The Official Song Guide of Lunar New Year 2018

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Lunar had some pretty amazing songs this year, and if you’re looking to spice up your K-pop collection or add some new J-pop and classical songs to it, look no further. Below is a complete guide to all the songs included in the 2018 Lunar New Year Show.

Sophomore Dance

  1. “My Pace” – Stray Kids
  2. “Mga Kababayan” – FrancisM
  3. “Space” – Salu
  4. “Paradise”- GARNiDELiA
  5. Idol Producer Theme Song

Junior Dance

  1. “La La La” – Weki Meki
  2. “CHAY NGAY DI” –  Son Tung M-TP
  3. “Buwan” – Sam Mangubat
  4. “Fly Out” – G.U.T.S.
  5. “Candy” – FAKY

Senior Dance

  1. “Electric Kiss” – EXO
  2. “Ddu Ddu Du”- BLACKPINK
  3. “Yellow” – Katherine Ho
  4. “Dance The Night Away” – Twice

Chinese Traditional

  1. 小城謠 Little Town Ballad
  2. 腐草為螢

Korean Traditional

  1. 도라지
  2. 꽃날 (황진이 ost)
  3. 그대에게 가 닿으리

Filipino Traditional

  1. Tinikling
  2. Otso Otso
  3. “Fine China” – Chris Brown


  1. “Just Right” – Got7
  2. “Dive” – Daichi MiuraD
  3. “Power to the People” – C-Block

Mod 21

  1. 在我的天空
  2. “Hall of Fame” – The Script


  1. “Limitless” – NCT 127
  2. Renai Circulation
  3. “bbibbi” – IU
  4. “Boombayah” – BLACKPINK
  5. “What Is Love”- Twice

Original Beige

  1. “Streetcar” – Daniel Caesar
  2. “Castle in the Sky, Carrying You” – Spirited Way 
  3. “One Summer’s Day” – Spirited Away
  4. “Through the Night” – IU

Board Dance

  1. “Mazone” – 316
  2. Bamboo Disco


  1. “My New Swag” – Vava
  2. “Lover Boy 88” – Higher Brothers
  3. “You Are My Air” 
  4. “Move” – Taemin
  5. “Fake Love” – BTS

And, if just listening to the songs isn’t enough, check out IMSA Student Productions on Facebook for the whole video. 

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