The Cost of Love in Hollywood

As Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finalize their divorce, many wonder how much the settlement will be. For reference, and a bit of enlightenment, the top five most expensive divorces are listed and explained below.

1.Rupert and Anna Murdoch ($1.7 billion)

The man who has it all, Rupert Murdoch is the founder and CEO of News Corporation, the world’s second largest media corporation. Its subsidiaries include Twentieth Century Fox, HarperCollins, and The Wall Street Journal. After his divorce, however, his bank account took a hit when he lost $1.7 billion.

2.    Mel Gibson and Robyn Denise Moore ($425 million)


In 2009, Robyn Moore filed for divorce from Gibson. Gibson lost just below half of his near billion-dollar fortune due to the lack of a prenuptial agreement.

3.Michael and Juanita Jordan ($168 million)

One of the most iconic athletes of his time, retired NBA star Michael Jordan divorced after 17 years of marriage. The couple filed for divorce in 2002. In the settlement, Juanita Jordan received $168 million.

4.    Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey ($150 million)

Neil Diamond is an American songwriter whose fame reached its peak in the 1970s. Yet he is still the third most successful adult contemporary artist on Billboard. Diamond and Murphey filed for divorce in 2005, which ultimately ended in a settlement of $150 million.

5.    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren ($100 million)

Tiger Woods is the richest sports star in the world, beating out even David Beckham (second) and Michael Jordan (third). When he was caught cheating, Elin is rumored to have beaten his car with a golf club. Yikes. After displaying her own golf skills, she left him and took $100 million with her.  

5.    Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving ($100 million)

Steven Spielberg is one of the most successful filmmakers in history. Despite his genius in film, Spielberg’s lack of knowledge of the law was revealed when a judge invalidated a prenuptial agreement Spielberg had written… on a napkin. Spielberg ended up losing $100 million to Ms. Irving. 

1-5? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise has been named Sexiest Man of the Year four times, and has even been named most powerful actor in 2006. Boasting a $300 million fortune,  will we be seeing him soon in this Top 5 list?


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