The Beauty of a Stress Day

Photo Credits: Yasmin Broy, ISP.

With clubs, sports, difficult classes, and research projects, IMSA students are sure to have high stress levels. Based on experience, the Academy has determined this level of stress is beneficial for students. It encourages them to work harder, stay up later, eat too much or too little, and more.

Work levels are amazingly high, and I am happy we have them to ensure we stay stressed. This workaholism, however, is not IMSA’s greatest method of fostering stress. Instead, it is the Stress Day. These days increase stress by ensuring students do not have access to the library and other locations which will help them achieve necessary tasks. In addition, not all teachers accept this event as a valid reason for missing class. As a result, some students cannot make up what they missed. Even if they are allowed to make things up, students are further behind and may be forced to take more stress days. As a result, students are encouraged to make themselves overly stressed, instead of stepping back to deal with the stress they are facing.

The increase in stress students gain from this day is highly beneficial. It makes sleep difficult. Since students will be so busy stressing, they stay awake (if they don’t spend all night doing work because of the stress they have). This, obviously, is more beneficial to learning as sleep is useless anyway. Stress eating caused by this day will also ensure students have energy to complete this work into the night. As a result, these days are important to encourage the stress-centric attitude present at IMSA.

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