Why Wearing Pajamas is the Best Way to Sleep

One thing I have recently noticed is that it’s becoming common for people to not wear pajamas. And when I talk about pajamas, I am not referring to the sweatpants and a t-shirt you wore for the day. I’m talking about some nice soft and cozy clothes with patterns. After talking about what my friends thought about pajamas, I’ve realized how wrong some of their opinions were. Wearing pajamas is one of the best ways to settle down and go to sleep. Here’s why:


Outside Clothes are Gross 

If you like going to sleep with clothes you wore for the day, I will judge you. When you go under your covers, you are practically making your entire bed dirty. Because you wore your clothes outside the entire day, they aren’t clean anymore. Bacteria can accumulate easily, and your bed doesn’t deserve that kind of exposure. In addition, consistently sleeping on your bed with your outside clothes also makes you a victim to all the germs that are accumulating onto your bed. 

I’d also like you to reflect on what your outside clothes touched for that day: chairs from Lexington, classroom walls, desks, etc. Now think about how many other people also came in contact with that as well. Do you really want to be sleeping on your bed after everything your outside clothes interacted with? Please remember we are also still in a pandemic! 

And on the last note for this topic, who even likes sleeping in jeans?         


Pajamas Keep You Warm 

As we approach the cold winter season, it’s important we keep ourselves warm. People who wear pajamas don’t need to worry about the cold at night. The classic pajamas that are made of polyester or cotton fabric were made to resist the cold, covering your legs completely and providing warmth. These pajamas are the perfect sleepwear to fight against the upcoming winter nights. 


Fluffy Pajamas are Very Comfortable 

On a related note to warm pajamas, fluffy pajamas are the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn. They are like wearing a blanket. The fluffiness of the pajamas allows me to feel at home no matter where I am. They provide me with a great night of sleep, and I recommend everyone to get a pair of fluffy pajamas! 


As you can see, pajamas are a must-have for getting a good night’s sleep. Wearing your outside clothes would make your bed dirty, and pajamas would be a good clothing alternative to prevent your bed from becoming dirty. As the winter approaches, pajamas can also keep us warm as we study and make it through the end of the semester. I highly recommend wearing fluffy pajamas. So, please, the next time you want to take a nap or go to sleep, wear pajamas!   

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Megan Sia
Megan Sia is a senior at IMSA from 1502. She is a staff writer for The Acronym. Usually, she can be found either hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, writing, sleeping, or doing homework.

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