Adele’s Return to the Music Industry

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Now more than ever, music is the most sought out method to relieve emotional or physical stress. Adele, a British singer-songwriter, is best known for the descriptive narrative she tells through her songwriting. Her upcoming album, 30, named after when she started the songwriting process, is planned to release on November 19.

The cover of “25.” Source: Wikimedia

Rise to Fame

Adele’s claim to fame may have seemed instant, but it was not coincidental. She released three demos on her MySpace account in 2006 and received a lot of traction. Her debut album which includes songs  “Chasing Pavements” and “Hometown Glory”, had massive success in Britain and even more so in America where it debuted at No. 1 on iTunes. Continuing in this trajectory, Adele won 15 Grammys, 5 No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100, and has accumulated over 10 billion views on Youtube. A majority of her success derives from her raw and emotional albums that describe different aspects of relationships.


The “Hello” singer’s most recent album, 25, encroaches on topics of timelessness and self-discovery. She says about her album, “25 is so much more complex than that. It’s a brazen, beautiful statement about confronting self-doubt head-on — and coming out on the other side.” Her track “When We Were Young” seems disconnected, having only lived a mere 25 years, but the youth she describes is not quantified by age. She wants to go back before she matured, before the heartbreak, before the public image, and before parenthood.

Easy On Me

A few weeks ago, she released her first single in 6 years, “Easy On Me”. She reflects on her divorce from Simon Kockbeni and what she wishes she could’ve done. In contrast to other chart-toppers, “Someone Like You” and “Hello” that utilize the F-minor scale, “Easy on Me” is in F-major, which suggests a brighter and more positive approach to the song. The bridge to the second chorus puts closure to her reflective process and starts the process of moving on: “I had good intentions/And the highest hopes/But I know right now/That probably doesn’t even show.”  

A short while before she released “Easy On Me”, she announced her new album 30 on her Instagram along with a heartfelt note. Many fans took to Instagram to share their support. Fellow artist Lil Nas X even chimed in to show full support for Adele’s new album. Adele stated recently in a Vogue interview that 30 is the rawest album she has made.  She discusses divorce, motherhood, and adulthood while reflecting on that through music.

Lil Nas X’s tweet about Adele’s album reveal. Source: Instagram

Now, all we can do is wait until November 19 to hear the rest of Adele’s new album.

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