • Crying my eyes out at senior night every year without fail

    Bucket List:

    1. Go on lots of adventures while studying in Chicago
    2. Introduce Jyotsna to Chinatown
    3. Revisit IMSA for Lunar and/or Clash
    4. Travel with friends
    5. Visit my family in Ecuador
    6. Get a pet (or five)
    7. Reunite with quad
    8. Learn how to adult
    9. Fall in love
    10. Be happy

    Last Testament:

    To Melissa Mu, I will you lab partners who are more diligent/awake than Binita and I were (but hopefully, just as much fun). You’re going to go far in life, and I’m glad I got to meet you, even if it was later than I probably should have.

    To Kiersten Lofton, I will a standpartner who isn’t as lazy as I was and who hopefully shows up to morning rehearsal more often than I did.

    To Diann George, I will two more years full of the same brightness that you brought to my final year at IMSA, free time so that you can watch all the k-dramas you want, and many, many dinner dates so you can eat lots of food and meet lots of boys (two of your favorite things!). And like always, tell Papa and Mama George I said hi!

    To my daughters Isabel Lee and Ayrah Garcia, I will my undying love. Isabel, you’re going to be a great CD and I’m glad you could continue the Parrish legacy. Ayrah, you’re one of the most genuine people I know, and I hope you still find plenty of time to keep being your happy self during your senior year. Maybe we can make time to visit Ecuador again as a family?

    To my baby Jessica Lee, I will you the task of making 03A an even better place – one where everyone can truly say they feel proud to live in. Don’t forget to keep wing traditions going! But as your mother, I’d also like to remind you to take care of yourself; all your effort will pay off someday. And if I had the power, I’d will you a photocard of the bae Kang Minhyuk next time you get a CNBLUE album.

    To Amy Liu, I will you a Lunar dance partner who isn’t as simultaneously violent and lazy as I was. That aside, I’m sure that you’ll not only put on a great Lunar show (you better because I might be coming back to visit!), but also that you’ll be a great CD – the future of h0m3 is in your capable hands!

    To Irisa Myint, I will you all the attractive men you could ever possibly want. I wouldn’t have survived that intersession last year without you, so I’m glad you were there, even if you were watching kdramas and dance practices half the time. I would will you even more cuteness and sassiness, but I don’t think the world could handle it.

    To Hieu Nguyen, I will the time to keep doing the things you love – you’re a god at so many different things and yet so down-to-earth about it, and that’s what so many including myself admire about you. I also will the promise that my auto-poker will keep doing its job.

    To Felicia Chen, I will you the task of continuing the Cantonese legacy at IMSA (even if it’s kind of dying…). Thanks for joining quad for dinner every once in a while, as well as being down to ball with Jyotsna, Heidi, and me that one weekend.

    To Jaszmine Simmons, I will a neighbor who will sass and judge you on a fairly regular basis like I did. It’s been great having you in A-wing the past two years, and I hope your senior year is good to you and that you’ll have time to relax in your final year.

    To Simon Su, I will a relatively stress-free last year at IMSA that’s everything you wanted it to be, as well as an opportunity to finally put the lion pun to good use. Don’t freak out about the future too much; it’s really not worth it.

    To Deepshika Sudhakar, I will a year of nothing but happiness – even though I never got to talk to you nearly as much as I would have liked, your cheerfulness and friendliness (and your taste in sweaters!) have always really stood out in my memory, and for that, I’m really grateful to have met you.

    To Ravali Thimmapuram, I will you a new person to call squishy, who will be yours, and will be your squishy. It’s been great seeing you around in A-wing and struggling through Spanish together, and I hope senior year treats you well.

    To Pranav “P-chizzle” Upadhyayula, I will the ability to finally drop that mixtape we’ve been waiting on for over a year (“we” being more like just Binita and me). I’ll never forgive you for losing our pink heart on Snapchat, but all the same, I hope your senior year is good to you – I know you’ll be successful no matter where you end up.

    To Bingtao Xiang, I will the ability to stay awake in orchestra, Spanish…you get the idea. I also will people to carry you when you’re sss’ing like Binita, Neal, and I did for you in Spanish (even though we were the sss’s).

    To Justin Xu, I will you Jenson Phung.

    To David Ying, I will you someone who will actually want some of your bananas.

    To Rongzhen Zhou, I will you 03ADQ, the place in which I was the most happy. I trust that its days as the trashiest quad on campus are numbered, since you guys won’t ever let it get as gross as it did with us this year. Other than that, I’ve got nothing to will except my eternal love, because you’ve already got it all. I know you’re going to be a great senior to your underclassmen.

    To one lucky violinist in chamber, I will the third seat. I’ve occupied it for three years now and it’s about time it had a new owner.

    To the future 03A, I will you the place I called home for the past three years – above all, never forget that A-wing is a family. If I could, I’d will you guys Barbara and a wing wars win too.


    Michael Qian – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Words of Wisdom: Never stop believing. Never stop achieving.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • 5 people tethering from Vedhik’s 3G phone
    • MCB all-nighters
    • Struggling through World in 20th with my cousin
    • “A Grape in the Sun”
    • Pics of sleepy Nathan
    • Barely qualifying for IJAS, but making AJAS
    • Touring Washington, D.C. with Nathan and Ashu
    • Listening to the birds at 3 AM
    • Hanging out with my L-Room Quad
    • Late night runs with Gene
    • Learning how to lift from my cousin
    • Squid Squad
    • Hanging out in the WC
    • 2 years with the Klein Lab
    • Northwestern CTD
    • MVC Struggles
    • Singing “Uptown Funk” with the one and only Alan Liang
    • Hosting a nomad

    Bucket List:

    1. Travel the world
    2. Invent a product
    3. Volunteer around the world

    Last Testament:

    To Adrian Bebenek, you are one of the smartest bio students that I know, and I will you amazing success in the Klein Lab. I also will you an invincibility to fainting as well as shorter train rides.

    To Wasan Kumar, I will you a signed writing center shirt and a summer filled with chickens – many, many chickens.

    To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you mango fish.

    To Clinton Oshipitan, I will you amazing essay writing skills so that you won’t have to work as hard and spend so much time on your essays.

    To Ram Koganti, I will you a quiet room next year so that you won’t have to become a nomad like Alan Liang.

    To Daniel Shin and Robert Lou, I will you both an infinite supply of water bottles and tasty food (for my personal benefit of course).

    To Jack Messina, I will you a red Russian dictionary so that you may continue your endeavours in learning the beautiful Russian language.

    To Gedi Njoya, I will you the ability to do amazing soccer moves. Playing on the soccer team with you was probably one of the best times of senior year, and I hope that you will never stop playing.

    To Takudzwa George, I will you as much success as your brother Tim Akintilo.

    To Mateusz Cikowski, I will you the ability to make more friends through ear-pulling.


    Samuel Qian – Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Days are long, years are short.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Woodchipping.
    • Writing a ridiculously inappropriate poem for LEIII.
    • First 05D dinner date when we were obsessed with senior girls.
    • Late nights in the 04D study room.
    • Being obnoxiously loud in Sodexo for hours.
    • Any of the too many occurrences of Paranoia.
    • Late night Smite runs that turned into late-night talks.
    • Spending hours at lunch during SIR at UChicago.
    • Senior year clash.
    • The rise of cooking and all of its ridiculous variants.
    • And all the moments that made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t breath.

    Bucket List:

    1. Travel the world with a group of friends.
    2. Compete in powerlifting/weightlifting.
    3. Save a life (preferably as a doctor).
    4. Live a healthful life.

    Last Testament:

    To Jaeyoung Oh, You are perhaps the junior that I find the most of me in. From our morals, to likes/dislikes in girls, and even our shared disgusting noises…we’re practically the same person. The exception, of course, being your sass and cluelessness, which has also been a highlight of my senior year. I will you more kimchi fried rice that seniors will inevitably eat all of. I will you gains that finally surpass the one plate club. And finally, I will for you to find a brother in a junior. Thanks for the memories.

    To David Ying, I will you a new C-Section. While you have frustrated the living hell out of me, you’ve also been a great friend; your upbeat attitude and constant trolling has made me laugh more times than I will remember. You were the first junior that has made 05, a once foreign place, feel like home. That being said, next year is your year to be thrown into group chats with your ex-girlfriend, to be constantly targeted through the association fallacy, and to find best friends in juniors. Don’t ever forget the OG C-Section.

    To Wasan Kumar, I will you a junior as nice as you are. Prior to senior year, I feared living in 05 again, especially C-Wing. Now, I have come to find out that C-Wing (and 05) is filled with some of the most chill people, especially you. I will you a relieving senior year. Don’t worry so much anymore, it only gets better from here on out.

    To Alvina Chen, I will you a prom ask that surpasses mine, if possible. I will you someone that will place you in awkward Paranoia situations. I will you any hint of artistic skill. We’ve been at a lot of the same events, so thanks for being an overall chill person.

    To Sam Okoli, I will you more and more PRs. I wish we could have gotten to know each other better, but in the short time that we shared through track & field you’ve been encouraging, calm-minded, and an overall nice guy. Thanks for pushing me when needed, and giving me sound advice when necessary. Go faster.

    To Krishi Korrapati, I will you a fantastic senior year. Your cocky attitude often times overshadows the Krishi that I’ve gotten to know this year. Don’t regret the decisions that you’ve made so far; they’ll pay off soon enough. Your level of heart is admirable and I am sure that you’ll be successful in whatever endeavor that you choose. Finally, I will you another obnoxious phrase other than “sike a boi”.

    To Madison Dong, I will you classes better than Biophysics and juniors to carry you. Unfortunately, my senior year has not been blessed with many junior carries (*Ahem* @David Ying @Alex Yow), but you’ve served to make up for those who’ve failed. I will you a junior as friendly and outgoing as you have been since day one of class. I will you a great senior year! And no, I don’t play League.

    To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you another senior to troll. As much of a funny guy as you are, I’ve come to accept you as a friend. I’ve seen that you’ve your serious moments and aren’t being outgoing just for attention. On the other hand, I will you a sophomore that trolls you as much as you’ve trolled me this year. Keep doing you during junior year.

    To Jayoon Lee, I will you another successful year of JSA; hopefully, there won’t be any more “complications”. It wasn’t until Spring State till I realized how much I missed your antics at Fall State. Keep being real.

    To Adrian Bebenek, I will you a wrong chin. I also will you a new, less monotone, voice. You’ve taken a lot of verbal punishment from me this year (deservedly), but you’ve also been a voice of reason and a loveable troll. Stay white, TK.

    To Alex Yow, I will you a happy senior year. For some reason, you followed me from 04 to 05, but you’ve been an integral part in my memorable senior year. I’ve probably made fun of you too much, so I will you junior to give verbal and basketball onslaughts to. But seriously, I admire the shift in your attitude towards life that has manifested itself throughout junior year. I will for all your hard work to finally pay off. Keep being athletic, keep studying hard, and keep having fun. No sike.

    To Naomi Nakajima, I will you prom date that you know ;). In the short time that we’ve gotten to know each other, I’ve found that we are a lot more similar than you might realize. And by similar, I mean talented and fun. I will you another person to be beat by in Messenger basketball. I will you the BDubs that we both know that you won’t be getting. I will you someone that will playfully make fun of you. And finally, I will you more friendships that begin too late and end too soon. Don’t go too crazy senior year.


