Humans of IMSA: Dallas Eckman ’14

Story by: Ranjani Sundar ’15, SCIA student representative


(Photo: Ranjani Sundar)

Why did you choose to come to IMSA?

Dallas: I came to IMSA partly because my old school was running out of course opportunities, and, by the time I was a senior, I would’ve graduated early or would not have enough courses to take. Also the environment at my old school did not seem like a place where I wanted to spend 4 years of my life, and so I thought IMSA would be a better personality fit.

What has been your most memorable moment at IMSA?

D: I would say, probably second semester sophomore year. Followed by an all-nighter with James Tao; his roof collapsed. That was a good time.

What about the most memorable lesson you’ve learned?

D: Mrs. Cain taught me that you should always take the positions and jobs that you have seriously, but you should never take yourself seriously.

Student profile completed in collaboration with the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement (SCIA).

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