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During what has seemed like the longest six months of our lives, most of us have either picked up new hobbies, started watching new shows, ordered new clothes, or maybe even uncovered a few hidden talents. Whether these choices were intentional or not, we have evolved as a society in our ability to find new ways to entertain ourselves at home, and for some, that’s meant discovering podcasts. Many podcast listeners have reported feeling a sense of comfort when they hear humans interacting with each other during podcast episodes. For many, podcasts have been a means of gaining fresh perspectives and insight during times when social activity and communication are limited. Regardless of if you’ve already explored podcasts during this quarantine period or ever before, The Acronym is eager to help you get started! Below are a few podcast recommendations!


1.) Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill

“Intercepted” is a weekly podcast, where co-founder Jeremy Scahill and his guests analyze the most crucial issues of our time. They challenge societal norms and expectations, eagerly exploring what artists, writers, and thinkers have to say about redefining our preconceived notions about the world we live in!


2.) Today in Focus

“Today in Focus” is a daily podcast that offers a quick overview of new events, policies, and gossip from around the world! It presents the information in a very distilled format that makes it easier for listeners to put everything into perspective and to understand the broader implications of the news they are hearing. 


3.) Someone Knows Something

“Someone Knows Something” is a Canadian crime podcast that works with family members of victims to explore cold cases. Having already completed five seasons, the show is now looking into the disappearance of a man who has been missing for 25 years. Presented with very specific details, important insights, and true crime investigation methodology, “Someone Knows Something” makes you feel like you are truly a part of the investigation. 


4.) Court Junkie

“Court Junkie” is a podcast exploring our criminal justice system and its role in cases of the past and present. It argues that the legal system we have implemented has had natural consequences and loopholes, whether it be in cases of arresting wrong people or murders being disguised as accidents. It offers a very intriguing take on what lies below the surface level in criminal investigation. 


5.) The NPR Politics Podcast

“The NPR Politics Podcast” is a classic politically-oriented segment, structurally similar to public radio shows. It runs every weekday and gives an overview of the most essential news and headlines of the day. The show is simply intended for the political and economical education of listeners and has been known for the simplistic style through which it presents information from very esteemed political reporters. 


6.) Pod Save America

“Pod Save America” has emerged as one of the biggest political podcasts of our time, offering a liberal-leaning perspective on the current political scene. It tends to blend the takes of former Obama aides Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor with interviews from many famous American political leaders. 


7.) How I Built This

“How I Built This” is an entrepreneurial podcast aimed at breaking down what all-star business executives and founders have done to build and manage their billion-dollar empires. Guy Raz hosts the podcast and leads several meaningful conversations with very famous business officials to understand what inspired them to keep going, what changes they’ve made, what conflicts they’ve run into, and what advice they have for aspiring entrepreneurs. 


8.) Rise and Grind

A podcast hosted by Daymond John, “Rise and Grind” makes it clear that to be successful, one must put in the work necessary. A star of ABC’s Shark Tank and a serial entrepreneur, John describes the secrets that very successful entrepreneurs have used to make money and maximize their time and energy. He emphasizes the need for prioritization and how important strategic thinking can be to rise to the top. John also has many connections with some of the highest performing individuals in the entrepreneurship industry, who he often invites to speak and offer new insights!


9.) Are We There Yet?

“Are We There Yet” explores the latest space news through conversations with astronauts on a mission to explore the universe. Space journalist Brendan Byrne interviews astronauts and engineers and raises questions about the future of space exploration that are often overlooked. For instance, how will NASA drive the Mars Rover while working from home? What if an accident were to happen while at home that resulted in the loss of work that had been developed over years? How do we best tackle these challenges?


10.) The Naked Scientists

“The Naked Scientists” is a science podcast hosted by an actual scientist who interacts with other scientists in his field to talk about science! It is aired as a weekly one-hour episode that offers a very objective update on the most recent scientific breakthroughs and discoveries from the previous week. Although intended for purposes of supplying information, the podcast also features interviews with leading scientists who add emotional value to the information being provided!

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