    Joy Qiu – Yale University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: You always have a choice.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • HiMCM 2013
    • HiMCM 2015 (improving my Tetris skills)
    • IM2C aka hearts
    • All the Moody’s selfies
    • Math Team and HMMT with the brick, pole, and JMO
    • Sophomore year FBLA State sans pigeonhole principle
    • Theory of the Atlantic
    • EBE field trip
    • Home cakes and everything Ruski
    • Rotten banana war
    • Unclogging the toilet
    • Going to Chipotle without signing out (worth)
    • Eating chicken with Milton
    • DifEq pies
    • Leaving pep band
    • Adrienne and the playground
    • Last Clash best Clash
    • 2015 tennis season with fam
    • How to make grilled cheese and pancakes
    • An amazing JHMC 2014 and triangely JHMC 2015

    Bucket List:

    1. Run a (half) marathon
    2. Crochet a blanket with really expensive wool
    3. Write a book
    4. Get published in a journal with impact factor > 5
    5. Help change someone’s life
    6. Eat at every 3-Michelin-starred restaurant
    7. Get better at Chinese
    8. Get better at keeping in touch
    9. Earn money
    10. Be happy

    Last Testament:

    To Giezelle Cruz, I had a fabulous time sharing matching bagel scorecards with you this season. Next fall, I will you someone else to bagel so successfully with. If that said someone doesn’t exist, have an amazing and bagel-less season instead!

    To Ankit Agarwa, I will you the best of times while writing questions for JHMC, with our beloved and terribly disorganized mao server, with based Condie and his hatred for LaTeX, and, ultimately, an error free contest. I hope you keep IMSA math team alive and excited next year—and I have no doubt that your infectious passion for math will do not only that but also take you very far in life. Good luck with all the competitions your senior year!

    To Sushil Upadhyayula, thanks for being a quality slave. I will you another slave who will so kindly do your bidding, and (because you already have most everything else going for you) an awesome senior year. You’re a really smart dude; don’t worry too much about college and hmu if you ever need anything!

    To Darius Hong, I will you a sophomore to torture with Excel spreadsheets. Hopefully you may also creepily take pictures of said sophomore on said sophomore’s first dinner date! From our limited experiences I think I’ve found you to be a very competent, capable individual with much leadership potential (thanks for doing a wonderful job with AA this year), so just remember to aim high and inspire others as you cruise through IMSA.

    To Neil Wary, I will you the JHMC and a sophomore who will print nametags for you and probably judge you at every interaction. Given your calm, forward thinking and intelligence, I know you’re going to do an excellent job next year; feel free to innovate, ask for and spend money, and question why you care about the things you do. Organizing the JHMC is one of the valuable and formative experiences I had at IMSA, and I hope that you’ll find something meaningful in your time as Chair as well.

    To Yuri Oh, remember that time we talked at the SAT? It’s been a while, and I have been wildly impressed in that time, especially by how well you’ve been doing at IMSA. I’m so grateful to have had a sophomore who randomly popped into my room just to say hi, and I hope you’ll find someone next year who will bring a smile to your face as you have to mine. I will you inspiration, time for yourself, and much success and happiness in the future. I’m here when you need me; keep in touch.

    To Rebecca Lisk, please take good care of Exodus. I will you Wednesdays of playgrounds and screaming children at Greenman Elementary, as well as an unforgettable summer at HSHSP. You’re incredibly smart, capable, and committed to the many things you do. That being said, I know you’ll find everything you want and deserve senior year, but I also hope you’ll find the time to relax and enjoy your last semester relatively obligation-free.

    To Nitya Talasila, although it appears as though your being is permanently tied to excrement, I still love you very much. You’re hilarious and weird and smart, and you have a beautiful personality (whatever that means). I’m so glad we were in the same wing last year, because free prom makeup and hair!! You’ve also been an amazing wing guide thus far, probably because you learned everything from me!! Jokes aside, I’m grateful for you and your weirdness, and I really do appreciate all the times you let me the dying junior roll around in your room. I will you a sophomore as cool as you (and who refuses to call you anything other than Kitya) and a wonderful, wonderful senior year.

    To David Ying, you’re the best Area President FBLA has ever seen. Continue sticking it to Lincolnway East, taking care of our wonderful advisers, kbaker1 and klim, and writing speeches at the very last minute or making other people write them for you. Have fun at Exodus, too; say hi to Adrienne for me next year. I will to you a humble and funny underclassman, perhaps from Normal, IL, who has big dreams, the best email address in the world, and the capacity to genuinely appreciate others. You’re a swell guy, dying; I’ll always be there when you need me.

    To Grace Park, my dearest child, I will you another fatherly figure to fulfill my role once I leave. There isn’t anything more dear to me, my daughter, than watching you grow up under my guidance, from a teeny baby sophomore to the big, strong junior you are now. Aside from allowing me to screen your future husband, I hope that in the future you will keep being your smart, funny, and sunny self. In terms of willing you things—I’m not dead yet, but in the meantime I guess I can will you a sophomore who relentlessly bullies you and also happens to be your kid. Keep being a tennis beast and remember to practice your ming-mang stimulations!!

    To Melissa Mu, sup lil sib. I will you an underclassman whom you will cherish as much as I do you, a successful and happy high school career, and the ability to not hate everything! For real, though—you’re one of the smartest people I know (and one of the nubbiest), and I hope you’ll take advantage of the amazing resources, people, and opportunities here at IMSA. Never doubt your choices after they’re made, work hard, and keep on taking ugly pictures of yourself and other people. Although New Haven is much farther than a few doors down, you know I’ll always, always be here for you.

    To Eshan Mehrotra, thanks to you, I will never again look at Doritos or triangles the same. I deeply enjoy your triangley presence—I will probably always remember the time you aired your grievances (using a very long string of colorful expletives). I also admire your passion for knots, which in itself is adorable, inspiring, and a little unsettling. Thank you for also being a superbly triangley JHMC Co-Chair. I will you an underclassman who resembles a polygon, enjoys bullying you, and absolutely lights up when talking about said underclassman’s passions. Your outlook on life and belief in the inherent good of people is special, and you are an incredibly special person. I’m so glad I got to know you this year, Eshan, and I hope you know I’ll only be a message/call away if you ever need me. You’re smart, competent, imaginative, and excited—the future is in your hands; go out there and change it.

    To Alvina Chen, first and foremost, I will you the trust in yourself to solve any math problem in the entire world. I hope you’ll find someone else to explain sequences and vectors and polars next year, but in the end remember to trust yourself, because you’re incredibly smart and capable. I would also like to will you sophomore with a stuffed dinosaur who loves to ugly dance, makes you ramen, makes you presentable and teaches you makeup, watches bad romcoms with you, listens to you talk and rant for hours on end, and so much more. You’re funny and spontaneous and you’ve been one of my best friends at IMSA; I’ll miss you a lot. I hope you have an awesome senior year and never stop saying lord jesus mary. However far we are from each other next year, wherever we end up in the future, I know we’ll keep in touch. Love you lots, Alvin<3


    Naren Radhakrishnan – Dartmouth College, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s the journey that matters most.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    There’s no way I can do this section justice, but here’s my attempt:

    • King James aka sophomore Aadit
    • Raiding Ethan Fisher’s fridge everyday
    • Tickling Vimig with Drake
    • Missing sophomore year homecoming pep rally due to Aadit’s incompetence with soup
    • Tearing down wing decs by throwing playing cards
    • Drake’s laptop
    • Kevin Lim walking in on Vedhik doing pullups shirtless
    • 07 happy time(s) and CotH 2016
    • 07 RCs, old and new
    • Diwalis
    • MCB Co-lab nights with Aadit, Vedhik, Angad, Paul, and Ethan (and kicking them off of one bed)
    • Broken retainers and glasses
    • SLD Weeks
    • Halo with Alan, Vedhik, Jason, Justin, and Paul
    • Early move-in and finding a random sophomore (Advai) sitting in my room
    • Gene roast fests with the quad
    • LoL in the IRC
    • A Special kind of dirty ft. Angad
    • UIUC SITE 2k16
    • Roasts of IMSA

    Bucket List:

    1. Go to a KCon
    2. Go skydiving
    3. 1/2/3/4 plate club
    4. Camp on a glacier
    5. Backpack the Appalachians
    6. Learn Arabic

    Last Testament:

    To 07BUQ (Ram Koganti, Rohit Mittapalli, Herschel Gupta, Aakash Lakshmanan), I will you an upquad stocked with food and too scared to return a prank ;). You guys are great, and, honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better upquad my senior year. I know you all will go on to do great things. Keep in touch!

    To Pranav Reddy, I will you a sophomore to shower you with obscene amounts of soda and pizza, and who’ll turn into a senior their second semester sophomore year. I know that during your time at IMSA, you’ll break down the obstacles you’ll face just like you broke down wing doors with a scalpel. I also will you Advai in hopes that a sophomore will fill the void that Aadit will so regrettably leave in your life.

    To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you a junior who’ll attempt to carry you in Calc based, then end up getting carried himself. I will you a senior year chock full of SSS memories and college acceptances. Also, I will you a sophomore who’ll find you just as cute as I did ;).

    To Ram Koganti, I will you a junior just as buff and cute as you were. I will you a senior year full of gains, the 2 plate club, and a relaxing SSS time. Just remember, I trust you to make the right choice second semester between tennis and gainz.

    To Herschel Gupta, I will you the joy that I experienced when I realized you weren’t the nubby 7th grader that I first met. I also will you great times senior year, and hopefully more visits to the gym.

    To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you a sophomore capable of carrying you in physics. You’re one of the most passionate people I’ve met, and it’s gonna carry you far bud.

    To Advai Podduturi, I will you Rohit Mittapalli so that he’ll have a junior to keep him under control as an SSS. I will you a sophomore who’ll find refuge in your room starting from move-in day, and also the fortitude to come out of the closet.

    To 07CDQ (Roy, Tim, Andrew, and Kasey), I will you a long-lost bookshelf that’s rightfully yours. Hmu for the deets

    To Robert Lou, I will you a junior who’ll refer to you as his father figure at every passing moment.

    To Robert, Dan, George, and Jack, I will you a home where you’ll make the most of your senior year and carry on the legacy of B wing. Enjoy.

    To Econ Board (Ayan, Anmol, Ram, Noble, AJ, and Patrick), we’ve done a lot over the past year to make this club a possibility. It has so much potential, and David, Drake, and I know that you six are capable of achieving our goals and so much more.

    To Alex Yow, I will you tremendous senior year with gains and larger pectorals. Maybe even a bulk or two.

    To Patrick Pynadath, on behalf of Alan Liang, I will you the chance to claim the position as buffest guy at IMSA. I hope that you’ll achieve this and so much more over the next two years.

    To Akash Palani, I will you a sophomore who’ll make you as proud as you made me. Since the summer before sophomore year, I’ve seen you grow into an extremely capable leader on campus. I know that LEAD will be in good hands next year, and I hope that you’ll bring a much needed perspective to the program.

    To Tommy Nguyen and Charlie Kuch, I will you a lock to once again lock Advai in your closet. I also will you more pancake syrup and cheese, as well as the ability to clean up after yourselves in the shower.

    To Grace Park, I will you enough kpop to play during LEAD modules and an opportunity to change SocEnt for the better. It was a pleasure working with you and I couldn’t have imagined a better co for our SocEnt class. I can’t wait to see what you do senior year.

    To Heena Srivastava, just like Grace, I hope that you’ll make LEAD an even better program than it already is. I will you a junior who’ll never understand your SSS but still put up with it. I also will you a great senior year, and a co who’ll be almost as great as I was.

    To Pranav Narayanan, I will you soap.

    To Goutam Gutta, I will you cellophane wrap.

    To Adi Budithi and Ankit Agarwal, I will you both stress-free senior years and true SSS lifestyles. I also will you the title of my favorite roommate pair outside of 07 that I could barely visit. Keep in touch guys!

    To 07, I will you sophomores who’ll take advantage of everything you’ve given me, from the friends to the traditions, and who’ll contribute to a community as special as this one.

    To IMSA, I will you more than enough friends and memories for a lifetime.


