The Bookleggers: IMSA English Faculty’s Podcast

The Bookleggers sitting around the microphone during the recording of "The Room Where It Happens." Source: Digital Commons @ IMSA.

Unknown to many IMSA students, The Bookleggers is a podcast produced by the English faculty, in which they discuss different texts and crack jokes that lovers of the books and plays they review will find hilarious.

The first podcast was on Hamilton, back in 2016, and the first question discussed was brought up by Mr. Dean: “Who is the best character, why is it King George?” The answers varied, with Dr. Kind latching onto the idea of King George, while Dr. Kotlarcyzk said he was going to have to go with Hamilton, the star of the play.

However, the department didn’t only focus on the characters in the play. They also discussed Miranda’s importance and whether or not the show would be as good as it had been originally on Broadway without him as Hamilton. The teachers, as a whole, decided that the play was so well written and that Miranda has established so much that someone else playing his part would not take away from the play.

Then, shortly following the podcast in October 2016 was another one on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in February 2017. There was discussion on the lack of clarity of Shelley’s writing of the Monster, but another theme that was brought up was whether he is a faultless being who was forced into his situation by his creator, or whether he did make some of his own choices and does fill the shoes of a monster. Victor was described by Dr. Hancock as a representation of “the dangers of Promethean masculinity” and as a man who just isn’t able to see another way to do things other than the way he is doing them.

I won’t spoil it all because I highly encourage everyone to go and listen to both podcasts that are out right now, and the other that will follow. Dr. Madon has revealed that there will be another one happening soon(ish), so start catching up!

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