Clash Day 5

Day five of Clash week was filled with delicious food from the widely anticipated Fridayfest. Clash, in its ultimate stages, had everyone on their toes on Thursday night at the pep rally. However, Friday was a time for the competitors to relax from the week’s competition and eat some delicious food. At six in the Old Café, students gathered to sample various international foods in the means to appease their hunger. There were potato and cheese pierogis, cheese tortellini, tamarind rice, paneer tikka masala, and many more items students could snack on. Another overlooked event, geocaching was a photo scavenger hunt meant to stump all the halls.


Throughout the week, the halls have been competing in geocaching, a scavenger hunt to find locations of pictures taken throughout IMSA. As each hall solved the riddles, they received a hint towards the final puzzle. 1505, after finishing the first round, solved the final mystery first and continued to solve the other rounds. The other halls followed 1505 and solved the final riddle right after receiving the first hint. Contrary to expectations, geocaching was too easy for all the halls because they solved the final mystery after receiving the first clue. The point of geocaching was to make an event that certain halls could win, not all, in order to promote friendly competition. However, if the final riddle were slightly harder, geocaching would have become a major part of Clash. Clash week was touching for the seniors and significantly affected the sophomores as they had never experienced such a feeling of unity before.

Clash left a mark on all the IMSA students, and will continue to do so. As 1507 celebrates its victory with Chipotle, the final scores stand as: 1) 1507, 2) 1504, 3) 1501, 4) 1505, 5) 1502, 6) 1503, 7) 1506.

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Abhay Gupta
Abhay Gupta is a rising senior from Moline, Illinois living in 05A15 this year. After gaining successful experience on the World Outlook section for two years, he is now the News Editor. As the News Editor, he hopes to bring relevant tidbits of news to IMSA students in a manner which is more accessible than other news outlets.

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