2022 Summer Fashion Trends

Fashion trends from the spring of 2021 | Source: Harper's Bazaar

Scrolling through Pinterest and TikTok and designing oh-so-trendy outfits has officially become my favorite hobby of the summer. From conversing with friends and fellow IMSA students, I know I am not the only one! Over the past couple of seasons and years, fashion trends have changed dramatically—instead of tight (and uncomfortable!) clothing being the most popular fit of garments, our society has turned to find comfortability and style in its clothing.

Currently, clothing items such as skirts, baggy jeans, and graphic tees have become more popular due to their increased comfort, when compared to suffocating items such as skinny jeans and tops. Because of social media’s increased appreciation of comfort as well as class, clothing items such as jorts (jean shorts), matching sets, button ups, among many other looser-fitting items, have become some of the hottest fashion trends of the summer.




Jorts and Baby Tee Combination

After initially becoming popular in the late 1960’s, jorts are officially making a comeback in the fashion world. Similar to how mom and baggy jeans made a comeback in 2020, the preference of baggier shorts’ compared to tighter and shorter shorts is increasing. Not only are jorts far more comfortable than traditional jean shorts, they are easier to style with baby tees, which are popular amongst the greater millennial population.

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Levi’s Women’s 501 Jorts $65 ($35 on sale now!)

Forever 21 Jorts $25 ($10 on sale now!)




Matching Sets and Athletic Rompers

Matching athleisure sets are the dress code for Hot Girl Walks (HGW), and because HGW are 2022’s most popular form of exercise, the fit’s popularity has increased exponentially. Additionally, the popularity of athletic rompers, specifically those from (probably the most expensive, too!) fast fashion company, Aritzia, has increased, and they surely are one of the most popular fashion items of the summer. 

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Amazon Matching Athleisure Set $30

Aritzia Onesie $78

Aritzia Onesie Amazon Dupe $26



Button Ups 

Whether used as a cover up or to dress up a casual outfit, button ups are being dressed in a multitude of ways this summer.

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Grey Bandit Button Up $50

Amazon Button Up $29





Floral Dresses

What better way to dress for the summer other than wearing floral patterns? This summer, flowy, floral dresses are incredibly popular. These dresses are worn in a plethora of styles: peplum style dresses, tank dresses, maxi dresses, among many others. 


Altar’d State Benton Floral Dress $70

Forever 21 Floral Print Sweetheart Dress $30 ($15 on sale now!)





Graphic Tees 

For many years now, graphic tees’ popularity has increased. Although their way of styling has changed since its initial appearance in fashion, currently, graphic tees and tanks are being worn with biker shorts or flowy, fleece-lined shorts. 


John Galt Malibu T-Shirt $22

Amazon San Francisco Graphic Tee $9




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