The Most Boring Extended? Yes


Three days left. Two days left. One day left. Did anyone else count down the days until extended? I know I was not the only one. We were all ready to finally have a break from Zoom classes, homework, meetings, and just screen time in general. We might have told ourselves we would start being productive this extended, maybe even get ahead on some studying or reading, but let’s think back to what really happened. 

For the average student, your extended weekend might have looked something like this:

You woke up anywhere from noon to even 6 pm, (except for the special few who wake up at 3 am). If your sleep schedule was already thrown into a weird loop because of the school year, you knew this would be one of your last opportunities to catch a few more hours of sleep, and you were not going to miss this opportunity.

However, after waking up, instead of getting out of bed, you ended up on your TikTok For You Page scrolling for hours on end without realizing. Suddenly you got a warning from TikTok telling you that you’ve been scrolling for an awfully long time and that you should take a break. Alarmed, you checked the time just to see that it was either 7 pm, 2 am, or 8 am. At this point, you were probably way too dysfunctional to do anything productive… so might as well just pull up on Netflix and binge watch a new season of your favorite show. After your computer died and you were too lazy to grab your charger that was probably only 10 ft away, you switched back to your phone to text your friends even if it’s 4 am. 

As this cycle repeated, you probably didn’t even realize what day it was because of your awful sleep schedule. However, once you checked your phone again, you realized that it was actually Monday, October 12. At first, you felt panic. Did you just miss your classes? But then, a moment of relief because that you didn’t have school today, but then you snapped back into reality, realizing that you have a pile of unfinished work all due on Thursday that week.

While you sat there on a Monday night panicking about your unfinished work, you took a minute to realize how this extended might have been one of the most boring extendeds in IMSA’s history. There was no joy of going home to see your family again or the excitement of coming back to campus to see your friends. Nope. All you had was a pile of unfinished work and the dead computer that you still haven’t charged.

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Kaylee Zhou
I'm Kaylee, and I am a senior this year. I live in 1502 D-wing, and this is my third year on Acronym. When I'm not doing work I enjoy being with my friends, watching Netflix, and running.

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