A Total K-Drama Mousetrap: Mouse

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The show Mouse, starring Lee Seung-gi, Park Ju-hyun, and Lee Hee-joon, is a must-watch for all k-drama psychological, sci-fi, and crime thriller fans. Considering the release date of March 3, 2021, it might seem a bit late to watch now, but if you are a mystery-thriller fan who loves a show with many plot twists, you won’t regret watching it. Oh, but you might want to stay away if you hate tragic, well-executed romance subplots. This is a spoiler-free review.


Lee SeungGi's "Mouse" Started Off With Fast-paced Potential But Is All Over The Place

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Mouse combines themes of human genetics, gene-playing, and psychopaths to create a cinematic masterpiece. The plot follows Jeong Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi) and Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon) who become entangled in the schemes of a dangerous, psychotic serial killer and are exposed to a series of life-changing secrets. While Jeong Ba-reum, a rookie justice-seeking police officer, is too kind and unfit to catch the serial killer, Go Moo-chi, a detective gearing up for revenge against the serial killer who ruined his childhood, uses it as motivation. Together, they strive to catch the ruthless serial murderer who had been wreaking havoc in the nation. 

Additionally, Mouse introduces the sci-fi “psychopath gene” that can determine if a person is a psychopath by their DNA. The show raises an ethical debate concerning whether such a weapon should be used to prevent psychopaths from being born and open gates into a more crime-free future. 

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Overall, Mouse has a 4.9-star rating for valid reasons. To start off with, the plot is a solid 9/10. Every scene has a purpose and there isn’t too much downtime—it’s the perfect ratio of heartwarming, heartbreaking, action, and a psychological thriller (plus a teaspoon of romance). The cast and acting would have to be a 10/10. The actors all embodied their characters proficiently and performed their respective emotional scenes exceptionally well. Lastly, the soundtrack perfectly fits the gore, emotional, and dark theme of Mouse, also resulting in a 10/10.

In general, Mouse is a phenomenal k-drama with satisfying emotions, thrills, and plot twists. All the characters have strange, puzzling backstories that intervene to create a bizarre plot. Each episode brings you closer and closer to the truth, yet simultaneously leaves you with a mountain of questions.

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