Tips for Missing Your Pet on Campus

Being away from your pet can be hard, but there are ways to make it better | Source: Pixabay

In addition to the heavy homework load, test-cramming sessions, and lack of sunlight, one huge problem many IMSA kids face is almost unbearable: not being able to see your pet! Especially if you cannot go home often, you can only cuddle your furry friend once every few weeks. Here are a few tips to still feel connected to your best friend.


Video calls

I know I can’t be the only one that forces my parents to show my pets when we call. Seeing them play at home almost makes you feel like you’re there with them. It’s especially amusing when it looks like they are staring at you through the screen. Although a lot of pets might not understand technology, you can feel comforted when they hear your voice.


Endless pictures

During the school day when calling is shortened, pictures are the perfect way to stay in touch. Ask your family or friends for pictures of your pet when they are outside, sleeping, or even doing something a little stupid. Getting a new picture of your pet throughout the day helps keep your energy up too!


Play with the campus animals

If your RC has a pet, you’re in luck with this one! Definitely ask anyone nearby to see their animals. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy seeing someone’s fish! If nobody has a pet in your hall, the geese are not a horrible alternative (just don’t get too close).


Have fun when you’re with them

Although extendeds and weekends may be short, your pet will be overjoyed to see you no matter what. Give them a few extra minutes of rubs or walks, and maybe sneak in some treats too. And don’t worry, your pet isn’t going to forget about you or be mad! Just don’t come home with another pet’s scent unless you want the silent treatment.


Everyone with a pet knows the struggle of missing them. If you find yourself missing your furry friend, try one of these ideas to see if it can help tide you over.

This article is dedicated to my late dog Jake. I miss and love you always, Bubbers!

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