    Ashrita Raghuram — University of Iowa, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Just keep swimming.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Clash 2016
    • Modern family marathons
    • Watching youtube videos under a blanket in the stairwell during KI
    • Late nights in 02D down quad junior year
    • Hollister Simulation
    • Political discussions in Topics
    • April Fool’s 2015

    Bucket List:

    1. Meet the President
    2. Go to the Olympics
    3. Go to a Packer’s game
    4. Invent something
    5. Learn how to surf
    6. Go to Italy
    7. Learn style

    Last Testament:

    To the juniors of 02D wing, I will you less stress and less homework. You all will have a great senior year, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the ride :)

    To Mounisha Kovour, I will you the A-wing mouse. Jin and I used it and other things in the wing closet to play pranks on our upperclassmen and underclassmen, and its time you do the same. Good luck.

    To Divya Dureja, I will you a boy that is deserving of you, (there’s not too many of them). Don’t spend too much time stalking hot singers.

    To Lindy Hong: I will you the time to be able to watch Scandal live, because this stuff is getting too crazy to wait an extra day. I also will you more bread puns, for every time you go to Panera.

    To Priya Sharma: I will you the ability to go to Starbucks even more than you already do, because you will have plenty of time next year.

    To Yugan Sakthi and Rohit Mittapalli: I will you the ability to read the robotics game manual. I’m not about to answer any calls about rules. That’s what chief is for. I also will you more late nights of CADding, because I know all of your friends are dying to hear about how late you stayed up for robotics again.

    To Katrina Kuhn: I will you the ability to talk about politics and promote John Kasich to someone who is equally as excited.

    To Dhara Patel, I will you resolve in the face of senioritis. Thanks for saving me from tanking too hard. I will you my progress on Touch Surgery, so you can become one step closer to becoming Owen Hunt.

    To Sruti Mohan, I will you infinite dad jokes, because they make my day. Please send one to me weekly. I also will you Lagaan, because we never finished the movie. Its only a three hour movie.

    To Heena Srivastava, I will you the ambition and optimism necessary to shed light on the hidden gems of IMSA. Keep up your shining enthusiasm, maybe it will rub off on the rest of the community.

    To Athena Appavu, I will you movie nights with a loving junior, trips to orchard that don’t end in rain, and a secret service detail to watch your back as VP.


    Alan Ren – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Watching Saw movies with the 04 bros sophomore year
    • Dude atWar
    • Pushing Nate in a wheelchair
    • 03 Hangouts
    • Watching shows and chilling with Varun
    • Getting close with 04B down hex junior year
    • Akshay’s jammin’ bonfire
    • Having two roommates sophomore and junior year
    • Late night talks with all the 04 bros
    • Mitchell’s apartment
    • Chicago with Dan, Akshay, and everyone else
    • LoLnighters
    • Photography and Light and Sound with Tim Gietl, Nick Michuda, Mitchell Sun, Arthur Ortiz, and Aman.
    • Chicago Spanish trip with Palos
    • Breckenridge
    • The Incident
    • The Friday Fest
    • Hot Boyz
    • Clash all three years
    • Dancing and acting in Lunar New Year

    Bucket List:

    1. Keep in touch with IMSA friends
    2. Get my abs back
    3. Live in a foreign country
    4. Grow two inches taller
    5. Go on an adventure in the wild
    6. Make 2XS
    7. Overcome my fear of heights
    8. Road trip with friends to nowhere
    9. Accomplish something that makes the world a better place
    10. Be happy

    Last Testament:

    To Vainius Normantas, Joseph Palakeel, Aneesh Kudaravalli, Sneh Patel, I will you down quad. But more importantly I will you the same dynamic you had sophomore year with down quad. You all have grown so much since sophomore year and are the most chill people to hang out with. Vainius, continue not caring about what other people think and being yourself because you’re such a down to earth guy that genuinely cares about the things you do. Joseph, honestly I regret not chilling more with you because you are such a funny and chill guy to be around and I hope you spread your easygoing nature to the rest of campus. Aneesh, you always are smiling and are making friends because of your personable nature; I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the last two tennis seasons with any other dude. Sneh, I love your straightforwardness and I will you all the happiness you deserve. Enjoy your senior year and carry on the 04C down quad legacy.

    To Adrian Bebenek, David Ying, Alex Yow and Simon Su, I will you more night walks to go on as you throw rocks at random windows. Don’t get too stressed about things and keep taking those walks with some new underclassmen for me. I’ll make sure we go on them a couple times before I graduate.

    To Tim Pan, I will you a visit next year just like I promised. I remember thinking you were some nerdy Asian kid in my Spanish class but after the long talks we had I realized how similar we are and we became really close. Don’t be sad that we’re graduating; just remember that you’re my boy and I’ll always have your back.

    To Simon Su, I will you an underclassman for you to obsess over hot kpop girls with and also have long talks with. Just don’t worry as much about everything because I know that you’re a tough dude that’ll go places in life. (P.S. Chelsea Oh)

    To Sagar Nattuvetty, Tim Ramos, and Addison Herr, I will you the 04 drill team legacy. But don’t worry about it because after dancing with you three I know you’ll kill it next year. (P.S. Sagar and Addison, I expect you two to come be roommates at UIUC and visit my apartment a lot in two years :D)

    To Ram Koganti, I don’t need to will you anything because you are already perfect. Your personality is so likable and your smile is so contagious. I’m excited to see all the things you’ll accomplish in life; just don’t forget our OOP days when you’re on top of the world.

    To Christy Paik, Andrew Ye, Dhara Patel, Kasey Cervantes, and the rest of SDAC board, I will you even more passion for dancing. For me, dancing was such a large part of my time at IMSA but even more so was the time I spent with all of you practicing. I hope that you all will be able to continue to inspire the same passion we all hold together. Kill it, okay?

    To Eric McCarthy, I will you my League of Legends skills because I know how bad you are. But seriously, enjoy your time in your quad next year and continue being a god at anything you do. You’re one of my favorite sophomores but just don’t get too memey.

    To Darius Hong, I will you your own sophomore. I remember first meeting you Luau last year and you were just Evania’s awkward brother. Fast forward one year and you are slightly less awkward. But honestly I’ll visit your room again before I graduate.

    To Nicklas Nelson, Abhay Gupta, and the rest of the sophomore tennis bros, I will you new tennis bros. When I first saw that the tennis team was mostly sophomores, I was tempted to quit the team but you all proved me wrong. Spending time with you guys has made me actually enjoy tennis again so thank you.

    To Alvina Chen, I will you one coupon to hang out with me in China. I still think it’s funny that we started talking and got close after horribly singing “Love is an Open Door” together. Hopefully we’ll be able to explore Beijing together but if not we’ll go visit somewhere together later in life.

    To Krishi Korrapati, I will you an underclassmen to do the same greeting we give each other. Even though I will never forgive you for quitting the tennis team, leaving 04, or eating my Chinese food, you’re still my bro. I’m admire your washboard abs and bright personality. I guess I’ll take you out to eat sometime. (P.S. saranghae)

    To Patrick Pynadath, I will you a visit to my room next year and we’ll hang out. Also I will you the cuts you’ve been working really hard for. Keep smiling buddy.

    To Abhiudaya Bhalla, I will you the challenge that an upperclassman, Vimal, gave me for his will. You always manage to keep a smile on your face and have a positive attitude in any situation and even though I may not have shown it, it brightens my day. Keep spreading your happiness to this campus because this campus needs it more than you think. (P.S. you might get that night to hangout eventually) (P.P.S. if IMSA is still open in two years, you know what you have to do)

    To Eshan Mehrota, I will you the hug you never got from me. I remember you just being a nubby sophomore, but now you’ve become such a pro doing big things. I hope you continue to work hard but also to enjoy the company of those around you. And don’t worry I’ll visit your quad a bit more before I graduate.

    To Amy Xie, I will you the plaque.

    To HEE-NA, I will you 10,000 ladybugs. I regret not being able to gift you the ladybugs but just know that one day you’ll find them all over your room. You are such an outgoing and happy person all the time it’s hard for anyone not to love you. Keep being awesome, you loser.

    To Larry Donahue, I will you your own Larry Donahue. Even though you’ll miss talking to us about stuff that happened before you came, before you know it you’ll be in our shoes too. Cherish your time here.

    To Nikitha Garapaty, I will you a LEAD co who will get carried by you but also make another kick-ass class with you. Sorry again for deserting you but it’s okay because you are one of the best facilitators I know.

    To David Ying, I will you another twin besides Simon Su. Also, race me.


    Anabel Rivera – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Correlation does not necessarily imply causation

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Putting together 01’s talent show for Clash 2016
    • Orchestra shenanigans
    • Late-night talks with my RC
    • All-nighters with my quad
    • Living in 01C wing
    • Learning how to dance in Clash 2014
    • Watching and participating in culture events
    • Meeting exchange students from France, Russia, and China
    • Poker nights at the beginning of senior year
    • Hypnotist shows
    • Intersessions

    Bucket List:

    1. Tour Europe
    2. Go to a music festival
    3. Earn my black belt

    Last Testament:

    To Isabella Spinelli, I will the answers that come from that ambiguous grey area.

    To Neil Wary, I will perseverance, but you already have that. I will you someone to look at from across the orchestra room and weird violin videos from the corners of YouTube.

    To 1501 C-wing, I will a cutout of Ariana Grande’s head.

    To Colette Vacha, I will hugs and a fantastic year as a CD. I’ve seen you grow and change and I know you’re totally ready for this.

    To Adam Grobman, I will the ability to take a step back and breathe. All of your hard work will make everything turn out in the end. Take care of the motherland.

    To Alex Hughes, I will a year of doing what you love. Thanks for always being there.

    To Connor Elmore, I will an audience to give your bright and smiley face to. Thank you for this year and your optimism. You are a great role model and an amazing human being.

    To Mike Xu, I will another Adam.

    To Cecilia Chang, I will more plants and animals.

    To Kiersten Lofton, I will une autre tante.

    To Nyxel Camarena, I will a little sibling as awesome as you are.

    To Gabby Masini, I will microwavable pasties (?) from Woodman’s, infinite time to draw pictures of fish and sheep, and three chickens for our chicken farm.

    To Giezelle Cruz, I will full-color printouts of Donald Trump and some frozen shrimp.

    To Grace Ryan, I will a year supply of microwaveable popcorn.

    To Maelee Chen, I will another look-alike so that people can get you two confused instead.

    To Madison Dong, I will the ability to follow your gut and your heart simultaneously. And someone to jam out with.

    To Catherine Drake, I will a successful year on CLAP board. I’ve been amazing by your leadership skills and can’t wait to see where this next year takes you.

    To Reagen Elementi, I will sleep and hot soup and an upperclassman to hole up with for late-night homework sessions. You got this, more than you can know.


    Josh Rosenthal – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Spend more time smiling

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Breaking the bathroom door when Jameson wouldn’t get out.
    • Yelling out the windows with our downquad.
    • The Bird Call intersession, walking around IMSA campus in -10 degree weather to see if there were any birds with Jake Bail and Traina
    • Volleyball team bonding through Just Dance with Smeltzy
    • Ryan Chiu’s itchy fingers
    • 7+ Hour volleyball tournaments and sleeping 12 hours after them
    • Cross-hall rap battles, cross-wing rap battles, roommate pair rap battles with 04 bros
    • 1505 A/D wing movie collab, 19/79
    • Late night talks with Belford, getting some basketball tips from the master
    • Getting quad doors opened
    • Silly string battles throughout A wing
    • Throwing rubber banded Febreeze spray cans into Gabe’s room
    • Lifting with Patrick, Julian, and Enrique
    • When Jake and I realized we can read each other’s minds

    Bucket List:

    1. Drive through all 50 states
    2. Speak fluent Chinese
    3. Get huge muscles
    4. Help produce sustainable life on mars

    Last Testament

    To Addison Herr, I will you a sophomore that leaves diet coke cans all over your room, as well as a playlist that fulfills all your electro house needs.

