5 Things to Look Forward to this January

By: Steph Wang, IMSA News section editor

Nearly a week has passed since the final Intersession for the Class of 2015. Already, students have wet their feet if not entirely cannon-balled into second semester, finding that memorizing effectively might just come in handy, perhaps wishing for blind grading this semester,  or discovering that IMSA really does live up to its name of ‘Illinois Malnutrition and Sleep Deprivation Academy.’ Beyond academics, the fitness center has observed a full attendance of students diligently following their New Years’ resolution. It’s a new semester —  a new year.

So what does the near future have in store for us?


StudCo’s Last Lecture series feat. Dr. Kiely

Students have the opportunity to hear anecdotes, advice, and life lessons from Dr. Kiely at his Last Lecture. Inspired by Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, IMSA’s Last Lecture series  features faculty members presenting a speech as though it were their last.

  • When: Thursday, January 17, 6:00-7:00PM
  • Where: Pearson Lecture Hall

Dr. Dong’s “Les Phys” poster from his college days

Les Phys screening

Many moviegoers have seen recent blockbuster Les Misérables. IMSA students have seen Les Phys – or are planning to do so. Physics teacher Dr. Dong’s senior thesis is a musical about physics, an interesting combination that students will surely enjoy watching and critiquing.

  • When: Thursday, January 17, 7:00PM
  • Where: Pearson Lecture Hall

An Arabian Nights’ Winter Formal

This year’s Winter Formal takes on the exotic with the theme of Arabian Nights. Organized as a collaboration between Junior and Senior Class Club, the dance will cleanly wrap up students’ first true school week of the second semester with music, dancing, and relaxation.

***Tickets will be sold throughout the week of January 14-18 and will be available at the door as well.

  • When: Friday, January 18, 8:30-11:00PM
  • Where: Old Caf

 SAT Testing

To the amusement of Collegeboard (and excitement of its wallet) and to the anguish of most high school juniors, the season of standardized testing has begun. Despite their nervousness, many students have not forgotten that Collegeboard was so cordial as to supply a variety of different exams from the mandatory SAT general test to the almost rainbow-like array of subject tests to, finally, May AP testing. Looks like IMSA’s juniors will be busy this semester testing them all out!!

  • When: Saturday, January 27 (next national testing date)
  • Where: IMSA and other locations

ASIA’s Lunar New Year show

Interested in Asian pop songs, explosive choreography, traditional music, or, oh, a combination? ASIA’s Lunar New Year (LNY) show has you covered! The annual LNY will showcase the singing and dancing talents of IMSA’s students as a celebration of the new year and Asian culture.

  • When: early February
  • Where: Auditorium


About the Author

Stephanie Wang
With a penchant for satire and multimedia integration, Stephanie Wang is grounded in cross-campus news and commentary, having introduced the latter in her stint as an IMSA News Section Editor. She looks forward to the day that the Acronym becomes the “Academy’s Choice Reading: One Independent Newspaper for You and Me” -- she winks in your general direction. Find her trudging and swimming around campus or contact her at: swang1@imsa.edu.

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