Stress Less, Pack More: 5 Move-Out Tips

As the school year is coming to a close, it’s time to start taking things home. Moving out can be stressful, between trying to gather all of your belongings, taking finals, and saying goodbye to peers. Here are some tips to help your moving-out experience go a little smoother.

  • Set the stage. Gather supplies — boxes, suitcases, bubble wrap, tape, labels, trash bags — before you begin packing to make your experience more organized and efficient.
  • Divide and conquer. Instead of taking all of your things home in one day, take home unessential items early, such as decorations or extra clothes.
  • Purge. To lessen the load you have to take home, get rid of unwanted items. You could sell or donate any extra clothing, textbooks, or furniture, as well as throw out any extra papers or used school supplies.
  • Two birds with one stone. As you are packing towels, bedding, and clothing, use them as a little cushion for fragile objects. Wrap items such as decorations or dishes with soft items to avoid breakage during your trip home.
  • Have a packing party. Why not make the chore of gathering all your belongings a little fun? Turn on some music to jam out to or chat with your roommate as you pack!

The key to an efficient move-out is preparation and organization. If you limit the amount that you have to take home at the last minute, pack all of your belongings neatly, and have a little fun while doing it, you will have a much less stressful move-out experience. Happy packing!

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Hannah Johnson
Hannah is a senior at IMSA and lives in 1502 B up-quad. She is excited to be a Staff Writer and Graphic Designer for The Acronym this year. She also enjoys participating in swim team, Student Ambassadors, and Yearbook.

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