How IMSA Students Spent Their Summer

Welcome back, IMSA Titans! As the sun sets on the relaxing days of summer, we begin a new academic year full of exciting possibilities. But, before we dive into the realm of mathematics and experiments, let’s take a step back and enjoy the amazing stories of what our fellow IMSA students accomplished during their well-deserved summer holiday. 


From traveling to distant locations to delving deeply into significant initiatives that changed their summer, our classmates have done a lot this summer that they were eager to share. At IMSA, we have fun not only academically, but also outside of the classroom – something that we hope  you see some glimpses of reading through these experiences!


What were some exciting or adventurous summer activities that you engaged in?

“I went island hopping in the Philippines where I was able to go snorkeling and explore the corals. I also met all of my extended family on my dads side, and saw their different standards of living which was really interesting. I was able to try traditional Filipino foods that my family had prepared and I was so grateful to experience life from the perspective of the opposite side of the world. It was definitely a cultural reset for myself and my family and I would not trade those two weeks for anything!” – Maya Jimenez, 25’


“I went dirt-biking in the Arizona desert, through trails and tracks. Biggest jump was about 80 feet that I cleared, and one day I went for 57 miles.” – Lucas Brower, 24’


“I went on vacation to the Grand Canyon during the summer, where I had an incredible and adventurous experience. Since the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking landscapes and numerous hiking trails, I participated in several outdoor sports and activities. Hiking along the rim and descending into the canyon on challenging trails was both thrilling and rewarding. I also tried my hand at rock climbing and enjoyed stargazing during the clear nights. Apart from outdoor adventures, I also explored my artistic side by capturing the stunning views through photography and sketching.” – Evan Trone, 25’


“I went to Summer Smash, a concert with some of the top rap artists. It was an unreal experience and the pouring rain brought a new sense of excitement in the mosh pit. Some of the best performances I got to see were from Trippie Redd, Lucki and Playboi Carti.” – Laksh Mehta, 25’


Did you participate in any academic related competitions or conferences over the summer? Which ones and how did they perform?

“I had an internship with Caterpillar, where I integrated physics informed neural network models into clutch thermal modeling simulations. Additionally, I helped automate the process of correlating test data with simulation models.” – Lucas Brower, 24’


I went to Australia to the International Science School and Hawaii for the NASA Space Cryogenics Conference. I was also one of the 5 US representatives for the International Science School held at the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. It was a super cool experience and I got to meet students from all over the world. I was invited to the NASA Space Cryogenics Conference as an up and coming space industry professional as the only highschooler that was in attendance.” – Stella Ristic 25’


“This summer I went to Lima, Peru for a medical conference with Operation Smile thanks to an Align Tech scholarship. There I got to meet many medical professionals and learn about a growing field.” – Emerson Blair, 25’


“I attended a cybersecurity academy in Texas. I learned how to secure a network as well as the components of a network. I also got to go inside the Air Force base and we got briefings from Air Force cybersecurity personnel. They explained that we got an experience of only 0.01% of what the world will give.” – Aneesh Bargaje, 25’


What was your favorite moment from this summer?

“Going to UK, France Switzerland, Italy, and India in 4 weeks” – Yash Yardi, 25’

“Hanging out with friends” – Evan Trone, 25’

“Going to Banff and Vancouver with my family” – Anusha Saraf, 26’

“Traveling to Cancun, sleeping, and Six Slags” – Einsey Socrates, 24’

“Going to the Drake concert” – Ayesha Bobat, 25′

“Traveling to Korea” – Chad Park, 25’

“Volunteering at the hospital and meeting new people” – Zuyu Liu, 24’

“Going to Grand Canyon with family” – Manu Mamillapalli, 25’

“Learning how to drive and finally turning 16” – Angel Shepard, 25’

“Participating in Summer@IMSA and visiting Estonia” – Shatakshi Chatterjee, 25′

“Going to the pool with my childhood best friend” – Ellen Hsuan, 25′


Summer was a time of exploration, growth, and fulfillment for IMSA’s vibrant student body. From adventurous travels to cultural immersions, students engaged in diverse arrays of activities that enriched their lives and broadened their horizons. Academic pursuits were also paramount, with impressive internships, conferences, and competitions showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of IMSA Titans. As the new academic year begins, let’s carry the spirit of curiosity and excitement from the summer and continue to embrace the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead. Here’s to another year of unforgettable memories at IMSA!

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