IMSA’s 2020 Production of Private Lives

The Private Lives poster. | Source: Emily Johnson

The Illinois Math and Science Academy’s first theatre production of the new decade is Private Lives By Noël Coward. It’s a story twisted devotion, old habits, and restless hearts that was originally shown in 1930. This three-act show stars two love stricken people, Elyot Chase and Amanda Prynne, who were previously in a difficult relationship.  As a result, they divorced and remarried to new people, Sibyl Chase and Victor Prynne. On arriving at their respective honeymoons, they realize they’ve both gone to the exact same place at the exact same time. Upon seeing each other, Elyot and Amanda run away to Paris together. The story continues to tell of their emotional turmoil and drama with their new spouses. Although the plot of the play is interesting, there are moments of domestic abuse, alcoholism, and tobacco use,  so audiences should watch at their own discretion.

The production is directed by Ms. Julie Dowling, a ’99 IMSA alum, former residential counselor, current math teacher and head of the drama department since ’04.  Elyot is played by Ethan Schmidling (’22), Victor is portrayed Brandon Young-Eleazar (’20), Sydney Despe (’21) stars as Amanda, Kiri Salij (’20) is cast as Sybil, and Mylanah Derrer (’22)  is playing Louise. Wyatt Wren (’21) and Emily Johnson (’22) are also in the show as understudies and may fill in if need be. The technical team consists of Daniel Graveline (’20),  Rachel Mason (’20), Charlotte Graves (’20), Kim Magana(’22), Lily Levrault (’20), Matt Torres (’22), Rachel Hodge (’21), and Willow Dennison (’22).

Come to see the show at 7 pm on February 7th, 8th, and 10th or at 2 pm on February 9th! Tickets are $4 for students and elderly and $6 for adults at midday and $5 for students and elderly and $7 for adults at the door.

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