Humans of IMSA: Sai Talluru ’14

The Acronym launches its ‘Humans of IMSA’ project – a snapshot and a quick glimpse into the thoughts of the individuals that inhabit the unique environment that is IMSA.

Humans of IMSA - Sai Talluru

On good days (and what day of second semester senior year isn’t good?), senior Sai Talluru can be found in IMSA’s IRC during her breaks. She might be furiously tapping away at her computer on creative writing critiques or watching political TV show Scandal. She lent some of her time from her usual activities to talk to ‘Humans of IMSA.’

Sai Talluru heard about IMSA through her two really close friends and then current-IMSA students. Their anecdotes on “the attractive male population, the variety of opportunities in STEM, the residential experience, and the great teachers”  inspired her to apply, though she jokingly laments that one of those fell short of expectations.

Sai browses the IRC shelves, choosing which book to pose with for a picture.

Behind-the-scenes: Sai browses the IRC shelves, choosing which book to pose with for a picture.

Beyond that one expectation though, Sai mentions there are other aspects of IMSA she would change. For her, it would be “the apathetic attitude towards taking advantage of opportunities that some have on the campus, as well as the intense ambition that sometimes clouds people’s judgment.”

Still, she expresses that she is glad she chose to come to IMSA. “I cherish the experience IMSA has given me,” Sai says as she thinks about her last three years at the academy. “I know I’ll be looking back on these memories.”


Completed in collaboration with the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement (SCIA).

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