Improving Your Fast Food Experience

The grill line always consists of five things: the veggie patty, chicken, hamburger, fries, and forgotten hot dog. In the heat of the fast-paced IMSA life, the fast food part of Sodexo is the only thing that stays consistent throughout the year. With this consistency comes the risk of food getting tiresome.

While the hamburgers and hot dogs are usually served plain, there are many options in Sodexo to improve the quality of your fast food. Here are a list of recipes you could follow to make a more hearty meal.

Eating hamburgers McDonald Style (or Subway)

1. Get a plain burger from the grill line. You could also choose the veggie patty or chicken instead of the beef patty.
2. Go to the salad bar and find cheese. The cheese usually comes in two varieties. While a classic hamburger usually consists of mild cheddar cheese, you are free to choose mozzarella as well. Place the cheese on top of the patty.
3. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on top of the cheese.
4. Optional: go back to the grill line and get a beef patty only. After receiving it, you could place it on top of the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.
5. Set your burger down for a few seconds and get a plate. Add a fair amount of tomato sauce and mayonnaise on it. Make sure they balance each other out. Mix the sauce.
6. Add the sauce to your burger for more flavor.
7. If you could find a toothpick, it helps on keeping your burger steady. Now you’ve just upgraded your plain burger to this quality, fast-food-style, burger!

Eating hot dogs like you’re watching a baseball game

1. Get a plain hot dog from the grill line.
2. Add cheese on top of the hot dog. You can do this two ways: wrap the hot dog itself with a flat piece of cheese or sprinkle cheese on top if shredded.
3. Add a line of mustard and tomato sauce on top of the cheese.



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Aliah is a senior living in 03A. She is the Humans of IMSA Director and she loves freestyle dancing, chinese food, and entrepreneurship.

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