2023 Underclassmen Wills Pt. 1

Underclassmen Wills 2024 | Source: Dhruv Patel
Welcome to the 2023 Underclassmen Wills!
Although the seniors have been on this campus for less time than the juniors, they have undoubtedly made their mark on this school and our lives. So, as we spend the last few days with the people who have always extended a helping hand, The Acronym would like to introduce the fifth installment of Underclassmen Wills! Six weeks, 90,000+ words, and 127 individuals went into this project to show just how much we love the Class of 2023. So grab your tissue box, your friend within arm’s reach, and your reading glasses as we look into what is in store.
All of the wills from Aadi Desai to Karla Sanchez are on this page, and all of the wills from Kate DeGreve to Zuyu Liu can be found here.

Aadi Desai
Aahana Das
Aarna Patel
Aarushi Das
Aashi Dharia
Aashima Singh Sisodia
Abigail Botello
Aditya Prashanth
Advayth Pashupati
Amanda Barajas
Amaya Houston
Andre Mendez
Anirudh Chari
Anjali Ali
Anjali Samal
Anmol Singh
Anna Yang
Arjun Cherukuri
Aru Ulanbek
Ashwin Nair
Ava Gonzalez
Avyay Duggirala
Ayesha Bobat
Ayobami Ajayi
Blessita Charly
Brain Leong
Buddy Hicks-Gomez
Carissa Chen
Carolyn Zhang
Charles Conner
David Dickson
David Simmons
Deondr’e O’Bannon
Diya Kamath
Dominika Klejka
Donovan Morrow
Einsey Socrates
Ellen Hsuan
Ethan Remedios
Evelyn Cunneen
Faizaan Shaikh
Fredy An
Garrett Snedden
Greenley Ziemer
Gwen Olney
Hagen Arriaga
Haley Shah
Haoran Shi
Ibrahim Bah
Indy Xu
Iris Amit
Ishan Shankar
Jaden Willis
JaeJun Park
Jake Belonio
Jeffrey Yao
Joey Paras
Jojo Germo
Jongwoo Kim
Joshua Mu
Joshua Solone
Josie Kim
Jul Hwangbo
Kaella Moraga
Kale Suarez
Karla Sanchez

Aadi Desai

To Braeden Cullen, I will you an [REDACTED] similar to mine (I know you’re jealous). You honestly talk about it more than I do. I remember the first time I met you was through Akshat, and the moment I heard you two were going to room, I knew it was already over. Somehow it was even worse than the Faisal’s roommate pair. Despite your goofy song choices (I put the new…) and redstone torch antiques, I’ve learned a lot from you this year. From sleeping over at Kevin’s house over winter break to giving your undivided attention to Dr. Patankar in ML, I’ve watched, in awe, your ability to grow and work hard while having the most fun. Just talking to you has helped me grow in a lot of ways, and I wouldn’t be who I am without you. You’ve always been there for me, and I wish you all the best at Yale. Have fun shawty!!!

To Dean Barrow, I will you fresh food made by Mrs. Desai. (Especially Naan and Paneer). Sophomore A-wing was a completely new environment I was foreign to. You were one of the juniors I met later in the year (spent all your time in your room). Looking back at the past two years, you have become a down-to-earth and honest person, and I deeply admire you for it. Even if you had another assignment due at 11:59 PM, or just didn’t get enough sleep, you were always eager to help me, willing to put everything aside just to help. I’m proud of your accomplishments (wait you got into 8 ivies???) and you deserve them. So, best NASS Prez, enjoy SSS to the max before you go grinding at Stanford.

To Jesus Fileto, I will you a pack of fresh mint gum. (Or the other delicious flavors out there, so many to choose from.) I still remember the first conversation I walked in on you having with Faisal and Dean (unironically the most underqualified people), and I don’t think I’ll be able to forget it. I’ve gotten to know you a lot better as a person, and I’m glad I walked in on that day. You have accomplished so much in the span of 2 years, and I want you to know that any path you walk, you will find both success and happiness. I know it’s going to be a hard journey, but I have faith that you will be able to find it. Please keep viewing the reels I send you, (especially the “You in 20 years” one). I have to uncorrupt my reels (all thanks to you). Best of luck Bulldog, and hope you get to enjoy more candy like M&Ms. (Also you have 7 likes, go check them out.)

To Faisal Patel, I will you a better lock for your cabinet. (Your muffins were very delicious.) Since last year, you have grown on a tremendous scale, and have worked extremely hard for where you are today. You have had your ups and downs (walking in the cold for your favorite ice cream), survived countless opp sessions from you-know-who (I’ve stopped opping I swear), and have survived dozens of rocky roads (or 13 I can’t remember). You’ve been grinding since day 1, and I deeply respect the amount of hard work you’ve demonstrated. Continue playing golf with the boys, and I hope your 10 year Stanford Plan comes into fruition.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you the ultimate 3000 technique. (To use on all upperclassmen and basically everyone else.) Oh man, this is going to be a short one (just kidding stop crying). What Rohit has been to you, you have been to me. Even though we’ve roasted each other countless times, denied people from sleeping in their own beds, and hung out underneath Rishik’s table (I’ll never forget that), you have been like an older brother to me. You’ve genuinely helped me rethink the way I approach life. You’ve guided me at every step of the way, and I’m super grateful for meeting you. It won’t be a lie to say that I won’t miss seeing your outrageous texts. And no, you aren’t mini-Rohit (I am obv). The memories I made with you and the upperclassmen are those I will never forget, and have helped me become who I am today.

To Akshat Gupta, I will you an unlimited supply of Face Moisturizer with Snail Mucin Extract (and face masks to achieve optimal facial clarity). I don’t remember how I exactly met you, but you, just as almost all the 04 seniors, have changed considerably over the course of a year. You’ve grown from a shy, goofy goober to a more confident, male manipulator goofy goober. (I can’t stop saying schlime.) Keep being the goofy goober you are, and remember, no more opping.

To Kevin Huang, I will you the ability to reach your maximum calorie intake. (The Lexington Ham Sandwiches aren’t the move). Despite what everyone may say, I think you and Jesus make quite a great couple (FR). I’m glad I’ve been able to meet such an honest, down to earth person like you. Keep the deadlift grind on, and soon you may be able to compete with mine.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you a plane ticket to Alabama. (Can you finish interviewing Dr. Pat about your research project?) I knew you as the tall, extremely charming (appreciate it), guju, and that, fortunately, has not changed. I know you’re excited to finally meet the one and only legend at Harvard. Keep being soooo fineeeeeeeeeee.

To Daniel Ma, I will you an improved gym schedule which doesn’t only consist of benching. (20 sets is insane.) I appreciate the 04 Clash Chant (I think you have a bigger one tbh.) Despite your intimidating physique!!!, I admire your friendliness towards any stranger. I’m glad I’ve been able to meet you, and gl with your quant career. (slide the qUAnT iNtERnsHip)

To Revanth Poondru, I will you a bag of freshly made mozzarella cheese. Keep making those juicy, delicious, curvy dosas (I guess practice makes perfect, which explains a lot).

To Jared Dong, I will you the ability to get 2000+ ranking in chess.com. Maybe use Java to achieve this? (Learned a lot during OOP.) 练习网球,这样你就能达到我的水平. Have fun at Purdue, Jeffrey 2.0!

To Shaan Doshi, I will you Memcomputing: Fundamentals and Applications. (Two copies won’t hurt.) SIR has been a blast with you (SIR code wouldn’t have been possible without me FR). Thank you for always making sure I stayed awake, grabbing delicious Panera cookies, making Kavin pay for our food, joining Northwestern Clubs, and being yelled at by Northwestern Staff (I think we look like students). We have to 1v1 Dr. Berry on Venge.io (I think he’s pretty cracked). I see and admire the passion you have for Computer Science, and hope you can fully pursue it.

To Pietro Stabile, I will you a bowl of ramen. (We have to go again some time.) I can’t believe you got into the one and only, University of Chicago (or UChicago as they call it). INSANE!

Aahana Das

To Vidhi Shah, I will you all the Indian foods (and sweets) and all the fun in the universe so u can stop your nakhres. It takes so much in me to say this, but I loved having movie nights with you and Komal until 2 am (even though you fell asleep). Your unsolicited advice was valuable and to All The Actors You Have Crushed [on] Before, I hope you get to meet them someday. I am so proud of you because you passed orgo and I hope you dance to every [old] Bollywood song that comes on (like you did in the wing commons wearing MY ghagra, using MY recommended songs). I wish you all the best for the future and I wish you maintain your intoxicating energy for the years to come!!

To 02C down quad (Ri, JT, Catherine, Janelle), I will you all the fun experiences in the world for your future! I loved talking and getting advice from all of you! Y’all worked so hard and I am SO proud of your achievements. And even though we will not be having any more talks during programming (about literally everything), I will forever remember you guys for making C wing a home to me. . I loved being mentee-d by you and you are absolutely patient with the 10000000000000000000+ questions that I had for EVERY SINGLE THING for HOSA. I will miss the scioly bus rides and talks in between contests with you. I wish you all the best for the future (I know it will not be the same without me ;))!!!!

To Himani K., I will you success at MIT (even though you are going to SLAY your way through the 4 years and you will prolly not need it). I am eternally grateful for all the practice sessions, replies to my questions and patience that you had with not only me but with the entire USABO group! I am so grateful for your AWESOMENESS in literally everything. Wishes for the brightest future ahead!

To Sreekeerthi, I will you all the energy in the universe for your dances. I absolutely loved talking to you and waving at you in the hallways! I loved being mentored by you in HOSA; your advice on SIR’s was super valuable! I wish you all the best for your future!!

To Nikita, I will you all the happiness in the world becoz you deserve it! LEAD with you and Vikram was absolutely amazing and bumping into you in hallways and seeing your smile made my day. I wish you spread your lovely smile wherever you go and all the best!

To Amogh, I will you the brain power to remember our (me and my sister’s) names! You were amazing with scioly and I am grateful for your input as a captain! I wish you all the best for your future!

To ALL 02 seniors, I will you the energy that y’all had during Clash! Y’all will be slaying your way through the next 4 yrs like the GIRLBOSSES you are!!! Best of Luck!!!

To ALL the seniors, I will you bright futures and wish you luck for your future endeavors!

Aarna Patel

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you an amazing journey in college complete with tons of robotics, wonderful people, and a very special man to take you to your college formal😉. I am so so so grateful that I met you at girls dance this year because I literally would not have met you without it. You’re such a passionate dancer, gorgeous girl, amazing LEAD facilitator, robotics queen, and an absolutely wonderful person, and I will miss you more than anything. I’m going to miss our lunch/dinner dates and hours of walking around and talking endlessly. I can’t wait to hear about all of the incredible things you do in college, and I hope that you know that I will always be there for you like you were there for me. I’m so excited for you and your future! You deserve the world and more, and I can’t wait for what life has in store for you. (P.S., this is not a goodbye–I will be torturing your sister for the next two years if she decides to come to IMSA and you along with her when you come visit :)) ILY!!)

To Umi Arora, I will you a passion for dancing. I’ll never forget the time you dipped on me during CLASH drill :)) lol I’m kidding. Let’s just say those dance moves with the backbends weren’t for either of us… Even though drill didn’t work out, you were a really amazing LEAD facilitator this year and I’m really glad that we got close during drill and LEAD. I’ll never forget that time I looked straight into your eyes and started cracking up and crying during LEAD (I won’t expose anyone in our class rn but I think you know what I’m talking about :) ). It was a really entertaining class and you made it really fun. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you the award for best IMSA club president. Thank you for always being there for Red Cross Club and making it an amazing club. During my time at IMSA, I’ve joined over 10 clubs, some of which I wasn’t very passionate about (sorry IMSA!). You helped me realize that I needed to be more present in the clubs I was truly passionate about (like RCC) and focus on those. Out of all my clubs, you’ve been the one president who has shown up to every single board meeting, constantly communicating with the board GC, and making sure us sophs don’t get left out, so thank you for that. Good luck next year in Boston. RCC will miss you!

To Taylor Baugh, I will you amazing places to photograph in Cali! I’m so glad I met you during photography this semester because you’re such an amazing person! I was lowkey scared of you at the start of the semester but I’m so glad we became photography buddies and had lots of morning grab-n-go runs! I’ll never forget all the horrendously funny pics we have of each other on our cameras, and I wish you the best in California next year. You’re amazing at bio and chem and I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. :)

Aarushi Das

To Vidhi Shah, I will you a better choice in Bollywood movies. Hopefully now when you open Netflix or HDToday you will have the ability to not be delusional and choose a movie that is not Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. It was an absolute pleasure knowing you! When it was not debating about Bollywood movies, it was either knocking on our door, eating random snacks together, having all those late night study seshes, the moral support before an interview or just helping us order our first DoorDash – your presence was a cornerstone of my sophomore year. So as I’m listening to Bole Chudiyaan on repeat under your absolute insistence, I hope you know that I am so truly grateful for everything you have been from a friend to a mentor and I wish you all the success for your future <33.

To the lower quad of C Wing (Janelle, JT, Ri, Katherine) I will you guys lots of love<33. It was so wonderful meeting you guys this year and I loved saying hi when you all were in the wing commons!! I hope you have a beautiful experience in college and I wish you the best of luck for it!

To Janelle and JT, I will you oranges. My heart was overwhelmed when you guys gave me the juiciest and sweetest and most scrumptious oranges possible and now I hope you guys have an endless supply for them! I am FOREVER grateful for all the advice and summer programs you guys gave us!! You guys had amazing ramen making skills and such positive vibes that it made me so happy just to be in your presence!! Please keep in touch!!

To Divya Choudhary, I will you plenty of apple juice and my Spotify playlist for Bollywood songs (which is an irony because I literally love ur ‘manifesting 2023 adventures’ playlist). I loved hanging out with you in literally every club I joined–from Diwali to HOSA to SciOly, you have been an amazing companion! I hope you keep insisting that your lip balm is not a lipstick but vaseline with a lot of pink shade. Have a phenomenal college career. <33

To Nikita, I will u more crocodile /alligator jokes. I loved having you as my lead facilitator and I loved meeting you randomly in the hallways!!

To Himani Kamineni, I will you a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar. You were such an amazing mentor for USABO, and I am so thankful for all the advice and questions you answered! I loved your enthusiasm during the open study practices and I hope you meet Tim the Beaver!!

To Amogh Shetty, I will you the ability to grind the role of squamous epithelial cells an hour before the test. Even though you didn’t really differentiate (Do you get it? Differentiation of cells?) between my sister and me, I hope you enjoy your college and bhajans!

And finally, to all the seniors – I wish you all the power to slay in college and may you have the luck as you forge your own epic path to the future!

Aashi Dharia

To Michelle Sun, I will you the best long runs in college and someone who matches your incredible energy. I’m so lucky I got to know you this year and I loved running with you. You’re such a kind-hearted incredible person and I’m going to miss having you on the xc/track team. Thank you so much for being someone I can look up to (and for your amazing IMSA themed hair ties). You are such a cool person and so dedicated to everything you do. You deserve so much and I can’t wait to see what you do next! :)

To Ella Lind, I will you an upperclassman in college that is as sweet as you were to me. You are such an incredible person and your dedication to everything you do (including running!) is amazing. You’re so talented and genuine to everyone you get to know. Talking to you during programming or after a run is always so much fun. We really do need to go on a run together before you leave. Thank you so much for being so kind and your constant positivity. I’m going to miss you!

Aashima Singh Sisodia

To Shiqi Cheng, I will you more time to relax and a really, really blunt and funny upperclassman. Thank you for being an extremely super cool senior and tolerating me on MAO (lol) despite my many shortcomings. I was pretty sheltered sophomore year, spending time mostly in my room, but meeting you through Annabelle (and through trying to charter Antique Pencils club) was kind of mind-blowing because I did not know many people who wanted to major in math and were so passionate about it, too. You’re extremely accomplished and a very strong person; your ability to preserve through difficulty and even criticism is very inspiring. For the future, just make sure to remember that you’re Shiqi Cheng!! I hope to continue the momentum you made through reviving MAO and (hopefully) make it even better. When you’re in Boston and need someone to talk about random things, please call me! Even if it’s at 4am (unless you want to talk about geometry because ew. Still don’t know why you’re a geomane). Also be ready for my calls — I will definitely be venting about senior year, clubs, stupid college apps, and who knows what else. We should definitely try to read through a textbook of complex analysis again! Also, we miss you in DiffEq. :(

To Sanjana Nekkanti, I will you the opportunity to believe in yourself. You genuinely are the coolest and most amazing-est person ever — your advice never fails to keep me at ease, even after some of my biggest failures. You’re genuinely so passionate about biology (even though I don’t get it). You’re super mature and I just want you to know that I’m extremely extremely proud of you. Please keep on taking care of yourself as you leave the devil’s hole that is IMSA. Also, we keep on making plans and never executing them… please stay in Naperville so I can bother you on your visits back from college. Boba!!!!

To Sara Kashyap, I will you more fun memories of swim in college. Whether or not you’ll do it for recreational activities, I hope you know that I always think of you when swimming. You were such an amazing senior to be in the same lane with. I had a lot of fun times complaining about the set and making you go first. Thank you for being such an encouraging and supportive senior. You’re an amazing cool girlboss in STEM, and I hope you keep slaying being an amazing human yet so smart in college as well.

To Kevin Zhang, I will you an upperclassman who will readily give you a lot of gossip, more sleep, and even more love for pool/physics/math/cs/science/more random things. Ever since I got to know you more, you’ve inspired me continuously with your outlook on the world. Talking with you feels very refreshing because you start talking about random math things and offer the best advice with insight that not many other IMSA seniors/students have. You’re also incredibly funny and relatable, and despite being insanely inhumane, you also are… human. While I wish we were both less busy second semester so I could still spend hours talking to you, I’m really lucky to have gotten to know you. When you’re in college, hit me up for a late night call… I’ll probably be awake. Also, thank you for being such a W president of IMSAlympians; hopefully, we’ll be able to continue the funny dynamic you and Himani brought to board meetings and pass on your love of physics to others as well as you did.

To Himani Kamineni, I will you a chance to berate Greycen Ren. Your legacy with IMSAlympians will be hard to match — you put a lot of work into the club, and I will do my best to ensure that IMSAlympians’ presence on campus grows. Hopefully, you’ll meet Greycen Ren and give him a stern talking to for majoring in computer science instead of biology. I really hope to be passionate about something as you are about bio one day. You’re also a really funny person to be around, especially during board meetings or conversations in the wing. By the way, since you’re graduating, you should spill all the tea you’re gatekeeping or you’re fake. Still waiting on the gene board meeting study session. :( Update: you’re ALSO majoring in computer science but double majoring with biology so it’s excusable I guess…..

To Yina Wang, I will you less Abstract Algebra homework. Not that you need it or anything, but that class is so painful and you are literally carrying me as a SSS. You deserve a break. I really miss being in your wing and our late night musings. We have a lot to make up for in JHMC/MAO once you’re gone, but I hope to send more good updates than bad. I wish I could inherit MAO as well as your time management skills, but alas. Please please hit me up with life updates whenever because I think I’m not going to live much longer… (too little sleep and impending doom (senior year)).

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you extremely lit parties and hot people at college. You’re genuinely such a funny and cool person, and I love laughing at all of your jokes. I can’t wait to contact you in college about how PF has more members than Congress and how we’re the superior debate!! You’ve actually taught me a lot about how to be assertive (through your history with Fogel and the summer program that I applied to lolol). You’re really wise, and I appreciate all of the wisdom you have. Like when you told me that 8 hours is a good amount of sleep, I literally started sleeping more! Your impact >>>>>. I wish you many adventures with your future frat bros and lit parties in Boston. Show the nerds at MIT what an actual party is and eat them up fr!!

To Lily Song, I will you less OOP homework and tests and more service hours from underclassmen. You’re a super cool and chill senior, and it was so fun being in the same wing/hall. Your time management actually goes crazy because I would not have done OOP assignments or BC3 homework as timely as I did without you asking to do them together. You’re such a good writer and taught me so much about awkward writing… I’ll remember it for a long time; now, instead of LE essays, they’ll be for college essays (jumpscare).

To Sachleen Tuteja, I will you an upperclassman in college that will accept you as you did me. I hope you find your next home in college and have an upperclassman who will berate you for your bad decisions or listen to you rant about dry texters (ight). While you’ll never admit it, you’re one of the coolest and most accomplished people ever, and I love you so much. — Aashmi

To Gautham Anne, I will you less Fogel homework and more sleep! You’re a super chill and cracked person, and I hope to see you hopefully at Ross for the few days you’re visiting! Nicki Minaj will not be complete next year without Hasan. Also, by the way, you should totally send me all the Theory notes lol.

To Alex Orantia, I will you a future lucrative career in quant trading that also lets you retain your morality. You’re super nice, even to me, who was an outsider in 03. You really improved my experience in the hall, and I’m super super grateful for your kindness. Please get more sleep in college, and tell me all the tea about what’s going on in Ithaca.

To Elaina Xiao, I will you a Google internship. Not that you needed my will to get it anyways, but you are a super smart and capable senior. Girl, you literally have your life together. You’re so nice and it’s so fun spilling tea with you. I hope you keep getting your beauty sleep so you can have more flings in college while eating up all your classes and being an academic weapon. <3

To Taylor Baugh, I will you more moments of singing along to “Party in the USA.” The swim team is not going to be the same without your hype, but I hope that the juniors can match up to the culture you created for the swim team. I hope the happy memories flood back when you hear “Stay” or “Party in the USA” in the future.

To Rashmi Alawani and Val Castellanos, I will you guys more Cheez-Its and Doritos that remind you of Girls IN2 STEM I-Day sessions. I know it was so difficult building the program from the ground up, but you guys did such a great job. It took a lot of 1AMs and hustling, but you guys did it! I hope new board, whoever it is, does a good job of continuing your guys’ initiative.

Abigail Botello

To Valeria Castellanos, I will you all your plans and dreams! I am so glad we were neighbors last year and that we got close this year. You made moving in early so much better and I am so glad I got to confide in you this year. You are so kind and supportive and I am so lucky that you have always been there to help. You are such an amazing friend. <3 I also will you a bunch of lip glosses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, I know you’ll do amazing things and accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

To Kelly Cruz, I will you everything you want to accomplish! You were such an amazing neighbor last year and I miss walking over for late-night convos. I’m so glad we became friends through French class. Thank you for always being there and being so encouraging. Thank you for helping with my late-night papers, I’m so glad you encouraged me to be a writing center tutor and that we did the pharmacy program together because you made it so much more fun. You will do such great things and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you!

To Adelyn Kobayashi, I will you fewer nights of studying and more sleep. I’m so glad we got close this year. Thank you for all your advice and help with everything. Thanks for teaching me new things and helping remind me that it’s not as big a deal as I think it is. I will you more arm days instead of leg days (hahaha). I also will you many more things like our matching dinos, which will hopefully be reminders of everything great you have done. <3 I know you will do great things and meet so many awesome people, have fun!

To Damilola Tabiti, I will you people as amazing, kind-hearted, and wonderful as you are to so many of us on campus. I’m so glad I met you last year and that we’ve gotten to be in the same wing these two years. Thanks for always checking in on me and my roommate last year, the wing juniors this year, and for always making me smile. You are such an incredible person and I am so excited to see everything you’re going to accomplish.

To Payton Wiggins, I will you amazing upperclassmen to help you as you have to our wing juniors. Thank you for answering our late-night questions and always being there to pass down a piece of advice. Thank you for all the help in med chem and the late-night talks. You will do awesome things and I can’t wait to see all that you’ll do!

To Vanessa Rodriguez, Alan Hernandez, Reyna Duffy, and Yareli Marinez, I will you good company and great food. You all were such amazing club leaders and upperclassmen and made Alma Latina such a great experience this past year. I hope you all continue partaking in cultural clubs and events as you continue. I know you will all do amazing things!

Aditya Prashanth

To Dhruv Patel, I will you an amazing life in college, some extremely-needed rizz, and time to just relax from the grind you’ve been on for years. You are one of the closest upperclassmen to me by a long shot, and I am so lucky to have requested you as my big sib two years ago. This past year, I’ve spent so much more time with you (compared to my sophomore year) and gotten to know you so much better, and I will never forget the hundreds of physics grind sessions we had over the course of the year and your extremely vibrant zesty nature. You often care so much for other people and your activities over yourself, which I admire, and I hope you stay the selfless and sociable person you are. Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could go back in time to the beginning of my IMSA journey when I just met you for the first time, time flies, and I have to come to the realization that you’re going off to flourish in college. I am truly going to miss spending time with you and your quad so much, and I don’t know what I’m going to do next year without you, but make sure you have fun for the rest of the year that you’ve got! Btw, I’m noticing the gains, so don’t quit going to the gym. Stay in touch jit!