    To Auden Hinz, I will you the entire 05 vending machine. It’s all yours dude. Also I will you the ability to tilt on command, use it wisely.

    To Sohum Gupta, I will you a sophomore that brings as much joy to his upperclassmen as you do. Your smiling face always picks me up dude.

    To Adran, Alex, Krishi, Srivarun, Sushil, Pranav, David, and Jae, I will a wing that I lived 3 years in, and one that is full of character. I also will you a quad that has held legends you may never know. Just try and do a better job keeping the quad door open than we did.

    To Cameron and Adric, I will you the power to decorate a wing to your hearts content. Whether you become a wing guide, or just continue to hang funny meme pictures all over, I know you guys will help make a community feel together.

    To Jake Cooley, I will an underclassman that makes you feel short, no matter how hard that may seem.

    To Ian Anderson, I will upperclassmen that don’t log on to your computer and install weird extensions. Just kidding, I really will an underclassman to join you in your goal of ingesting the most protein powder humanly possible, and sending snapchats of their roommates all around.

    To Phillip, I will you all the time of yours I wasted, as well as a bunch of cereal so you can always have some.

    To Nick, I will you an upperclassman that has better understanding of your computer, and doesn’t take you to to install connectify. I also will you the phrase “We did it reddit,” because we used to say that a lot.

    To Edmund, I will an underclassman that shares your interests, and helps you feel at home. I also will a better table to play games on, because the wing tables kind of stink.

    To Jack Messina, I will you the tallest toilet paper stack ever. One that reaches beyond the clouds, and no matter how many upperclassmen steal from it the stack will never deplete.

    To Jan Mangulabnan, I will a snapchat buddy who can keep up my streak for me.

    To Elliot Cleaven, Jordan Ramirez, Tim Ramos, Adi Budithi, Roy Chiu, Alex Hughes, and Sean Ngo, I will a volleyball team that doesn’t quit after the first point. I also will heads that don’t get concussed as easily, and a Ratatouille dinner at the Miner residence.
    To Steven Pickwell, I will a new season of Rick and Morty, so hopefully you can appreciate your voice more.


    Elysia S. Sawyers, University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s never that serious, have faith.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Dying my hair for clash both times.
    • Watching the Great Gatsby with Simone.
    • Singing in Russian.
    • Putting on mood glasses and chilling with my roomie and Alvina.
    • Twitter battles with petty people sophomore year.
    • The HBCU Visit spring 2015
    • Ceramics when Mr. Sewell joked about being a pot head.
    • Staying up late with Kayla sophomore year and watching TV/talking about the world’s problems.
    • The struggle of Harambee 2015 but then pulling it together at the last minute.
    • My dinner dates with Tavis J.

    Bucket List:

    1. Travel to Fiji, Jamaica and Mexico (other places too of course).
    2. Live a healthy and fit lifestyle
    3. Meet Rihanna
    4. See the Milky Way
    5. Have the patience to do something really artsy and craftsy for my house
    6. Get back into ballet
    7. Dissociate from social media
    8. Learn how to make clothes
    9. Go to a Drake concert
    10. Stay in bed all day

    Last Testament:

    To Walker C. W. I will you something sentimental. Retrieve 5/27/16.

    To Jenny Rosauer I will you all the luck we had with college. Remember that you’ll be ok and everything will turn out well. You have me as a resource.

    To Camryn Clanton I will you the extra courage and patience you’ll need to run AASA next year. It will be a lot to handle but I have faith in you, you’re more than capable of doing it and I’m so proud of how you’ve grown as a person and a leader this year. Good luck!

    To Aishat Durojaye I will you someone just as nice and comfortable you are to chill with. Thank you for the many comforting moments we’ve had.

    To Yasmin Broy I will you many more smiles next year. I know this year was tough and I truly hope next year get better, make a good time out of it and show off your pretty smile more often. Keep up the good energy.

    To Sona Fokum I will you the ability to keep your hilarious character next year. Junior year was rough but don’t lose your jokes to the struggle. Thank you for all of the laughs this year.

    To Tessa Ntow I will you the ability to keep you a sophomore just as sassy and nice as you are to sit with you in Sodexo and say hi to you next year. I’m happy I got to know you and thank you for your smiles this year.

    To Jaelyn Evans I will you the strength to carry on with your goals for next year. Go for what you want and don’t be shy about it! You can do anything you put your mind to.

    To Connor Elmore I will you the courage and leadership you will need to deal with the IMSA population next year. You are an amazing person and as you go through this place and people try to tell you or treat you otherwise, push them aside and carry on with your business. I’m already so proud of you and I can’t wait to see what else you do for IMSA.

    To Alvina Chen I will you a junior just as good as you were to me. Thank you for spending time with me this year and lending me your mood glasses. I can’t wait to see how you blossom next year.

    Naomi Nakijama I will you a junior just as nice as you were to me this year. Thank you for all of the small conversations with me, I appreciate them. Have a nice senior year!

    To the Class of 2017, I don’t know many of you but good luck with the college process and be nicer to each other than we were this year.

    To Clinton O. I will you the energy to stay just as charismatic and outgoing as you are now. Don’t let junior year get in the way of your outstanding personality. I’ve enjoyed watching you interact with the IMSA community and spread joy and laughs around campus.

    To Yuri Oh I will you a sophomore to give you many smiles and good conversations with as you have for me. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine for me this year.

    To Jessica Forbes I will you a sophomore to be just as smiley and happy with as you were with me. Thank you for talking to me and being someone I could count for a friendly smile.

    To Clayton I will you underclassmen and upperclassmen to get to know and make friends with. Thanks for sitting with me that one day at breakfast and talking with me. I’m glad I got to know you.

    To Denisse and Lucas I will you both the patience and leadership you’ll need to run the Hesed House volunteering program. I’m glad you value it as much as I do, stay patient with the RC’s and continue being a leader for the kids.

    To 06 B wing I will everyone the same closeness and niceness that persisted throughout this year. I wasn’t as close to the wing as I should have been but you all have a great dynamic so I hope you keep it going.

    To the Class of 2018 I will you all good luck with continuing your IMSA journey. It’s different for everybody but it is what you make of it. Stay positive and stay at IMSA.


    Anna Shabayev – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Look for the wonder in everything

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Being the grandpa in the 2013 Drama Club fall play, “You Can’t Take it With you”
    • Looking for Bonny in the apple orchard with Miranda
    • Burning bread in the incubator accidently with Miranda for MSI
    • Watching Simpsons with da roomie
    • Befriending sloths
    • London Intersession 2015 and drinking tea all the time
    • Running around taking footage for Holi 2015 underneath a trash bag to protect the camera
    • ISP family dinners and ISP photo shoots
    • Taste of Chicago with Alex, Crystal, Arianna, and Justin
    • Geneva trip with ISP and running into a film festival by chance
    • Post clash chanting between StudCo and ISP
    • Tea time with Jared, Rakesh, and Jake :3
    • Making the winning Halloween door decorations two years in a row with my roomie
    • Going to CSAW with #freethegeese
    • Going to various hackathons with old and new friends
    • Straight out of IMSA intersession with ISP alumni
    • Directing R0yal3 hall trailer
    • BijBaj takes on Chicago
    • Duck Hunt with Angelina and peeps
    • Raising Planty with Miranda for two years!

    Bucket List:

    1. Make a movie
    2. Make a game
    3. Go skydiving
    4. Go to all the places that I want to go to! China, Japan, California, etc and get a big adventure out of all of it.
    5. Learn a cool dance

    Last Testament:

    To the future ISP board, I will to you that feeling of excitement when exploring something new, new technology, new techniques, new everything. I also will you organizational and communication skills so that you can share these passions with new members! I will you all to do cool stuff!

    To Bij Baj, I will to you the nights filled with the best caspa and the nights filled with the best conversations. Congratulations on making it another year!

    To Cecilia, I will you my leadership experience. Keep ISP great and continue doing cool stuff <3

    To Christy, I will to you the strength to do everything that you want to accomplish in your time at IMSA. Do your best!

    To Alyssa Wilke, John DeMastri, Yoanna Ivanova, Evan Sun, and Akash Palani, I will you the fun and the memories that come with working a drama club show. Break a leg!

    To Akhila, Kiersten, Sweta, and my other C-Wingers, no matter if you live in the same wing or not I will you the ability to adapt and to bring love to any of your homes. Welcome the new sophomores of next year with open arms!

    And finally, to the future IMSA students, I will to you the best of luck and the opportunity to meet new great people and new great ideas. Make the most of it.


    Aadit Shah – Washington University in St. Louis USPM, Class of 2020/2024

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Think about it

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • King James
    • Spilling soup during Homecoming Pep Rally
    • Getting kicked in the nose during Diwali
    • Being the Gremlin of AmStud
    • My Life is JSA (Snapchat, sleeping arrangements, bringing $200, pharmaceutical advertisements, Franklin + Kristine, Sam + Anson, and being part of D204)
    • Breaking my retainer…multiple times
    • Last night with 07BDQ Junior Year
    • Wing-sizing
    • MCB All-Nighters with Vedhik, Michael, Naren, Rakesh, Paul, and Angad, while getting kicked off the bed by Naren
    • Learning Vimig’s vernacular (especially the bone structures of people)
    • Friday Fest after Jordan Ramirez’s Hole and all other roastfests
    • Catching Glass
    • Late Nights in 07B Senior Year
    • Easy-mac in the microwave
    • Getting “roasted” by Jessica
    • Clash 2016
    • Talking to Mike with Jo-Jo about Fantasy Football
    • Messing with Rajiv before the fire drill
    • Getting reported for being loud
    • 07 Happy Times

    Bucket List:

    1. Learn how to fly a plane
    2. Race in a Lamborghini Aventador
    3. Become a deep sea scuba diver
    4. Get better at Chinese
    5. Change the world through medicine

    Last Testament:

    To Aakash Lakshmanan, I will you everything you hope to achieve. I’ve loved every moment of seeing you grow from your young, even shorter sophomore self to a little taller you. Your passion for everything you are interested in (be it physics, math, or anything else) grow even in the face of your challenges never ceases to amaze me and I hope senior year doesn’t change you.

    To Advai Podduturi, I will you confidence and the opportunity to find your place in this campus.

    To Alex Yow, I will you a kek-free senior year.

    To Charles Kuch, I will you the ability of a magic dragon. Even more, I will you the ability to keep your novel personality that has always made our conversations unique.

    To David Ying, I will you a successful year as FBLA Chairman Ying.

    To George Li, I will you god-tier chess skills, the opportunity to meet the original you, and less gray hair.

    To Harsh Singh, I will you more Dr. Aldawud, and a junior that you’re forced to carry.

    To Herschel Gupta, I will you an underclassman as stocked with food and as open to letting you take it as yourself.

    To Neha Verma, I will you a cool junior on the SIR bus that will deal with anything you say. I will you a successful Science Olympiad Team and even more determination and passion than you already have. I’ve grown to hold immense respect towards your moral responsibility and strive to work hard and hope you have a successful, only slightly stressful senior year.

    To Noble Wulffraat, I will you a sophomore that shares your passion of social issues and elatedly attends your debates.

    To Pranav Reddy, I will you the best bassoon in the world and a sophomore that will as excitedly barge into your room at 2 AM and make you laugh as yourself. Your hilarious comments and daring actions (including those on the historic black chair) have always made for good memories and I hope you survive junior year.

    To Ram Koganti, I will you a junior as kind and caring as you.

    To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you an annoying junior – one more annoying than you.

    To Simon Su, I will you an opportunity to be on Midwest Cab.

