IMSA Titans’ Outstanding Golf Season

IMSA Titans made notable strides in their golf game this season.

In the fall of 2018, IMSA Golf snatched the conference tournament trophy, established new records, and peaked in their athletic performance through the playoffs. The most notable aspect of the team this year was its size and diversity, as it not only included eight new sophomores but the highest number of female participation that the sport has seen in many years. The entire team was involved with golf every single day since the second day of school. They would either drive to the driving range to practice and enhance their skills, or go straight to the course to play their matches.

The team played a strong regular season, finishing a little below 500 (known as the win percentage). While not everyone started placing in top 5 or even top 10 in matches, over the course of the season, everyone improved. In fact, at the final conference tournament, IMSA’s Golf Team collectively placed first.

Many individual accomplishments are also remarkable. Tyler Ptak (’20) placed first as an all-conference champion, while Vismay Vyas (’20) placed second, and Ayush Agarwal (’21) placed 4th. These were incredible achievements for the IMSA Golf team, and with effort and dedication, the team was able to represent IMSA well.

In their playoff season, the team had many exciting tournaments. At the Sycamore tournament, Vismay and Tyler advanced to sectionals, and Vismay broke his personal record with a score of 73 and a second finish. Tyler also performed well, shooting an 84 that just made the cut. Sectionals were hosted at our home course, where Tyler qualified for state with a 79 after playing for four spots in a seven-man playoff. Later at state, Tyler finished in 28th place and concluded the season.

After countless hours of practice and competing, the IMSA Golf team set prestigious records this fall with their extremely successful season. The team would like to give a shout-out to Dr. Kotlarczyk for being an amazingly supportive coach throughout the months, and another special shout out to Ayush Agarwal and Austin VonPerbandt, the team’s captains. The team is excited for another fantastic season next year, with the idea of forming a separate girls’ golf team due to the amazing turnout this year. We want to congratulate the IMSA Golf team and wish them nothing but the best in the future!


*Special thanks to Tyler Ptak for providing The Acronym with information about the golf season*

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