To Ilan Lunken, I will you the ability to finally pull women at a future robotics competition. I hope you have an amazing life at college, and I hope you join another robotics team at UIUC. I am so glad to have been with you throughout FRC robotics, Makersquad/Makerboard, Physics-Calc Based, and MVC, and am so thankful for all my time this year with you. Being with you throughout robotics was especially fun, throughout pre-, build-, post-season, and our trip to the second competition. I am truly going to miss goofing around with your fruity self from math class to “I’m-a Lunken” to the pool at the robotics comp, but I hope you have a great time at college! Don’t forget to stay in touch bro!

To Jared Dong, I will you a new chess set. Jared, you are one of the most smart, kind, buff, and sociable seniors I’ve met, and every time I talk to you, I have always enjoyed our conversations. From spending time with you in B-wing to talking about personal stories in Dhruv’s quad, I will miss having you as one of my seniors next year. Have an amazing time in college!

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a new fire haircut. I am so grateful to have gotten to know you so much better this year, from MVC grind nights to playing you at tennis practice. I have come to learn how zesty you are, but also how selfless you are to everyone around you. You are a great person to be around, and I hope we stay in touch even as you go off to college!

To Vikram Karra, I will you a new monitor for Omegle. Spending time with you and your quad throughout the week was awesome, and I will never forget the number of times we trolled on Omegle. From the time I met you at welcome week over a year and a half ago, I will never forget when we played toss together with a few others. Thanks for all the snacks and I hope you have a great time this summer and at college!

To Jayant Kumar, I will you a plane ticket to (you know where hehe). Though you often travel on Air India, you are actually quite strong no matter how many times Dhruv tells you to get into the gym and cut. FTC my sophomore year with you was awesome, and I won’t ever forget my experience with you. I cannot recount the number of times I spent time in your dorm, grinded physics mechanics with you, or carpooled with you back home, but I hope you have a great time at USAFA and keep in touch!

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you a calculator. I don’t know how I didn’t meet you before my junior year, but having statistics with you was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you. Staying in that small IRC study room every day after stats was awesome and recollecting all the things we talked about is so nostalgic, and I wish the first semester never ended. While we sadly don’t talk much anymore/nowadays, I hope we stay in touch after you graduate, and I hope you have an amazing last few weeks of high school!

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you an amazing college life. Statistics with you was so fun last semester, and hanging out in that tiny library room is something I’ll never forget. You’re also such a good music editor and ISP is lucky to have you, as I was always amazed every time you showed me something new you edited and created. Btw, I’ll make sure Arjun throws out his mutton curry.

To Atharva Gawde, I will you a higher position on tennis varsity, cuz you deserve it. Though I never really talked to you back at Metea, I have spent a lot of time with you at tennis practice and Physics ENM, and you have been such a great friend. Good luck to you at college!

To Dheeran Wiggins, I will you a higher score (you know what I’m talking about). Dheeran you are so intelligent and I am to this day amazed at the complex journal application you showed me last semester. You have been able to answer almost any question I ask you regarding physics, and I am so grateful to have had you both semesters this year in Physics-Calc Based. I know one day you will win the Nobel Prize, but good luck at UIUC!

To Caroline Kowal, Theo Schreiber, and Luis Hernandez, I will you a new robotics team. Thank you so much for being great leads for the FRC team, and I have learned so much from you guys. I will be sure to put all my effort into the FRC team next year, and will put everything I have learned from Theo into future DI meetings I lead. Thanks once again for dedicating yourself to robotics throughout the past school year!

To Evan Kuzukas, I will you a new choir. Having you as part of choir and robotics was awesome, and I can’t thank you enough for CAD Club. Thanks for being such a great person!

Advayth Pashupati

To Jason Qin, I will you every fine arts power for the rest of your Quiz Bowl career! You were half of the best Quiz Bowl Captain duo, and I had so much fun this year because of you! IMPACT with you was also amazing (even if none of us knew how matplotlib worked). You were the reason I applied for LEAD this year, and even though I didn’t make it, I’ll try again senior year! You and Saketh are the smartest people I’ve ever known, and would make a killing on Jeopardy. Now, can you solve this rebus? DICE DICE

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you every RMPSS power for the rest of your quiz bowl career! Saketh, you’re just generally him, and that Chicago trip with you and the rest of the film crew was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever had. Take a fire picture at NYU for me! You and Jason are the smartest people I’ve ever known, and would make a killing on Jeopardy. You even gave me a catchphrase that will go with me to the grave. Saketh Dontaraju, let’s roll!

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a peaceful college experience. I know it’ll be a nice change of pace from what us sophs (read: AB&J) put you through. You’re one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, giving me a “What’s up, Adi” every time you see me in the hall. It really brightens up my day. Thanks for giving me the CS Coordinator position for IMSAlympians, and though I can’t fathom why, I’ll do my best! (PS: Remember to shower.)

To Dhruv Patel, I will you a get out of jail free card. I’ve seen your smooth talking first hand, and while I have full confidence in your never getting arrested, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m not sure you can ever walk into Chicago with a drone again, words or no words. It did make for some fire shots, and one of the best trips I’ve ever been a part of. Congrats again on getting into Harvard and I know you’ll have a wonderful time!

To Kevin Zhang, I will you a college experience filled with both direction and magnitude! You were an awesome Physics coordinator and a great teacher. I learned so much from you during those study sessions, and I’ll make sure to apply that physics and get Sreehaas to rope some unsuspecting sophomore into coding Angry Birds 2. In all seriousness, you’re such a chill person and a fantastic person to be around. Carnegie Mellon is lucky to have you!

Amanda Barajas

To Aarya Khapre, I will you the finest pesto for your pesto pasta (which I’ve heard is rly good btw). I’m so glad I got the chance to know you during early move-in and welcome week, and I’ll always remember the little convos we’d have walking to 02. You’ve always been such a kind, genuine and overall lovely person to be around. Wishing you all the best, my friend. <33

To A wing down quad (Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Ella, Karina), I will you all a college life filled with laughter and fun. Alyssa, you’ve always been so sweet and helpful, I truly can’t thank you enough for all your help with my problem sets sophomore year (and your mom’s heavenly wing food ofc ofc). Karina, you’ve always been such a supportive and friendly face in a-wing; keep dancing, filmmaking, and pursuing what makes you happy. Ella, you give off such positive and chill vibes, your energy in the wing is infectious. And to Kaitlyn, it was a pleasure getting to know you both as your tablemate in enviro chem and as your wingmate. Know that I appreciate you and the random morning convos we sometimes have in the wing commons before class. <3

To Julia Tran and Janelle LeRoy, I will you guys a glorious, formatted SD card and the ability to keep doing photography in your college years. You guys were some of the first friendly faces I knew in 02 sophomore year, and even as juniors you took the time to show me the ropes of ISP. I learned so much from you guys. Senior year I’ll have to pay it forward to the next unsuspecting sophomore in A wing.

To Jazmyne Germo, I will you another Ditto plushie to add to your stuffed animal empire. It has been a treat being tablemates with you in enviro chem, and I don’t think there’s anyone I know who is as passionate and cracked at chemistry as you. It has been an even greater honor being your quadmate this year; from the late night quad bonding, impromptu sunset photos, and your nuggets of senior wisdom, to the random wiggle dances you do literally anywhere everywhere. Keep being unabashedly, unapologetically you. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in the coming years. We’ll keep in touch, but I will miss you and Graf, Gerod, Drod, Olbap, Pablo, and Henry the Turtle dearly.

To Riman Doodin, I will you a limitless supply of fresh paints and brushes for your college dorm. Being Clash Mural heads with you again this year was so much fun, and working with you & the rest of the mural people reminded me why creating art is such a joy to do with others. Can’t wait to see what we have in store for next year, you’ll be with us in spirit. :’)

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you the power of courage and creativity as you navigate your college years. We’ve had our ups and downs with Heliotrope this year, but I’m thankful we always pushed through and found a way to make it work. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, both for the new + rising board and for the great things I know you’ll accomplish. Keep doing what you do best, and never stop creating.

Amaya Houston

To Jai, I will you chalk, because you deserve to try some too. I promise you it wasn’t even that bad, just don’t swallow it. Other than your advice on not eating chalk, I’ve always appreciated your help that helped me survive IMSA. I’m definitely going to miss our random late night talks with you and the c-wing sophs<3.

To Nomar, I will you 20,000 “Omg it’s NOMARR!”s. I always admire your positive energy every time I see you–I’ll definitely miss that. I wish you luck for college and the years to come after<3.

Andre Mendez

To Kevin Johnson, I will you better cooking and dancing skills and a secure fridge. I remember your failed attempt at cooking that pasta or whatever that was. You also left those eggs in my fridge and you never cooked anything with them except the one time we made those fried cauliflower wings (they were good ngl). Also, your dancing is good but I know it can be better, you always hit the most random dance moves whenever you get the chance. Your dance in Ujamaa was fire though. I still do not know who ate your ice cream and food but I hope when you are in college people do not steal from you. I hope your college life is fantastic and you are able to express yourself to the max. You always helped out and gave me company. Thank you for everything this year with all the late nights in my room and failing math, I had some fun times. I don’t know how I would keep this math grade up without you.

To Dapo Adeyemi, I will you some fire birks and hops like Michael Jordan. The sole reason I got these birks was because of you. I enjoyed playing basketball with you that one time. I hope we can play again before you leave. Besides those things, you never fail to make me laugh. Your humor is just off the walls and everything you say is lowkey funny. I hope that you rizz in college bc I know you are like that. Your hugs are lowkey the best I’ve ever had, I’m ngl. I hope you do well in college and make sure to keep it 100.

To Jared Dong, I will you successful rizz and a good roommate in college. Jared, you are actually one of the best guys I have ever met. The late nights on omegle have been very fun. We made a lot of memories with that one ely girl and one of the pieces of advice she gave us was to be yourself in college. I think that applies to us all. You are such a great guy and have always been caring. Some days when I was down you never failed to put a smile on my face. I am really going to miss you next year but I know you’ll thrive in college. I loved all your rizz attempts and even though some times were iffy, you got it in the bag. You are so funny as well and the jokes we made in Angel’s quad always cracked me up. Keep this up in college. I love you so much bro.

To Zander Tamez, I will you some crisp dab ups in college. Walking in the hallways we never fail to dab up each other. I know you moved halls this year but sophmore year was really fun with you in 05. Thank you for all those memories and I hope you do well in college.

To Kevin Kirby, Saul Juarez, and Ramzi Daki, I will you dorms without damages. We all know who has been causing the damage for the past couple of years but I will not dive into that. But guys anywhere you go together, it just becomes worse. Besides that I love you guys so much, you guys make me laugh and are so caring. Thanks for being really cool people and I hope y’all stay that way. Have a great time in college.

To Dammy, I will you a boyfriend and some photography skills. You are always asking everybody for their number so I hope it works on someone in college. DigPhoto was really fun even though I didn’t go but the times I did I enjoyed being there with you. You make me smile and are such a nice person. I love your humor and you make me laugh with your jokes. I know college will be good for you and I hope you are able to be yourself and enjoy your life too. This year has been great with you and thank you for everything.

Anirudh Chari

To Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you the ability to succeed on a linear algebra final exam. You are an insane man, to say the least. In the words of Sun Tzu, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

To Braeden Cullen, I also will you a uh… ring. Thank you for all the insane memories from BC3 and the FRC comps.

To Daniel Ma, I will you a position at a quant firm NOW. I’m baffled every time I interact with you because you’re so skilled in so many ways but still such a cool person (with a hilarious, yet extremely questionable sense of humor). Thank you for being my friend and helping me make it through junior year, and hopefully we meet again.

To Ilan Lunken, I will you a brand new Toyota Prius. Some fun memories from that old one too, though. Thank you for making FRC a million times more entertaining.

To Jared Dong, I will you some Febreze. I’ve seen all of the progress you’ve made first-hand, from a slightly socially awkward junior to the absolute beast you are now. You and Saketh’s room last year always smelled mad wonky though, not gonna lie.

To Jesse Park, I will you a room of mirrors so you can see how incredibly attractive you are. You’re one of the most driven people I know, so thank you for being a role model for me this year in both the academic and physical aspects.

To Kevin Huang, I will you an infinite supply of pre-workout. Working with you these last two years on Code Society has been amazing, and I’m glad we’ve been able to make vast improvements to the club. More importantly, though, GAINZZZZZ. You’re getting so big bro, keep it up.

To Revanth Poondru, I will you one thousand bowls of mutton biryani. Thank you for being the bright face I saw every day in math class these past two semesters, and also the target of much clowning. I know you’re gonna do great things in the future, and I look forward to seeing your name on the news one day (hopefully for something good?).

To Rohan Jain, I will you success in your upcoming LeetCode endeavors. The SWE internship grind starts now. For real though, you’re actually like insanely cracked and I’m glad I know you.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you an infinite supply of Bollywood music. You were one of the first upperclassmen I met at IMSA, and I’m really glad I did.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a good haircut. You made BC3 classes and FRC comps truly unforgettable. Your undying, cringe-worthy passion for calculus was as entertaining as it was inspiring. Good luck bro, you’re gonna do big things.

To Daniel Park, I will you the ability to speak.

Anjali Ali

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you the moon, Saturn, and an infinite amount of kale. I am going to miss our weekly Chipotle dates and somehow always going on a run at the same time as you. Thank you for always listening to my random thoughts and giving me the best (sometimes questionable) advice! You’re the best role model I could’ve asked for and I hope to become 1/13th as successful as you one day. I look forward to our future Taylor Swift drives and remember that I love you to the moon and to Saturn! <3

To Kennedy Bray, I will you a diamond that is shiner than me (not possible). I knew from the minute I heard you joking around with Aru that we’d get along so well. I truly don’t think I could’ve gotten through Clash without having you as my dancing companion. Luckily for me, your dancing skills were somehow worse than mine. I am however gonna miss joking around with you and always having someone I can count on to cheer me up. I hope next year we can both become better dancers!

To Saamiyah Khan, I will you the ability to watch How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days for the first time again and for you to find your Paris romance. Hearing your stories after ten check never fails to make me laugh and I am going to miss hearing all about your life. You always make me feel so much better about my math quizzes and have taught me that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because we’re just a couple of silly teenage girls. You better keep me updated with your stories and I will miss you so much!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you a Taylor Swift intro for every speech you give. I appreciate and cherish all the times we’ve spent obsessing over the hottest guys in Congress and am gonna miss spending those breaks talking to you. You were the best captain (even though I caught you lacking while playing the dinosaur game)! I hope you finally get some debate trizz (get it Taylor and rizz) and I expect you to text me updates frequently. I know you will continue to eat it up in debate and have the best intros (still obsessed with the Monster on the Hill one btw)!

To Nandana Varma, I will you enough bourbon biscuits to last you a lifetime. You are the epitome of sunshine and every conversation I have with you is so meaningful to me. Your smiles and waves in the hallway never fail to make my day and please continue to spread your positive energy everywhere you go. I hope you find “maple syrup, coffee, pancakes for two, hash brown, and egg yolks” whenever you’re having a hard time!

Anjali Samal

To the B-Wing Seniors (Aaliyah Ali, Nandana Varma, Shreya Chakraborty, Sri Krothapalli, Bhavya Vegesna, and Umi Arora), I will you all have a rat-free dorm or communal living area in your future where the trash can, TV, sink, table, and microwave are not taken away. I am so incredibly thankful that I could be put into 02 B-Wing, otherwise, I would not have been able to meet any of you.

To Aaliyah, I will you a million honey sriracha bagels. You were the first person I remembered who left such a strong impression on me in the first week. You reminded me of myself a little bit because we are both chaotic, loud, and hilariously hilarious. One of the earliest memories I have of us is when we sat down on the couch and talked about Lexington, schoolwork, and life at IMSA in general – I complimented you and said that you had really clear skin (PLEASE DROP THE HAIR ROUTINE)! I really love you and will miss you so much next year. :( But worry not, you have not fully gotten rid of me yet cuz I 100% coincidentally became roommates with your little sister who actually stole my name!! This was always my plan all along.

To Nandana, I will you a million free paneer makhanis and rotis. I love love love love love you and your hugs so much, even though I never say it to you directly. I feel so loved and appreciated every time I am with you, and I am so grateful that I have someone who can make me feel good on a bad day with something just as simple as a hug. You are so beautiful and gorgeous (PLEASE ALSO DROP THE HAIR ROUTINE) and so so so caring of not just me, but everyone around you. It’s not often that you see someone like that who cares about you and lets you know every day that they care about you too. You are the wisest person I know. I love you and will miss you so much, please don’t forget me!!

To Shreya, I will you an endless supply of all the biryani I ate from you. I will miss our late-night chats about the best physics courses to take, AP tests that were easy, and ISA’s newest events. You are genuinely so smart, so hardworking, and so cool – I really hope you realize it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! I love you so much, and I hope you continue to grace people with your talents and karate moves at Georgia Tech just like you did here!

To Sri, I will you a million Marie Gold Biscuits. You are such a fun person to talk to, I loved getting to know you this year. Dancing in the Diwali x Harambee culture show with you was extremely fun, as was taking pictures late in the night before 10 checks.

To Bhavya, I will you a new set of headphones. I love talking to you so much. You are so understanding of everything and so pretty too (DROP THE HAIR ROUTINE TOO). I really enjoy the once-in-a-while tea sessions we have about my new crush of the week in Rhea and Shanya’s room late at night or just in the wing commons. You are an amazing dancer and an amazing person!!! I’ll miss you so much :(((.

To Umi, I will you the cutest outfits in every store on the planet. How are you so pretty and hilarious? Socent was so fun with you, especially when we went back to the dorms afterward and talked about whatever in the world just happened. We ate up that boat competition. UMI ZOOMIES FOR LIFE.

To the TAS Seniors, Clay Miner, Sarah Wheeler, and Christian Cline, I will you all a multitude of telescopes and star-shaped cookies. TAS will simply not be the same without your energy Clay, you were an amazing president! Sarah, you always seem so professional and I love your fits! Christian, your photography skills are unmatched. It was so nice to meet you guys, TAS will be so much emptier without you three! THANK YOU FOR SELECTING ME AS A BOARD MEMBER. <3

To Nat Gao, I will you a free Nicki Minaj concert. I am literally so glad I met you last summer before IMSA. Without you, I probably would not have joined the culture shows or found my passion for dancing. Thank you so much. I love your personality, you are so hilarious and blunt and such an amazing dancer too. Culture shows and SDAC will literally not be the same without your jokes and hilarious life stories. I hope you don’t stop posting on your insta priv!! You’re really unlike anyone I’ve met, I’ll miss you. :(

To Patrick Tenedor, I will you various CX330 posters and albums. I remember when I first met you while auditioning for Modern and your shirt had turned 2 different colors. I am so glad I got to meet you again in SDAC. You are so hilarious, such a good dancer, and martial artist, and such a caring person too. I’ve literally adopted your “tee-hees” that’s how much of an influence you are! I’ll miss seeing you around.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you an endless supply of dosas. Sitting with you and Nandana and spilling the story of my life were some great times. Even though you’re older than me, you remind me so much of my little brother. Tho I don’t say it, your photography skills are actually so amazing. I wish you a bright future!

To Karina Byers, I will you Blackpink albums. Dancing with you this year was so so fun. World of SDAC, Modern tryouts, SDAC, and CLASH. You are such a sweet and loving person and one of the first dancers I met and was inspired by this year. Thank you so much, I genuinely hope that you continue dancing in college and pursuing what you want!!!

To Kelly Cruz and Dhruv Patel, I will you a stress-free editing life ahead. Thank you so much for fixing the stupidest of errors in my articles (ignore all the ones I made in this will thank you) and also putting some of my articles as the first ones on the tabloid or whatever it was called. It actually made me realize that I have the potential to be a great writer later on :). I hope my presence made meetings fun (it better have). The Acronym will not be the same without you two!!

Anmol Singh

To Nachiket, I will you a stress free university year. Make sure you have fun but don’t get too involved with the frat. Thanks for helping me adjust to IMSA as an RSL. Your legacy will be carried on through 01 D.

To Christian, I will you even more gym gains! Just don’t try to take too much [REDACTED] or pre-workout. You were cool to have in the wing!

To Freddie, I will you all the Super Smash Bros skills you need. Too bad I didn’t get to 1v1 you in Mario Kart, maybe next time.

To Julius, I will you more fun. Thanks for having me in the GOAT wing.

To Shria, I will you a great year at UIUC. Thanks for helping me out during my sophomore year! Comps team was so fun, and I wish you the best of luck for your next chapter.

To Braeden, I will you the ability to infiltrate Yale just like a certain someone did. Make sure you don’t join the op clubs.

To Bhavyaa, I will you an amazing year! Make sure you join fun clubs at UIUC, but most importantly, have fun.

To Rebecca, I will you the strengths for the stunts you want to do. I had a great time hanging out with you and the group!

To Akshat, I will you the transformation you desire, we all know it’s on its way.

To Kevin Huang, I will you the power to become cracked at CS. Working together during Code Society was so fun together!

To Kevin Zhang, I will you the ability to apply all the cracked physics and math knowledge you have accumulated over the years in real world scenarios (0.0001% probability). You’re such a chill guy and I wish you luck for college!

To Cole Plepel, I will you a great year at college! Working on FRC with you was so fun and you made the experience amazing! I’m sure you will have a great time learning about all the current advanced algorithms (tell me if you make one of your own).

To Faisal, I will you to be even more cracked at golf. Thanks for having me in 04A wing, it was a fun experience. Too bad I couldn’t pull up to more events in the beginning of the year.

To Dean, I will you the strengths to push toward adversity. The confused look on your face when you found out I was in 04 A wing was gold. I know you have a very tough decision to make in the next few weeks (or it may already be made), but whatever you choose, do not regret your decision. Just know that you chose it and that is your choice.

To Gautham, I will you a great future. Although I didn’t get to know you very much, just know that my close friend Timmy will carry on your legacy and get into all the hall group chats for you.

To Jackson, I will you a legacy carried out in our wing for the future generations. It’s been a wild year and unfortunately everything doesn’t go as planned. Don’t very, keep up with the grind.

To Catherine Shi, I will you the best of luck! Thanks for having me on Nautilus, it was very fun collaborating with you.

To Saketh, I will you the ability to become even more cracked at photography.

To Collin Chen, I will you a great high school career..

To everyone else I couldn’t include, I will you sorrys and the fact that the [REDACTED] limited me to only 20 wills. So many of you seniors have been awesome people, and I will you all a brilliant future.

Anna Yang

To Sooah (Irene) Unni, I will you a splendid trip to Korea and a forever empowering woman in SexEd. First off, I am soso glad to have joined SEI and have you as such an impeccable role model guiding us through. Ok. What are you not good at? The violin solo during welcome week (저..저기요??), pres of GLI and SCRJ, taekwondo black belt??, and founder of SEI??? OH YEA, we can’t forget about the K-trad choreo. Ah.. idek!! You seem to have so many commitments yet you’re so hard working in all of them and I truly wonder how you take on everything! You have pursued so much and I wish you the very best Yale experience ;)). I hope to continue my growing passions through SEI and make sure that it only keeps getting better!! Please please stay in touch and lend me as much advice as you can for the years to come~

To ASIA co-prezies Lily and Eddie, I will you guys good ASIA flashbacks literally whenever! I never regretted my time as soph rep because I’ve learned and experienced so much! ASIA has taught me so much about the fun side of IMSA traditions and the community that formed throughout the year meant a lot to me! I don’t think I was able to express any of my inner thoughts directly but I feel like I would regret it if I don’t leave a will so here I am! Lily: You are fs a wannabe. Your diligence and beauty (such a pretty person with a gorgeous smile…)– are unforgettable. Thank you for always being so nice!! Eddie: You are such a unique person!! Sadly, we really didn’t have any personal convos but I can clearly tell your energy and positivity is next level. You definitely have those dancing skills too and seeing you do various K-pop dances was sm fun!! I hope you learn more Korean besides jalmeokgehssuemnida (?) in college.

To Rohan (하늘), I will you a wink from New Jeans at Lolla (ha ha ha). Em first of all, Haneul is still so not suiting, and do people ever call you by RJ orrr…. Anyways hm oh yea not you being at shs probs more than me 😭. Smart Asians… Smart connections… Wordhunts I will prob get there at some point as IMSA stress progresses and procrastination increases..! Some of your old korean ballad choices are interesting… But hope you can meet someone awesome at the laundromat too! LMAO. That one girl at Carnegie…ㅎㅎ I also seriously will you more eating and food cuz…YOU COULD FIT A GIRL’S XS. bro… Bye and hopefully there won’t be too many sleeping snaps at college.

To Mr. Tenedor, I will you a bag of graham crackers (not the ones I stole b4…) I literally don’t know how I would’ve survived (I never did) CSI without your helpppp. Tysm for never saying no or seeming hesitant to help. I am proud to say that I will never ever do any more CS in my life but I wish you all the best in whatever computer thing you will do in college! You’re very easygoing and easy to talk to (yes, those are different). Wellll ah yea.. Forcing me to lay on the concrete floors just because I said “I was too good for it” was no bueno… LMAO IM JUST KIDDING. Like fr dw and don’t ever feel the need to be serious with me. I’m always joking too and ty for dealing with my weirdness. WooH almost killed with those splits during 01 Drill too! Good luck!