    To Tim Pan, I will you an even better Chem Club and fun times with Dr. Thurmond. Whether it was walking into your room sophomore year and talking in Chinese with you or during SciOly, I’ve enjoyed our many laughs.

    To Tommy Nguyen, I will you a sophomore who will actually tarnish the flag in your quad.


    Tiger Shi – Purdue University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Sometimes you just gotta take some time to nap.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Those junior year nights that “didn’t happen”
    • Sophomore Year attempts at playing that one AoT game
    • Lunar 2016
    • Clash of the Halls All 3 Years

    Last Testament:

    To Jasmine Shi, Felicia Chen, and Daniel Mwangi, I will you all a box of rackets and birdies.

    To Sean Ngo, I will you my tutoring skills.

    To Tim Pan, I will you all the SciOly notes.

    To Grase Yang, I will you a fish.

    To Alcaeus Lam and George Jeno, I will you both the dankest memes.

    To Austin Choi and Hieu Nguyen, I will you both whatever the most tuned piano is in the music wing.

    To Andriy Sheptunov, I will you:


    Daniel Sohn – Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2020

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Turtle
    • Winning Clash
    • 03 Hangouts
    • Nights in 04BUQ Soph Year
    • Corn Maze
    • Jumping through the window
    • Housing Meetings
    • Spring Fling 2015
    • FPS and FPS Practice
    • Last day of Junior Year
    • Mitch’s Apartment
    • Homecoming 2015
    • November 1st
    • That one Friday Fest
    • Spanish Chicago Trip
    • Sunday before Finals Sr Year Fall
    • Breckenridge
    • The Incident
    • Clash 2014 and 2016
    • That one couch

    Bucket List:

    1. Rock Climbing with Amy XieXie

    Last Testament:

    To Nikhil Madugula, I will you the ability to find answers to simple questions on your own.

    To Abs (Abhiudaya), I don’t will you anything because I already gave you Senior Privs. Have fun going through junior year without Senior Privs.

    To Simon Su, I will you somewhere else to break in room. As you constantly stress out about homework and procrastinate, you’ll need another place to do your work. Be hyped you only have one more semester left until you can SSS.

    To Amy Xie, I will you the Amy Xie plaque and Amy Xie couch. The plaque has been one of my most worthwhile investments and expect that you will hang it proudly in your room next year. I hope you will be overcome with nostalgia every time you see the plaque.

    To Alex Yow, I will you back your sweatshirt that Nick Michuda has. Please come to 04 and get it.

    To Shannon Park, I will you the seven elements of art because Art Design was a blast.

    To Aneesh, Vainius, Joseph, and Sneh, I will you 04CDQ. While I feel like our quads haven’t hung out as much as we should have, you guys made the right choice to stay in the best wing on campus.

    To Grace Park, I will you less work because you deserve to be less stressed and have more fun. Hope you have a fun senior year!


    Patrick Swearingen – University of Minnesota Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Spend more time being happy.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • When Addison Herr was caught for in room every night Junior Year.
    • Rap battles in A Up-Quad junior year with D-Wing boys
    • 1505 A/D Wing Movie.
    • Telling all my stories and problems to A Down-Quad sophomore year.
    • Orgo Chemistry and OOP help in B Down-Quad Senior Year
    • Fruit Womping after dinner.
    • Root Beer pong.
    • Movie night every Tuesday night.
    • Minecraft every I day sophomore year.
    • Aggressive cuddling.
    • Eating an entire pizza the night before swimming conference.
    • Clash drill team senior year.

    Bucket List:

    1. Stay connected with all my friends.
    2. Get my drivers license.

    Last Testament:

    To Krishi, Srivarun, Alex, and Adrian I will an Up-Quad that is only loud during the wee hours of the night.

    To Nick Nelson, Edmund Fornoff, Phillip Martin, Ian Anderson, Sohum Gupta, Jake Cooley, Cameron Longfellow, and Adric Mosher I will a bunch of adorable sophomores that you have cute handshakes with and let you go first for wing dinners.

    To Addison Herr I will an underclassmen friend who will always be there for you, even if you don’t talk that much anymore.

    To Auden Hinz I will my League of Legends skills in case your mouse breaks and you have to play with a controller. I will an underclassmen that can help you with math problems.

    To Phillip Martin I will underclassmen that works too hard that you can annoy while they try to study.

    To Ian Anderson I will more protein powder and cooler dance moves.

    To Sohum Gupta I will a sophomore with hair as stylish as yours.

    To Jake Cooley I will a sophomore that is taller than you.

    To Nick Nelson I will a sophomore that is as good with the ladies as you, and will show you something cool like Rainmeter.

    To Adric Mosher, Cameron Longfellow, and Edmund Fornoff I will sophomores that talk to as many girls as you.


    Kathy Swerbenski – Miami University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Memories are worth losing some sleep.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Clash – all three years but especially 2nd in talent and finishing pep rally in third this year and the perfect score in decs and 4am Steak and Shake in 2014
    • #QuadConversations and all the crazy nights in the quad
    • Habitat for Humanity – Never forget #HappyHabiFamily2k16
    • Why Nots in DQ with Jeanette, Bree and Shreya
    • The many hours spent in The Room
    • Stoner C-Days with 7th Mod Squad
    • The sleepover that could have ruined everything and others to follow
    • X-Tina’s going away party
    • The numerous times I’ve sang/screamed and danced along to American Pie with Jeanette
    • The Prank War of 2014

    Bucket List:

    1. Travel the World – try and visit at least 6/7 continents (who goes to Antarctica anyway?)
    2. Climb to the top of Mt. Rainier
    3. Go bungee jumping and skydiving
    4. Fall in love, have a cute little family, and live a happy life

    Last Testament:

    To Colette and Adam, I will what may just be the most important thing to me from throughout my IMSA career, 01. Take care of our home and don’t forget about the most important day of the year, May 7th.

    To Colette, I will underclassmen who will love you as much as you loved your upperclassmen. You are one of the sweetest girls I know and you deserve them. I also will many more people to share your great hugs with. I know you’ll do amazing things as CD next year because I know how badly you wanted it and how much you care about 01. Don’t forget about me next year and know if you ever need me I’m only a phone call or text away.

    To Adam, I will a senior year to do what you want to do and make it your own. You are amazingly passionate about all that you do and it’s impressive, but don’t forget to slow down and take a minute to just enjoy yourself. Senior year is when you actually have time to make great memories – don’t miss out on what IMSA has to offer.

    To Jeremy (Jer-Bear), I will my last and final f*** to give about high school. *Can be changed to crap if this is inappropriate* I know you have none so having one lying around might be helpful. I also will you someone else to bother you every time they see you. You’re an amazing guy even if you don’t always see it that way so I will you an amazing senior year in which in get into your dream school and everything else you want – and I don’t have to say a chill year because I know it will be for you.

    To Katie, I will a senior year as on fleek as your eyebrows. You are gorgeous both inside and out and I have really enjoyed getting to know you better this past year. I will you an amazing senior year and fantastic wing members to share it with. You were a great wing guide this past year and I’m sure your wing will love you even more next year. Don’t let anything stress you out too much and enjoy your last year here.

    To Alex, I will a more relaxing senior year and lots of cuddle buddies to comfort you when it’s not. You’re an amazing guy and you can always seem to make me smile, even when I’m in a crap mood. I will you someone to do the same for you. Keep blowing people away with your amazing vocal range and even more amazing personality.

    To Linnea, I will Twerk Team Tuesdays and someone else to always walk in your room and find sitting there. I have so many great memories of you, me, and Grace from when we were way too tired and crazy late at night.. You are one of the most delightful people I have ever met and I hope your senior year is filled with many new amazing memories.

    To Lucas, I will you cranberries – both to eat and listen to. I will you many more random talents to learn and dominate talent show with. And I will you lots of more languages to master. You are honestly one of the most interesting people I have ever met, never stop learning random and cool things even if it seems like there’s not time.

    To Connor, I will you Fancy Tuesdays and all the bow ties to wear on them. You are the sweetest guy I have ever met and I know you’ll do amazing things on Studco. Don’t allow junior year to ever take away your amazing smile and positive attitude.

    To Diego, I will you a drill partner as amazing as yourself. You’re an awesome dancer and and give even better hugs – make sure to keep sharing your skills with others. You somehow were always able to make me laugh, so keep spreading your joy. I also will you and your quad many fun late nights together in the midst of the struggle of junior year. I also will you and your quad many fun late nights together in the midst of the struggle of junior year and the hashtag, #QuadConversations for those memories.

    To Julian, I will you a sophomore as energetic and awesome as you. You have one of the most amazing personalities of anyone I have ever met so stay awesome even when things get stressful. I also will you many more amazing dances, I trust you to make sure 01 slays next year in drill.

    To Charlie, I will someone else to make ugly faces at you every time they see you. You’re a hilarious guy and I hope your sense of humor isn’t ever dampened by the struggle of junior year. You’re bound to be an amazing leader and I know the sophomores in 01 will look up to you next year. I have no doubt you’ll be an amazing role model and friend to them. I will you and your quad next year Xenon, please take good care of him and carry on the 01B tradition.

    To Mike I will more more-than-okay days and someone to ask you every day about them. And I will you many more strange German videos to keep you laughing during your junior year.

    To Gary, I will a little sib as funny and crazy as you are. From day one that I met you, you were willing to be completely yourself and you’ve been entertaining me ever since. I hope you have as much fun with your junior year as you did your sophomore year.

    To 01B sophomores, I will you all an unstressful as possible year next year. I will you many late nights in together to make the memories you’ll never forget and will always laugh about, the memories that make the stress of IMSA worth it. You’re all great girls and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do with your time here at IMSA!


    Nikhil Thota – Iowa State University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: All life choices by asking “Odds?”’

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Josh Joeing throughout sophomore year
    • Choreographing for the 1505 Drill Team and receiving second place
    • Aadit Shah roast fests
    • Rish shaving his head
    • Playing odds (mostly with Rish)
    • Roof
    • Late night talks with my friends
    • Living in the Angud Gang
    • SMAC Indian Singing Troupe
    • IMSAlon
    • Catching Camden every day at midday
    • Working out with Vedhik
    • AV Pizzas with Akshay, Camden , and Tom
    • Synergy with Andy
    • Team Solo Nog
    • Close in-room escapes
    • Excuses for why my papers were late
    • Making Vines
    • Being loud and obnoxious at Sodexo with the people capable of making me laugh that hard

    Bucket List:

    1. Get Gains
    2. Get my ear pierced
    3. Keep in touch with the close friends I made at IMSA
    4. Improve my dancing skills
    5. Go to medical school
    6. Meet a nice girl

    Last Testament:

    To Joseph Palakeel, I will you my beloved business, IMSAlon. Please take care of it and keep it going strong. Also, from Vimal to me, and from me to you, I will you the honor of being the swaggiest Peoria kid at IMSA.

    To Mateusz Cikowski (Sloth), Alex Gonalvez (Mouse), and Wasan Kumar (Bird), I will you my keys to the petting zoo. Adopt some more animals and guide them through their next few years at IMSA.

    To Adi Budithi and Herschel Gupta, I will to you two my hand in 05 Drill Team. Make sure we are never again the underdogs at pep rally. Be leaders within the hall and use this opportunity to connect with your hallmates.

    To Vainius Normantas, I will you dope rap verses that will make Brown Swiss and Norse God go big. I also will you a rockin IMSAlon-approved manbun

    To Ram Koganti, I will you an underclassmen who wears an adorable smile whenever he sees you and manages to somehow make your day better from even short interactions.

    To Sagar Natuvetty, I will you a cute underclassmen with soft pudgy cheeks to pinch, and the scooter club presidency. Make us proud, get rid of those ripsticks and put scooters back into power.

