How to IMSA: Looking Forward

Time is ever ticking forward. This is definitely not supposed to freak you out. - Source: Pixabay

A new year, a new you. Or perhaps a not-so-new you, considering you’re still a sophomore, junior, or senior. Still, the second semester of each of these years can bring numerous surprises, so it’s worth it to take a moment to look ahead and think about how you can make the most of it.

I’m only a junior, so I’ve called on my wonderful friend, Angelica Villegas (‘18), for help in writing this article. Much of this advice is from her.

  • Sophomores. As you’re entering your first (and rather underappreciated) SSS, you may be excited about new privs — specifically the end of study hours. However, along with the end of study hours comes the loss of structured time that’s meant to be spent on your homework (provided that’s what you’ve been doing with your study hours, of course). Now’s the time to really think about time management and how you’ll handle getting your homework done in a timely manner. If you’re ever struggling, don’t be afraid to talk to the counselors or your teachers. Their job is to help you, so you might as well take advantage, and as Angelica points out, “IMSA has some of the most understanding and helpful people you’ll ever find.” Besides this, your upperclassmen still have plenty of advice to give you, especially with the upcoming class selection process for your junior year, so don’t forget to talk to them, too!


  • Juniors. You’re halfway through your IMSA career and it may feel like it’s truly just starting to ramp up. Work piles on and, with second-semester, there’s college to think about, too. It can easily feel overwhelming, so it’s important to take time for yourself. This is when you really need to think about what’s realistic for you to handle, and if you need to take a step back from something, to do so. Don’t forget to talk to your CACs and upperclassmen about anything college and academic-related and realize that it’s okay if you’re unsure about what you want. There are people all around you that want to help you, and you still have time. The bottom line is, wherever you are, it’s okay. Just keep moving forward.


  • Seniors. Now you’re entering the true SSS, so congrats! Whether you SSS hard or not at all, a lot of your experience will be common to the seniors around you, so I’ll let Angelica take the reins of this section. She stresses spending this last semester really enjoying yourself. Spend your time doing activities you enjoy, socialize, go on walking trips, and “don’t sweat the little things because, in the end, once you’re in college, it will be a thing of the past.” Out of all the semesters, spend this semester making the most of everything that’s offered to you. “Enjoy your last semester,” Angelica says, “as it truly flies by and before you know it it’ll be over.”

With that bittersweet note, this article also comes to an end. To all IMSA students, enjoy the second semester of whatever year you’re in. It’s often very different from first-semester, but, in the end, it’s all about what you make of it.

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Mara Adams
Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Mara Adams is a senior at IMSA, currently residing in 03A. This year, she's the Managing Editor of the Acronym, but more importantly, she has recently discovered her love for Twix.

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