Fahrenheit 451’s Book Drive

Luckily, Fahrenheit 451's books did not look this beaten up. Source: Pixabay.

Fahrenheit 451, IMSA’s book club named after the famous dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, recently held a book drive to collect and sell used books. Fahrenheit 451 collected used books from February 10th to the 25th, and the collected books were sold during midday from February 26th to March 1st.

The book drive was quite successful. During midday, students roved around its large collection of books scattered without order onto a long table, digging through their pockets to get out the $1 necessary to get them a book. The price was definitely a deal, being 10% the cost of many new books and 5% the cost of others, and students acted quickly to get the books they wanted. At times, the number of students clustered around the table topped ten and edged towards twenty. These students would only stay for a minute, buying their books in a flurry of activity, before moving on and letting another large group pass through.

The leftover books will be given to Better World Books, an online bookseller of new and used books. These books weren’t able to find a new home at IMSA, but they still have a chance to be bought along with thousands of other books that are donated to the organization, mostly by universities and libraries.

Hopefully, Fahrenheit 451 will continue to make an impact on campus, and do future book drives for us all to quench our reading thirst for only $1.

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