How to Succeed at IMSA

Interested in success at IMSA?  Here are the formulae:

1.) No Procrastination + Time Management

“[One key to success is] being able to balance your workload and your free-time since [mismanaging] time is one of the biggest problems that people have,” says Ted Li ’12.

You will find yourself awake in the morning if you make the effort to be sensible. In-room, lights out, and Internet shutoff certainly do not help a procrastinator. Managing your time is vital to your success at IMSA.  Do not spend too much time on any one activity.   Prioritize, and  make sure you finish what you start. Keep yourself busy and you will avoid homesickness as well.

2.) Realize your purpose.

Many people overlook the primary purpose of  school – learning.  In addition, however, the school’s secondary purpose is personal fulfillment. Personal happiness should be everyone’s goal.  “Being successful at IMSA is being happy with what you’re doing…so the key to success is knowing what you want out of your time and truly working towards that,“ says Eric Ordonez ’12.

3.) Break your bubble and take advantage of your surroundings

“Expose [yourself] to new things that might even replace your career goals.” – Ted Li ’12”

A key to success is “mingling [with others] because everyone is unique at IMSA.  [Socializing] helps you grow as a person, and academically you learn to think in different ways by bouncing ideas off  other people.” – Mindy Jian ’13.

Take risks! Do things that you are not used to. IMSA provides many opportunities for you to participate in. Take advantage of the people that live around you and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4.) Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone is different. Some people are smarter than you; some people aren’t. In reality, your success is not based on your intelligence but  your persistence and hard work. Work towards your personal goals and do not let others affect your passions.

To sophomores:   Not all upperclassmen are proper models. Choose your models carefully and do not be affected by negative behavior.

5.) Keep yourself healthy

Want to live longer? Sleep, don’t skip meals, avoid Instant Noodles (Maruchan, Shin, etc.) and snacks, and exercise! You want to be able to see your toes, so don’t get fat. Good health enhances  your academic performance and emotional stability. Health always come first!

Follow these five key steps and you will find yourself happy about yourself. After making the most of your time at IMSA, you will have experienced a fruitful three years.

About the Author

Mack Lee
I am the section editor for the DiY/Guides section. I am from Long Grove and previously attended Adlai E. Stevenson High School. Currently, I am a junior who participates in Basketball, Writing Center, Math Team, and is a wing guide in 1504A. My room number is A26 if you want to find me. Feel free to contact me if you would like to write for this section or have any comments. I love computers and I play the violin at Midwest Young Artists. I hope you enjoy the DiY/Guides section!

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