Arjun Cherukuri

To Dhruv Patel, I will you many more Dinka Chika’s at Harvard. Honestly, it’s crazy how close we have gotten this past year, and it’s been so much fun hanging out in the quad or playing basketball outside. I have only respect for you bro, and maybe you will have “W rizz” at college as well. I will definitely miss you, but stay in touch.

To Vikram Karra, I will you a prom date. My fault.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you some sleep. Thanks for the MVC carry (I would fail without you) and all of the conversations in your quad. Anyways, your a W prom date and make sure to have fun at college.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you better jokes. In all seriousness, you’re an awesome guy. It’s been fun to joke around with you and bust out a couple of Dinka Chikas. Although we didn’t talk much sophomore year, I am glad I got to know you better and your lack of humor. Just joking of course, but keep grinding on the bulk and stay in touch, my guy. The GOAT himself.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you one last big man. Pranit “Goon”tapalli, thank you for all of the fun on the SIR bus, Tedx, or just in 05. I appreciate all of the conversations we have had, and just the time spent talking big man. Keep in touch bro, and enjoy life at college.

To Nandana Varma, I will you another cookie. Although this year’s TedX event didn’t go completely as planned, you continued to be as cheerful as always and motivated everyone around you. You have always been such a nice friend and someone that I can look up to. Have fun at college.

To Rohan Jain and Yina Wang, I will you less stress. These last two years have been so much fun running JHMC together, and I’m glad to have been able to learn underneath both of you. JHMC won’t be the same without you both, but Vidyoot and I will make sure to reach the standards you have set.

To Amogh Shetty, I will you some sleep. Last HOSA season, we faced so many difficulties whether it be registration, transportation, or anything else but you always prioritized HOSA and made sure everything was on point. Your great work ethic and personality is a standard that I want to continue in our HOSA chapter, now get some sleep Amogh.

To Jayant Kumar, I will you a new elastic launch glider. Honestly, it’s crazy how long we have known each other from middle school to now. A lot has changed since then of course, but you have always been a good friend and I will miss you, bro. I’m sorry for breaking all the gliders in scioly and being annoying during soph year, but good luck at college.

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you Madrasi-style sambar. Nikita you are by far the nicest person I have ever met. You have a natural ability to make friends and you have always been there for me to talk to, now enjoy college and I will send you some sambar don’t worry.

To Bryce Sharp, I will you a D1 scholarship for volleyball. This volleyball season has been so fun with our jokes and the bus rides. You have continued to amaze me with your athleticism, like how does bro jump that high that fast. Enjoy college, but make sure to work on your passing its getting out of hand.

To Vidhi Shah, I will you another “Vidhi Bro.” You have been a nice friend throughout my time at IMSA and I am glad to have worked with you on Tedx. I owe you some Tiramisu but have fun at college.

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you more telugu songs to listen to. You were one of my first upperclassmen friends at IMSA and have always been a good friend. Have fun at college.

To Pietro Stabile, I will you some glasses. Seriously, Pietro its getting out of hand.

Aru Ulanbek

To Halimat Sanusi, I will you someone with as fire of a music taste as you (kinda impossible I’m not gonna lie). I know your ears must be absolutely demolished from blasting Sticker 25/8 so I’ll spell it out in all caps so you can hear. YOU WERE THE MOST F-F-F-FIRE PERSON ON CAMPUS AND I LITERALLY OWE YOU MY LEFT KIDNEY FOR BEING MY FRIEND. Hopefully, you get all the discounts on every online store ever to fuel your addiction to the color green and brown. 月亮代表我的心 o(︶︿︶)o♡

To Ela Gadi, I will you a devoted gym buddy who will say yes 100% of the time when you ask them to go to the gym with you. I sincerely, fervently, AND wholeheartedly apologize I could not be that gym buddy, but that just means there’s someone much more dedicated and longing for the day they meet someone as much of a gym rat as you. There wasn’t a place cozier on campus than being tangled up in a pretzel with you, there wasn’t a conversation with you I didn’t find interesting, and there wasn’t a vocabulary more impressive than yours.

To Zander Tamez (almost wrote Tander Zamez), I will you a playlist for every scenario, every mood, and every vibe that has ever existed. One day you’ll be walking out of a Target on a rainy Thursday afternoon and you’ll remember you have the perfect playlist to fit. Honestly, thanks for all the good laughs I feel you really get my middle-school boy humor. You should be grateful you can no longer get gobsmacked and toe-mangled in our epic shadowboxing battles.

To David Love, I will you every pair of Rick Owens your slightly rotting brain could ever dream of. It’ll happen a little something like this: the ripndip cat will crawl through your chimney and leave boxes full of uncreased sneakerhead treasures. Go crazy on your Taco Bell runs in college and get 2 Baha Blasts (chug jugs) instead of 1. I pray the city you live in is walkable and isn’t an urban monstrosity so that you can live your cutey and free lifestyle to the max.

To Shria Halkoda, I will you the tiniest bit of sleep! Not too much though you might accidentally cure cancer or solve world hunger. May H Mart supply you with all your spicy, non-sweet chicken. Try adding a nutty sauce to your chicken next time (you never know you’re allergic unless you try) (you also have to face your fears).

To Yareli Marinez, I will you more good days than bad days. Right now, the ratio isn’t looking too hot, but trust once Johnny Suh falls in love with you, everything will be better.

To Venus Obazuaye, I will you more platforms to boost your already vertically blessed self. At this rate, I won’t be able to tell the difference between the Willis Tower and Venus.

To James Anterola, I will you Hatsune Miku dakimakura #1.

To Kennedy Bray, I will you the sauciest evoking mushrooms and teokkbeokki that doesn’t sink to the bottom of the hotpot. It was fun slightly damaging the mannequins with you after drill!

To Jeff Duan, I will you a Bang fountain because if I can’t change your sleep schedule, I will enable it!! I will you tons of more sleepless nights where you struggle to fight off every instinct to snooze, too!! Is the reverse psychology working? You deserve every nostalgiac and generally fire app to grace the App Store once more. #justiceForAngryBirdsStarWars. I also hope one day you can return to your home country (Family Mart) and buy whatever your easily entertained heart desires (also take me with you wth). Generally, metaphorically, hypothetically, typically, poetically, rhetorically, symbolically I’m glad I got to know you. Perchance.

Ashwin Nair

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you more chances to SPEARHEAD communities as tight-knit as 05. As an HCC, you were a fearless leader that I would always respect and listen to. You knew how to command the RSLs and we did a lot as a hall. But as a friend, you were the best listener and knew how to keep things cool. You were the chill one, the one who made me laugh and kept me in check. You taught me a lot about keeping my values close to me and not sacrificing them for anything. You’re the goat. Know that.

To Vikram Karra, I will you -3 points from the jury for your terrible humor. Seriously, we had a lot of fun together, and studying orgo with you (or more so watching you struggle with orgo) was a blast, but you should get some better jokes. I know that you’ll have a lot of fun at WashU, but I hope you don’t forget about your past. You were a seriously good friend – make sure you show other people that same compassion. I don’t know how to even begin to thank you: the food, advice, conversations, late-night sessions… you’ve been there for me in ways that I still probably don’t know. Thanks. I mean it.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a PEAK bulking season. I always liked laughing with you and at you… I definitely laughed at you a lot. I will not stop teasing you and making jokes but know that I respect your raw intelligence and skills. I remember reading through your essays the first time I met you, and your friendliness was uncanny. I know you’re gonna have a fun time at UIUC. Also, get better at among us and start respecting the John.

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you fun times and stable friendships. I really believe that you taught me a lot whenever we were talking together, and it was always really fun to play Smash Bros with you (even if you always lost.) Our late-night talks were far and few between though. Honestly, you should’ve come over more. I hope you find people like the D-wing down quad when you go to college, and on a serious note: thanks for everything… I’ll never say it to your face, but you’re the goat. Also, keep in touch with Josh. He needs you – no, we all need you.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you some chemistry skills. Every moment I spent in A-Wing was always so much more fun when you were there, whether I was laughing with you or at you, you somehow always found ways to make me laugh. I know for a fact that you’ll do well at NYU, I hope your new roommate can put up with your antics. Keep making memes and being a ball of energy to everyone around you. Also, tell Faizaan Shaikh TO SHAIKH THAT- I’m done.

To Jesse Park, I will you the best symphony you can find. I know IMSA’s wind ensemble can’t compare to your masterful trumpet-playing abilities, and you’ve taught me a lot just by playing in the same room as me. Your dedication to the arts is seriously admirable, and I hope that you find a group of musicians that you’ll stick with for a long time. Besides music, you were chill to hang out with too. I know you’ll go far.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you some of my impeccable humor. I met your 6’2 stature early last year, and then, I talked to you very sparsely about French work or maybe for The Acronym. Come this year, I don’t remember a day where I haven’t talked to you (even when you left for VISITAS.) Thank you for being there for me — as a classmate, as a club leader, and most importantly, as a friend. Thank you for keeping up with my antics and showing me what it takes to be a good upperclassman. Your grind is unparalleled — the community you’ve built in 05 and the hours you spent working for CLASH movie speak to your grit and genuine care for the people around you. I’m going to really miss having someone to bully next year — please remember to come to visit IMSA at least once you get shipped off to Harvard. I’m gonna miss you, man. And if any of this sounds familiar… no it doesn’t.

To Nandana Varma, I will you a chance to speak Malayalam with more people and make friends who care about friendships as much as you do. I wish we started talking earlier – our moments together are always really fun. Our conversations were actually really deep, and it was fun watching you and your goon squad making chaos. I really hope you find ride-or-die friends that will stick with you for your college years. You’re literally the best aunty I could have asked for, considering you’re 18 and not related to me. With the remaining time we have, I hope we can get to know each other as much as possible. And keep in touch, I may need advice down the line. Thanks for everything… really. You and your goon squad are all amazing people.

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you peaceful times. Seriously, I see you doing work all the time, whether it’s homework, clubs, or stressing out about [REDACTED]. We should’ve talked more, it was always really funny to see you and your goon trio yelling about something random. Learn to relax a little though, it’ll go a long way. I hope you continue to cherish your friendships at the same level as you do now.

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you the ability to grow even ONE more inch past 4’11. That is all. Jokes aside, you were really fun to talk to (even if our talks weren’t frequent,) you have so much energy and you make our talks feel more alive. You’re also really open and trusting, which I appreciate. I hope you have fun with [REDACTED] as you enter summer break. For the record: out of you, Shreya, and Nandana, you’re the gooniest of the goon trio.

To Lily Song, I will you friends as good as Pietro when you go to Harvard. I know we didn’t talk as much as we could’ve, but the times we were working together on Orgo were always fun and I know you’ll do well at Harvard.

Ava Gonzalez

To Kaitlyn Drew, I will you forever-lasting golf clubs. You made the golf season so fun, we are all going to miss you dearly. Good luck with your future endeavors, and don’t forget to visit us at our matches :)).

To Bryce Sharp, I will you a great college experience. Getting to know you during junior year was so great, I’ll miss our late-night walks. You’re pretty good at basketball I guess. Stay cool.

To Maame Afua Poku, I will you the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday mornings. PROMISE has been a blast with you, Mustafa was pretty crazy every week haha. I hope you have a great college experience with lots of time to sleep in on weekends.

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you success and happiness in your future endeavors. You have been so supportive of me throughout my junior year, and I am so happy I met you in Engineering. You will never stop being a leading inspiration in my life. I love spending time venting with you or even just chilling out after a long day of IMSA. I’ll miss you so much, don’t forget to call every once and a while ;)).

To Kennedy Bray, I will you a boujee life on the east coast. You deserve it. You’ve worked so hard up to this point, and I hope you cherish your experience. Beyond that, you have been an amazing wingmate and Key Club President this year. I’ll miss our H-Mart trip and all the fun nights in the hall for Key Club meetings. Don’t forget to reach out every once and a while <3333.

To Ryleigh Jolliff, I will you happiness. You made basketball practices so fun and energetic. Whether it was spending time on the bus craving Casey’s pizza or sitting in Eysturlid’s office listening to him talk about random stuff, you’ve made every experience fun. Thank you for being an inspiration and have a great time in college, I’ll miss you. <33

To Irene Park, I will you sex ed. Let me start by saying thank you. You have helped shaped me as a woman, sex educator, friend, and so much more. For that, I thank you. Connecting with you at the end of sophomore year was the best thing I could have ever done. You have helped welcome me to so many opportunities in life, and I can never repay you for it. From the Chicago Tribune feature to now registering for non-profit, you have led us through it all. Your commitment to activism is inspirational, and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with you all this time. Even beyond this, I am so happy to have you in my life. You have been there for me in the bad days and the good ones too, supporting the IMSA Lady Titans all through our basketball season(we all know you’re Sophia’s number one fan). I hope you have an amazing college experience, you deserve it the most. Say Hi to Dr. Trumpler when you’re in New Haven for me :)).

Avyay Duggirala

To Kenith, I will you better fits and a good sleep schedule. You are one of the hardest-working people I know and your terrible sleep schedule is a result of that. You were an awesome Congress captain (you ate it up at state) and a W FBLA president (even though you don’t like business). Ngl, your fits have gotten better recently, but you still need a lot of work. Whatever you end up doing at Harvard, I know you will be mooching off someone else, and I know you are gonna slay.

To Gautham, I will you someone you can beat in Smash (cuz I’m better than you) and someone you can help with programming. Despite what you may think, you actually have helped me quite a bit in compusci, and I wanna thank you for that. But you are an awesome member of A-wing and my experience wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without beating you at Smash Bros at 10 check every night. I know at Northwestern you are gonna do great things and I’m definitely going to reach out to you if some junior asks for compusci help. (P.S. I was the one who dropped water btw).

To Piere, I will you infinite shaving cream for your hairless baby face and some height so you can play WR at Ohio State. But fr, you have been one of my closest friends at IMSA, and I’m glad I met all 4 feet of you. I definitely won’t forget the absolute goofiness we participated in and your absolutely perfect “Perrell Laquarius Brown” impressions. I love you man and I hope you finally take my advice and walk on for the Ohio State team so you can get absolutely folded by big buff men. To Jason, I will you a better cello section, because you deserve to play with the best cellists in the world. You are the best IMSA cellist and a goated section leader and I know you will find more Gideon Freudmann pieces to play wherever you go.

Ayesha Bobat

To Nandana Varma, I will you a wonderful college experience at UIUC!! You have been nothing but an amazing and bright person. I’m disappointed we weren’t closer at the beginning of the year but trust me we’re gonna have sm fun together in Champaign :) I can’t wait to give you a little tour and watch our fav romance animes. Thank you for always showering me with love. I LOVE YOUUU <33.

Ayobami Ajayi

To Keerthi, I will you a megaphone. Give that powerful voice of yours a rest when calling attention to crowds, whether it’s quieting the choir or an entire residence hall. I really enjoyed all the fun we had in choir and Mod21, and I hope that you continue to sing because you’re so GOSH DARN good!

To Steve, I will you a massive golden key. As the master of Spanish and guardian of the key and fob, this key will that gold medal you got for the NSE and will provide you with a neat challenge next time you participate in a key game. Keep excelling in everything you do, and I’ll try my best to cope with the fact that you got me out both times 🥲.

To Nat, I will you a button-up shirt with no buttons. It seems like you wouldn’t need them anyway. I had so much fun with you in Mod21, and really appreciated the liveliness you brought to the group. It’s gonna be hard living up to the previous Mod21 Music Director but I’ll try my best. Keep singing and I know you’ll go far (evidenced by your best arrangement “I’m in Love with a Monster”).

To Sachleen, I will you a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a small tortilla (made of masa) to remind you of your two FAVORITE juniors in the whole wide world!! Thank you for making Spanish 4 and 5 so so fun, and I hope you continue living your best life after your time here. And don’t worry, I will definitely make sure to send you proof of me pilfering Masito’s backpack 😈!

To the seniors that went on the Mexico Intersession trip (Aaliyah, Aditi, Brookelynn, Daunovan, and Nandana) I will you all a chirp. I really enjoyed our trip to Mexico, where we all were able to have fun swimming in several cenotes and eat a loooooot of good food. Whether or not this was the first time meeting each other, it was really nice getting to know all of you before during, and after the trip. The chirp will be a reminder of our adventures, and it is much much easier to commemorate our time together than an aquadopp.

To Eddie Ning, I will you Keerthi’s shoes because I have no idea what you were doing with them but it was hilarious watching whatever the heck was going on. But in all honesty, thank you so much for being such a great clash choreo head, and I think we had an awesome performance even though we were ROBBED during drill. Thanks for the 1 on 1 practices for Wine Pon Me, because that was honestly my favorite dance out of the whole set.

To Noor and Ella Lind, I will you a working Arduino and Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit (respectively). I had such a blast in engineering, and you two were the saviors of my grade. Whether it was carrying the crane part 4 and Lego, or final projects, I appreciate all of the work you put into them. Noor: Despite all of the incessant bullying (usually from me to you), I really think you’re a cool, funny, and very capable person, so take all of my insults with a /lh tag. Ella: You not only are super talented in engineering, but your musical abilities are unparalleled. Thanks for all the help in the choir concerts, we all send our gratitude!

To Sam Go, I will you the longest graphic novel possible, because knowing you, you’ll have it done in three days. You’re a crazy smart guy, and even though we only very marginally interacted during quiz bowl, I’m glad I was able to have Graphic Novels with you. Your cogent insights coupled with your artistic genius could make you an outstanding cartoonist if you ever wanted to be one, but with your scope of knowledge, whatever you do, you’ll do really well.

Blessita Charly

To Akshat, I will you infinite supplies of kefir. Not gonna lie, I found you very annoying at the beginning of APS, but, to my surprise, you started to become a source of entertainment with your peculiar character. Clowning you and joking with you is always fun and I hope you grow out of your mildly concerning diet.

To Braedan, I will you more Chipotle. I never expected to talk to you much this year but with APS and FRC, I’m glad I did. You really made it a point to push me past my comfort zone at the Midwest Comp (please never chant someone’s name when their team is right behind us)! P.S. You and Akshat are such a peculiar roommate duo I never expected, now I can understand that. I’m willing both of you guys endless gains and a never-ending supply of protein shakes and bars.

To Bhavyaa, I will you more Hello Kitty and gaming skills. We didn’t talk that much last year but this year was the opposite and was so fun with you. Whether it was ML or APS, having conversations with you never had a dull moment and your colorful personality never failed to entertain me.

To Rebecca, I will you more sleep and safety from Bhavyaa Chauhan. Your sense of humor and sassy rebuttals are something I’ll always remember you by.

To Shria, I will you sleep and more cans of beans. Sophomore year second semester and this year’s second semester have been fun with you. I would’ve never expected to actually talk to you after our first meeting at the Code Society GA. I’m glad I got to share classes and I-days with you.

To Shaan, I’m willing you the ability to keep a secret and a dash of self-awareness. You’re such a fun person to be around with. Whether it was helping me with math or accompanying me at FRC, I’ve not enjoyed a conversation we’ve had. I appreciate your attempt at trying to start a convo between me and a fellow FRC member (I hope I never have to drag you by the arm away from a conversation).

To Dapo, I will you a peaceful life without stalkers. You have such an interesting personality and I always enjoy it when you muster up enough tolerance to eat dinner with me.

To Umi, I will you more underclassmen to meet, whether it’s about UIUC or maybe still IMSA. Meeting you first over Zoom Freshman year and then getting to actually know you in person has been an interesting arc. Joking with you and Reyna has been memorable and your sense of humor is top-tier.

To Saamiyah, I will you raita and more stories to tell. Hanging out with you always entertained me with your never-ending stories and the specific way you talk when you recall events and get excited about anything.

To Dorrie, I will you more bets to win and the continued ability to be good at everything. I’m so glad I got to know you this past semester. Sitting next to you in ML and Physics never failed to make me laugh and made classes so much more tolerable. I know you’re gonna go on to do great things.

Brain Leong

To Venus Obazuaye, I will you a better mural. It wouldn’t have been turned in without you, and I appreciate you for not roasting me about it. I really loved the senior will you gave me 😭, so I want to say to you something I’ve always forgotten to mention: Venus is such a cool name!

To Ramzi Daki, I will you a longer conversation. I’ve always wanted to talk to you more, you give off an energy that’s amazing to be in. Maybe you’re busy, but I’d love to say hi to you sometime before you leave.

To Alexandria Orantia and Zander Tamez, I will you two a proper greeting. Both of your “Hello”s are special to me, know that I take them to heart.

To Renaldo Venegas, I will you 200 McNuggies. I loved listening to you and Christian talk, you both are way too funny to be around. Sorry to tell you Coach will be leaving, and we probably won’t go to IHSEA next year unless someone else comes around. But if someone does, I’ll promise to at least dust off my switch.

To Rohan Jain, I will you a great Big Sib, because you need to learn how to be one. I loved the senior will you gave me 😭, and on a more serious note, how much you’ve impacted my life. You are, no doubt, the ONLY reason I came to IMSA, whether I would’ve liked to or not. If it weren’t for your conversations with Nathan, my family would’ve never known about IMSA. If it weren’t for your experience at my old school, I wouldn’t have worked so easy to ask for a Dr. Bonner recommendation. I almost see you as a benefactor, but then I remember how much you’ve ∎∎∎∎∎.You’re the only person I knew before coming to IMSA, and seeing you leave is kind of scary. I hope we can visit each other sometime before you leave for college (fat chance), and hope you never forget your influence on me.

To Jared Dong, I will you a high-paying job. You said you didn’t have many words for me, but I had way too many for you. In short, you are an inspiration to me. That’s probably something I’m going to regret saying in the next month, but every interaction I’ve had with you is more valuable than you think. Every greeting, talk, conversation, and hazing you’ve given me never failed to make me laugh, even outside of chess. I always wished to talk to you more, but you’re busy most of the time, so I didn’t bother. Although I would love to catch up with you in college, that’s way too arduous of a task for you to keep up. So please, if I ever text you for help, please don’t ghost me 😭.

To Aidan Fraas, I will you a prom date. You’re a man of many tales, mainly raging at Fortnite at 12:00 AM is the most recent one I’ve heard. I just can’t pinpoint it, but I don’t know what attracts me to you. Maybe it’s the Spongebob underpants, that devilish smile, or the enthusiasm during Movie Night, it’s not clear to me. But I think what I love most about you is your decision to actually talk to me. I always thought I would never get to really interact with you (really intimidating senior vibes you give), but the times you give me a funny one-liner really changed that view. Granted, you’re probably still very mean, I can’t tell, but any time you come to interact with me, I really can’t help but laugh. I hope we can rewatch some Stuffy Bunny challenges together!

To Zander Davidson, I will you $187.89. The magic number, you could say, and a wild amount I never thought possible. I would like to see you open the things you buy in person, or you could give me the joy of opening it myself :). Taking this more seriously, I really love talking to you, and I guess my expression doesn’t show that enough. You really do put a smile on my face whenever I talk to you, but sometimes I get scared when I’m near you. Maybe it’s your stature, your aggressiveness, or my guilt weighing on me, and I fear one day you’ll snap back at me. Whether you agree or not, you’ve helped (or worsened) my IMSA lifestyle, and change is always scary. But my gift from you has been way more enjoyable than that, so I think I’m prepared for whatever comes my way.

To Miles Massey, I will you an acceptance letter to Champaign. I know I joked about getting shafted there, but that possibility is more likely to happen than I might think. And so were the many incidents you’ve presented to me over this year. I never thought dorm life would be so hectic and insane, but you proved that more times than the amount of reports you could probably tell me about. It’s exciting whenever I’m around you, and you roping me into whatever or whoever is there is the nicest thing you could’ve ever done to me. The confidence you give me is immense, and the opportunities you’ve given to me are more than I can put into words. I have much more to say to you, but your attention span might be flailing off right now, idk. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see the inside of your room anymore, as much as you’ve come to mine for Movie Night, but if you’ll ever come to gift me my order of pillows in person, I’ll let it slide.

To Diego Montes, I will you an invitation to Movie Night! You’ve never come, so I’m excited to formally invite you. Even with all the teasing and hazing you’ve done to me this past year, those moments really were a lot of fun and carried much more meaning to me than you would think. That moment I met you in Zander’s room on the bunk bed was a wild time, I’m sure you remember (I meant the wild time, not that time where I saw you in his bed), and hearing you from behind was so, so funny. Those moments where I saw you talking in the C-wing stairway randomly were always a treat, and it meant a lot to me whenever you invited me in on the conversation. The late-night stories in wing commons were so relaxing, and also way too funny for me to handle. As you go onto Naval Academy (forgive me if I’m wrong), I’ll be a lot more lonely in whatever hall I go to. No one to call out my name in a high-pitched tone, or no one to do housekeeping for me. You may not realize, but your presence was a key part in my 03C life, way more than I let on. Please never stop sharing your energy, except when rizzing sophomores🥰. (Are you actually dating a sophomore, please tell me, I still don’t know.)