    To Alex Gonsalvez, I will you a distilled butt and a great chemistry partner to carry you next year. Although you did leave me at the end, thanks for sticking with me for most of it. Work hard in your classes until the end, I believe in your capability to get into whatever program you desire. But you should probably work on your essay writing skills a little *Air Kiss*

    To Mateusz Cikowski, I will you many random pictures of me to keep for your collection. If you still miss me, don’t worry I also will you a skype call for a rainy day.

    To Alex Yow, I will you the ability to have fun, despite some people.

    To Adrian Bebenek, Tim Ramos, Adi Budithi, and Andriy Septunov, I will you the opportunity to take another class with our favorite math teacher, and the power to use mathematica to its full potential.

    To Amy Xie and Sofia Rhode, I will you many random late night snapchats (more than likely involving Rish).

    To Aneesh Kudaravalli, Joseph Palakeel, and Sagar Natuvetty, I will you the SMAC Indian Singing and Dancing Troupe. I’d love to be able to visit and see that the tradition is still running nice and strong.

    To Alvina Chen, I will you another dude to nickname whiskers (for the reason I don’t really remember). Maybe one day we can get that snap streak back too.

    To Jae Oh, David Ying, and Srivarun Tummarakota, I will you the ability to get through an entire mix without a mistake. I know David didn’t actually do his 1 on 1 in time for that exercise (shame), but I appreciate you trying to pull it together at the end. Sorry Jae and Srivarun for making you do that, but tbh you two turned out to be two of the best performers in the end.

    To Timur Javid and Jeet Bhalala, I will you my thanks for being my very first underclassmen friends at IMSA. Although we had some issues with pranking one another and taking jokes too far, I know there were no bad intentions involved.

    To Sruti Mohan, I will you another “weirdo”, even you are actually the weird one.

    To the rising seniors of IMSA, I will you a great time in your final year. This is the time when you will really get close to everyone at IMSA. You will continue to meet younger students, and peers from your own class. With all the free time given in senior year, you will meet more people, relax with your friends, and you will finally get an almost normal amount of sleep!

    To the rising juniors of IMSA, … lmao. Just get through the year.

    To my Habi family, I will a trip as awesome as this past year’s. This year’s trip was one of the best weeks of my entire life and I know it wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you. You all are amazing people and I hope you find some new and interesting place to go next year and make many more fantastic memories with each other and new Habi family members.

    Finally to all of 01, I will a strong sense of family and community. Be there for one another and always try to have fun and make great memories. Try to have at least one dance party, if even just in memory of me and my love for them. I can’t thank the members of this hall enough for making my three years here – but especially my senior year – the best of my life.


    John Valin – Vanderbilt University, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Give your all, all the time.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Sleeping over in Dylan and Kyle’s room every year
    • The Quote wall that came out of the late nights above
    • Enoch Benson IV and all of his amazing quotes
    • Friday Park Runs
    • Pencil Runs
    • Every Single Track and Cross Country Season.
    • A-Team
    • Endgame
    • 2016 Wing Wars
    • Every Clash of the Halls
    • 2015 Relay For Life
    • Late Night Maggi/Cooking
    • Late Night Soccer with Zach Yager and Alex Gonsalves
    • Late night Ab workouts with Jair and whoever cared to join
    • Watching Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow every week with Jair
    • Hanging out in 2015 05CDQ and 2016 05BDQ
    • BOOTS
    • Distance Memes
    • Hawaii Intersession Trip
    • Cooking with Jair

    Bucket List:

    1. Continue to run in College
    2. Run all 6 World Marathon Majors
    3. Complete the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon
    4. Go to space
    5. See the Olympic Games in person
    6. Climb Mt. Everest
    7. Travel.

    Last Testament:

    To Jair Powell, I will endless seasons of Flash and Arrow. Forget about Legends of Tomorrow, that show is trash. But I will always remember watching shows with you the night they came out. It was always a part of the week I looked forward to. I also will you the killer 800 and 400 times you need to make state next year. You killed it this year and I am so proud of what you can do. Just do me a favor and stay mid distance. Those sprinters couldn’t handle you. I’m going to miss you buddy, but I have to come back and watch you win big next year.

    To Braxton, I will my position as top runner in Cross Country, and some iron. Even though the position wasn’t really mine during my senior year, the iron gave it to me so I’m going to say that it was all me. But seriously, you’re a monster, and I expect you to kill it next year. Lead the team farther than I could this year. Don’t let three points keep the guys from moving on. Also, the team is looking pretty strong, so even though I will you this, you’re going to have to defend it. Stay speedy, Ironman, and don’t forget to Jump On!

    To Adi, where do I begin? I will you my senior year. I had some difficulties early on in my IMSA career, as I’m sure everyone did, but I feel like I finally got it together my Senior year, and I want to give that to you because honestly I don’t know what else I can give you for our friendship. Keep it real buddy, I’m going to miss you.

    To Wasan, I will a smile. You’re always the happiest and most upbeat person around, and it’s helped me out a lot. Have a great senior year buddy.

    To Matt, Alex, Michael, and Wasan, I will some storytelling. You guys have always had the best stories when I’ve come in, from Alex’s SIR to Michael and Minecraft and it’s been a blast. Keep telling the stories to the next generation of IMSA students.

    To Elliott Cleven, I will the best Annie Support you will ever get, and you better believe that I’m challenger.

    To Igor, I will a new sibling. It is time that you become the big brother to the next generation of IMSA students and I have no doubt you will do a great job. I could tell from the moment I met you that you were a natural and belonged here.

    To Polina, I will some sleep. I know you don’t need it, but it might be useful in the future so I’ll give it to you anyways. It’s been a blast getting to know you since track and its crazy how strong you are. Have a great senior year and I’ll visit to see you make track state next year. I believe!

    To Istvan, I will two more amazing cross country seasons. You did amazing this year, and although you decided not to do track, I can tell that you’ve got the skill and dedication to do really well in XC. Keep up the great work, and make sure to give Braxton a run for his money for me.

    To Heena I will my fashion sense, as requested. I don’t know why you’d want it since I’m a guy and all, but OK. More importantly I will you more adventures in exotic lands. I’ll never forget Hawaii and I hope we both have more adventures in our lives.

    To Malik I will my luck. I hope it serves you well. You’re going to need it to not fall off your skateboard at 20-60 mph.

    To Braxton, Kir, and Jair I will a 4th member for the A-Team. You guys have done an incredible job this season, and I can’t imagine how far you’ll be able to go together next year. I’ll have to come back and enjoy watching you guys kill it.

    To Braxton and Jair, I will the Cross Country team, and hopefully #CaptainStatus. As it was passed down to me, I think that you two are not only the fastest, but the best role models and leaders for the team. I’ve seen the both of you do amazing things and I want to see you guys lead the way next year. I’m sure you both will be up to doing a great job. I can’t wait to see how you guys do.

    To Braxton, Jair, Kasey, and Dominque, I will you the Track team and its own #CaptainStatus. You guys are leaders this year, and I don’t think that will change next year. Show the team how we do it at the Illinois Muscle and Sports Academy and let’s kill it.

    To the track team, I will an amazing season. I’ve had some many memories and great experiences with this sport and I hope you all will get the same. We are on an upward trend and from what I see I think that we have a really good chance of winning a lot next year and I play on visiting to see it.

    To distance, you know who you are. Jump On! the memes and make sure iron man never forgets. We must pass on the traditions and memes of old to the next generation of distance runners to keep the memories of those that have fallen and moved on alive, like myself. Stay classy, my friends.

    To the cross country team, I will the future. The sky is the limit with how hard you all have been working these past years, and I only see success in the future. It was a pleasure to lead you guys and I expect great things from all of you next year.

    To C wing, I will brotherhood. From our wing wars victory to the community I will never foget you guys that have made my senior year fun. Thanks for being a part of it.

    To Wasan, Jae and all of 05, I will a community. I’ve seen some amazing things out of every single one of you, and I’m proud to live in the best hall on campus. I can’t express how much of a difference this place has made in my life from the moment I moved in sophomore year to now. I don’t care what any of the other halls think, we’ve got what it takes to be great. Just harness it and you’ll see what I saw during COTH this year. It pains me to have to leave my home but #Wintage will forever be in my heart. Hoo-Hah 05!

    To all juniors and sophomores, I will 2 more great years at IMSA. I don’t believe that such an amazing place will be shut down, especially one that is my home. Every year I see new faces transformed in to friendly, familiar ones and I’m sure you’ll see that with the new sophomores. Make sure to enjoy what time you have left. Trust me, it goes fast.


    Brice Wang – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Late nights with the hex
    • 2 AM McDonalds drive-thru run
    • Junior year all-nighter paper writing with the Angud Gang
    • The Great Floods ft. Akshay and Camden’s bathroom
    • The perfect ratio
    • My first and last LoL-nighter with the real 2014 05DDQ
    • Infiltrating Aurora Christian High School with Kush
    • Ancient grains
    • Ceiling projector
    • French music video with Nikhil featuring one irate Kevin Satler, a 5 AM security guard, and many dancing students
    • Ultimate Frisbee on Yare
    • Holding up math team at ICTM State with my all-important shower
    • 05DSophQuad
    • The jammin’ bonfires
    • White Elephant with Drew “Eggschell” Schell
    • My last Clash Pep Rally
      Bucket List:

    1. Discover something cool and put someone else’s name on it
    2. Inspire someone
    3. Publish my work
    4. Get back to playing tennis
    5. Find all the stuff I’ve lost at IMSA

    Last Testament:

    To the rowdy sophomores of 04D (“Baby J” Justin, Thomas, Adhav, Patrick): I will you many late nights with great adventures next year. The ungodly amount of sound coming from your doors, despite how annoying it sometimes is, takes me back to my own sophomore year when we’d screw around late into the night. Junior year can be rough, but never forget to have fun once in a while.

    To Eshan Mehrotra, I will you an undying love of mathematics. Use it to surpass me and everyone who came before (yes, even James Tao). I will you the resolve and leadership to transform IMSA into the intellectual paradise you described, where students can be excited about the amazing work they and their peers are doing. I also will you a protractor, so you can finally convince yourself that you are actually a triangle. Best of luck senior year and beyond! I can’t wait to hear about the great things you’ll do.

    To Bingtao Xiang, I will you a clock that actually tells you the time. I also will you the conversations I wish we’d had during IMSA. Finally, I leave you with a refrigerator stocked with peaches to remind you of your Asian nominal heritage.

    To Jacob Horstman, I will you the linguistic genius from which all of my room’s poster tweaks spawn. Though we only met this year, I deeply admire the love and commitment you have for our wing, and I know you’ll keep 04 the best hall on campus with your unparalleled enthusiasm and work ethic.

    To David Ying, I will you my hopes that one day, you will quench your thirst once and for all. You were one of the first sophomores I met last year and the only one whose name I immediately recognized from seeing on the email list. I’ll miss the visits you made to my room.

    To Vainius Normantas and Anna Barannikova, I will you SCS. I know I’ve been slacking off during the homestretch of my IMSA career, but I do it with the confidence that you’ll take the reins and make it a better organization than ever before.

    To Ankit Agarwal, I will you the title of JHMC Problem Czar. I have faith that you’ll write a contest more than worthy of Illinois’s largest middle school math competition. I also will you all of my mathematical knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm for you to both better yourself and better the IMSA community at large. I see in you the passion and drive to accomplish great things. Don’t let me down, dude.

    To Adrian Bebenek, I will you the memories of us tanking in orchestra as lowly 4th stand partners. I also will you what little restraint I possess to help you tank a little less than you usually do. I know you’ll have no shortage of fun, and I trust you’ll help make next year a memorable one for both you and those around you. Finally, I leave you with a recording of you saying “zika boi” so you can listen to it on repeat and simulate a realistic conversation with yourself.

    To Rohit Mahankali, I will you a sophomore who will call your name out whenever he sees you. Though we didn’t get to talk much this year, I really appreciated having such a friendly and dependable person in you to call my friend.

