Percy Jackson and the Olympians New Series on Disney+

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As children, we were primarily divided up into two major groups: Harry Potter fans or Percy Jackson fans. There is clearly a superior one of the two (speaking from a completely objective perspective), and it has proved itself yet again. Coming up in 2024 is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Disney+, which is starting to release its castings. Here are a few of the casting decisions and how well they match the actual characters from the series.

Disclaimer: this article is not intended to evaluate the appearances of the actors, but simply compare them to what I imagined the characters would look like. All opinions are my own. There are certain spoilers about the series.

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson

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9.5/10: Percy’s story starts from when he is 12 years old. Thankfully, they have casted a 13 year old for the series instead of an 18 year old (no offense, Logan Lerman). Even though the book says that he has black hair and green eyes, Walker Scobell still has the innocent look for Percy.

Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase

Leah Jeffries - IMDb

Source: IMDb

11/10: Casting Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth was probably one of the best things they could have done for the series. Also at 13 years old, she is well-suited for the role. From her role in Beast, we can see that she has strong skills for her age, and I am anticipating she will also do well as the cold and intelligent Annabeth Chase. It really shouldn’t matter that Annabeth was white in the series—there’s nothing wrong with getting more representation. Anyone who thinks differently can fight me first.

Charles Bushnell as Luke Castellan

Charlie Bushnell - IMDb

Source: IMDb

9.5/10: Luke in the series is an initially friendly but traitorous character. Charles Bushnell has the slightly sly yet amicable look, which will truly complete the character arc of Luke. They also were considerate of age again since Luke is 17 in the series.

Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood

Aryan Simhadri Biography | Broadway Buzz |


9/10: Grover is undoubtedly one of my most favorite characters in the series. As such, I had a lot of different expectations for how he would look. While I find it interesting that the sidekick character is always a person of color, I’m not complaining about seeing more Asian actors on screen for such a big franchise. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes (the messenger god)

Lin-Manuel Miranda | POPSUGAR Celebrity


8/10: Hermes in the series was portrayed more like a sidekick god who is comedic and a trickster. Lin-Manuel Miranda has such a strong persona that it may be difficult to see him as an “obedient” god. Still, I can kind of see how he might fit Hermes through the “trickery” part of his character.


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