To the residents of 03C downquad, I will you Mashiro Shiina from the Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Mash from Fate/Grand Order, Keqing, Ganyu, and Shenhe from Genshin Impact, and Setsuna from Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. You should do your research on all of them, they’re all important to me as well. But I don’t think they’re as important as you all. All of you have shaped my life in some way, and I’m not talking about what you’re thinking. Every time you’ve given me a hello, put me into a joke, merping all over the floor, hazing me, talking to me, sitting down with me, I could name a lot more. This might just seem like fun to you all, but they were valuable memories for me. I never felt so comforted with a group of people, and that’s besides the pillows. You all gave me an experience in my sophomore year I would never have gotten from any other hall that cannot be contained in this will, and I am forever grateful. To think if I never had the courage to walk into your room during welcome week, this turn of events would’ve never happened. You all have inspired me in some way, and while you all may not be the best source of inspiration, I’ll keep it until my next violation hearing.

To EVERY senior I’ve written a will to, I am immensely sorry, and thankful. For almost this whole school year, I’ve steadily gone down a wave of depression (I’m serious), hitting my breaking point as I’m writing this right now. I tried to smile through it, but I would have never been able to get through it without each and every single one of you, and that’s not an exaggeration. I’ve emphasized a lot about greetings, talking, and conversations, and that’s because those actions are a sign of acknowledgment. Taking the time out of your day to talk to someone is simple, but powerful. When someone needs it most, it can really turn their life around. And all of you are no exception. If I was ever down, one conversation with you could turn that around. As my mental health got worse, more support came, and I was ever so lucky to talk to any of you. So please, I implore you to keep talking, sharing, caring, waving, joking, whatever you find best with others. Because you will never know when someone will need it most.

Buddy Hicks-Gomez

To Anya, I will you an interesting roommate that loves to “travel”. I’m so grateful to have met and gotten to know you last year and wish only the best for you in college. You have the most interesting personality (take that how you will((But not in a bad way)) that I have ever seen, and whoever doesn’t appreciate that is definitely missing out. I know without a doubt that one day you’ll do amazing things. Have fun in college and try not to be TOO much of a hermit. I also will you the little giraffe keychain you took that one day (try not to lose it).

To Braedon, I will you the ability to get legs like mine. On a serious note, it was a pleasure getting to be your gym bro first semester. We kind of slacked off second semester but I’ll never forget that one day we almost fell down the stairs after hitting legs. Also, try not to injure yourself for an entire soccer season again. Even though you got the highest goal per playing time ratio, you were missed the whole time. I hope college treats you well and that you achieve all your goals.

To Shaan, I will you a senior to rant about anything to. I appreciate you just listening to me talk about anything and everything. Thank you for studying biochem with me before every test and listening to the entire Rio soundtrack. Just know that “The bird from Rio!” will be what I remember you by.

To Derrick, I will you another short friend to play frisbee with. I also will you ambidextrous frisbee skills. Believe me when I say that one day I’ll be as tall as you, just not today.

To Adedapo tiki tiki Adeyemi, I will you some more people to give hugs to. It was great getting closer to you this semester and I wish I could’ve known you better sooner. But I appreciate all of the on-site hugs this year.

To Diego Montes, I will you a dull Lexington knife. I seriously hope you don’t come across a situation like that again but if you do, know that I’d probably be laughing with you.

To any upperclassmen I might’ve missed, I hope you all do amazing things in college. I have no doubt that every single one of you has the potential to achieve any goal you want.

Carissa Chen

To Kenith, I will you a gavel. Thank you for being the best debate captain for the best debate team (congress). You never failed to brighten my day, and I even started it talking like you! (I don’t know if that is good or bad) I hope you have the best time partying it up in Massachusetts, and you deserve every good thing that comes your way. You ate!

To Aubrey and Michelle, I will you code that ALWAYS runs (I stole this from you). Thank you for being such awesome GWC presidents and I will miss you guys next year! Aubrey, I loved riding Ubers with you and being skeptical each time a car pulled up to pick us up! Michelle, the memories we made in cross country were so fun, and I will miss you next year!

To Sridevi, I will you friends who will sit at your cafeteria and have long insightful conversations with you! Even though we didn’t meet until 2nd semester, you are such a funny and thoughtful person, and your words of wisdom never fail to inspire me. I guess you are pretty funny, and I hope you have the best time in St. Louis because they hate to see a [redacted] from Missouri winning!

Carolyn Zhang

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a college experience filled with happiness and loving upperclassmen! You honestly never fail to brighten my day and give great advice, whether it be in the hallways or at the Lexington tables. You’re one of the most caring people here at IMSA and whatever college you commit to is truly lucky to have you :)).

To Avery Hedican, Elle Brittin, Brookelynn Gotschall, and Emma Mast, I will you endless smiles and fun-filled nights, and wish you all the best in college. Thank you for the bits of advice and stories you’ve shared along the way, A-Wing best wing!!

To 01 seniors (Nomar Martin, Nat Gao, Patrick Tenedor, Breena Bulthuis, Christian Cantusion, Franklin Rangel, and so many more) I will you boatloads of your favorite candies and a community as wonderful as you have fostered in 1501. Thank you for making Clash awesome!!

To Jazmyne Germo, I will you lots of Pocky and many more Mr. Moos to come. You’ve been such a great and supportive big sib, and I’m so grateful I’ve gotten to know you this year. Wishing you so so much happiness in college!

To Irene Liu, I will you an exciting future and “W rizz”. Your commitment to IMSA’s PF team is truly remarkable, and I can’t thank you enough for helping to create and maintain such a fun co-curricular to take part in. Please feel free to reach out whenever you can – our block docs will need it!

Charles Conner

To Piere, I will you infinite protein powder. I am so happy I met you last year in A-Wing because some of the best moments I’ve had at IMSA have been with you. I’ll always remember Lexington part 1 and missing the fireball. I hope you find someone you can make fun of as much as me and make a new 108 and 109 connection. There’s so much else I could say but I don’t have energy yet(it’s before 11 p.m.) Keep being yourself and the biggest hater in the world.

To Alex Guo, I will you infinite $20 bills. Being your room neighbor was probably the highlight of my sophomore year. I can say that many of my favorite memories from IMSA were with you. Staying up until 4:00 am, stealing your ramen, and playing 20 fps Valo in your room are some of the things I remember most from last year. This year it was so fun to go to hot pot, get kidnapped by you to go to Park to Shop, and constantly troll with you. I will miss your trolling and energy next year, but I hope you take it with you and have a great time.
To Kenith, I will you some rizz. It has been so fun to have you as my debate captain, simping over people from other schools, and just having random convos with you. There are many memories I’ve had with you that I will never forget, and I have loved having you as one of my best friends during my time at IMSA. BTW I’m gonna miss your IRL acronyms and late-night talks with you, and I hope that you will continue to slay.

To Sridevi, I will you someone who meets your standards. It’s been great getting to know you in the past two years. I loved our post 10 check talks last year and Lexington talks this year. I’m going to miss our honest conversations and I hope you find real people everywhere you go. Keep being yourself and you’ll do well wherever you end up.

To Gautham Anne, I will you a hat so you’re protected from water from the balcony. It’s been great having you in A-Wing the last two years. I will miss playing and watching you play super smash bros in the wing commons. Keep your easygoing nature as it’s what makes it so easy to talk to you and you’ll do well.

To Dean Cianciolo, I will you more sussy side B’s. Just like Gautham, it has been fun playing and watching super smash bros in the wing commons. I have enjoyed random sus A-Wing moments, and I will miss your presence in A-Wing.

To Rafael Rotger, I will you a living environment less chaotic than A-Wing. Thank you for being “RC Raf” for the last two years, because we all know that A-Wing would have fallen apart or broken into civil war several times without you. Playing Smash and D&D with you has been very fun, and I hope that you can have a cleaner and safer place to live than A-Wing in the future.

To Mridhul, I will you more atrocious food combinations. Getting to know you has been great. I can say that you are one of the funniest people I have met at IMSA. I hope that you can find more people to troll with next year.

David Dickson

To Elaina Xiao, I will you no regrets. I remember meeting you in my Sophomore year through Sri, but the first time I got to know you was during the speech tournament at Nequea Valley. As we waited anxiously for our Impromptu rounds, we started a conversation and instantly hit it off. We talked about Taylor Swift, school, Olivia Rodrigo, and how much we love Champagne Problems. Even though we didn’t place, I remember us cheering when we saw the final quotes for Impromptu were Taylor Swift lyrics. Since then, I knew you would be one of my closest friends, and this year you are. It feels like I’ve known you for many years even though we got close near the end of the first semester. What I love most about our friendship is how you have pushed me. I’ve never had a shopping buddy, someone to show me around thrifting, a fellow gym bro to get jacked with, or someone to fan over Bridgerton and K-dramas. You’ve taught me what it means to have someone there to take on the world with. Thank you so much for doing everything with me and being a great support system. Mod21 was one of my favorite experiences of the second semester because of you! I loved all of our laughs, attempts at harmonizing, and auditions for solos. Mod21 is where we created our infamous body rolls; nothing will ever be able to top our synchronous rolls. So while you enter your new baddie era of silver and find yourself a hot boyfriend, I want you to experience your early adult years with no regrets. One of my favorite things about you is how selfless and caring you are, but now is the time for selfishness. Don’t worry too much about stepping on other people’s toes, and follow your heart. I am excited to see what is next for you. At the time of writing this, our harmonizing skills are a work of progress, but I am happy to have found my harmony with you at IMSA. Love you, Lanes!!!!

To Sridevi “Rivi” “Devi” “Sri” Krothapalli, I will you Thewizardliz. Devi, if you were a flower, you’d be a Ranunculus. A Ranunculus is known by many to be a chaotic flower. Its many layers, bright shade of pink, and unpredictable growth patterns can garner adverse reactions. However, beyond how it may seem, it is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Sri, you are an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. Our first conversation was on Discord two days before school started. I remember initially thinking about how much of a bubbly person you were over a text message. When we got on campus, that opinion changed. I had never met someone so open with their life, such as when you gave me your whole life story three days into IMSA during our walking trip with Tate. However, through these stories, I learned more and more about you and who you are. You are delusional, kind, empathetic, and overall a lovely person. As the sophomore year progressed and you opened up more and more to me, I also felt like I could open up to someone else. I had always struggled to express my feelings and be honest with people, but for the first time in my life, I felt comfortable enough to talk about the things I never talked about with anyone. Our conversations in 1505 and plots to set you up with your crushes (remember the temple plan) are memories of my Sophomore year that I will forever cherish. In junior year, I am happy to have gotten even closer to you. As we shared many laughs over your crushes, our runs outside that are now synonymous with super bass to me, and our spot at the swings are memories that are etched into my soul. Thank you so much for being such a pivotal part of my IMSA experience, and you are one of my best friends in life. I can’t wait to hear all about your boyfriend at SLU, and keep me updated on your life! Love you, Devi, or Sri, or Rivi!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you new hobbies and a companion for rave parties. Kenith you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met. While we didn’t know each other that well last year, I didn’t know you that well last year, some of our first interactions this year were you saying “Oop” at the edge of the table when I would snap at Sri. Our first meaningful conversations took place in A-wing during “Tea-Time Tuesdays,” where I learned more about the senior class than I ever thought I needed to know (although I was genuinely interested). Even though we had only talked during “Tea-Time Tuesdays”, you were still always willing to help. Whether it was attempting to gaslight RSI into accepting my late application (it did not work), or giving me different pieces of advice. I would say our friendship evolved during our lunches in SIR. In that crowded bus with people I rarely interacted with, I had the opportunity to get to know you better. Our trips to various restaurants and talks about life were what I looked forward to the most during my SIR experience. You introduced me to Thai food and gave me a coupon for infinite ice cream at Baskin Robins, experiences I will forever cherish. I remember one time we had a conversation about if you were the sun or the moon; you are the sun. our warm and captivating presence attracts people to you, making them feel comfortable and accepted. As we talked more, you became closer to me than anyone ever has and I truly felt like I could trust someone. Yes, you do sometimes call me mean because of your repetitiveness about your love-life qualms, or your gaslighting antiques, but you continue to mean so much to me. You are the life of the party, and I am so glad that I made a friend like you during my IMSA journey. Love you, Kenz!

To Nathaniel Gao, I wish you a job. Nat, you are one of the most confident people I know! Everything you do perfectly exudes you, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself in a room full of people that want to conform. Even during the “cheap thrills” of Junior year, you were still confident and one of the most shady people I knew. This year, I am happy to have gotten to know you even more. My favorite memories of Mod21 were the shady looks we would throw around the room about that one person who was off-pitch (it was me most of the time). Biochem is fun with you, even if you don’t do any of the work, and message me at midnight for the answers. And let’s not forget about your music career. You NEED to post on YouTube and get a producer (you would go viral). I know that wherever you go you will make the best of friends and always arrive (un)fashionably late. Keep using your slogans: I-dic (idk), Ulaook, eye-dee-kay, and have a fun time getting lit at the parties!

To Irene Liu, I will you a stress-free Freshman year (I heard that’s hard at CMU). As a lost sophomore, I didn’t have many upperclassmen friends at the beginning of the school year, and I had never been to a school as big as IMSA. I remember when I would sit with you during Lexington as you offered me advice about the school, lending a kind, gentle hand. It was pivotal for my IMSA experience to have someone guide me through an unfamiliar place. I am forever grateful for that. I have had so much fun getting closer to you in 03 spilling all of the tea and talking about our… opinions about StudCo. Thank you for passing down Lexington to me and I will do my best to extend your amazing legacy. Have the best memories!

To Lily Song, I will you an unforgettable party, as epic as prom. You were also one of the first seniors I met through Titan Crew. At the time, I didn’t talk to you and I hadn’t known you that well. I actually thought you were intimidating because of your cool demeanor. After getting to know you through physics, you are still cool but there is much more to your story. You’re not only cool, but you are also curious, kind, caring, incredibly smart, and many more kind adjectives. Your hard work for ASIA and SCC goes to show how dedicated and passionate you are for what matters to you, something I admire very much about you. The prom you organized was an absolute blast, and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to throw amazing parties in college!

To Akshat Gupta, I will you the clearest skin and the most aesthetic jawline the world has ever seen. When I first met you in Mandarin sophomore year, I thought you were an enigma. You made everybody, laugh, were kind, and just had a very calm and cool aura about you. Now that I have gotten to know you, that hasn’t changed but only the fact that you are more three-dimensional. Your commitment to your interests such as the Korean glass skin, learning to sing, and underground music is very admirable to me and something that I hope you never change. Thank you for always being someone to talk to and going on trips with me and Elaina. I admire how true you are to your values and beliefs. Enjoy the parties and don’t grind too much at the Presbi single!!

To Himani Kamieni, I wish you tickets to Olivia Rodrigo or Yo-Yo Ma. Last year, I knew you through Mandarin and Sridevi as this really smart person who had a love for biology. This year, I feel like I got to know you. You are much more emotional, spontaneous, and fun than I had thought and you are just a great person. I loved bonding with you over our love for writing sad poems and song lyrics, as well as being a consistent supporter of my singing career. Your honesty is always something I value and your love life is an exuberant story. I want you to remember that you create your happiness. You don’t need anyone but yourself and anyone would be lucky to be your friend!

To Kelly Cruz, I will you infinite chemistry knowledge. Getting to know you better this year has been truly amazing. From making jokes in Med4Minorities meetings and talking about Acronym article deadlines to rushing to labs because of our shared suffering in Advanced Chemistry, you have been there to see me through the thick and thin. I appreciate how much of a guiding presence you are through the advice and leniency you have shown me throughout the years. I was initially intimidated by you in my sophomore year because I would submit articles late for The Acronym but through that experience, you taught me that it is okay to ask for help and that there is no shame in doing so. I know you are going to kill the Chemistry scene and accomplish all the things your heart desires!

To Yina Wang, I will you course 18.703 (I think). You were one of the first upperclassmen I met at IMSA. I remember talking to you at 05 Slabs with Ryan and Jahyra about our worries after getting back on campus. Seeing how you have blossomed since then as a person and a leader while working alongside you in class and clubs has been an amazing experience. You are a natural-born leader, taking charge and getting things done. I admire how you can take command of a room while also respecting and letting other people share their opinions. Sound and Light have also been an amazing experience because of our table. I am so excited to see where life takes you and wish you happiness!

To the Speech Seniors, I will you a college speech team and more fun experiences waking up at 6:00 am to catch the speech bus. One of the things I wanted to accomplish when I came to IMSA was to learn how to use my voice. I joined the speech team upon Oliver Ni’s recommendation, making one of the best decisions I’ve made since I came to IMSA. You all were so incredibly friendly and welcoming, taking a chance on an aspiring speecher and being so constructive when I failed. I hope you all continue your speech in college and I am excited to see how you take on the world!

To Jayant Kumar, I wish you a person to greet in the hallways. I remember meeting you early on during my sophomore year, and it was one of the better things to have happened during my IMSA career. You were a friendly face in the hallways and supplied my days with plentiful laughs during sophomore year. Although we aren’t as close this year, thank you for your kindness and I know you will do great things in the future!
To James Pan, I wish you the best of friends and a team to play casual volleyball with. Last year, it was always fun to have conversations with you as we waited in the outside hitting line for volleyball. Seeing you blossom last year as a hitter and even more as a person this year as I have gotten to know you was very special to me. Even if you aren’t the loudest in the room (Sridevi is) you are a very kind and caring person, and I hope you have the most fun time at UMich.

To my Mandarin table (Revanth, Akshat, and Braeden), I will your fluency in Chinese. Second-semester Mandarin has been one of my favorite classes this semester because of how cool and kind you all are. It has been nice getting to know you guys through our shared love for the Chinese language!!! I hope you all achieve fluency in Mandarin so that in your five-year reunion you will be able to speak to each other in Mandarin.

David Simmons

To Ben Simmons, I will you all of the Raspberry Pis that you desire, friends in college that appreciate weird open-source stuff as much as you do, and a less kind personality so that you actually have people pay you to fix their stuff, instead of giving up your precious time for free. I appreciate how practical you are, as you always tell me when I’m doing or buying something stupid (even though I normally ignore this advice). I will miss eating with you, talking to you about the newest updates in the tech and space travel world, and seeing you around IMSA reading on your Kindle (jailbroken, of course). Also, please don’t forget that you agreed to give me 10% of your lifetime earnings. You’re a cool young man. Yay.

To Ella Voyles, I will you friends in college that are as kind, sincere, and bubbly as you are (that’ll be hard, though, as you are pretty much the physical embodiment of all of those traits). Also, I will you all the Starbucks Pink Drinks that you could ever imagine. I’d like to thank you for being a great friend and a role model to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed our friendship, and I feel that I have become and will continue to become a better friend and person because of your example. I know that you will do great in college and med school, and I hope to sometime see you listed as my children’s primary care doctor.

To Peyton Gutting, I will you an awesome time at college, all of the Ninja Creamies that your heart desires, and as free of a schedule as you have this semester at IMSA. Being friends with you has been an extremely fun and fulfilling experience. I really appreciate your brutal honesty and ability to laugh at both yourself and others in a kind and loving manner. You are honest and blunt when I’m on my high horse, but extremely kind when I feel down. I know that you’ll have a ton of fun and do great things in college and dentistry school.

Deondr’e O’Bannon

To Dapo a.k.a Daprezius, I will you the strength to actually go to class. Your total of missed classes is higher than my math grade(not very hard to do lol). But fr though, you’ve made my time at IMSA so much better. Being able to see your carefree go with the flow attitude made me smile even on my worst days. I also will you basketball skills, because you are actually trash.

To Bryce Sharp, I will you the title of being a good person. As much as I say you’re not, you took me under your wing this year. Between basketball games and dinners talking to you was always an interesting experience. You’ll always be my favorite target on the court because my TE always caught the ball.

To all the seniors of the attendance office, I will you the courage to keep going through the next few years of school. As much as I’ve heard you guys complain about IMSA, I expect big things from you once you’re gone. Your energy will be missed next year and I hope you guys do great in college.

Diya Kamath

To Jeff, I will you many many Cali years ahead. When I first got to know you it was like talking to a literal idol, cause I never thought that I’d be able to be friends with someone so cool. Though we didn’t interact much throughout the year, you remain one of the coolest seniors I have ever talked to and met. I strive to be as iconic as you.

To James (A.), I will you great years ahead! The first time I talked to you was when I needed help with AdChem, and I remember your first piece of advice was to “read the textbook, it’s helpful” and then followed up with the statement “I never read the textbook!” That was so helpful, I can always tell if a book is helpful just by looking at it too (this is sarcasm if you didn’t catch on). We had our misunderstandings and you were terrible at advice, but I guess when it mattered you were a good spotter. You definitely replaced me but I’m glad that if I was replaced by anyone it was by someone who cared about Ellen almost as much as I did.

To Ara, I will you an amazing next few years!! You are lovely, your style, your personality, everything. I look up to you so much, and there is no one I would rather sit next to in BC. You are going to do so amazing and don’t forget to reach out, I do live like 10 minutes away, so just call me up once in a while, because you’re someone I will never forget! :)

To Kaitlyn, or should I say, MOM, I will you a lot of tswift, and I will our breakfasts together will never end even when you get old! :) I love you so much. Though you may not be my birth mother, you have raised me like one in the last two years. You’ve taught me how to take care of myself, and grow as a person! I will miss you mother and I am honored to be your daughter. I will miss you so much.

To Karina, I will you so much joy wherever you end up in the future. You have been such an amazing senior and you have brought me so much joy in the years I’ve known you.

To Kenith, I will you to eat up college and anywhere you end up going in the future! Since the time I came in as a sophomore till now you have done nothing but inspire me. You have been such an amazing club leader and I have learned so much from you. I hope I can grow to be the type of leader you have been and I thank you for guiding me all year!

To Valeria, I will you whatever experiences you want to live, and everything you could ever want. You are the type of club leader I want to be. Even when I didn’t believe in myself you believed in me and that is who I hope to be as a club leader, I’ve never been more comfortable than I have been on FBLA board, and I wanted to thank you. Thank you for everything!

To Sarah, it has been an absolute joy knowing you and there is nothing I will you more than that all your dreams come true, and you reach wherever you would like to go! You have pulled through for me again and again and I love you so much! I don’t know what I would do without you! You have helped me grow in my writing and as a person. Knowing you has been amazing, whether it is talking to you, or simply seeing/waving.

To Alex, I will you the most lovely future! I never had an older sister, and I realize I never really needed one because I met you and you were always there. Alex, you are like the older sister I’ve always wanted but never had, I love you so much.

To Bhavya, I will you to keep inspiring people the way you have inspired me and an amazing next years! Though we weren’t really the closest sibs, I look up to you. You’re so cool, there’s no one I would rather have had as a big sib. Even as a junior I love telling people that YOU’RE my bug sib. You’re one of the first people I met when I got here and you’re someone that I will always remember as you leave. I hope that I can inspire my little sibs the way you have inspired me this year. Thank you for being my big sib!

To Shiqi, I will you success at anywhere you go the way you absolutely eat up those orchestra pieces. Thank you so much for being a great section leader and carrying the viola section!

To Aarya, I will you courage, I will you strength, and I will you a court of roses without the thorns! I will you to anything that you could possibly want in the future, and keep in touch, I’m not too far off! “You could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

To Elaina Xiao, I will you the most amazing few college years ever. I am so glad to have been with you in indoor outdoor this year, I could not have done it without you. Keep in touch I won’t be too far away!

To Jacie, I will you the best city girl life ever! You are such an amazing person, I am honored to have known you.

Dominika Klejka

To Valeria Castellanos, I will you all the cool things. You’re one of the coolest people I know, keep it that way ;).

To Freddie Rodriguez, I will you all the chickens in the world. Why chickens you may ask?? Bc I think they’re pretty rad like you.

To Riley B., I will you the best big sib. Even tho you weren’t mine, you never failed to make me laugh.

To Nachiket Raj, I will you all the friends in the world. Keep being the outgoing cool kid you are.

To Nikita, I will you the best. Thanks for being one cool big sib.

Donovan Morrow

To Dammy, I will you such a happy and fun future. Dammy, I will truly miss you fr. I remember when we first met. One moment I saw you and the next you were braiding my hair, getting to know me. I was a really shy and quiet sophomore who really didn’t talk to anyone, yet you still got to know me. And ever since then, you’ve become such a familiar face. Thank you for that. You’re such a generous and kind person, every time you see me, I’m flooded with so many compliments and I just wanted you to know that it felt heartwarming each time to hear them from you. You have such a beautiful smile and real personality. Also, you’re so funny!! I loved all the times I’ve ranted to you and you’ve made me feel better, and you have always managed to make me laugh soon after. You’re truly such a kind spirit, and I’ll miss you. Remember to have fun wherever you are because you’re so amazing.

