Finding A Finger Bone on Accident!

Svante Paabo | Source: The Hindu

Isn’t it fascinating how some of the most significant inventions and discoveries in history happened by accident? The microwave is a household appliance that we use every day, and it too was invented by accident. However, there are many more instances of such accidental discoveries that have changed the course of human history. One such discovery is the story of Svante Paabo.

Paabo is a Swedish geneticist who made an accidental discovery in 2008 of a finger bone in a cave in Siberia. This discovery led to him receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2022. After extensive research spanning 14 years, Paabo found out that the finger bone was 40,000 years old and belonged to a previously unknown hominin closely related to humans, called Denisova. The discovery was groundbreaking as the DNA of the bone was well-preserved, and Paabo’s team was able to sequence it.

In 2010, Paabo sequenced the genomes of the Neanderthals and found out that they were extinct ancestors of Homo sapiens. He traced the genes, finding gene flow between Denisova and Homo sapiens. This relationship was seen in populations from Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and other parts of Southeast Asia, with individuals carrying up to 6% Denisova DNA. Paabo’s discovery sheds new light on the origins of Homo sapiens and their evolution.

Paabo’s accidental discovery and subsequent research have had a significant impact on the scientific community, and his work provides us with a better understanding of what makes us uniquely human. The discovery of Denisova is a testament to the power of accidental discoveries, and it is awe-inspiring to think that a small finger bone found in a cave could unlock secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years.

The accidental discovery of the finger bone in Siberia by Svante Paabo has opened up new avenues of research and provided valuable insights into the evolution of Homo sapiens. It highlights the importance of accidental discoveries in science and the role they can play in advancing our understanding of the world around us. Essentially, Paabo discovered another hominin involved in the flow of DNA to Homo sapiens. The scientific community is grateful to Paabo’s monumental work which gives us a better understanding of what makes us uniquely human.

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