Songs and Shows for the College Essay Process


If you’ve ever been a senior in high school, you know how hard it is to write college essays. Whether it be a supplemental or your entire Common App essay, it can get pretty stressful trying to sum up your personality and life experiences in 650 words or less. Obviously, everyone’s experience is unique, but here are some playlists to help you get through the college essay writing process!

1) For the stage when you try to start your essay but feel stuck. It’s easy to lose motivation when writing your essays, so here are some songs to help motivate you and keep you energized!

2) For those late nights and early mornings (and everything in between) spent grinding out your essay. During this stage, you’re just trying to get your essays done. This is a time full of revisions and endless critiques from your CAC, and it can be easy to get stressed, but just remember that you’ll pull through no matter what and get those essays finished! So here are some songs that will help keep you relaxed:

3) Some shows to watch when you need a break. If you’re tired of writing your college essays nonstop, it’s okay to take a quick break and watch an episode of your favorite TV show or hang out with your friends. Just make sure you don’t end up binging an entire season on Netflix. If you want some recommendations, here are some shows on Netflix with short episodes (less than 25 minutes). These shows also have non-continuous storylines, so you won’t be as tempted to binge watch:

  • We Bear Bears. This animated show is about three bear brothers and the adventures they get into. Each episode is only around 12 minutes long, so if you want a quick break just watch an episode!
  • Adam Ruins Everything. This show showcases all the terrible truths about things present in our everyday lives, from cars to animals. Each episode is 20 minutes long, and is full of interesting facts!
  • Jeopardy! This long-running game show was recently added to Netflix. Each episode is only 20 minutes long, and you can play along with the contestants and learn new information along the way.

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