To Halimat, I will you a successful dancing career and MONEYYY. Halimat, not only are you the school’s multi-talented queen, but you were such a big help to me. You truly helped me come out of my shell with all of the moderns and performances we’ve done together. Choreographing unofficial modern with you was SOOOOO fun and it truly allowed me to share my creative freedom with someone as like minded as me, yet so different at the same time. You’re also just so funny and such a bright energy to be around. When you’re around, everyone else shines a little brighter too. So thank you for helping me shine a little brighter. I’ll truly miss you. Also, you better come see next year’s Harambee Modern OR ELSE.

To Elle, I will you amazing future bonds and fun and exciting time at ASU. Elle, I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like we got close in such a short amount of time. You’re such a fun person to be around and I always feel 100 times better around you. From your jokes to your style, you’re literally so perfect. Not only were you such a fun hype girl to be around, you also made me feel safe. You made me comfortable enough to share so many things with you, and truly be myself. And because of you, I feel like a better version of myself. So thank you so much Elle, I’ll truly miss you. ASU BADDIES RISEEEE.

To Kevin, I will you such a successful and fun career/future. Kevin, you’re literally Beyonce, like what? No but seriously, I’ll truly miss you and your real personality. You’re always unafraid to give your opinion which I truly admire. You have such amazing energy and it was truly fun to interact with you throughout the school year. I really wish we got to know each other earlier because I know it would’ve been even more fun times 1000!! But all in all, I truly know that you’ll be successful because of your go-getter spirit and controversial yet REALLLLL takes. Love you so much, from your (natural) ginger twin <3.

To my favorite Modern dancers, I will you all amazing careers in the future. Thanks for making these Moderns so fun!! Everytime I danced with you guys it was truly a fun experience. Through countless amounts of practice, you guys always managed to make those hours a breeze. I hope you keep dancing!!!

To Hub People (Destiny, Maame, Kennedy, Marcelle, Kevin, Dapo, + more), I will you more of that energy I’ve loved, so you can carry with you wherever you go. All of you guys were truly so chill and fun to be around. Even though I just really got to know you all, you always managed to make the hub a fun place to be in. From the in2 booths to the Hub, you all are amazing and carry such positive vibes with you. I don’t think IMSA will ever really have the same energy with you guys gone.

Einsey Socrates

To Bhavyaa Chauhan, I will you my red top. Keep being the funniest and sweetest person I know. You can finally escape dance class hahaha. Have fun in college, I’m gonna miss you :).

To Addie, I will you a brunette hockey player with blue eyes. Ever since the day we met, we have clicked and you always make my day whenever. I’m gonna miss the nights we spent together dancing in the study room to the conversations we have about life. I’ll come visit you in DePaul and we can party together in the future some time hehehehe :).

To Saamiyah, I will you to find a new hallway crush (jkjk). I am going to miss you so much and our daily debriefs about life. Have the best time at UIUC, and I hope Saamiyah Khan’s mind becomes more predictable in the future hahahaha. Imma miss u :( .

To Elle, I will you to keep being goofy and hitting your goofy dance moves. Stop copying my outfits. I’m gonna miss u, have fun in college goof :).

To Dami, I will you unlimited essentials, hoodies, and dunks. Have fun in college and keep giving good hugs :).

To Nachi, I will you a new pair of sunglasses that make you look older hahaha. Have fun in college and good luck in the future.

To Aidan, I will you to party and have fun in college. Live your life and don’t party too hard ;).

To Marcelle, I will you unlimited Chipotle. Thank you for fun times in tennis (the one time you asked for that tennis guy’s snap for me hahahahaha). Have a fun time in college :).

To Saketh, I will you the opportunity to meet Anirudh one day. You were one of the first people I met at IMSA and I am glad I did. Keep being goofy. (I’m the better isma dispos photographer ;).)

To Lily, I will you success in life. Thank you for helping JCC if we had any questions. Have fun at Harvard :).

To Shreya C., I will you lots of smiles. Thank you for helping JCC haha. Keep being sweet and have fun in college :).

To Daniel Ma, I will you a Brown hat that fits. Have fun at Brown and I look forward to the different editions of your _ _ _ _ snaps.

To Saul, I will you better artistic abilities. You are one of the kindest and goofiest people I have ever met. You need to work on your Indian accent betaaaaaaa. Have fun in college Saul :).

To Ramzi, I will you to take better profile pics. Have fun in college ;).

To Umi & Reyna, I will you guys to find a good hiding spot ;). You guys are the sweetest seniors ever and I hope you guys have a fun time in college :).

Ellen Hsuan

To Clay Miner, I will you many cars, new Weeknd releases, and the ultimate Pinterest-vibey room! Clay, you are one of the most genuine, thoughtful, and fascinating people I have met, and you helped make some of my most treasured memories here. Through all our cup pong battles and math rants, I’m glad to have gotten to know you as both a friend and a role model. It’s been so amazing to hang out with you (school grind goes hard but gym grind goes harder), and I hope the next chapter of your life treats you well. When you go eat it up at UIUC, pls stay true to yourself and remember that no matter what crazy planetary physics you get into, I am so so proud of you because YOU MADE IT!!! Now enjoy your freedom and don’t forget to give me a Champaign tour one day :).

To Shreya Chakraborty, I will you snazzy sunglasses to give to those around you because you’re such a blinding sh-rey-a sun. There’s truly nobody else I’d rather talk about life with while chasing after a soccer ball in the setting sun. My forever soccer buddy, you are an extraordinarily kind and funny person and I know that you will succeed in your future endeavors. I suppose I should will you luck as well, but tbh you don’t need any because you’re amazing enough to pave a bright future for yourself. Iwill miss you sm but I’m excited to see what you accomplish!

To Kennedy Bray, I will you happiness, prosperity, rizzgpt tokens, and MANY exciting college parties. Clash talent show and drill were so fun with you, but we actually go back to those step practices cause GIRL did we bond running those dances in stunion. I’m so glad that we started talking during these practices and that we hung out together. It felt so natural to just go up to you because you just have such a cool vibe and an amazing personality. Oh, and cause your humor is impeccable! I’m so glad that we got closer in the last couple of months, and I’ll miss you sm next year. But don’t worry, I’ll think of you every time someone “assembles,” drops their phone, or plays any Clash song. When you’re at college, keep shining bright like a diamond (wow! knee slapper!!) and put sassy men in their place. Ily and definitely keep in touch! ♥️

To Ara Macaulay, I will you the blissful absence of BC III and a dorm room WITH air conditioning. Ara! I always looked forward to our study/convo sessions in IN2 during 5th/6th mod for the many intellectual conversations about random topics. Thank you for the inside info on college admissions, but also for foreshadowing how much I’ll hate Taylor series next year. You will absolutely kill it as a woman in business, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

To Marcelle Mbende, I will you a fun time at college and a successful anesthesiologist career. It was so much fun to be in 06 with you this year, especially during Clash. Thank you for giving me advice and also for being the best key game ally around (I hope we redeemed that pizza in the end)! In all seriousness, I know that you can succeed in anything you want. I can’t wait to see you kill it out there :).

To the French class seniors, I will you lots of candy from Madame’s chest. Thank you guys for making 8th mod bearable every day with your humor and entertainment. It definitely won’t be the same next year, but I know that you guys will excel in college and get your dream jobs. Bonne chance ~.

To all the other amazing seniors who I didn’t get to mention, I will you upperclassmen in college who will be there for you how you guys were for us. Thank you for being our wise older siblings and for making this year one to remember. Every memory that we’ve made I will cherish forever. You guys have such brilliant futures ahead, esp now that your time at IMSA has come to a close. Best of luck!

Ethan Remedios

To Daniel Park, I will you a minty fresh future at Yale. I always knew it was not just for college. Although our time together has been short, you have made an indelible impact on my life, and I will always cherish the memories we have shared. Your infectious sense of humor and kind-hearted nature has made my time at IMSA more enjoyable and memorable. Whether cracking funny zesty jokes or offering helpful advice, you have always been there for me, and I cannot thank you enough. I also want to assure you that I will make it out of the mud and get an A in BC. I do not doubt that you will thrive in this new environment and make an indelible mark on the world. It is hard to believe that our countless 2k games will soon end, but I am grateful for every moment we have shared together. May your future be filled with success, happiness, and minty freshness. I will miss you dearly, but I am excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish in the future. We can always run up a good game of pubg mobile.

To Jared Dong, I will you a 4 plate bench. Your warmth, kindness, and genuine nature have always inspired me during our time at IMSA. I fondly remember our deep conversations, hilarious moments, unforgettable sleepovers, and basketball games. You have been a true gem, and I will miss you dearly. Your exceptional character and unwavering spirit are the qualities that I admire most about you. You have always treated everyone with kindness, respect, and compassion, and your positive attitude has uplifted many people’s spirits. I’m sure you will continue to radiate this positivity and touch many lives in future endeavors. As you embark on a new journey at Purdue, know you have my unwavering support and encouragement. I am confident that you will excel in whatever path you choose, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish. Jared, you are extraordinary, and I feel blessed to have you as my friend.

To Kevin Kirby, I will you a new TV. I will especially miss our basketball games, where we mostly and Melinda and Einsey aimlessly ran around the court, sweating under the blazing sun. I bet it was fun seeing you tower over me. But hey, I was way better than you so it didn’t matter. Your funny jokes and positive attitude have always made engineering more enjoyable, and I have learned so much from you during our time together. You have a unique way of looking at problems, and your creativity has inspired me to approach challenges with a fresh perspective. In addition to that, you always urged me to go to the gym and really got me into it at school, making me feel better as a person through it all. As you embark on new adventures, know that you have my unwavering support and encouragement. I am confident that you will excel in whatever path you choose, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish. Kevin, you are an extraordinary person, and I feel fortunate to have had you as my friend.

To Kevin Johnson, I will a good sense of humor. I hope you enjoy your time at college, but I know you will not enjoy it as much as Andre and I’s room. This entire junior year, even though I make fun of you sometimes, I have really enjoyed all the good laughs and relaxing moments we’ve shared. You always have a great story to tell while we do our homework and you are a great personality to have in any room. My dancing is definitely better than yours, because obviously it just is, but other than that I will also miss your cooking. Even though you are vegetarian you bring some fire food to the wing and some delicious ice cream. Hopefully, you will make some friends in college, but if not you are always welcome back. I hope you continue to grow and never change because you are one of the most genuine people I have ever met.

To Rohan Jain, I will you a 5’3” East Asian baddie. Even though we didn’t have many chances to talk, that California trip we took together was enough for me to see all of your amazing qualities. Your sense of humor is impeccable, and your intelligence is truly admirable. What really stood out to me, however, was your incredible work ethic. Seeing how much effort and dedication you put into everything you do was truly inspiring. You are like a modern-day prophet Muhammad! A role model for all of us to emulate. I have no doubt that you will continue to do great things at CMU and beyond. You have a bright future ahead of you, and I am confident that you will achieve everything you set out to accomplish. Just remember to always stay true to yourself and never forget where you came from, no matter how successful you become. So go ahead and buss n blow! I wish you all the best on your journey, and I hope that you continue to be the amazing person that you are. And of course, don’t forget to add some squiggly wiggly into your life!

Evelyn Cunneen

To 06B downquad, I will you all of the mystery snacks. From putting up with our antics, to just being fun to talk to, you all have been amazing to live across from this year and I know you’re going to do amazing things after IMSA.

To TAS Seniors, I will you many milky ways. Putting events together with all of you has been so much fun, and I hope you continue your passion for space and spread it throughout all your future endeavors.

To Janelle Le Roy, I will you someone to carry you through future engineering projects. I’m tired of it. But jokes aside, I’ve really loved getting to know you better through ISP and engineering this year. You’re such a cool person to talk to and there’s no doubt you’re going to do amazing things.

To Julia Tran, I will you so many more club selfies. You’ve truly been a light to ISP this year, and the “Wait! We need to take a selfie” makes my day every time. Your passion for everything you do blows my mind and being on cabinet with you has been incredible.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you to never use the word “gaseous” again. You’ve been an incredible co-pres, and without you, I don’t think ISP would have made it through this year. Even with our ups and downs, we still managed to pull through, and I loved being on cabinet with you.

To Dorrie Peters, I will you to never do the “boi” thing ever again. It’s scary. But looking past that, you’re such a chill person and an amazing co-pres. We had some rough patches this year, and somehow you still managed to make it fun every step of the way.

Faizaan Shaikh

To Vikram Karra, reluctantly, I will you the Faizaan Shaikh -1.5 (don’t push it). Look, you got your wish. First on my wills. I hope you’re happy lol. From Boys to TALENT to CAB to everything else… uh, I don’t know where to start. But, I’m going to miss you a lot next year Vikram. People say that I meatride you and I obsess over you, and while I deny it, they’re not wrong. I’ve learned so much from you, especially about becoming a leader. You are extremely talented and the way you were able to command CAB to be as successful as it was is mad commendable. I hope next year I can take CAB to a new level, a level where you can go “I respect this jawnathon.” I also don’t understand how you were able to balance CAB and Lead this year with the quality that both organizations had. You are also genuinely one of the most caring people I have met. While we always troll each other, I have also been able to talk to you and get to know you on a more serious level. I know you know what I’m talking about. Not a lot of people see that side of me, but you have which should show how much you mean to me as a person and friend. I’m very happy you are at WashU next year and you will definitely be pulling up to the crib. We’ve been through a lot together but for now, I’ll just sum it up in a couple of words: sumn slight from the boys.

To Alex Orantia, I will you a new bracelet that won’t break this time. From Iles to Franklin to IMSA. We’ve been through it all. And we’ve been through it all together. But, now you’re graduating which is crazy. I’m going to miss all of the hangouts, the walking trips, the dancing, the photos, the hugs, the “study sessions” (we get no work done), and everything else that I’ve forgotten. I have been able to come to you with everything and anything I need. You have always been there for me and I want to say I’m sorry for not talking to you as much this semester and when we first moved in last year. I am the person I am today because of you. You are one of the kindest, most intelligent, and most hardworking people I’ve ever met and I am honored to call you one of my closest friends. You said in your will that my hard work ethic helped shape your perspective on IMSA but I think it’s the other way around. Seeing you balance your school work with your social life, SIR, all of your dance stuff, and everything else you do is incredible. You deserve everything that comes your way and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish at Cornell and the rest of your future. I’ll always be your #1 supporter and I’ll also be sure to update you about the happenings from my side. I’ll miss you Alexandra, but like you said, with us, it’ll never be a “goodbye” but rather a “see you later.”

To Dhruv Patel, I will you all the TEMU and Uber Eats successes you can dream of. Absolutely insane how close we got this semester. It’s gotten to the point where I just enter your room without knocking and this happens almost daily. I’ve really learned a lot from you Dhruv. Even though all we do is clown each other, you’ve really motivated me to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that I have. Still, while we clown each other, I have been able to be real with you when I need to. You and Vikram have been able to see my genuine side. That just shows how much I respect you guys and I really appreciate it. You also are incredibly hard working through all the clubs/ECs that you participate in and have inspired me to really make an impact on this campus next year. I know you’re gonna be uber-successful at Harvard and we will keep in touch so you can tell me all about it. And we are definitely hanging out this summer before you leave for the east coast. I’ll miss you a lot, Patel. And I do not body roll on anyone and never have. Stop spreading false information.

To Elle Brittin, I will you all the kit kats/twizzlers.

To Jesse Park, I will you the gwara gwara. Keep it alive at UAlabama. Jesse, I am so glad that we met each other for the first time in last year’s boys and I am proud to call you one of my good friends. I’ve had so much fun dancing with you, randomly coming into your room, and the random moments we look at each other in band lol. Memories to remember forever. Definitely keep in touch and we are getting together over the summer before you go join the Crimson Tide. Also, keep the title of best male dancer on campus… you know it’s yours.

To Ara Macaulay, I will you an “increase” in rizz. Just because I can. Wild how we met through Kevin and Khushi last year but I’m grateful that we were able to become as close as we are now. Thank you for being the person I could come to when a certain situation went down. You helped me through it and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. I had a ton of fun dancing with you this year in Modern and wish we had more opportunities, but regardless, the memories are still there and I’ll be sure to hold on to them fondly. Ara, you are one of the friendliest and warm-spirited people I’ve met and I hope you continue to use that personality while in college. I admire your ability to always stay positive and joyful as that’s something I can struggle with lol. I can always count on your waves when we pass each other to cheer me up and I’m sorry we stopped talking this semester. Nonetheless, I will you a great 4 years at college, and whatever you plan to do for the future, I am positive that you’ll be successful and I can’t wait to hear about them from you.

To Shaan Dhoshi, I will you some better humor and athletic ability because you’re in desperate need of both. You are one of the most hardworking, genuine people I’ve met and I couldn’t have asked for a better Outdoor and Indoor partner. I’ll miss hanging out with you in your quad and we are definitely going to run this basketball game before the end of the year. I’ll miss you a lot Shaan. Keep in touch.

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you to keep the same spirit and passion you had for 05 for the rest of your life. You were great as an HCC and while we may not have performed as well as you would have hoped, you created a hall culture that could not be rivaled by any other hall. I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations next year. I’ll miss you bro. Keep spearheading.

To Bhavya Vegesna, I will you some badminton talent because unfortunately, I’m just better. Crazy how your sister and my brother came through IMSA and now it’s us. I’m very happy we were able to continue the sibling friendship even if we, unfortunately, stopped talking as much as we used to. Regardless, I’ve always cherished my conversations with you (HH and more of course) and the short talks/greetings when we pass each other in school. I know I can always count on you if I need anything (except for some competition in badminton and timely responses through iMessage) and I can always count on you to brighten my day anytime I see you, especially during dance practices. I’ll miss you, Bhavya, keep in touch! And since you’re going to be nearby for college, you better come back and visit!

To Revanth Poonduru, Ight bro, I don’t know what to will you so just stop saying “ight bro that’s outrageous.” The jokes are dead… But on a real note, have a great time at college bro. I’m so glad we met last year through Boys and TALENT. You need to get better at dancing though bruh. But, you’ve really taught me a lot about how to be a great leader and I hope I can live up to yours and Anthony’s expectations for TALENT. We need to meet up over the summer and play some basketball. And take your braces off before you go to college, please.

To Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you 4 TALENTed years at college. From our spontaneous conversations about TALENT to our greetings when we pass each other in school, I have come to respect you more academically and as a person. You inspired a vision in me for TALENT and I hope I can meet and potentially surpass your expectations. I’ll miss you bro.

To Nachiket Rajinikanth, I will you your own mini-creek at college. You actually need to take me one time.

To Jared Dong, I will you even better Springfield rizz. Bring it home for the boys. But nah, crazy how we’ve come all the way, Iles to you almost graduating. I know you’re going to do great things at Purdue and I can’t wait to hear about them. I’ve always cherished our interactions and do wish we got closer. I also apologize for never asking to hang out over the summer but we are definitely going to meet up this summer. Love you Jared.

To Saketh Donteraju, I will you some actually good lingo so you stop using mine and somehow convince the entire campus that it’s your own. From our first meeting through middle school quiz bowl to now, you’ve come a long way and I wish you nothing but the best at NYU. I’ll miss your loud (albeit funny) moments in ISA and the quad. I can always count on you to make me laugh, whether it’s intentional or not. Keep in touch bro and start eating. Signing off, Phaizaan Shaikh.

To Kevin Johnson, I will you the ability to cook your own food so you stop asking me for mine. Mr. “in terms of dancing, I’m a sleeper,” I’m very glad you were placed in C wing this year. While we didn’t interact a lot, the occasional conversations, the waves when we walk by each other in school, and the dance practices are all a testament to your kind and pleasant personality. I remember that one day when you spent almost an entire 2 hours teaching me the Modern audition for Diwali x Harambee. I always enjoy joking around with you, even though your only rebuttal is to bring up race. I’ll miss you, Kevin, keep in touch.

To Lily Song, I will you a fantastic 4 years at college. Even though we don’t know each other that well, I’ve always cherished our few interactions whether they be through SCCxCAB, when we pass each other in school, or through dance. You are a very genuine person and I do wish I got to know you more. Have a great time at college!

To Halimat Sanusi, I will you to keep dancing in college. You are an incredible dancer and I’m glad we were able to dance together this year. Even though we’ve never actually spoken, you seem like an extremely nice person and I wish we got to know each other. Have a great time at college and keep up the dancing!

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you more photos to our collection. I’ve always cherished our interactions and can always count on your Hi’s to cheer me up. Keep in touch!

Fredy An

To Jesus Fileto, I will you Charles Ludwig’s spikeball net. The second I first met you at Engineering, I knew we were gonna get along. From doing unspeakable things during Engineering to doing unspeakable things in A-Wing upquad, your personality and charisma has always brightened my mood whenever I saw you. You are actually one of the smartest people I know, and as a certain someone said, “You’re a genius.” Yale is lucky to have you, and I know you’re gonna do great things (Breeze Mint flavor). You’re a real one, schlime.

To Braeden Cullen, I will you huge gains. When I first met you, I thought you were the devil reincarnate. I thought you hid behind a fake mask and were fooling us all. I thought you were the very definition of male manipulation and I trusted you as far as I could throw you. I thought your true feelings were locked behind an iron cage and your fake persona was made to pander to as many people as possible. Turns out, I was right. But you hit the gym so you aight white boy.

To Jeff Duan, I will you sleep. When I first met you, I thought you were Japanese. I also thought you were a psychopath for eating a hot chip without any water and then passing out. Turns out, I was right. You are a psychopath. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who functions like you do. The daily 4 hours of sleep and Buddhak 2x Spicy ramen are definitely doing something to you, though I can’t put my finger on what. I mean, you should be dead 5 times over, but somehow you’re hanging on. Seriously though, your grind is actually insane and your soft, soft, soft cheeks have given me the power to get through the day multiple times.

To Jared Dong, I will you a 250 Bench Press. From gym advice to Frisbee, everytime I talk to you it’s always a delight. Every interaction I have with you is absolutely insane, from Frisbee games to hiding in a closet, it’s never a dull moment with you. You’re one of the funniest guys I know, and the only flaw I can think of is your absolutely despicable music taste and actual negative rizz. And trust me, I WILL GET SHREDDED.

To Christian Delgado, I will you a better ancestry.com result. Seriously, the day you dropped your DNA results was like a nuclear bomb. I’m pretty sure it has changed my life irreversibly. Genuine shivers down my spine when I saw the screenshot. Seriously though, I’m glad I got to meet you. Believe it or not, you were actually the first Junior I ever met here. Walking into the hall commons 1st day at IMSA to see you, Jeff, and Renaldo playing Smash and complaining about Sheik set the mood for how 04 D-wing was supposed to be. When I first met you, I thought you were a huge nerd. Turns out, you were a huge nerd who gave me free food. Continue being you, and don’t let anyone say otherwise.

To Kevin Huang, I will you an ungodly amount of creatine. Even though you never shop anymore, the one time we did it together will always be a warmhearted memory. Your goofiness and smile is nothing short of charismatic, and your unspoken rizz is the greatest I have ever seen. Keep on being goofy, don’t forget to eat 3 meals a day, and hydrate well.

To Daniel Ma and Rohan Jain, I will you a better sophomore than Jeffrey Yao. nav bar nav bar nav bar.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you “W rizz”. When we first met in French, I actually despised you. Your only vocabulary was “W rizz” and “W mans” + the fact that you were a schmen, I thought you sucked. But the more I got to know you and the more we hung out in French, you slowly somehow grew on me. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I actually found you pretty funny by the end of the quarter. Even though you’re pretty much an older Vidyoot and are actually horrible at French (I think Ashwin did more of your homework than you did), your E&M grind and goofy personality is nothing short of admirable. Keep being silly and goofy, and don’t get too stressed at Harvard.

To Miles Massey, I will you an Edwardsville Highschool Fireman Class. As the only other Edwardsville kid to come here, it’s kind of relieving being able to talk to you about home. Even though we don’t have much in common, joking around on the downstate bus and playing Frisbee is always a good time. Your carefree nature and unnatural skill at Public Forum has made you one of the most unique individuals I know, even if you are the closest thing to a frat guy at IMSA. Have fun at college, goat.

To Pietro Stabile, I will you an actual prom date. Remember when I told you I owe you? This is me paying it back.

Daniel Ma, I will you the most insane cut over summer. I was actually pretty intimidated when I first met you, I had heard the most insane rumors about you, not to mention you being 3x my size. After our first conversation though, I knew you were a homie. You make the funniest jokes on the spot, and it seems like you always know what to say. Your wits and humor are top-notch, and I hope you enjoy yourself at Brown.

Garrett Snedden

To Christian Delgado, I will you as many sarcasm-spewing misogynist British roles as your heart desires. You’re such an awesome, funny guy, and I don’t have words to describe what an honor it has been to share the stage with you for the past two years. Lenny, Algernon, Charles, Lloyd, Wayne, whatever the role, you’re an incredibly talented guy, and I’ve never met such an intense, passionate actor with such a tangible love for acting, and you make me laugh on a daily basis in rehearsal. I’m so grateful that I got to know you, and I hope you have a blast at college and you never stop acting. I even forgive you for misspelling my name in the Noises Off! program :). Never stop being awesome!

