Finals – What a Breeze!

photo from Chris Adamus, distributed under Creative Commons Zero by Unsplash Project

Well. It’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for. The time we are on the edge of our seats to face the outcome. Success or failure, hinging upon a single moment. The season of finals. Nothing seems to exist beyond the void of stress and whatever you had to learn.

Cramming the night before is the way to go. Sleep? It’ll be better spent waiting for the last minute to prepare. It’s only an entire semester, you can probably fit it all into a couple minutes of review right before the test begins. It’s fairly routine, just a bit more material than a usual test or quiz. Also, you just need it for this test. It’s not like your following math classes, for example, will build up off of it. Plus, you’ll have the review test to fake your way that you know it.

Making sure you eat healthy throughout this time is also important for success. Ramen is incredibly recommended. So is sugar throughout the night – you need something to make sure you have that all-nighter. Caffeine, too. Maybe you’ll crash in the morning, but you’ll probably be able to finish most of the test before then.

Most important is being stressed. Finals are a critical part of your life. Nothing matters after that. Just the next final and nothing more. In twenty years, when you are searching for a job, this one test will be the only thing you are judged for. It’s just the only thing in your life. Forget friends, family, fun…. until the couple of hours are over and you have two weeks to recover to start the marathon again.

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