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Personally, one of the main concerns I had about packing for school included clothes: how many should I bring? Is this shirt too dressy? Does this one make me look like I haven’t showered for a week? The clothes you wear are ultimately a representation of your identity and personality, so they aren’t things to be taken lightly. While homework and tests can often push us to resort to baggy sweatpants and hoodies that may not display our best selves, there are still ways we can all find a more presentable look with our clothes.


  • High Rise + Wide-leg jeans
    • This has been “in style” for a while now, but they’re still a good item to keep. Jeans with the shirt tucked in, or with a simple black belt can significantly enhance your appearance. Also, wide-leg jeans tend to be more comfortable than skinny, so it’s a great item to have on campus.

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  • Retro
    • This is a sign for you to hunt through your parents’ closets. Oversized polo shirts, hoodies, or button-ups are not only trendy now, but also relatively comfortable to wear on campus. And, it’ll make you look like you really know your fashion.


  • Knit sweaters
    • Once the weather gets colder, knit sweaters will be warm and comfy. If paired with dark jeans, you’ll look like an elegant student without putting in too much effort. Classic Ralph Lauren knit sweaters are a good idea. For bonus points, wear a collared shirt underneath!

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  • Hoodies
    • Hoodies may seem sloppy, but they’re an essential part of an average high schooler’s closet. They’re very comfortable, especially if you wear oversized ones (which you already should be doing). Hoodies pair well with leggings, sweatpants, or wide-leg jeans. 
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Source: AliExpress

  • Flannels
    • Again, another item that most of us already own. Thicker flannels are paired best with a solid colored shirt and ripped jeans. You can choose to tuck in the corners of your flannels or not, but untucked flannels do sometimes give off an early 2000s aesthetic.

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While some of us would rather focus our attention on different interests, dressing presentably is still important. We’ve noticed over the past few weeks: first impressions matter! Putting in a little effort to change a few things about our daily outfits can help with improving these impressions. Needless to say, the clothes you choose to wear are entirely up to you, as long as you wear them with confidence.

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