    To Alex Yow, I will you an enormous, muscular ostrich with which you can compare your gainz. Have fun senior year, and stay ostrichy.

    To Pranav and Sushil Upadhyayula, I don’t really feel the need to will you anything because I know that you two are more than capable of earning anything I could will. Nonetheless, I leave you with the drive and vision to use your talents to their fullest potential. Don’t be afraid to pursue ideas that may seem difficult or infeasible. They may take you on paths no one else had dared to follow and lead you to extraordinary accomplishments. Enjoy your time at RSI, your senior year, and wherever life may take you in future. If you need anything, I’m always a message away.

    To John Lin, I will you a sophomore with super squishy cheeks so you can, in turn, find satisfaction in messing with his face. From the time I first talked to you in Eshan’s JHMC sweatshop, I’ve found you to be an enormous troll, but at times, also a serious, thoughtful individual. I also will you the boundless curiosity to discover what really interests you, as well as the strength to ward off apathy because I know that underneath your tanky exterior, you have the potential to do amazing things. Don’t tank too much junior year—but don’t work too hard either. Stay in touch dude.

    To Melissa Mu, I will you the ICTM State championship we couldn’t (probably won’t?) give to you this year. I leave you with the initiative to lift math team from its gradual descent into stagnation and bring IMSA back to the glory days. I know that if anyone can do it, it’s you. I will you innumerable Snapchats of Paul and Emily after this year, as well as a USAMO qualification (no pressure).

    To Eric McCarthy, I will you a sophomore who reminds you of your beloved Neefee Sun, just like how you did for me. I also will you many conversations—some Nicky-related, others not—that we should have had this year but didn’t get to.

    To Claudia Zhu, I will you someone who will awkwardly say hi to you in the hallways. Some of the time. Though I didn’t get to talk with you much this year, I saw you above all as a happy person, so I will you the simple joys to relieve you from the stress and difficulties of junior year.

    To Patrick Pynadath, I will you a workout buddy who loves coffee as much as you do. I will you the drive to pursue your interests in econ so that one day, you can successfully save Greece. You’ve found a great balance between diligently working and having fun, and I hope you’ll pass it on to your sophomores so they can get as much out of IMSA as you will. Though I wasn’t always available to chill with you, I really enjoyed your regular visits to the quad. Thanks for brightening up my senior year, and remember to keep in touch.

    To Abhiudaya “Abu” “Abs” Bhalla, I will you a bed to nap on and a friend to nap with, as well as a sophomore who will call you by many different variations of your name in the hallways. I also leave you with the countless memories made in our quad. You were one of the first sophomores I really got to know this year, and I’m glad to call you my friend. Finally, I will you one game of chess with me, whenever you want it. Have fun junior year, and keep in touch.


    Jason Wu – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Life’s too short to overthink things.

    Most Memorable Moment:

    • When Aaron tackled Erich during a Euchre game
    • Using Calvin’s shower for “three” years
    • Playing Magic the Gathering in Dylan and Kyle’s room for the first time till 2 AM
    • Finding Calvin his first Dinner Date to which he met his fateful end… on the grass in front of 06
    • DQ as a junior with Matt, Kyle, and Dylan to which I played COD for the first time
    • Football on Yare
    • Blowing compressed air on Calvin’s sides after attacking them
    • 4AM English papers with Calvin
    • Iron bros with Alan, Jason Yang, and Tony
    • Hitting 2 plates on the bench press
    • Maggi nights with the quad and wing
    • ASIA Co-presidency with Cathy and the entirety of Lunar New Year 2016 – all of the stress and bliss
    • Dancing in Diwali, Lunar, and Casa de Alma
    • Choreographing with Calvin and Nikhil for the first time and tying for 2nd in CoTH 2016 Drill Team performance
    • Finishing the hall mural with Tiger despite all the troubles with spray paint and oil paint and managing to pull off our talent show last minute almost perfectly.
    • AOMG concert – my first live concert – and seeing Jay Park shirtless
    • Sike a boi, honestly… lmao
    • Ridding the carpet of rotten milk till 4 in the morning
    • April 16, 2016 (7:30-10:30)
    • “splash”

    Bucket List:

    1. 1000-pound club
    2. Join a dance team in college
    3. Skydiving
    4. Backpack across Europe
    5. Hang-glide off a Swiss mountain
    6. Produce a song and/or film a movie and/or write a novel
    7. Live in Europe

    Last Testament:

    To Jae Oh, I will you the self-confidence to be who you truly are. Life’s too short to meddle over petty things and your time at IMSA is too precious to be pressured by others’ judgments. Without a doubt, my senior year has been the best year of my life because I learned to be appreciative, to make my own decisions, and most importantly to love myself. Even though I know you’ll do all those things, I just want to remind you to thoroughly enjoy the time you have left at this school. Being a CD can be stressful at times but it’s a most rewarding experience. So amidst the countless meetings, scheduling, events, college apps, and of course, girls ;), never forget to find time for yourself – to laugh out loud, to hang with your friends, and always smile as brightly as you can. I also will you the 05 CD position. Never be afraid to voice your own opinions and learn to speak freely but also with careful thought and articulation. I also will you a life with no beef. There’s no point in maintaining strenuous relationships with people – simply ignore their sorrowful arses (you know what I mean). I’ll refrain from all the sappy messages (I’m going to miss your constant pestering about girls and your gleeful presence) but I shall leave you with one more thing. You are, and forever will be my little brother (hopefully you won’t be “smalls” for too long, though).

    To David Ying, I will you the persistence to pursue your every dream. So, please don’t quit track halfway in your final year here :P There will undoubtedly be times in your life where your mind starts questioning the feasibility of accomplishing the task in front of you or the likelihood of getting a certain position. But, never, ever, lose sight of your aspirations. You have a kind heart, David, so let others feel your appreciation for them. Finally, I will you the football tradition (and my football, if I can find it…). You have to remind people that IMSA doesn’t have a football team not because IMSA students can’t play football but because we simply don’t have the funding. Also, I will you a girlfriend because you really need to stop sniping boy.

    To Alex Yow, I will you simple happiness. Senior year is going to be hard mate. But, since I know you’ll work hard and trudge through the quicksand-esque stress of apps and grades (because damn you are an immovable boulder of a human being), I want you to cherish the little things that happen in life – late night study sessions, conversations with your friends, RCs, your soccer games, and simply everything. When things are getting tough, just think about the one thing that made you smile that day and you’ll feel better. I hope you tackle the hell out of everything that gets in your way next year bud ;) sike a boi

    To Krishi Korrapati, I will you confidence. Psh, that’s probably just a waste of a will since you’re already overloaded with it :P You have an unbreakable inner strength, to which I am quite envious of, but use that strength wisely. I also will you PPC’s presidency. You talk big but it won’t mean anything unless you beat Jeffrey at State. I’m also holding you to your word about breaking the IMSA 4×800 record. Don’t let me down now boy.

    To Amy Liu, I will you my love… ASIA. Take care of it like it’s your child. I loved ASIA more than anything and I’m confident that you’ll continue the legacy that we presidents of past have started. ^~^

    To Tim Ramos, I will you salt because you chose Cathy over me. Never forget :P In all seriousness, I will you an incredible, stress-free senior year. I leave the future of ASIA in your hands. Also, slightly unrelated, you and Jan are too cute.

    To Jan Mangulabnan, I will you joy in all things you do. Even when times are tough, never stop smiling. Also, make sure to keep an eye on Tim next year. He might end up choosing the wrong side (ahem ahem) and get on someone’s bad side :P

    To Sam Okoli, I will you everything I’ve learned from track. Lean in to your left and destroy the curves mate and when you come to the straightaway, I will you the slingshot speed (if you’re in lanes 2 or higher, chase the person in front of you, increase those stride lengths, and go crazy with your raw speed). I will you the impeccable start – when you’re in your set position, look at the finish line once then relax your head and breathe. Come out strong, drive those knees up, cycle quickly and never shoot your head up until you’ve reached top speed. Remember, pocket to eye-socket and follow through. Best of luck bud. You’re the future of IMSA’s 200m.
    To Alvina Chen, I will you relaxation. Sometimes, you just need to sit down, away from all the terror, stress, and hype of senior year, and relax – take a deep breath and everything will be fine. I will you a new song every day (okay, maybe once a week). Never cease to try and expand your musical sphere because it is truly boundless if you wish it to be – give your ears a chance to explore new genres. I will you even more sass because boy is it fun to snap a z-formation at someone. Finally, I will you a happy face; you can’t always have a resting bitch face now, right?

    To Mateusz Cikowski, I will you an everlasting smile. I will you better acting abilities because your inability to look angry is still incredulous to Rakesh. Make IMSA even greater as CAB director bud, you have my full-fledged faith.

    To Jair Powell, I will you appreciation. Your love for the comic universe is admirable and honestly, it got me hooked. Never stop cooking because it sends an incredible aroma through the hall. Although I may not have a word in this but I will you mid-distance track. Oh, also, just a reminder, you’re forever a sprinter ;)

    To Wasan Kumar, I will you Kush and I’s legacy as CDs. You will have so many responsibilities and so many decisions to make but remember that you have a co for a reason. Enjoy leading the best hall on campus. Hoo-hah 05 buddy. #wintage


    Jason Yang – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Forget the past. Look to the Future.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Every night with my Quad #RealBQoC
    • Two-Plate Club with JWu and ALiang
    • Lifting with Danny
    • Every time I broke in-room, whether in Ryan Yang’s room or in 07ADQ and every late night conversation
    • Prairie Burn
    • Clash 2014, 2015, and especially 2016
    • Every Spring State, Fall State, and Every attempt to go to Winter Congress
    • Working really hard at swimming practice with Kevin Satler
    • Being a Senior. It’s so nice.
    • Playing Catan with all of the 2014 RCs
    • Late night SMITE
    • Odds and talks on the Downstate Bus
    • Experiences at Eckhart and 1871 on Wednesdays
    • Long walks and Long talks
    • Honestly, SITE
    • Graph Theory Problem Sets
    • The Biochem Table
    • Every happy moment and every sad moment that defined who I am

    Bucket List:

    1. Make a real difference.
    2. Travel the World
    3. Learn more and more novel things
    4. Change
    5. Make those around me laugh
    6. Stay Positive
    7. Never lose touch with those that have changed me and those that I value. Especially my family.
    8. Do what I want to do and Be what I want to be
    9. Buy my parents anything and everything they’ll ever want

    Last Testament:

    To anybody who wasn’t on this list but should have been, I’m sorry. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I hope that you are happy with your remaining years at IMSA. There’s no place like this. Keep in touch with me next year.

    To 1507, I will away my home for the last 3 years. No matter what anybody thinks or says about 07, it will clearly and always be the best hall on campus.

    To George Moe, I will you a junior to stay up late with you at nights working on Graph Theory problem sets. I’ll miss our late night talks and adventures and playing Risk until 4 AM just to screw with you trying to take over Australia. I have never seen anybody who works as relentlessly as you, and I know for a fact that you will not only get through but also excel in whatever you plan on doing. I know this year that you didn’t receive all of the positions and opportunities that you had hoped for, but I encourage you to look further and know that you should never let a position define your self-worth and who you are. The best times are still ahead. Keep in touch with me, I’m excited to see how you are in the future. Also, please refer to the last entry in my will.

    To Jack Badalamenti, I will you a junior to sleep by your side and break in-room every night. I will you a happy and fun quad, as well as a friend who will be family to you as you have been to me. I love the incredibly long LoL streaks, the grind for elo, the endless dank memes, and the fact that you literally have spent double the time in my room as opposed to time in your own. You have grown as a person from when I first met you, and I hope you will continue to grow in that respect. Finally, I will you to work hard next year, as both a CD and a college applicant. It’ll be hard, but always keep your goals in mind. Make 07 Great Again.