To Ireland Morgan, I will you freedom from Al’s nagging. You’re such a cool person, and it’s been such a joy to play trombone with you this year. Every day, you’re positive and funny and hardworking, and I aspire to achieve your miraculous tone quality. Thanks for being awesome, and I hope you always keep playing trombone. Best wishes in college!

To Ella Barnett, I will you a whole lot of roles in all your favorite plays. It’s been so fantastic to get to know you these past two years, from Cassie in Rumors to Poppy in Noises Off! and then a fellow student director in Puffs. You’re such a phenomenal actor, intelligent and knowledgeable about so many things, and an awesome person to be around. You’re so clearly passionate about the things you do, from drama and PRC to Shakespeare to history. I’m so grateful for all the time I’ve gotten to spend with you. You’re gonna do awesome in college!

To Dean Barrow, I will you a really nice, fancy violin. I’m so happy to have been your sophomore rep and songwriting director and vice president in ISoMP. I’m grateful for all of the work you’ve put into the club this year, and I’m so excited and privileged to keep ISoMP going next. You’re such a talented violinist and soccer player, and just a generally great guy. I hope college is awesome, and never stop playing violin.

To Jesse Park, I will you all the funniest antics and the greatest trumpet pieces. You’re a riot to be around, and you always make me laugh. Not even to mention your top notch trumpeting, which is beautiful. You’re such a talented, hardworking guy, and it’s been a pleasure to sit next to you in Wind Ensemble and have you in ISoMP. I hope college goes amazing for you and you always keep playing trumpet.

To Samuel Go, I will you whatever instruments you DON’T already play, since that list is probably shorter than the other one. You’re an incredibly talented, hardworking guy, and I’m so glad to have known you. It was the weirdest thing when I told Kim I was going to IMSA and she said, “I think Samuel goes there?” It’s been so great to share the stage with you at piano recitals and ISoMP and band, you’re such an amazing multi-instrumentalist, and it’s always great to see you around. Thanks for being awesome, and I hope college is a blast!

To Fiona Kriner, I will you a bunch of CS projects that don’t involve graphics. You’re such a positive, intelligent person, and it’s been awesome to get to know this year in OOP and then in drama. Whenever I say hi to you in the hallways, you say hi right back and it brightens my day. I hope you have a great time in college!

To Kelly Cruz, I will you Harry, because even though you don’t pick favorites, we all know he’s your favorite. It’s been such a blast to have you in drama. You’re absolutely hilarious and such a talented actor, and I’m so glad your friends pushed you to audition when you were running on 15 minutes of sleep. I’m so privileged to have been your director for Puffs, and I really hope you continue on with theater in college. I hope college is awesome for you!

To Jack Morby, I will you the coolest, most obscure jazz out there, Jonathan Morbius. I didn’t do jazz band last year, and I kinda just auditioned on a whim this year, and I’m so glad I did. Rocking out the culture shows and blasting Cuphead in the band room were some of my favorite parts of the year, and I hope you forgive me for always showing up to rehearsal five minutes late and half asleep. You’re such a cool guy, and I hope you always keep on playing saxophone and jazz and have an awesome time in college.

Greenley Ziemer

To Nathaniel Gao, I will you the best of luck. I’m going to miss you a lot, it was really fun getting to know you. I had a lot of fun talking to you and hanging out the few times we did. Love you bestie!

Gwen Olney

To Elle Brittin, I will you all of the things that you’ve stolen from me because you’re such a sneaky thief. I also will you friends in Arizona that can make you laugh so hard that you throw up in their sink. You’ve been my wing woman this entire year and I can’t thank you enough for the amount of lies you tell me just to boost my ego. I know that you lie for fun, but it’s the only thing that’s gotten me through. I procrastinated writing this just like I do for everything else and I could write a million words for you. Just know that I want to wish you the best in your future. I know you’re going to make so many friends and I’ll miss you so much. I never thought I’d become so close to the crazy girl from A wing who always carried a monkey around. Keep being silly L. Ily and monk 4 ever <333.

To Avery Hedican, I will you the comfiest mattress pad on the planet so that you’ll stop making mine slide off of the bed!!!! You can’t have mine but I promise you’ll find a good one for college. Thanks for making the silliest skits with me and going feral ;) with Dr. Kind.

Hagen Arriaga

To Jared Dong, I will you a sleeping buddy and roommates you can talk to. Coming back to my room to see you sitting on Angel’s desk playing chess after a long day of school always brought me joy. I’m going to miss cuddling with you and seeing you sit up and talk gibberish in the middle of the night while sleeping. I just wanted to assure you that I was always listening while you told your stories and I am glad that I was able to share mine with you. It was nice going to the gym with you after school and waiting for each other to finish so we could head to dinner together. Good luck saving Gotham mi trillizo and don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you need someone to listen to you.

To Eddie Ning, I will you a new password and a basket to put all your dirty socks in. We didn’t really start talking to each other until this year during the Casa de La Luna show and it brought me joy to hear you cheering my name in the crowd. I hope you stop assuming I took your phone every time you lose it in your bed. I will treasure your gift from Japan forever. Thank you for the Milkis and ramen. Goodnight! :)

To Jayant, Atharva, Dheeran, and Pietro (05D downquad), I will you peaceful and quiet nights. Jayant, continue wearing your grandpa sweaters and I hope you learn how to clean up those pistachio shells from your bed. I also hope you find a better alternative to horse shampoo. Atharva, I like how calm you appear and I love hearing you laugh! Never stop dancing. Dheeran, you need to go outside and take a breath. Don’t forget to tell Eugene I love him! And last but not least, Pietro, I will you hair ties and a wheel. We met last year in D wing downquad as they made us wrestle each other. You seem to have great intentions and you have grown a lot in the past year, I hope you continue to find yourself. Thank you guys for keeping up with all our commotion and I wish you all the best!

To Destiny Grant, I will you more hoodies. I always felt better with you just being present, even if we didn’t exchange a word, your presence would make me feel a little less lonely.

To Elle Britain, I will you retractable keyrings so you would stop losing your belongings in engineering. Like seriously how are you going to find your lost belongings without me??

To Dami, I will you somebody to love you as much as you’ve loved us. Digital Photography with you last semester was funny even though you never showed up to class. I love your hugs. Despite what you may believe, my parents really do not hate you. Like seriously. Anyways, can I have your number? You still owe me $15 btw.

To Jack Morby, I will you more videos of geese overtaking campuses. Funny German song name.

To Kevin Johnson, I will you new socks. I honestly didn’t really like you last year but you seem a little more likable this year. I’m sorry for never having any vegetarian food for you to take whenever you saw me eating. I don’t know why you randomly started walking into my room one day, or why anyone does, but I enjoyed your company (whenever you weren’t asking Sree for homework answers) Please don’t forget to read my college essay. I love you king.

To Jesse Park, I will you a stronger core. We’ve had some random interactions but they were funny nonetheless. You were the first person that I remember giving a reverse piggyback ride. You need to teach me calisthenics before you head off to Alabama.

Haley Shah

To Divya Choudhary, I will you all the fun, craziness, and spontaneous energy that the future has to offer! You are the best co-choreo I could ever ask for and I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t met you at the beginning of the year. I cherish all of our memories from cramming the choreo in the wing commons to walking by each other and ranting about our day. I don’t know what I am going to do next year without you. Seeing you and witnessing your boundless energy always brings a smile to my face. Thank you so so much for everything, even the tiny details, it all has a special place in my heart. I will miss you so so much Divya! Best of luck in your new chapter, I hope to see you often!

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you an upperclassman who is as sweet as you. You are one of the kindest and happiest people I know, and seeing you in the hallways makes my day. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me great advice whenever I needed it. I loved every minute and hope to see you more! Wishing you the best of luck in your new journey!

To Keerthi Panchagnula, I will you the most successful and stress-free college life. Thank you for always being available to help me in math even when you were busy with your own activities. I could always depend on you and can look up to you for everything. I loved being in the same wing as you, and you are an amazing dancer. Good luck on all your future endeavors!

To everyone else, the seniors in B Wing and 06, I will you a great next year! I hope you all have a wonderful time and are successful in all your goals. Thank you for everything, I will miss all of you. Enjoy every moment of your new journey! Good luck!

Haoran Shi

To Eddie Ning aka my true love, I will you my black hoodie, because I know you like it so much and you’re jealous that you can’t wear it as much as I do. I also will you a dance practice where everyone shows up on time. Eddie, I don’t even know where to begin with this. When I first met you and learned that you were in my wing, I was very intimidated by you and was too scared to ask you to add me to F-Trad. But as I got to know you better, you became sort of a big brother to me, and I am very grateful to have someone like you in my life. The energy you bring is something I along with the rest of IMSA will miss. Thank you for helping me with everything (especially grinding out that ASIA app at 11:00 pm), introducing me to kpop and all the dances, and letting me munch on your food and jump on your back all the time and sleep on your bed and steal your clothes (I do look sm better in them tho). You always support me and make any bad day turn good, and one day I hope I could be as good as an upperclassman as you were to me. You made IMSA feel like a home to me. The amount of work you put into everything and the kindness you express towards everyone is something I strive for everyday. Go work your rizz (more rizz than me on that one night with you know who) at WashU and become Dr. Ning! You’re going to do great things in the future, and just know that I’m going to miss you very much. Keep in touch with me my king and never stop being the amazing person you are!

To Kevin Johnson, I will you someone to always say 你好 to in the hallways. I’m going to miss having someone to hug and brighten up my day. Even though I didn’t know you until like second semester, you’ve always been nice to me and put up with my out-of-pocketness. Whatever you do, you’re going to have an amazing future! 我爱你 Kevin!!!

To Atharva Gawde, I will you some trophies that your club could win. Like literally anything to fill up that trophy cabinet would be nice. Maybe a Community Shield? Seriously though, you have been an amazing person and I have enjoyed spending time with you, whether it was watching City annihilate Arsenal or shooting 05 movie in freezing temperatures and Chicago (you definitely fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus ride back). I wish you the best of luck in your future, and hopefully one day Tottenham could win the prem (though City will always be better, no history > no trophies) :).

To Jayant Kumar, I will you someone to always jump onto your back. I feel like I’ve contributed to future back problems, so for that I guess I’ll also will you some money. I remember you helping me move in on my first day, and me being scared to talk to you because you were a senior, but the more I got to know you the more I realized how kind of a person you are. I hope you have fun at the air force, and I’ll make sure to write you some postcards!

To Pietro Stabile, I will you a bidet. To be honest, I haven’t talked to you a lot, which is sad, but I always enjoyed your company. I’m going to miss the constant HOWWW-RAN SHI’s in the wing and seeing you at 11:00 pm making the most delectable dishes (rizzotto). Never stop being the genuine person that you are and enjoy your time at UChicago. Make sure to hit me up when you take those cool film pictures!

To Dheeran Wiggins, I will you someone to rizz you up in the hallways, cause I know you like that.

To Dhruv Patel, I will you the blue jacket, because you’re not getting that back. Thanking you for always being there to help me (not with SI Phys though, I think you should stick to debate). I’ve learned so much from you, whether it is how to make the most fire videos or how to dance to the most hype music. Your ability to lock down and get things done is insane, and is something I want to be able to do in the future. Every time I step into your room, I feel so much better, and the way you can make people laugh is something I’ll miss (though one thing I won’t be missing is your persistent comments about my nonexistent rizz). Make sure you don’t work yourself too hard at Harvard (w rizz), and rest well knowing that the videography department is going to be in good hands (like trust tho). I’m going to miss you Dhruv (we only got like 20 days left so let’s set up that ISP meeting?), and best of luck in whatever you do in your future.

To Saketh Dontaraju, I will you a graphic that could gap mine. All kidding aside, you are literally (not figuratively, not ironically, but literally) one of the most talented and influential people I know. Your ability to take the most W pics (seriously, those car mirror selfies were crazy) and also make amazing graphics is insane, and has inspired me to learn how to do the same (though I could never gap you). I’m going to miss your goofiness around campus and working on propic with you in the backroom (you know I carried that). You always manage to make me laugh and make my stress go away, and I am honored to have met you this year. Good luck at NYU, and make sure to SPEARHEAD your way into a prosperous future!

To Luis Hernandez Aguirre, I will you an amazing college life and a future full of happiness. You were one of the first seniors I genuinely talked to, and you’ve helped me so much in adapting to IMSA life. From introducing me to ISP or letting me join in on the quad shenanigans, you had a great impact on me and were always there for me, and this will isn’t enough to state my gratitude. The passion you have for the things you do, such as Clash, is really inspiring, and I hope that one day I will have the same work ethic that you do. Keep on being who you are and I know you’ll do amazing things in your life.

To Shaan Doshi, I will you a sphere that could turn inside out (no corners, ofc). Shaan, you are such a funny and selfless person. From blowing my mind with your physics knowledge to carrying my stuff on the Chicago trip, you’ve always helped me out and are a constant joy in my life. Also, the AP CSA notes you sent to me were clutch, and even though I kinda flopped on the test you still helped me a lot and I’m forever grateful. I hope you can continue your rizz at UIUC and even use the move I taught you a couple of times.

To Vikram Karra, I will you an actual F1 team and driver that you don’t just bandwagon on, and a red Ferrari hat to show who you truly think is the better team. I’m sad I didn’t get to know you that well at the start of the year, but the moments I got to spend with you were amazing. I loved talking to you about why Ferrari is better than Red Bull (though we can both agree that Kimi is the goat fr) and visiting your room to procrastinate on homework and applications. You’re one of the most diligent people I know, and I know you’re going to do great things in the future. Let’s get one more NOOOOO RISHIIIIII before you head off to college :).

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you a life without airpods (you really need to get off those). Thanks for introducing me to Taco Bell (that was bussin bro). Your energy is really infectious and you always lift my mood when I’m down. Make sure to keep running and having that W rizz (type stuff, I’m not allowed to swear lol).

To Alex Orantia, I will you someone that you can always hug in the hallways. You are honestly one of the sweetest and kindest people I have met at this school, and every time I talk to you it just makes my day better. I know you’ll do amazing things in the future, so never stop being the hardworking person and the amazing dancer that you are! Mahal kita! (That’s the only tagalog I know.)

To Zander Tamez, I will you the most astronomical, astounding, out-of-this-world dap up that is possible. You have always been a great friend, and I’ve always enjoyed your company (especially after we hit those insane dap ups)!

To Jason Qin, I will you 20 literature tossups, because we all love literature tossups. You’re such a kind person and you always manage to make Spanish class so much more interesting and fun. I know you’re going to do amazing things in the future, and I hope you continue to spread your positivity wherever you go!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you debate research that is done before the tournament! I still remember stalking the IMSA congress Instagram and first meeting you in person at orientation to ask you about debate (you probably forgot though lol). You’ve been an amazing debate captain and a great role model. I’m going to miss those long bill analysis practices where half the team is gone and the other half is just making contentions for research that we know isn’t going to get done (lol I’ll make sure to fix that next year!). Oh, and Ftrad was such an amazing experience and I’m glad I could say I didn’t break any ankles during tinikling! Best of luck for your future, but I know you won’t need it because you’ll eat it up wherever you go!!!

To Nandana Varma, I will you a better taste in F1 men (like we all know that Leclerc is much hotter than Toto). My money up queen! You’ve been such a great friend and I’ll miss your constant support (got to get my money up not my funny up you know?). I wish I talked to you more before the state debate tournament, but you made that experience so much more fun. I hope you find happiness wherever you go, and do not let anyone gentrify you out of that :).

To Keerthi Panchagnula, I will you a guzzle (wait my bad, a ghazal). You’re super hardworking, so make sure to take some time off and do nothing for a day (trust me it’s very productive).

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a happy future and some sleep that is not during 2nd mod spanish. You are very compassionate, and I’m lucky to have met you this year. Also, thank you for those service hours, I am forever in debt!

Ibrahim Bah

To Jayant Kumar, I will you a bright future in college. You were the one who helped me move in, you showed me what IMSA was really like. You’re like an older brother to me and d-wing won’t be the same without you

To Eddie Ning, king. I will you a future as a leader people can look up to whether you are leading a Dance choreo or running ASIA. I’m gonna miss you when you go to doctor nerd school.

To Jack, Dheeran, and Atharva, I will you my gratitude for being the coolest neighbors of all time. If I could pause time I’d use it to stay with you just a little longer. Remember as long as I’m here you will always be on someone’s mind.

To Pietro, I will you gratitude for the late night spent in the kitchen, thank you for the laughs and for the food. I hope when you think of IMSA you remember me and all the good times we had.

To Anthony, I will you the time to be present. Although you may not be the most available writing center tutor, you are by far my favorite. Thank you for all you have given me from advice in school to advice about dating (or the lack of dating). I hope in college you continue to be a wonderful person.

To Jessie, I will you a parachute: did it hurt when you fell from heaven? You are one of the coolest people I have met at this school and when I think about 2022-2023 you will be in the front of my mind whether it’s Clash or programming. Just remember never lose that young boy you see in the mirror.

To Ben, I will you the most in college. Thank you for your patience, time and willingness to help others. You are truly an amazing person.

To Steve, I will you friendship. I would say I miss you but I could see you every weekend. You brought life to this wing whether it was making tea, hiding mustard, or in drill, this wing won’t be whole when you go. I will remember your legacy and make sure everyone knows your impact on this wing.

To Dean, Alan, Mauricio, and Miles, I will you gratitude. Tthank you, thank you for helping me fall in love with a sport. I will never forget Sunday nights in west gym. I love the feeling of learning something new about something I’m patient about, when I get that feeling it reminds me of you. You helped me get to where I am now and I can’t thank you enough.

To Saketh and Shaan,I will you the perfect shot. Before IMSA I had never held a camera before, but you helped me. You showed me something amazing and I want to share it with future IMSA students. Thank you for all that you have done for me and I promise to share this gift.

To Irene, Noor, and Michelle, I will you more perfect conversations. This season was great waking up early in the morning to talk to strangers. Out of anyone to ride in a small bus with to tournaments, there is no one else I would rather do that with. When you go to college I want you all to never let yourself be silenced.

To Renaldo, Christian and Jayce, I will you S-tier rankings. We all game for different reasons and one of the best things about gaming is the people you meet along the way. Jayce, thank you for being the best captain this year from one Dekalb nerd to another. Christian and Renaldo, I wish I didn’t get Covid so I could see you in state. You inspired me to be better and never end on a loss. Sometimes all it takes is one lucky 9.

Indy Xu

To Patrick (Patricia) Tenedor, I will you more sleep and the wooden board you signed and gave me on February 3, 2023 (no like actually pick it up in the 01 RC office). Thank you for the odd conversations we’ve had in 01. Seeing you in the 01 hall commons always made me feel at home. I hope life treats you well.

To Nathaniel (Nat) Gao, I will you more energy to keep being you. Seeing you in your (slightly scandalous) outfits always brightened my day. Your positivity and energy brought me up on days I felt down. I hope you live your best life in college. Keep being you! <3

To Jai Sutaria, I will you more hours in the day to do awesome things and, more importantly, to sleep. It’s both inspiring and scary how much you do every day. Thank you for being a welcoming and safe space in FRC to look forward to. Your passion for STEM and outreach was really inspiring this year, and I hope I can fill your shoes as Outreach Head next year.

To the seniors on FRC Board, Caroline Kowal, Theo Schreiber, Luis Aguirre, Ilan Lunken, Jai Sutaria, Janelle Le Roy, and JT, I will all of y’all success and happiness wherever life takes you. All of you have done so much, both within FRC and at IMSA in general. Thank you for leading and guiding an awesome team that was a two-time finalist* this year! Always remember, measure twice, cut once.

To all the seniors on FRC (there are too many of y’all to list), I will you all the enthusiasm and spirit you will need in the future, as well as fewer sleepless nights. Thank you for creating an awesome team environment to look forward to when I popped into the lab. I know y’all will do amazing things in the future.

Iris Amit

To Aarya Khapre, I will you the money to buy yourself all the cottage core clothing you want knowing that you earned it. Getting to know you this past semester has been absolutely amazing, and I wish I had gotten the chance to know you last year. Bonding over books, clothes, and food has meant so much to me. I am always a message away so please don’t be afraid to send me whatever is on your mind.

To Jai Sutaria, I will you an endless passion to fight for what is right. You have been such a good mentor and have taught me to advocate for what I need. And I know that you have and will be that person to so many others.

To Karina Byers, I will you all the plays your heart desires. Having patho this semester and MI3 last year with you have been so fun, you light up the room you walk into with your wonderful energy. I love all of the meals we have shared and the conversations we have had.

To Kaitlyn Drew, I will you Taylor Swift merch and tickets. You have taught me so much about recognizing what is right for me and standing up for myself and my health. Seeing you as I walk out of calc in the morning always makes me feel better and keeps me going. I hope that you never let someone else dictate your path and continue being an extraordinary person.

To James Anterola, I will you all the stuffed Kirbys and genshin pillows that you want, and a wallet that isn’t empty.

Ishan Shankar

To Renaldo Venegas (Rolando), I will you an infinite amount of tasteful yellow apparel! I also will you some mass (being a massless particle is debilitating, I’m sure). Although you never admit that I could totally beat you in a fight, I’ve always enjoyed talking to you. You’re one of the most talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at IMSA, and I’m sure your future will continue to harbor your brilliance. I’ll always cherish our table in physics. Wish you a wonderful future on the west coast 👺!!

To Dhruv Patel, I will you the ability to smile (you can do it!). You are one of the most humble people I know (arguably even humbler than Jesus). I aspire to have your level of humility and selflessness in life. That aside, you’ve been a great friend, and I won’t forget your tiktok dances and jawline rizz in physics (even if I want to). Our ENM table is clearly the greatest collection of minds in modern scientific history, and I hope you find a similar table in your future classes. I know you have wonderful things ahead of you, and I wish you all the best.

To Jesus Fileto, I will you a great fashion sense (even better than the one you have now). You’re wild. Crazy. Every conversation with you involved feels like going off the deep end. But you’re also one of the smartest people I know. I hope you’ll continue to derive formulas like circular acceleration during all your future exams. Our ENM table is what I look forward to during the day, and I’m glad I’ve been able to learn physics with you. Your humility, along with Dhruv’s, is absolutely inspiring, and I hope one day I can learn to be that humble. We need to continue playing Bad Piggies and Fun Run 3 whenever possible. Good luck at Yale!!

To Kevin Huang, I will you all the ENM lab answers. Your thoughtful and insightful questions in physics have always inspired me. You always have the craziest jokes to share at our physics table, and the class wouldn’t be so fun without you. I hope you continue to take amazing notes with your knock-off Apple Pencil (dude it looks knockoff, idk if it is). Your CS skills are crazy, and you’ve been a great inspiration to me this year. Good luck!!

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you two dollars. I know I only paid you eight dollars that one time so consider this as me resolving the debt. But apart from that, thank you for being my Telugu sister at IMSA!! I’m so glad that I’ve had someone to talk with about tollywood movies and songs throughout this year. Good luck, and I know your future will be bright! (I would easily beat you in a game of basketball.)

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you Telugu movies so you can finally realize that tollywood is the best. You’re one of the most kind, intelligent, and hard-working people I know, and I aspire to be as thoughtful and caring as you are. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I hope it’ll be filled with telugu-movie-binging.

To all the seniors in CCE (Yareli, Venus, Nooriyah, Dhruv, and Jai), I will you even more leadership success in the future. Thank you so much for leading CCE this year. I’ve never seen a group of people more passionate about the things that they stand for and the changes they want to make. You all are my true inspiration. Venus and Nooriyah, you two were amazing co-liaisons and friends, and I’ve loved sharing ideas with you. Yareli, I’m still salty that Cecy wasn’t willed to me, but it’s ok :(. And Jai, thanks for being my Bloomington brother (you make me miss Wingover).

Jaden Willis

To Dapo Adeyemi, I will you a watch. Aye, man. You gotta start going to school. You can’t be paying for college just to not go to class. Nah, but real talk. You fr got me through this year and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m glad we got really close this year, and I wish we did earlier. That one time during basketball season when you were putting lotion on your face will always be one of my favorite memories. Or that time at the very end of last year when you were gonna start the last game but forgot your shoes, so Coach benched you. You really was always forgetting sum 💀.

To Bryce Sharp, I will you the ability to find and stick to one girl. You’ve got a problem, lowkey. Aye, but I remember all the random conversations we would have at lunch and dinner. You have always been a really good person to talk to and you fs helped me get through a lot. Keep being yourself and stay stoic. Go vibe in college even tho you going to where ain’t nobody at. 💀

To Maame Afua, I will you more head scarves. We haven’t really talked all that much but the small conversations were fs enjoyable. Make sure you take good care of yourself and evb else around you, and good luck at college!

