March Student Council Progress Report


Student Council is proud to present our third installment of project updates. The following sections shed light on what work Student Council is currently doing, and hopefully, you can find a project that you believe will improve an aspect of your life at IMSA. Each section has a project name, project members, purpose, progress, and future plans. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any Student Council member.

Kaushal Gumpula

Project Name: Athletes Missing Classes
Project Leader & Members: Sophie Pribus, Darius Hong
Purpose: To help student athletes missing classes with academics through the creation of a notes website that would allow them to more easily catch up on missed class time and make class notes more available.
Progress: The team has decided to create an online database of notes from various classes, so that student athletes, and students in general, may easily refer to information they may have missed without having to inconveniently ask other students. These notes have been compiled by peer tutors, but the website has been built to accept submissions from all students.
Future Plans: The team will meet with the CAL’s and Dr. Hernandez and receive feedback from them.

Project Name: Faculty Information about Mental Health Leave
Project Leader & Members: Srivinay Tummarakota, Radeesha Jayewickreme
Purpose: To learn about the information teachers receive about students with mental health conditions, and see if the communication between teachers and students concerning mental health can be improved.
Progress: StudCo members have talked to various students to learn more about what students would want the communication avenues to be. StudCo members have also met with Dr. Hernandez to discuss the project further. The project team has also met with various administrators and taken notes from those discussions.
Future Plans: The project team plans to create a formalized proposal using the information and feedback they’ve received from various administrators and students.

Project Name: Sophomore Navigation Module Revision
Project Leader & Members: Gloria Huang
Purpose: To analyze sophomore navigation modules, and possibly revise modules to focus on academic support and resources on campus.
Progress: The Academic Support module was revised from being a tour showing IMSA resources (writing center, ITMC, etc.) to being a simulation where sophomores would go through the process of asking for help from the resources at IMSA. The module was completed, and is now undergoing revisions for next year. The project leader has already met with the counselors and is now looking at the nav curriculum in its entirety.
Future Plans: The project leader will meet with the counselors again to implement formal navigation changes.

Project Name: RC 1 on 1s
Project Leader & Members: Vinay Tummarakota and Connor Elmore
Purpose: To help nurture strong relationships, better establish a strong sense of community, and further build trust among students and their RC’s.
Progress: A project proposal has been created and project leaders have done L&L (listening & learning) with several students to get feedback. The project team has met with Mrs. Berger and aim to present the proposal at an RC Meeting
Future Plans: Presentation at an RC meeting

Project Name: IMSA Bike Project
Project Leader & Members: Kaushal Gumpula, Tommy Nguyen, Ray Shang and Sophie Pribus
Purpose: To get free bikes that students can use on the IMSA campus.
Progress: A project proposal has been created and project leaders have done L&L (listening & learning). The project members are going to take a trip to a nearby bike repair shop to get a quote on how much it would cost to repair the 5 bikes we currently have.
Future Plans: Get the bikes repaired and hopefully a system for bikes in place in the next 2-3 weeks.

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