Class of 2015’s New Sophomores-at-Large

Weeks of applications, interview processing, and candidate campaigning culminated in the Sophomore-at-Large candidates’ speeches. On October 1st, all six final candidates presented their ideas before their peers  for the coming year in an attempt to show that they were best choice for the position. In the end, the popular vote went to Ryan Yang and Vinesh Kannan, both of whom will be representing the Class of 2015 as this year’s Sophomores-at-Large.

Both Sophomores-at-Large (SALs) are already at work. Their first project has been organizing the election process for Sophomore Class Club by designing questions and applications for the positions.  The SALs are also interested in changing the sophomore 7-check policy by allowing those with sports to check by 7:15. The extra 15 minutes, they say, will give athletes more time to clean up and eat after practices. So far, the elects are doing a great job helping the sophomores and are opening up a promising future for the class of 2015.

As Ryan and Vinesh work on their agendas, perhaps they will consider the ideas raised in the other SAL candidates’ speeches on election night. All of the speeches shared a few general ideas in common, such as how a SAL played the role of the Class of 2015’s representative to make a change in the IMSA community. Many candidates mentioned how they w0uld like to make Sodexo more appealing, give more time to sophomores to finish their work, and promote more inter-class relations. At the same time, each candidate had the opportunity to express his/her own unique ideas in his/her own ways.

  • Vinesh Kannan‘s speech named him as a catalyst for change. He stressed his passion to represent his class and make their lives at IMSA more worthwhile by helping them overcome sleep deprivation and getting help from experienced individuals, namely upperclassmen.
  • Priya Trevedi followed, citing her gregarious personality and ability to communicate well as traits that would allow for her to help others as SAL. She proposed making Sodexo meals less dull, having upperclassmen impart knowledge and tips in a simple guide for incoming sophomores, and creating events to honor dedicated senior athletes.
  • In an Obama-esque manner, Vikram Anjur emphasized his desire for change in order to make life better for students with the initiation of more inter-hall activities. He walked through the crowd, addressing and referencing some sophomores and their experiences so far, drawing the cheers of his peers.
  • Amanda Walsh hoped to push back lights-out to a later time to make it easier for involved sophomores to finish their work. Some of her ideas were sweet, too: Candy Grams on Valentine’s day was an idea that she felt would be a fun activity for the entire campus.
  • Similar to the preceding candidates, Ryan Yang wanted to change lights-out. He was also passionate about making music more prevalent on campus. He wanted to support the arts at IMSA and have more opportunities to bring music to the community.
  • Aniruddha Shekara addressed the adjustment sophomores were making in the IMSA environment, discussing how the diversity of the school should be celebrated by having a cultural fair to induce more intercultural relationships. Some of his other  ideas include a 7:15 check for athletes and later-morning Navigation sessions so that they don’t cut sleep for sophomores.

Ultimately, the possibilities for the Sophomores-At-Large and Student Council in general seem to be plentiful.  Hopefully, the abundance of ideas can come into fruition thanks to a consistent flow of hard work and dedication.


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