    To Daniel Shin, I will you another friend who will sing really, really stupid songs with you and make fun of you all the time. I will you another friend who will talk with you until 7 AM and then get up an hour and a half later to go to Chicago to film for Hall Movie in the bitter cold. I will you another friend to teach your Korean rap to meme Ethan. You are kind, caring, and remind me a lot of myself in terms of humor and fun. And even though I still hate you for not helping with Sound and Light, you are excellent company and one of my favorite juniors. Have fun senior year, visit me in Champaign when you go home on the weekends.

    To Robert Lou, I will you an excellent quad next year and a less stressful senior year. You deserve both of these. I hope there will be less late nights of staying up doing homework and more nights where you have fun with your friends and hang out. Don’t let the stress of junior year and college applications bog you down; you are eccentric and funny and adorable. You only have one more year; make the most out of it. Also, I will you another friend who will stay up late and listen to your funny jokes and be as caring to you as you are to everybody else around you. Please refer to the last entry in my will.

    To Andrew Ye, I will you another year of dance and another sophomore to come to your room/quad and spend so much time and have so much fun with your friends. I remember the derpy little sophomore you were and how you’ve changed and matured over the last two years. You have always been excellent company and always a fun time to talk to. Have fun Senior year. Be confident in your abilities, especially as a dancer. I am excited to see how far you go next year as CD.

    To Yoanna Ivanova, I will you another person to be as happy and optimistic and fun as you are. Your work ethic and how you somehow are able to get a lot of sleep never cease to amaze me; like you’re the kind of person to actually start college essays over the summer instead of just procrastinating. Being able to talk with you on the Metra as well as in Biochem has been a pleasure, and I am happy that we’ve become friends over the year. Your future is bright, don’t let anything stop you. I always will you endless hugs.

    To Alex Yow and David Ying, originally I was going to will each something individually but I got lazy and you guys are pretty much the same person. I will to both of you more laughs and more jokes and a lot of fun in your new quad. Both of you have been not only a top kek but also at times incredibly legitimate. I respect how hard both of you work, and I am confident both of you will excel. To Alex, I wish you the best of luck with college and I hope you message me at 4 AM again when you have just too much homework. Also Good Luck with your 2k17 prom date. You know who it is. Also specifically to David Ying, I will you a continued presence in JSA and more grated cheese. I am sad that we only began talking during second semester, and I wish we had more time together. Make sure you guys keep in touch with me, and if you need anything just hit me up like always.

    To Alex Yow, David Ying, Yoanna Ivanova, and Shin Imai, I will you another Biochem table that pays negative attention. Specifically, negative attention because of how class is stopped just to tell you four to stop talking and actually do your homework for once instead of having me and Sam Qian carry you guys. In reality, I also wish each of you a set of 4 juniors who will carry you as you have kind of carried us.

    To Heena Srivastava and Ravali Thi, I will you JSA. JSA has been a central part of my IMSA career. I am confident in both of your abilities. Good luck on your goals for the club; there are a lot of things that were done behind the scenes that now you guys will need to deal with. You also have lots of work ahead of you, but don’t give up on it. Also host a Chapcon. If you ever need help, I’m a message away.

    To Neha Verma, I will you somebody else who will give you a hug every time they see you. You’re such a fun and novel person, and I wish you the best in the future.Have fun as a senior, and if you ever need anything let me know.

    To Austin Choi and Alcaeus Lam, I will you juniors as cool as you guys were. It was fun going through our respective classes, especially Art Design with you Alcaeus, and doing Modern Theater papers with you Austin. And to both of you, please sleep earlier. Like I know that’s slightly hypocritical but also like sometimes you guys are crazy.

    To Rohit Mittapalli, I will you a little sibling that gets as close to you as we were, as well as tons and tons of dry ice. Although you might not have loved it in 07, I definitely remember having good times with you throughout this past year. Good luck to you, and if you need help you know who to message.

    To Pranav Reddy, I will you a sophomore who will pay as much attention in Diffeq and in MVC as you did. It’s been fun having classes with you, and I hope you’re ready for junior year.

    To Darius Hong, I will you a sophomore who you can push around and tell you them you hate them as a complete joke even though we both know that deep down, it’s true. I am interested to see how you are as a senior.

    To Claire Wang, I will you another excellent year on the swim team. I miss the days of PAWW with Derek and all those other coaches. You’re a fun person; we should keep the streak going. Also let’s chill in Ptown.

    To every student in the Class of 2017, I will you the preparation you will need for college season. A hard road is ahead but never lose hope and never settle. Shoot high because who knows what might happen, and you never want to have regrets about this stuff. And know that whatever does happen, you will be happy and be at the top wherever you end up, and that the college you attend does not and will never define your self-worth.

    To my friends in the Class of 2017, I invite you to send me your essays to be proofread, or to bounce ideas for college essays off me whenever you need. Just don’t be afraid to ask. And I’d tell you to start early but you probably won’t.


    Franklin Ye – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: You can always go to UIUC.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • 04D sophomore year
    • Watching Primer with 04BUQ sophomore year
    • My life is JSA
    • Dinner Date with bff
    • SITE
    • Homecoming all three years
    • February 5th, 2016
    • Winning Clash
    • Homecoming and Clash Drill
    • Orientation and Cube
    • HC Movie junior and senior year
    • D-wing study room life & Eysturlid timeline #1 (360 bodyslam)
    • Losing homecoming senior year
    • Losing homecoming court all three years
    • Good times at SIR with Nikhil, Dr. Carlson, and Rish
    • IMSATube night classes
    • Lunar dance and Lunar skit
    • 2 hour dinners
    • Casa de Alma skit and cumbia
    • Running SCC Elections (Chris Rogers Rap God Videos)

    Bucket List:

    1. Graduating
    2. Hitting Masters
    3. Partnering with twitch
    4. 2XS
    5. AAA
    6. Weston with Isaac and Cong98
    7. World’s QF in Chicago
    8. Meet Imaqtpie
    9. 1500 Total

    Last Testament:

    To David Ying, sike a boi, I will you the tarnishing of a certain club.

    To Bing, I will you FlashFun.

    To Matt, I will you the bestest CAB year.

    To Madison and Evan, I will you a successful year of Student Council work.

    To Xinyu Guan, I will you acceptance into all your schools.

    To Lindy Hong, I will you the state cut.

    To Amy Xie, I will you a dinner date.

    To Shannon Park, I will you a junior carry who will lend you pencils.

    To George Moe, I will you admin privileges of and the prosperity of ClubHub.

    To Akash Palani, I will you JSA adventures. LEAD > StudCo + CAB.

    To Eric, Blair, John, Tommy, and Justin, I will you guys a team to play against in the LoL tournament next year.

    To Jesse Yan, I will you my swimming ability and league skills because you need it.

    To Zhaozi Li, I will you a state chess championship + supernationals.

    To Simon Su, I will you some cheese.

    To Absudailya Baller, I will you cheese as well.

    To William Chi, I will you snapchat stories and sleeping arrangements.

    To Sagar, I will you the senior-at-large position and the notebook. Don’t mess up

    To Andriy and Alex hughes, I will you a sophomore who is better than me at swimming


    Calvin Zhu – University of Chicago, Class of 2020

    Wise Words of Wisdom: Act with no regrets.

    Most Memorable Moments:

    • Going to up-quad during sophomore year and always passing out on DLu’s bed.
    • Binge-watching a bunch of anime during sophomore year with the squad.
    • Learning how to play Magic and playing for five hours until two A.M.
    • Base-bathing our trashcans at the end of sophomore year with Rakesh Chatrath because they were so disgusting.
    • Two years later, cleaning spoiled, spilled milk off the floor for three hours and then finally pulling out the ultimate weapon of base-bathing for a second time.
    • That one fateful night in 06 during sophomore year.
    • Listening to my first kpop song, B1A4-Lonely, with Jason Wu.
    • Tuesday night tradition of watching three movies after check and waking up an hour later for SIR with Tom Wan.
    • When Tiger Shi gained superhuman strength and overpowered me, Rakesh, a door, a wardrobe, a desk, and a CRT monitor.
    • Getting frostbite on my sides after getting sprayed by compressed air.
    • Learning to cook maggi for the first time with Vinesh Kannan.
    • That one time Anna Shabayev, Rakesh Chatrath, Michelle Meas, and I stayed in the booth and had a really chill time talking and watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged.
    • The ISP Elgin Trip, Camden Ko’s speech during Clash 2016, and everything ISP.
    • Four A.M. English papers with Jason Wu.
    • The first time I took a girl to a dance and everything that followed.
    • Many sleepovers with Nick Damen.
    • Bleaching and dying my hair a bajillion times.
    • Turnt cooking parties after Clash drill practices.
    • Actually cooking with Cook Cook Squad and developing awesome burger recipes.
    • First time making my own choreo and getting second place in Clash 2016 drill.

    Bucket List:

    1. Getting to know more people.
    2. Give something back to society, or at least to the people around me.
    3. Staying in touch with my close friends.
    4. Keep dancing.
    5. Read more.
    6. Get into a good graduate school.
    7. Keep doing media production in college.
    8. Attending Kevin Broy’s first house party and firstborn’s baby shower.
    9. Start my own company.
    10. Have fun every day.

    Last Testament:

    To Michelle Zhu, I will you three words: believe in yourself. You are very smart and have made it through the hardest year. I know that you will succeed no matter what happens so don’t doubt yourself.

    To Auden Hinz, I will you an abundance of people to chill and hang out with next year. You’re a pretty cool guy and really smart too :) Stay you.

    To Christy Paik, I will you a double thumbs up and an exciting senior year. You always put a lot of work into whatever you do, but I hope that you can still find a way to enjoy your time and have fun.

    To Claudia Zhu, I will you good luck with your future endeavors. Your high ambitions are admirable and your hard work will be realized, so keep going.

    To Elliott Cleven, I will you sophomores as cool as you were. It was a pleasure to live with you for two years and you never fail to make me laugh. I promise to visit you guys a bunch next year.

    To Evan Sun, I will you many new, tasty recipes. I’m going to miss you and your obsession with novel cooking apparatuses. You constantly have so many commitments and how you keep up with such a fast-paced lifestyle amazes me. Keep up the good work!

    To Grace Yang, I will to you me and Tiger’s cooking skills. You have an easy-going and unique personality and are fun to talk to. Have fun :D

    To ISP Board, I will to you a fantastic year with Kevin Broy and Bill McGrail. I know that you guys will work hard to recruit new members and keep up our legacy, and that you guys will persevere through any hardship. You got this.

    To the Robotics Team, I will to you guys FRC Championships 2017. You guys can really come together when it counts and get some really amazing stuff done when you put your minds to it. This will be the year that we make it. I promise to come back and help.

    To Sagar Nattuvetty, I will you another successful internship. I’m sad that I didn’t get to know you that well, but I enjoyed working together in Tandlr and our Chipotle lunch trips when we went downtown. Hopefully I can fix this via Bij Baj Prime [24].

    To Sean Ngo, I will to you success with the honeys. You used to be that one quirky sophomore, but you’ve really grown on me and I’m glad that I got to know you better. You’re a chill guy and always have a happy aura around you and I hope that never changes. Also your family is cool.

    To Yugan Sakthi, I will to you a robotics team that puts any powerhouse to shame. You are very passionate about robotics, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to improve IMSA’s team. Keep at it and you guys will succeed, I guarantee. I regret not talking to you more, but let’s remedy that.

    To Yuri Oh, I will to you a less busy year. You are so hardworking and ambitious, and I envy that. I enjoyed being around you because of your optimism and ability to always be happy; don’t let that part of you change. You are very nice and easy to talk to, and I am glad I got to know you.

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