To Venus, I will you peace. You rly did always have a lot going on so I thought that would just be the best thing. 💀 Anyways, you definitely helped save me from EXCEL my sophomore year. You were the only junior tutor then and now you’re graduating. Honestly, no matter where you go I just hope you’re happy and pursuing your passions. You were in a lot of clubs and you were always in charge of something so I hope you can continue doing that. The SCRJ meetings were fs more enjoyable when you were there and you did a great job being a co-lead. I’m glad that you helped pick me for doing it next year so that I can pick up where you left off. SCRJ is in great hands with Ryan and I so thank you so much for your help with everything! Good luck!

To Piere Joyner, I will you a jump shot. You’re going to college, you can’t live yo whole life without one 💀. Nah, but anyway I remember all the late nights in 03 just messing around and chilling. Those random talks were so much fun. My birthday sophomore year was funny as ever cause that was the first time I actually saw how bad your jumper was. The uno games this year have been a lot of fun too so I’m fs gonna miss that. Aye but take care of yourself and stay safe. Don’t burn yourself in the kitchen or nun. 💀 I’m gone miss you fs.

Kevin Johnson, I will you a good second hair growth journey. You said that you were gonna restart, so I hope that it goes well. I remember all of the little conversations we had, and you’re one of the most chill people on campus. Aye, I beat the restart allegations and now you bout to.💀 But aye go have fun and live yo best life.

JaeJun Park

To Daniel Park, I will you better glasses. Stop mistaking me for *****! Despite your deceitful eyesight, you are one of the most genuine people I know and you would never do things just for college. That troll paragraph you sent me in Korean immediately after my IMSA acceptance was dumbfounding, but it was nowhere close to all our antics and memories that we have deleteriously stacked together for the past two years. It was truly a blessing to have found you so early and became friends with you. From 2k, singing Korean ballads, and watching Kdramas together, IMSA truly would have not been the same without you. I will you the exploration of infinite opportunities and the freedom to pursue them all, leading to great success in your future aspirations and happiness in whatever you choose to do as you branch out of college. For the first time (I think) in the history of underclassmen wills, I will myself no more random Craigslist links that would make me a $960 deficit. I will you a minty fresh, fruitful, and successful college experience. I believe in you.

To Rohan Jain, I will you a Korean hanwoo ribeye steak cooked medium-rare. It’s definitely an iron deficiency that you keep mistaking me for *****. While you are vegetarian for no real reason, I can list infinite reasons why you were the best big sib and friend I could ask for. You are a completely genuine and genius person, and your everlasting love for [REDACTED] never fails to surprise me. From dancing to K-pop songs together, singing Pororo, and solving your riddles, I cannot imagine my time at IMSA without you. I have no doubt you will succeed anywhere you go. I will you the freedom to explore the world and find what you want to do with your admirable craft, and have fun along the way! 근데 로한이가 옷을 좀 수상하게 입네…

To Revanth Poondru, I will you infinitely more plates of biryani. Every weekend, I would enter your room just to find you munching down a heaping, hearty plate of biryani. You look the happiest during those times, so I guess I also will you infinite happiness. It has always been nice to have a friend from Bloomington who can relate to all the Blono… scums… Weekends with you and Nihar are truly memorable times that I will definitely remember. Anyway, I have confidence that you will succeed in any path you choose, and make sure to have fun along the way. I’ll see you around Tipton. ^^

To Daniel Ma, I will you a 315 bench. Even then, you wouldn’t be benching body weight! From the day I saw your round and intimidating stature at Lexington, I have gotten to know you and your pigeon a lot. I can say with full confidence that you are a gentle, cozy bear and are one of the funniest people I know. I will always remember when Edward and I climbed on top of you and started [REDACTED]. You are down-to-earth and give refreshing opinions that are completely honest. You always approach everything with a strategy, and I have no doubt that you will stampede toward your future in the same fashion. I have no worries for you, just lots of anticipation and confidence that you will succeed in your desired path.

To Nihar Cheruku, I will you a shovel. Although I got to know you through a bad Cheruku, I quickly realized you were the badder one. I enjoyed our fruity times in the gym, late nights on weekends, and our horrible free-styling. I have full confidence you will succeed in your desired path – and we will dig out of the mud together.

To Faisal Patel and Kevin Huang, I will you the ability to be a golf walk-on. Although we never got the golf team success we wanted (Faisal’s fault – oops! jk ^^), you two were proud teammates to be on the course with. I always appreciated your passion, resilience, and knowledge of golf, and I am so thankful that you two led the team. As you guys have done, I will lead another successful golf season. Drive toward your dreams and you will be on par to achieve them, with all your struggles ironed out!

To Pranit Guntupalli, I will you greater prairie chickens. You are a rare kind, just like the chickens. As you enter college, please stop wearing Abercrombie and explore new options like RL (Ralph Lauren) did! I believe you will charge your future with enthusiasm and success like our beloved buffalos from EBE, and I wish you the best of luck!

To Yina Wang and Shreya Chakraborty, I will you >= 4 test subjects. Despite my seemingly reluctant participation in the life-update requests and guess-the-elevator shenanigans, along with my even GREATER reluctance as your test subject, this past SIR year was truly memorable. Even with Charlie or potentially these eager sophomores, SIR will never be the same. Dr. Sohn and I wish you good luck!

To Jared Dong, I will you a visit from me to Sunny China House. I have high expectations!

To Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you many more random bathroom encounters, white mug cups, and a prosperous time in Pennsylvania. You will go far, Anthony!

To Elle Brittin, I will you fewer absences. Despite your frequent absences during K-trad practice, I am happy we got to talk when you actually came to practice. You are a very happy person, so never lose that!

Jake Belonio

To Alex Orantia, I will you all the filipino friends you could ask for and the comfiest Comfy in the world. You were really truly the first ever person I met at IMSA. I still remember being half asleep in my comfy on that zoom call when out of nowhere I saw a message from someone asking if I was wearing one. It was so random and tbh I didn’t feel like responding, but after telling you that I was indeed wearing one (dude i’m wearing it while typing this), I could tell that you were just the coolest and most fun person to talk to and be around. During orientation I was even looking around to see if the person who complimented my comfy was there (idt you were ;0). After finally moving in and meeting you irl, you came off as the biggest ball of sunshine on campus and I’m truly honored to have known you and been a part of your last year at IMSA. There are so many things I can remember from our moments throughout the year oml. LEAD with you and Joey was the best place I could’ve been put and you both inspired me to follow in your footsteps and become a facilitator myself >:). All the funny moments I had with Zander and just annoying the heck out of you is also something I think I’ll forever remember for the next two years. Even though your time here is coming to an end I can say for sure that the impact (heh get it) you not only left on me but everyone else you interacted with is here to stay. It really sucks to see you go but I’ll be sure to carry on the pinoy culture and tradition here at IMSA like I promised. I know you’ll go on to do amazing things at Cornell and beyond. Best of luck going forward and stay in touch. :) Mahal na mahal din kita. :) Not only that, but I’ll be sure to make the whole experience just as fun as you made it. It’s gonna be boring next year without you but I’ll make sure that the legacy of the dude who died to lava lives on. Imma miss you brochacho. We gotta stay in touch so I can come for all my choreo ideas lols. I wish only the best for you. Love ya homie. Also no need to will me rizz when i alr got more than you lmfao. *intensely flexes*

To the 2nd best roommate pairing on campus (besides me and collin obv), Clay Miner, whom I will the plantiest plants and all the gains, and Ilan Lunken, who I will all the legos and the greatest butt gains, I’ll really miss having you guys around. Without a doubt you two made living in 04A the best. With it being my first year here I was lowk kinda scared of having weirdos as dormmates. And while that’s still what ended up happening, I wouldn’t have it be any two other weirdos than you two. Clay. The man, the myth, the legend. The man with the coolest desk I’ve ever seen, you are just the most chill person ever. Coming into your room during ten check and just vibing out is something I look forward to many days. You inspire me in so many ways and I’ll never forget all the funny moments we shared throughout the year. And idrk if this is a good thing :0, but I thank you for getting me into keyboards. It’s a hobby I think I’ll have for a while, and I will always remember the feeling of typing on your keyboard for the first time (lawd was that thing beautiful). Best of luck at Urbana. I know you’ll do great things, like steal the moon or something idk. Ilan. My boy. My robotics king. My hypeman. You were just a joy to be around and It’s really gonna suck not having you there every night to just stand in awe at my legs and my gluteus maximus. You always bring the energy wherever it is you go and the smiles you put on everyone’s face is clear. I still remember the first time you opened your closet and there was a whole 3d printer there (still cool btw). I know you’ll do great at Boulder. Oh and best of luck with those other boulders (wink wink nudge nudge hehe). I love y’all and imma really miss you as my neighbors. <33

To all the other 04 A-wing seniors and Drill heads, I will you guys a community just as good as the one we’ve built up here in 04. You guys easily made my first year at IMSA one to remember. Dean B., Braeden, Acky, Kevin, Jeff, James, and anyone else I may have missed, you guys are the bestest of the best seniors I could have asked for. The brotherhood and community we’ve built up throughout this year is something I for sure will continue to cherish and uphold in the rest of my years here. It’s a shame to see you guys go, and I’ll miss all the interactions we have throughout the day, but I know that each and every one of you will go on to do amazing things in college. 04Ever. Also I will acky cooking privileges back lol.

To the seniors on the volleyball team, Miles, Bryce, Alan, Dean, and Mauricio, I will you guys a fulfilling and fun future. I came to this school expecting a mid volleyball team with a bunch of weird guys. But I could not be more wrong. Y’all made this season so memorable (even tho we lowk got beat so many times) but I know all y’all gonna bring the same energy to wherever it is you go. Whether or not you play volleyball in the future, or do *censored*, *censored*, and *censored* like Bryce joked he would, I hope you find joy in whatever it is you do. Imma miss this team and I’ll miss you guys even more. I’m writing this before senior night so I hope y’all get the best senior night and I will us certain victory. Bryce please gimme some of your height. Also Dean I will you the ability to land a top in a game. Love y’all.

Jeffrey Yao

To Jared Dong, I will you more goals to improve as a person. I remember the first day after you got on campus and we met and you said you could be my dad. I think that was by far the most bizarre first words that I had spoken to someone when I was meeting all these new people. But I’ve really enjoyed how close we have gotten, whether it be late night walks or picking me up in the hallways or outside. I’ve enjoyed seeing how you slowly changed over this year through the stories and “adventures” you slowly tell me and how you have been making the best out of your senior year and making your own improvements. It’s been really inspiring and I wish you the best of luck at Purdue. Thanks for enlightening me on Uniqlo’s existence. I’ll have to go down this summer and check out Sunny China before you leave.

To Daniel Park, I will you to play more games. That one night we played minecraft was really fun and it’s always interesting to watch you cook everyone in 2K in C Wing up quad. On top of that, despite how weird I thought it was at the start of the year, I’d have to say that sometimes you randomly hugging me at the strangest times has been really comforting. I really do enjoy spending time with you and Rohan in your room, and I really appreciate you letting me borrow paper plates when I need them.

To Revanth Poondru, I will you a lifetime supply of Ritz crackers. I’ve really enjoyed those nights when everyone in our wing had gone home and you decided to barge in really late. Whether it be clowning on Kannan for his AP Exam selection or making late night snacks because you were hungry, it’s been really enjoyable spending time with you. You’ve really put me on with some of these food hacks or whatever they’re called. Some of the fondest memories I have had in 04 have taken place in your room, or in general just with you. It also helps that you have a really comfy bed. And even though sometimes you would do some questionable things (like that one time you threw my fob up on that window and made me work really hard to get it back, or match me up with you for sumo-wrestling), I didn’t really care that you thought it was only for your entertainment as I thought it was always fun being able to spend time with you.

To Daniel Ma, I will you an italian leather belt. I know how much you appreciate the craftsmanship and work that goes into leather making. You’re a really good writer and you are an absolute unit in the gym (and in the wing). I appreciate the reminders that “I’m not making it out the mud.”

To Nihar Cheruku, I will you a brand new thesaurus. I heard the strangest things about you so I was honestly a little confused on what to make of you at first, but after that first soccer season I have to say you have some of the most motivating and inspiring things to say. I think every time you’ve stepped in my room it always ends in a 20 minute lecture on how I can live a better life and I always find it helpful at the end of the day, no matter how long you stretch the lecture out to be. You also have a super peculiar vocabulary on top of that. If you do plan on playing soccer at the U of I turf fields, feel free to call me. It’s been fun listening to you sing your heart out to Kanye on all the bus rides and listening to you scream at me all season and NOT pass me the ball.

To Nachiket Rajinikanth, I will you an 04 Fob. You always say you’re going to visit on a particular day but you never end up coming. I really wish that we had talked earlier in the year instead of meeting so late and under strange circumstances, but I have to say it was 100% worth it. Thanks for setting up that Clash stunt so late, and overall making me want to be more involved with Clash in the future.

To Ramzi Daki, I will you to find a cure to hyperhidrosis. No matter how much you say it, I don’t believe that you have it and I think that the reason you were sweating when we were playing chess that one day was purely based on intimidation. You have a great sense of style and a great sense of humor to match it. I hope you realize by now that I’m never going to buy you that one Chiptole bowl that we bet for when we played ping pong (you got lucky by the way, Faaizan was there and made me choke).

To Braeden Cullen, I will you the fact you are an opp. Stop being so inconsistent with whether or not you’re going to come to lunch during our 4th mod off mod or not. Also, you actually have super sub superpowers or something I think.

To Aidan Fraas, I will you a lucky charms sponsorship. Without your help I most definitely would have never been able to play club soccer this year. Quite the center back as well, and a great captain overall. Your ginger hair is really cool as well.

To Zander Davidson, I will you a new hair tie. You’re a great soccer player and a really funny guy as well. Like your roommate, I also find your hair fascinating, and it’s been fun playing year round soccer with you.

To Julius Wardlow, I will you a continued love for sports. You’re already a prestiged lightskin, and on top of that you’re one of the most athletic people I’ve ever met. It’s been a pleasure having you on the right wing and you’ve been one of the key reasons that this year’s soccer team has been so successful. Thank you for answering all my questions about club soccer, and overall for being a friendly person.

To Dean Barrow, I will you to continue playing soccer. You were a great captain and a really prolific goal scorer. It’s been super cool to watch you succeed this year, whether it be on the field or off, (with your college admittance sweep). You’ve always been really nice and genuine, and overall just a great human being.

To Marko Ilic, I will you to keep dressing up like a suburban dad. You’re super funny, and it’s always calming knowing that I can always pass back to you when I’m in a little bit of trouble. It is unfortunate though how you got cooked on that Regional game (never going to let you forget about that). Also, continue reminding everyone (and yourself) about your Croatian heritage.

To the upperclassmen that I got to work with on StudCo this year (Yina, Irene, Shiqi, Avery, Vidhi, Pietro, and Bhavyaa), I will you all a successful and fruitful time at college. Seeing you put in all the work that you have during this past year has been really inspirational and it’s really helped motivate me to participate more in the clubs here at IMSA. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.

To Diego Montes, I will you a new controller, one that you can freely slam on my desk after I absolutely wipe the floor with you on FIFA (You’re 0-5 rn). Probably the best bus buddy I could ask for, and a very good midfielder that I can trust to bail me out. I’m never going to forget that one assist you provided on the DePue game and the practice that we ran literally the day before in preparation for it. You’re really funny, and I enjoy your usage of Chinese outside of the classroom. We both know that Liverpool is a bum team at the end of the day, so you can quit harassing me about Arsenal. Good luck at the Naval Academy, and please do continue to practice your Mandarin, you’re practically already fluent.

To Rohan Jain, I will you the ability to keep being you. You were the first senior I met on campus, and I honestly didn’t know what to make of you. You looked like a hobo x emo, with the ripped jeans and strange shirts and weird silver chain. I honestly thought you were just some bum that was super anti-social. But over the span of the year, I like to think I’ve gotten to know you a little bit better. I think I’ve been in your room the most this entire year out of anyone else. You’ve been a great upperclassman in numerous ways, whether it be helping me with school work like quests, webworks, problem sets, chemistry questions, and more. You’ve also given me some very real wake-up calls in life as well, as annoying as they might have been at the time. You also bring some very good snacks to your room as well. I don’t know why, but I always find some comfort in spending time with you, whether it be on a random day before an I-day, or during my off-mods when you’re usually being lazy in bed, or working, or playing video games. You’re one of the smartest and hardworking people I know, yet you don’t really flaunt it to anyone like a phony. You’re not scared to just speak your mind and just be honest with me, and I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together this past year, and I really hope you succeed at CMU. On a real note though, please hit leg day.

Joey Paras

To Alexandra Jane Orantia, I will you a vibrant dance culture and more random wafer cookies (but seriously why do you always have a pack on hand LOL). I also will you more time to go absolutely feral, even when you don’t have ten check curfew at fancy Cornell (also to not get mugged in NY, because even with my training you still lack situational awareness smh). You have been one of the absolute best people I have ever met. Seeing you, no matter the time, was always the highlight of my day. Whether it was after check in the hall commons, or on trips, or just during the day, I always left happier than I was before. I’ll never forget the first time we actually talked outside of just passing by each other, the first “after hours” of many. I can honestly say that I would not be the same without you. You made me comfortable with being myself, and I can’t thank you enough for that. In general, you’ve just been such an inspiration to me, and I know you will destroy Cornell, even if you’ll probably get your wallet stolen.

To Sarah Wheeler, I will you tickets to your very own ERAS tour with… ✨Spotify✨. Ever since the first day in LEAD, I knew I had to get to know you. You’re so funny, and I could not have asked for a better facilitator, co-coord, or friend. I know you’re going to do amazing things and I’m so excited for you and whatever you do in the future (but stay in touch). PS I’m so glad you helped convert me into a swiftie (but gold rush on top bffr).

To all of the seniors on LEAD, especially Aaliyah Ali, Nikita Rudrapati, Sarah Wheeler, Vikram Karra, and Alex Orantia, I will you an escape from the trolley problem, and more late night karaoke sessions. The LEAD team, as cheesy as it is, is definitely a fami-LEAD, and it’s all thanks to you all. You’ve made me feel at home and like a stronger person in general, though my karaoke skills were evidently overshadowed by that of others *cough cough Alex.* I hope you all never forget what an IMPACT you’ve made on all of us underclassmen. To specifically Alex and Aaliyah, I will you the energy to get through anything. You’ve both been the best co-facilitators I could have asked for. Through thick and thin (and man have we seen both sides), both of you kept me sane and taught me so much, so thank you. To Nikita and Alex, I will you plentiful data sheets to analyze, visualize, and write about. You both are absolutely fantastic people and were the absolute best co-chairs IMPACT could’ve asked for. The IMPACT you made on me (haha) was immense, and I am so thankful for you both. I cannot wait to follow in your footsteps next year.

To the seniors who participated in F-Trad, especially the choreos Kenith Taukolo, Megan Sia, and James Anterolla, as well as Patrick Teneder, I will actual bamboo sticks. Though we had to do the best with what we had, you all made my first F-Trad amazing. Thank you so much for everything, and I hope you all have an amazing time at college!

To Yareli Marinez and Venus Obazuaye, I will give you more time in the day to have spontaneous discussions about literally anything. But seriously, the ability to amplify your voice even more than you already have and reach even more people with what you have to say. Talking to you both at night has been some of my favorite times at IMSA, and at times, oddly enlightening. Both of you are fantastic human beings, and I look forward to you showing the rest of the world that in college and beyond.

To the seniors in 03, I will you college upperclassmen that help you in the ways you’ve helped me. Each and every one of you have given me the chance to live in the absolute best hall on campus and have made my experiences at IMSA absolutely fantastic. 03 has become a second home to me, and I would not be who I am today without you guys. I know you all will continue to do amazing things, and I wish you all the best of luck.

To Patrick Tenedor, I will you plenty more Filipinos to make self-conscious with your genetic lottery height (but like actually tall Filipino is such an oxymoron, yet you make it look so good). But seriously, continue brightening the days of everyone you come into contact with by just being you. Getting to know you and spending time with you, especially through F and V trad have been some of my favorite experiences on campus so far. Don’t forget us IMSA Filipinos at college!!

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you more time and a platform for your impromptu speeches about social issues. You’re always someone I look forward to seeing and talking to, and someone I never stop learning from. Thank you for just being an amazing person, and keep in touch!

To Nandana Varma, I will you all the petri dishes of cancer cells you can experiment on. You’re legitimately so cool, and I was so honored to have gotten to know you over the past two years. You have been so amazing, from SIR talks and advice to hanging out starting in MI4 and up to Spec Fic and DiffEq. I wish you the absolute best after IMSA!!!!

To the 03 drill choreographers – Jackie Zhang, Halimat Sanusi, and Alex Orantia – I will a computer that won’t take 2 hours to export a 5 minute mix. Participating in COTH drill this year has to be one of my favorite IMSA memories of all time, however many times you made me run across the gym for formations (but like actually how did that happen plzzzzz). You all are so talented and I hope I get to see you all again in the future, whether you’re dancing or presenting the cure to cancer (#multitalented).

To Sachleen Tuteja (aka Shmenita) (aka Raquelita), I will you a new nickname suited for the absolutely amazing person you are bound to become. Even after I found out you were only a few more months older than me, you have been one of my biggest role models here. You’re just so cool like what?!!!!! Spanish would be so much more boring without you there, and you saved my calc grade from diverging to negative infinity like -1/n (can you tell I’m studying for AP BC rn LOL). I am so thankful that I got to know you and be your friend. Even if you are only a few months older than me, you are one of the best people I know. (PS YESSS NORTHWESTERN QUEEN I cannot WAIT to address you as Dr. Raquelita Shmenita Tuteja.)

To all of the seniors that participated in and led ISP, but especially Janelle LeRoy, JT, Saketh Dontaraju, and Dorrie Peters, I will you the “missing” Mark IV. ISP has been such a source of joy for me in the past two years, letting me explore one of my now greatest passions, photography, all thanks to all of you. Even if it’s not media creation, I know you all will do amazing things and I’m so grateful to have worked with and gotten to know you.

To all other seniors who I did not address directly, I will you an amazing college career. All of you have made campus an amazing place to call my second home and I look forward to seeing all that you do in the future.

Jojo Germo

To Aarya Khapre, I will you all the success in the world! Ever since I met you my sophomore year, you have been like an older sister to me (dare I even say mother hehe). I admire your tenacity, generosity and you make me feel loved whenever I’m with you. From RSL meetings to our lovely walks, thank you for being with me through it all! I love you so so so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better upperclassmen bestie. :) When you graduate, you better send me a pic of you when you finally work with NASA. ;)) Ily to the moon and back. >>. You guys make me laugh so much and the number of times when I laughed until I started crying is too much to count (probably more than 15 lol). I can’t thank you guys enough for all the memories that I’ve had in A-wing as well as with each of the four of you. Much love to all of you! You guys will do amazing things. <33

To Evan Kuzukas, I will you so much success for what’s to come!! I’m so happy to have met you my sophomore year. Thank you for all the reassurance and advice you’ve given to me. Thank you for all the laughs and fun memories during choir! Finally, thank you so much for making my sophomore year experience so much better. Robotics with you was so much fun. :)) Please sing more in the future!!! Thank you for everything. <333

To Yina Wang, I will you someone who will look up to you like I have since my sophomore year! I can’t even begin to explain my admiration for you. :’)) Your aesthetic, commitment to your passions, and overall personality is what I aspire to be! I wish I could’ve approached you earlier this school year and struck up a conversation, but hopefully this makes up for it LOL. :) I’m so happy to have known you through IYNA and I have no doubt you will flourish in college. <3

To Alex Orantia (HALP I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO WRITE THESE ANYWAYS…), I will you all the spotlights to showcase your amazing dancing skills. Thank you Ate for being a huge role model and inspiration! You are so so so sweet and you instantly make my day better whenever I see you!! Never stop being such a positive ray of sunshine. :) I love love love love you >>>. You are so cool. :’D I wish you the best in college!!

To Shreya Chakraborty (we are speed typing now–), I will you so much love and light in the future! I’m so happy to have met you through Mod21 and I’ll remember all the memories we’ve shared this past school year! 02 Talent Show was so much fun with you. :DD Best of luck with college!!!

To Aaliyah Ali, I will you all the positivity and kindness in this world. From running to grab me water during Early Move-In to helping me with math in the hall commons, I’ve cherished these small memories with you. :)) Your laugh is truly infectious. <33 I wish you the best!! 02 Talent Show AHA.

To Nandana Varma, I will you days filled with happiness and all the smiles. :)) Thank you for all the hugs and convos we’ve had this year!! 02 Talent Show AHAHA. I can’t wait to see you flourish!

To Vidhi Shah, I wish you so much success for the future! Thank you for all the lovely convos and fun memories we’ve had in A-wing!! Thank you for all the advice you’ve shared and for being a close friend to me since sophomore year!! Best of luck in college!

