A Review of Blossom with Love

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What would happen if someone put ten young adults in a house to live together for ten days? The reality TV show Blossom with Love answers this question. The K-drama stars ten college-aged students, five girls and five boys, who are arranged to live in a house together for the next ten days. Over those days, the students find themselves in awkward situations due to young love. They encounter feelings they’ve never experienced before and ultimately try their best to express their feelings to the one they love. The show’s title tells the viewer that it will be about love. However, even though it is the center point, that’s not the only reason why it’s worth a watch. During their stay, the boys and girls gradually become friends. The boys bond over spontaneous workout sessions in their dorm, and the girls sit around a table and discuss what’s on their minds. Toward the end of the ten days, the final couples go on more dates with each other.

Every day, the young adults are given activities to complete for the first five or six days. Some of the activities entail splitting into pairs. The boy and the girl in the pair are random, thus providing opportunities for the students to talk to others. Along with activities, they’re assigned duties within the house to keep it clean. The duties are also completed in randomized pairs. These random pairings keep the show entertaining, as the students are forced to interact with someone new, potentially introducing new relationship dynamics. 

I believe the show also does an excellent job of giving everyone equal screen time. Both the couples and singles receive an adequate amount of screen time to explore developing plotlines. There is also a narrator who occasionally narrates what the individual on screen is feeling, and I think it does help with understanding the show better. Similarly, the students confess their feelings during the day through a journal. They each journal in the evening in a particular room to discuss their feelings.

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t competition among the girls and boys for someone of the opposite sex. We see as friendships are tested, feelings are hurt, and ultimately, couples are switched. Even though it is their first time navigating situations like these, the students do a good job communicating and caring for one another. They make sure feelings aren’t hurt and clear up any misunderstandings between each other. I think that is what makes this show very special. There is no extreme toxicity or major fights over one person. There is just honesty, friendship, and love. It truly shows the innocence and tenderness of young love.

If you thought Singles Inferno was too intense, or even if you enjoyed watching Singles Inferno, then I suggest you watch Blossom with Love. It is a similar concept but approached in a more “innocent” way. Blossom with Love is a show that any K-drama enthusiast should watch!

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