Humans of IMSA: Charmaine Ong ’16

Story by: Ranjani Sundar ’15, SCIA student representative

We often talk about the W-curve that students go through upon entering IMSA. Was the adjustment period tough for you?

Charmaine: Not really. I don’t really live that far away, and I go home on weekends too, so it wasn’t that bad for me.

How do you feel about residential life so far?

C: It can get pretty distracting, but you have to learn how to manage your time. You can get your friends to help you right away, and you can also get distracted by them… But it’s fun.


Tell us about your favorite class.

C: I guess I like math the best, because we get to learn it ourselves and when you learn where the formulas and stuff come from. It makes learning math much easier, rather than just memorizing it.

What would you change about IMSA if could?

C: You just get used to everything that’s there.

Then, do you think IMSA is worth coming to?

C: Yeah, mostly because of the people I met. If I didn’t come here, I wouldn’t have met them. Also the learning experience is completely different from last year as in they don’t give it to you, you get the experience for yourself. I definitely got closer to people in my wing and in general here.  There is  more diversity than I would have expected, and  I have gotten closer to people than I would have in my old school.

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