To James Anterola, I will you a banana. A bunch of bananas. Actually, just take them all at this point. :D Thank you for being my Kuya this past semester; I truly appreciate you so much. :))

To Jazmyne Germo, I will you the power to wake up on your own. Girlie, I need some sleep. JK (not really). Rooming with you has been quite the experience, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thank you for being my first friend and my forever sister. I love you so so so much. Yoink.

To all seniors, I love you all! You got this!!

Jongwoo Kim

To the seniors on ALLIES Board (Jason Qin, Sachleen Tuteja, and Kevin Johnson), I will you more opportunities to use those ALLIES skills! Thank you all for welcoming me into board when I joined in September and for making this year enjoyable. You all were some of the most supportive and kindest people I have ever met. Thank you for all the board meetings, the laughs, and for making ALLIES one of the best things ever at IMSA. Kevin, I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with you for DNA Day. Your energy and brightness always made the room so much lighter and more fun. Sachleen, I hope that even if college doesn’t work out the best, you don’t let it discourage you from the great potential that you have. I’m sure that no matter where you end up going, you will have a great experience and do what you are passionate about. Talking with you after 10 check was always so fun and made 03 so much better for me. Jason, I wish you all the best and many successful Pokemon GO catches. You made my time at IMSA so much better as I always knew I could go to you with my questions and receive guidance. Thank you all for making my time on board one of my favorite experiences at IMSA! I promise that next year’s board will continue to grow the ALLIES program and implement more programs than ever before!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you a group of peers who are as passionate about the debate as you are. Thank you for being an amazing debate captain this year and thank you for being the only senior in Congress this year. Your energy and enthusiasm as well as your support and humor helped make my first year in debate one of the best experiences I have ever had in extracurriculars. Thank you for all the advice, the practices you lead, and for answering all the questions I had about Congress, SIR, or IMSA in general. No matter what anyone said, the talent show you organized was one of the best performances I have ever seen. I hope you don’t end up ditching med for law. However, I do know that whatever you end up doing, you will find success.

To Connor Craddock, I will you a water polo team. Hopefully, wherever you end up in the future will have a water polo team you can join. You were one of the most chill seniors on campus, and your calmness, leadership, and overall kindness helped make the swim season one of the highlights of my year. Thanks for bleaching my hair and overall being supportive whenever I made a faster time. Thanks for showing me Tachiyomi and I will try my very best to follow in your footsteps as Swim Captain.

To 03 C Wing Down Quad (Miles Massey, Diego Montes, Zander Davidson, and Aidan Fraas), I will you new dorms and neighbors to mess around with. You guys were some of the craziest and funniest people at IMSA, and you made my first year at this school memorable, to say the least. From the Incident to the jokes and pranks you all made C Wing, C Wing. Thanks for the nickname, I guess? There will never be another quad of seniors who will leave as much of an impact as you all left on 03.

To Peyton Gutting and Ella Voyles, I will you a hair salon and much better hair-dying supplies. Thanks for dying my hair for Clash and being great seniors who cared so much for Hall culture. The purple hair was fun while it lasted! Thank you Ella for being a great volleyball manager and helping me improve my skills this season, as well as leading so many drills for the team. I promise that Relay for Life will continue improving and host bigger events next year! Thank you Peyton for making stunts fun and exciting! I hope you all find success wherever you end up in the future.

To the seniors on volleyball (Dean Ekimov, Alan Hernandez, Mauricio Ortiz, Bryce Sharp, and Miles Massey), I will you a volleyball team wherever you will go in the future so you can continue dominating the court. Thank you for always being so supportive of the JV team and for the energy you continually bring to practices and games. You all helped make the team a positive and fun area for everyone. Thank you for leading by example and never taking things too seriously in practice. Thanks for all the advice, the sets, the monster spikes, and the tips for growth. I just wish we could have shown you some more wins, but the JV team will continue to grow and improve, following in your footsteps and we will make an impact at IMSA.

To the choreos for 03 drill, Alex Orantia, Jackie Zhang, and Halimat Sanusi, I will you a group of people who are passionate about dance as you are, as well as a group who will listen a little better to your instructions. Thank you for making my first Clash amazing and for creating a great drill for Clash. Thanks for being patient with us while we were trying to learn all the choreo for drill. I hope that your passion and love for dance will continue to bring people together and create great things. 03 will win drill next year again and we will win Clash. Make sure to come to pep rally next year to see 03 drill!

To Alex Orantia, I will you a great upperclassman that is as positive and supportive as you are. Even though we started on the wrong foot (the whole key game incident), thank you for trying your hardest to get to know me and being great to talk to. I hope you find an upperclassman at college who will be as easygoing, supportive, and optimistic as you were this year to me. Your contribution to hall culture was unmatched amongst everyone at 03 and made the hall the greatest at IMSA. Thank you for answering my questions about SIR, Clash, dance, and anything. As an RSL next year, I can only hope to match the precedent set by you, but I can promise you that I will try my hardest to ensure that the culture of 03 will remain the same next year.

To the seniors on the Swim team this year (Matthew Svatora, Simon Hoffman, and Connor Craddock), I will you a collection of all the swim caps from the schools we swim against. Thank you for your positive energy and for keeping the YIMSA swim team alive. You all were some of the most dedicated, hardworking swimmers on the team and helped make the season enjoyable for me and for everyone else on the team. Congratulations on keeping the YIMSA swim team alive throughout your years at the school. I’ll try my very best to recruit more people next year to ensure that the team will continue to grow. If you have the time, stop by one of our practices over winter break!

To my LEAD Facilitators this year (Nikita Rudrapati, Saamiyah Khan, and Elaina Xiao), I will you a more supportive group of peers who will listen to your lessons and talk. Thank you for always being patient with me and the rest of my LEAD class whenever we didn’t listen or were mischievous. Thank you all for putting your heart and soul into LEAD to make sure that the lessons weren’t boring and that our time at LEAD was a positive experience. Next year, I’ll try my hardest to follow in your footsteps and create engaging classrooms and lessons. I can only hope to match the level of excellence and quality that you taught with.

Joshua Mu

To Amogh Shetty, I will you 6.022*10^23 copies of Alberto’s Chemical Chronicles: Third Edition: The Second Coming. I had a great time working with you this year, especially when we messed around in the library at 9:00 pm during Science Olympiad practice. You helped me so much with preparing for SIR, answering my many questions whenever we bumped into each other in the hallways. It was blast competing together at Science Olympiad State, and I hope that you continue your productive career in scientific research!

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you a wireless computer mouse to use for Advanced Programming. It was super cool collaborating with you on AdPro assignments, which were sometimes kinda challenging. Learning a new programming language for IMPACT was quite an exciting experience. All in all, you were super nice to me as a sophomore, and I hope you continue being the amazing person you are!

To Pierre Joyner, I will you all the BC2 worksheets you could ever want. Whenever you dropped by our class, our table became one of the rowdiest places in the classroom, making it one of the highlights of my day. Although we barely got work done, that table is probably one of my favorite places to be at. You were probably one of the least out-of-pocket guys that I know, and for that I thank you for balancing out the chaos perpetrated by Kohl, Jolone, and Alex.

To Alex Guo, I will you a notebook of bottomless loose-leaf paper to do math on. As a senior, your insight into college admissions and senior stuff was super interesting to listen to.

To Michelle Sun, I will you a 5-minute mile PR. I always see you at cross-country and track practice, which is so cool because you’re one of the only seniors who run. Sometimes during Advanced Programming, you asked funny questions to Mr. Meyer, which always brightened up the classroom. I hope you continue developing your passion for CS!

To Jack Morby, I will you a challenging CS experience at UIUC. During AdPro labs, I always saw you get up first, having somehow finished the entire lab in little over half the class period. During all-state, it was super exciting running around downtown Peoria, especially when we stopped by Obed’s multiple times to eat.

To Himani Kamineni, I will you a future filled with music. Your bassoon playing is magical, and I was so grateful to listen to it during all-state. I wish you all the best studying at MIT!

To 03C down quad (Miles Massey, Diego Montes, Aidan Fraas, and Zander Davidson), I will you guys a little bit of inner peace. While some of your shenanigans were quite devious, I found most of them extremely funny, especially the “incident.” You guys really contributed a ton to 03C wing culture, and without you guys, we wouldn’t have had such an exciting year. When that day on the wing commons calendar was marked with “THE INCIDENT,” we became excited and (reasonably) a little scared of what was to come. Thank you so much for such an eventful year, and I wish you all the best at your respective colleges.

Joshua Solone

To Dean Cianciolo, I will you many more Smash Bros wins and physics quests. It was so much fun being in A wing last year, and though we haven’t seen each other as much this year, it really was great getting to know you. You will do great things in college, and I hope your love for physics makes a great discovery. To many more adventures, free A-Wing.

To Gautham Anne, I will you more crazy Arduino inventions and a major to declare (lol). Seriously, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve met at IMSA, and you inspire me to be more inventive in the future. You are so funny, and you have a kind personality. I hope you do great things in college and after. Free A Wing.

To Ella Lind, I will you a second Against the Current drumstick and many more drum solos. It was so fun meeting you through Ten Check and playing with you. The week of grinding out songs before the Valentine’s Day Dance and getting to perform them with you was one of my best memories at IMSA. Have fun in college, rock out on some more drum solos!

To Jack Morby, I will you many more Jazz Concerts and long runs. It was so much fun getting to run cross country and play jazz with you. Week of Failure and Tank! were great, and it was fun getting through them with you.

To Piere Joyner, I will you endless creatine and pseudoephedrine. I remember you not coming out to check to play video games at the start of the last year. I thought you were some kind of nerd. Little did I know that despite your hatred for sophomores, we would become great friends. Breaking Bad was one of my favorite memories with you, and I hope you continue to cook the purest batches. You are one of the best people I’ve met, and this school won’t be the same without you, man. Here’s to more trolling and shenanigans—Free A Wing.

To Jesse Park, I will you at least a 3 on E&M. Although you already took the test, I know the Gods of College Board will hear my cries and give you at least a five. In all seriousness, AdChem and Movement and Relaxation would not be the same without you. I’m grateful for all the advice, and I hope you have fun at Alabama. Just don’t do too much trolling.

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you Captain of the Harvard Debate team. I will always remember your gossiping and the multitude of questionable activities you and Alex were up to. It was so fun trolling you and debating this year. Free A Wing.

To Sridevi Krothapalli, I will you a Bollywood career. I’m grateful to have met you at the Diwali Movie last year (how fitting), and despite having one line, it was a lot of fun. Have a great time in college, Sri.

To the B-wing seniors (Ramzi, Marko, Kevin Kirby, Valentin, Saul, Nihar, and Mridhul), I will you more shenanigans and whatever that may entail. I enjoyed being in the wing this year, and it added a lightness to a tough year for me. Thanks for making 1984 bearable. Have fun in college, and keep trolling for me.

Josie Kim

To Alex Orantia, to my love, my IMSA mommy, amazing upperclassman, and hug-giver: I will you the everlasting strength and love of humankind’s best invention: the Comfy. RAHHHH Alex!!!! I can’t believe you’ll be graduating in a few weeks. From the start of the year, you have been one of the sweetest people I have met and I can’t imagine what my first year of IMSA would have been like without you. You truly light up the room with your infectious smile and I can’t wait to see how you will grow in the next four years. Please keep in touch even when you’re all the way in Ithaca!!! Ilysmmmmmmm <33.

To Sachleen, aka spleennnnnn omg my favorite schmen upperclassmen and all around amazing friend!! I will you a couple extra inches of height teehee. You are truly so sweet and friendly and I love hanging out with you after ten (on the rare occasion you are here loll) and stealing your milk to make tea hehe. I am always starstruck by everything you do, and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish. Please come back to visit and tell me all the Northwestern tea!!!!

To Zander, *rolls up sleeve* ZANDERR!! It’s always so fun to hangout with you guys in 03, imma miss our lil 03 + zander community sm. You are one of the funnest, goofiest, and genuinely friendly people I know. FR please find new people to dab up at RHIT but don’t forget abt us little guys. You are an amazing person and I can’t wait to hear about all of ur crazy shenanigans all the way in Indiana loll.

To Kenith!!!! I will you the downfall of imsa congress (lol just kidding!!). From the moment I met you, I just knew you were one of the sweetest and funniest people I would meet at IMSA. Your laugh is contagious and I hope you will party it up at Harvard (u finally committed smh) if your sleep schedule can take it… But in all seriousness your academic weaponess never ceases to amaze me, like the way you just eat up Mr. Moment is too impressive #kenithfightsforhisclubs. I already know you are gonna crush the next four, so I hope you find time to make some new friends and live it up!

To Elaina, one of my favorite D-wing seniors, I will you some hot men to rizz up. Fr tho all jokes aside you are one of the most kind and funny people I know, and I’m glad I got to get closer to you from LD and talent show. Your energy is truly unmatched and I hope you can dance it up in the next four. Love you!

To Nandana, my forever love, I will you a guaranteed Clark Easley win on my part trust. Every time I see you in the hallways, I can’t stop myself from running over and giving you a big big hug. You have such a genuine, loving heart that makes people feel so genuinely comfortable and loved in your presence, including myself. I’m gonna miss talking to you about the most random things, but I also can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing things you are going to accomplish. I LOVE YOU TO PIECES, MWAHHHHHH.

To Edward Ning, I will you a stable future for ASIA. omg eddieeee you are one of my favorite seniors ong. From your impressive dance moves to your epic fashion sense, never stop being authentically yourself. You are too cute and I can’t wait to see what you do with your next four years, teehee love ya!

To Nomar, aka Yeschris! I will you an FRC robot that has definitely been well constructed and definitely not b-sed two days before comp heheh. FRC without next year is going to be so tragic without you. You have such an amazing ability to make everyone around you so authentically happy and full of laughter. I already know you are going to find an amazing community of people at UIUC and I’m going to miss you smm! We must go to Kansas one day.

To Dhruv Patel – I will you a guaranteed Josie Kim easy W over Clark Easley at state. Dw I will try my hardest to carry on your legacy as the LD goat and stop Easley from getting the threepeat trust bro needs to be stopped. Fr tho thank you for being a great captain. Party hard at Harvard!!

Jul Hwangbo

To Revanth Poondru, for the sweet delicate time we have spent together these past couple years, I will you a chicken biryani and some pastries. Real talk though you need to cut out the carbs.

To Rohan Jain, I will you this book (https://unlockingrizz.com) – it might help you figure things out. I bought the grammar book I’m working on what an adjective is.

To Dheeran Wiggins, I will have plenty of minty fresh air fresheners and some new wicks. I will continue to post my spam in your honor.

To Daniel Ma, I will you https://a.co/d/afy1IXe. Jkjk LOL but it’s been wild since we first met. Summer at IMSA, getting into osu, and all that kombucha… good times. Have a blast in Providence, man. I’ll be flying out on a Friday night.

To Daniel Park, I will you a yale baddie and I hope you don’t get caught sneaking anyone else in.
P.S Can I get your mothers number pls.

To Elle Brittin, I will you a great time at college. I hope that you continue arching in college as I will my senior year. Thank you for all of the fun times we had during K-Trad.

To Jared Dong, I will you confidence. I know talking to girls is hard and many have done you dirty in the past but I would like to see you cuffed one day. I’m sorry for making you ride catwoman’s whip LOL. It was a lot of fun but I didn’t know your fear of heights till after… I hope I make a stop by Sunny China soon and I’ll make sure to heed Liam’s advice and touch some more grass.

To Anthony Kholoshenko, I will you a liver of iron and a new beanie. You need to stop walking with no shoes on as well. Thank you for making my Tuesday night memorable. Even though whenever I see you now you’re always walking with someone. I wish you the best of luck at UPenn.

To Alex Guo, I will you a life stop grinding video games. I enjoyed our 3 AM Valorant and OW, I always was so tired the day after tho. Thank you for getting me to dia on OW and I hope I can see you over the summer again. I also believe it is time for you to stop being so tired during graphic novels.

Kaella Moraga

To the 1503 D Wing Seniors (Peyton, Ella, Sachleen, Himani, Jackie, Irene, Elaina, and Alex), I will you all beautiful futures. I wouldn’t trade our wing for the world. You are the foundation of our wing and our amazing wing culture, and each of you has made D Wing an amazing place to be. Thank you for making my first year at IMSA a memorable one. You all have the tools to make a difference in the world, so go out there and make it happen. :)

To Peyton Gutting and Ella Voyles, I will you many more volleyball wins and front row tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. We could all hear you blasting Taylor Swift from your room, and honestly it was such a vibe. The two of you got me back into listening to Taylor Swift because of it. Peyton, your positive vibes are truly inspiring and it’s always a joy to be around you. Keep spreading your energy and bringing light to the lives of those around you. Ella, you are such a kind and sweet person. You always know how to make people feel at ease and brighten up their day. Keep shining your light and making the world a better place! Peyton and Ella, I’ve always admired your “Fearless” attitudes and how you always walk around with “Style.” Now that you’re “Out of the Woods,” I hope you both make the most of every moment in the future and “Stay Beautiful.” May your “Wildest Dreams” come true and know that your impact in the wing will live with me, “Forever and Always.”

To Sachleen (Schleen) Tuteja and Himani Kamineni, my wonderful next door neighbors, I will you some well deserved rest. You are so hardworking and have spent too many nights up late doing work. Please take some for yourselves and rest before you go off to college! Eee! So exciting! Sachleen, you have such a beautiful soul. Every time I see you, you’re always smiling and your positivity and energy just seeps into the lives of everyone around you. Even though you were almost never on campus for 10-check, all those nights when you were here were some of the best. Keep being a ray of sunshine even in this new chapter of your life! Himani, you have such an amazing love for the people around you. You always put others before yourself, and you have such a fun and bubbly personality. I remember this one time where you cleaned the microwave when no one else wanted to, and it just showed your selfless personality. As your life takes you to different places, I have no doubt that you will continue to make a positive impact on the people around you, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish!

To Jackie Zhang, Irene Liu, and Elaina Xiao, I will you many more nights filled with ramen and cheese. I literally tried this out tonight and this has been life changing. Thank you for this knowledge. May you continue to spread kindness and happiness wherever you go, and never lose your sense of adventure and curiosity for the world. Jackie, you are such a role model to everyone on campus. I’ve always looked up to you. During Drill practice you were so assertive, and low-key kinda scary lol, but it was something that I admired. You also have such a beautiful laugh and smile, and they radiate positive energy to everyone around you. Never stop laughing and smiling :). Thanks for also sharing your love of K-Pop, since you got me into some new groups. I hope in the future that you get to meet some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Irene, you have a beautiful spirit that shines through in everything you do. You were literally the first person I talked to from IMSA, since you reached out to me on Instagram before the year started. That small gesture of kindness and giving me advice really stuck with me for the rest of the year even until now, and I want to say thank you for that. Your kindness and compassion towards others is truly inspiring and it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to you. You have a talent for making everyone feel heard and appreciated, and that’s a rare gift. And even though we haven’t known each other for very long, I feel like I’ve already learned so much from you. Elaina, you are a talented and beautiful person, both inside and out. You were such an amazing talent show head, and you created a show that is unforgettable. Your beauty also shines not only through your amazing sense of style, but through your kind heart and amazing sense of humor. Your warm and friendly personality is infectious and it’s impossible not to smile when you’re around. You truly have a gift for spreading joy and positivity wherever you go. As you move on to new adventures and challenges, I have no doubt that you will continue to touch the lives of those around you with your talent, beauty, and kindness. All three of you will go and do great things!

To Alex Orantia, I will you an infinite supply of therapy pancakes and Squishmallows. Although you weren’t able to get any on our latest Walgreens trip, I hope you get the opportunity to get many more Squishmallows in the future and give Zuzu more siblings. Thank you so much for being the Ate I never had. I could always turn to you whenever I needed advice or just someone to be happy with. You were one of the first people I became close with on campus, and I still remember when you first invited me over to watch I Want to Eat Your Pancreas and Your Name. It was one of the highlights of my Welcome Week. I also loved our matching fit day when people thought we were the other person. Whenever I wear that outfit, I’ll always think of you. Thank you also for giving food to your children, and I’ll always remember those late nights in the wing during a stressful week when you would make us those chocolatey pancakes. Honestly, some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Thank you for also feeding me Filipino food and teaching me more Tagalog. The pandesal you fed me is honestly my new addiction, and you have been the best Ate ever. You’re one of my biggest role models, and I hope to be more like you as I grow up. You’ve had such an amazing IMPACT (haha get it) on my life and the lives of so many people on campus which is why you deserve all the pancakes and Squishmallows in the entire world. Go treat yourself. Mahal kita <3.

To Eddie Ning, I will you unbreakable fans and lots of hugs from your upperclassmen next year. Seeing you around campus and quite literally tackling you in a hug makes me so happy. I hope your upperclassmen next year give you the best of hugs, since you always gave the best hugs to me. I literally thought you were the coolest person on campus when I met you in Titan Crew since you have such an amazing fashion sense. I grew to learn that that amazing fashion sense came with an even more amazing personality. I hope you keep making your funny jokes and politely threaten people to come to your practices. Also, if you ever use fans in the future, I hope they never break because you literally had a mental breakdown every time one of the CTrad fans broke (we have videos). I hope you never have to experience that pain again. Anyways, as your life takes you to different places, never forget the lasting impact you have on those around you. Go and conquer the world!

To Kenith Taukolo, I will you lots of fun in your future. You have always been such an amazing person to be around. Your humor always brings joy and laughter into the lives around you. Keep being sarcastic and cracking jokes! From you, I’ve also developed the habit of talking in text abbreviations. It’s mainly from the amount of times you tried to teach us the weird circle thing in the cotillion waltz. It all worked out though and it turned out amazing! Thanks for being an awesome talent show head (we’ll always remember that awesome performance) and FTrad choreo. As you begin new chapters of your life, remember to never ever let the opps get to you. TTYL.

To Zander Tamez, I will you the crispiest of daps and more wins in Spot It. Thanks for playing Spot It with me, Tommy, and Alex. The screaming and gatekeeping during the aggressive Spot It games will forever be one of my favorite memories on campus. I have no doubt that you will continue to excel in all your future endeavors, just like how you did well in Spot It. Keep that competitive spirit and drive to succeed, and you’ll achieve great things. Remember to stay true to yourself and never stop pursuing your passions. Thanks also for always saying hi in the hallways and dapping me up. Some of them were VERY crisp, but now as you leave IMSA, you must accomplish the crispiest of daps. The world is your oyster, go out there and make your mark.

To Nikita Rudrapati, I will you a plethora of smiles. Every time I see you in the hallway, you always have a bright, beaming smile on your face and it makes everyone around you so happy. Your positivity and infectious energy have the ability to light up any room and turn a bad day into a good one. You truly have a special gift of spreading joy to others. Keep shining your bright light and sharing your beautiful smile with the world, because it makes a difference in people’s lives. The future is bright for you, so go out there and make the most of it.

To the talented 1503 Drill Heads (Alex, Jackie, and Halimat), I will you more opportunities to show off your snazzy dance moves. Thanks to you, not only did we win 1st in Drill (woot woot!) but we also had a blast doing it. Drill practice was one of the most fun things I’ve been a part of on campus, even if we goofed off most of practice. Just know that “Everybody Talks” about your incredible choreography and how you channeled your inner “Material Girl” energy to leave everyone in awe during the performance. Don’t forget about Downtown 03 and keep your “Ma City” pride, no matter what the “Streets” may throw at you. And of course, when it comes to the future, may you always “Get Lucky” and keep your awesome vibes. The 1503 underclassmen will always be your biggest fans, knowing that “After LIKE” all the effort and dedication you put into everything you do, you’ll continue to achieve incredible things. Thanks for the memories. :)

To all other seniors I’ve met and had conversations with or anyone I may have not had time to write to, I will you the best of luck and success in your future endeavors. All of you, no matter how brief our interaction, has left a lasting impact on me and my IMSA experience, so thank you. Wherever your future takes you, make sure to get enough sleep and have such an amazing time. You got this!

Kale Suarez

To Nat Gao, I will you great success in whatever you end up pursuing. Whether that be computer science or music business, I’m sure you will be no less than extraordinary at it. I will you a great college experience with great friends to share goofy moments with. I also will you another friend to be your personal masseuse. If you decide to go to UIUC then I’ll just be your masseuse again if I get accepted lol. I will you a good life, Nat.

Karla Sanchez

To Valeria Castillanos, I will you… like… 3,000 nail polishes. You’re one of the coolest, most laid-back people I have ever met and I’m honestly kinda sad that we only got to know each other this year. I know you’re going to do amazing things with the rest of your life because you’re incredibly smart and talented. Dude, the conversations that we have sometimes leave me flabbergasted (and by conversations I mean you talk and I sit there gobsmacked). Keep in touch and come back to visit when we’re all seniors and you’re an adult or something.

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I'm Ashwin Nair, a current senior at IMSA from Carol Stream, IL. I'm the Acronym's Managing Editor, and if you want to catch me in 05B wing with my friends doing whatever.

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