August Review: Back-to-school edition

By: Steph Wang, IMSA News section editor

The beginning of a new school year brings with it a flurry of activities. From move-in day to Convocation to the first exhilarating day of school, IMSA students have had a lot on their plates! To help wrap up the beginning of the school year, the Acronym has compiled a few notable events and activities around the IMSA campus.

To the new sophomores, welcome to IMSA. To returning upperclassmen, welcome back.


IMSA students pose after getting matching airbrushed tattoos

August 25
What better way to celebrate the commencement of the new school year than with new friends, rides and games, and – oh, yes – free food? Before gearing to start those problem sets and pick up those textbooks, students spent a day at Carnival enjoying IMSA’s last summer fling. As a yearly campus tradition, IMSA welcomes food vendors, lemonade stands, airbrush tattooists, a couple amusement rides, and more; all free of charge for students and their friends and family. Once again, IMSA Carnival brought the campus together through not only fun but also service. For students interested in meeting fellow classmates or just securing their graduation service requirement, Carnival offered many volunteer opportunities. Finally, Gutter Splits ended the day with a blast of ice cream and chugging, bringing forth IMSA students’ competitive nature.


First Legislative Panel – Education
August 27
Interested in the future of your academics? Wondering just how important standardized testing scores really are? Hosted by the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement (SCIA), IMSA’s first legislative panel of the 2012-2013 school year garnered the avid attention of over 110 students. In an intimate session held in the Auditorium, students had the opportunity to hear what Illinois legislators had to say on the state of our educational system, reform, and learning beyond standardized testing. Open to all attending students, the panel’s Q&A session amazingly went overtime as students questions kept coming. Highlights include a legislator promising a student cookies.


Bread Night
every Tuesday night, 9:00PM–  , 1506/07
Bagels, muffins, pastries, and more – attending Bread Night has long been a ritual for many IMSA students. With the prospect of Panera goods as a happy hour snack, students gather in hordes. 06 and 07 become the hub of excitement on alternating Tuesday nights. More than just a carb party, Bread Night is a weekly social event that brings out much of the IMSA campus.

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Stephanie Wang
With a penchant for satire and multimedia integration, Stephanie Wang is grounded in cross-campus news and commentary, having introduced the latter in her stint as an IMSA News Section Editor. She looks forward to the day that the Acronym becomes the “Academy’s Choice Reading: One Independent Newspaper for You and Me” -- she winks in your general direction. Find her trudging and swimming around campus or contact her at:

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