Ways You Can Spend Your Weekend

Source: Heewon Kim

Do you hate making plans and coming up blank when someone asks you what you want to do? Here are some ideas of how to spend your extended weekend!

1. Demolish some food

  • Any Vietnamese place on Argyle Street in Chicago
  • Vapianos 
  • Buffalo Joe’s
  • The Supreme Burrito








2. Ride a train line/bus that you usually don’t until the furthest stop and see where you end up. Explore the surprise destination! Some things you could look out for are parks, merchandise stores, street artists, and restaurants.

The Made Shop

The Made Shop is a retail store located at 4440 N. Milwaukee Ave. that sells a variety of products including candles, earrings, mugs, t-shirts, shoes, and more. Source: Ariel Parrella-Aureli/Block Club Chicago

8 Interesting Facts About Chicago's L - L Stop Tours

Chicago Train. || Source: lstoptours.com









3. Go to a museum. (Suggestion: The Museum of Contemporary Art is always updating their exhibitions and entry is free of charge for anyone under the age of 18!) Whether you’re with a friend, friends, family, or on your own, museums are incredible spaces to clear your head and gain some new knowledge.  








4. Find a body of water and go swimming. (Suggestion: Bring a speaker and a blanket). Take advantage of warm weekends and consider spending them in the water. Swimming can both be a really high energy activity and an opportunity to relax and unwind.








5. Have a picnic somewhere. (Suggestions: Beach, rooftop, park) Fresh air, good food, and nice views? Do it.






6. Go to a thrift store or junkyard and go treasure-hunting. Thrift stores can be overwhelming because of how much STUFF is everywhere, but they’re also the best for that same reason. You’re likely to find too many items you never knew you needed.







Your weekend can but does not have to be expensive or packed with activities for it to be memorable and satisfying. The idea of a good weekend is super subjective and will probably look different week by week for a lot of people. For some, endless productivity leaves them feeling accomplished, recharged, and ready for Monday. Others might love to indulge in plentiful rest and downtime to gain that strength.

For the weekends when you’re in the mood to make some plans, consider trying something new… especially if you don’t think you’ll like it. 

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